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  • Deforestation and world population sustainability: a quantitative analysis

    Based on the current resource consumption rates and best estimate of technological rate growth our study shows that we have very low probability, less than 10% in most optimistic estimate, to survive without facing a catastrophic collapse.

    Democracy permits unlimited growth, leaving the human instinct toward domination of nature for profit unchecked. We cannot blame “capitalism” (read: economics) for this, since the lack of political stability created it. Our species needs to turn back from the kingdom of the individual and establish social hierarchy in order to avoid exterminating ourselves and committing ecocide.

  • Sweden COVID-19 Death Rate Lower Than Spain, Italy and U.K., Despite Never Having Lockdown

    As of Sunday, the latest death rate in Sweden (deaths per 100,000 people) was reported to be 56.40. The figure is lower than that reported in the U.K. (69.60), Spain (60.88) and Italy (58.16), according to the latest report Sunday by Johns Hopkins University.

    Sweden’s seven-day rolling average of daily new deaths has been mostly declining since as far back as April 16, when the average was at 99. The average dropped to two on August 2, according to Worldometer.

    It turns out that not panicking based on fragmentary data and bickering careers in science and politics can in fact pay off. The Swedish model has won, despite being widely criticized in the Leftist media, in that they made it through with relatively few deaths and their economy and more importantly, normal life, mostly intact.

  • The Pandemic Is a Dress Rehearsal

    For the first time since the 1940s, political authorities around the world face a flood of economic and political challenges that could overwhelm the safeguards built into the system.

    After World War II, as the threat of nuclear war glowered in the background, the assumption that humanity could deal with most natural disasters, health problems and the business cycle took hold. It wasn’t utopia, but life seemed more predictable than in the past. With the fall of the Soviet Union, the threat of nuclear war receded into the background and Western self-confidence reached new heights. Over the past 30 years, the world has developed an intricately organized, massively complex, extraordinarily effective and extremely dynamic global civilization.

    The pandemic, which is mild as the great plagues of history go, demonstrates that the complexity of this global civilization has become a source of new vulnerabilities. And with the legitimacy of many institutions resting on their ability to solve problems quickly and effectively, Covid-19 challenges political leaders and institutions in ways that they cannot easily manage.

    Translation: democracy is incompetent. It has not been challenged for many years, especially since 1945 with the fall of the Nazis and 1991 with the fall of the Soviets, so it has grown fat, lazy, bloated, and diverse. Now everyone in positions of authority seems incompetent and they cannot even handle basic stuff like a SARS outbreak. We are seeing that the “global village” of the 1990s was a sham and that diversity is going to level us.

  • FBI raids offices at downtown One Cleveland Center building tied to Ukrainian oligarch

    FBI spokeswoman Vicki Anderson said agents were searching the offices of the Optima Management Group in One Cleveland Center at East 9th Street and St. Clair Avenue. Optima is a conglomerate of companies across the United States that has interests in real estate in Cleveland, including One Cleveland Center, the 55 Public Square building and the Westin Cleveland Downtown.

    Published reports said that Kolomoisky had refused to set up a meeting with President Donald Trump’s ally Rudy Giuliani and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in an attempt to dig up dirt against Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden last year.

    The plot thickens regarding the Bidens, Clintons, Obamas, and their international “gonnegtions.”

  • A crisis is looming for U.S. colleges — and not just because of the pandemic

    Over the last decade, enrollment slipped as the economy grew. Demographics are working against institutions in parts of the country as the number of teens — and thus the number of high school graduates — drops. State support still lags behind what it was before the Great Recession. Many colleges and universities have a history of mismanaging their finances, increasing spending even as enrollments fell or going deeply into debt to construct new buildings.

    College used to mean “here is an upper-half-of-middle-class white kid who is both morally and intellectually competent.” That was a useful signal to employers.

    We democratized it sometime in the 1960s, and now it means, “this person sat through another four years of propaganda.”

    Consequently, its value is falling at the same time much of its previous generation of graduates have stopped having children. Get woke, go broke. The academic industry destroyed itself as anything does in the hands of careerists, who focus on the short term for their own benefit and deplete the long-term prospects as a result. You either have a transcendental goal of excellence or you do not. Having aristocrats to oversee the otherwise greedy, selfish, and short-term thinking middle classes proves a necessity for functional society, even if it took us a couple centuries to see this.

  • Fed policymakers call for fiscal support to save U.S. economy

    Without more government aid, Evans said, “aggregate demand trouble is brewing.” Translated for non-economists: people could stop spending and the bottom could really fall out of the economy.

    Or, as Richmond Fed President Thomas Barkin put it, “quickly pulling away the support that consumers and businesses are receiving would be a pretty traumatic move for what’s happening in the economy.”

    It turns out that completely shutting down your economy because of a relatively minor pandemic is an extinction-level event for your economy. They have no choice but to keep subsidizing and to end the panic, which is a hoax of a media creation. The death rates are fake; the infection rates are fake; the leering descriptions of apocalyptic symptoms are also fake. Most likely, the bad cases of COVID-19 we see are the result of a SARS virus revealing the underlying conditions that people have which were going to kill them, wreck them, or make them insane anyway. The Swedish model won; we have to get back to function and ignore the reported 150k deaths, which are most likely tangentially related to COVID-19 for the most part. The media lies; the science and academic industry joins them in these lies; the goal has always been to unseat Trump because he has interrupted the Leftist plan for total takeover via demographic replacement.

    Among other things, we are about to see a domino effect caused by the eviction crisis:

    With eviction moratoriums lifting across the country, landlords could eventually default on mortgages and the coronavirus pandemic could worsen in the country if tens of millions of renters are put out of their homes in the midst of a tough economy, said Tendayi Kapfidze, chief economist at LendingTree.

    Nearly 2-in-5 tenants across the country, particularly low-wage workers, are in danger of being served eviction notices, according to analysis from Stout Risius Ross, an investment consulting firm. People of color are especially vulnerable. While half of White renters project that they can cover rent, just more than a quarter of Black renters feel the same, according to the study.

    When the renters stop paying, the landlords stop paying, which is going to result in a wave of foreclosures, since most landlords are using rent as their means to purchase the properties that they rent. The banks, burdened with too many dead properties that they cannot sell at half of their value, will default in turn. Our only solution lies in the Trump plan: get our goods and services production back within our borders, restart industry, and begin building confidence in our future again.

    Trump in the meantime has proposed the sane solution of freezing evictions:

    “I don’t want people to be evicted,” Trump said, while speaking at a news conference on Monday evening. He said it’s “not their fault” that “they’re thrown out viciously.”

    “They oftentimes will go to a shelter with tremendous numbers of other people, and the virus will spread, and we don’t want that.”

    He added that he could suspend the collection of payroll taxes through executive order.

    If he wants to save the economy, he needs to stop the domino effect, which means aid to landlords and banks. This will be unpopular but in the long run, better than chucking out cash to individuals. We have to get our economy restarted or this pandemic will end us, all for the political aims of China and the Left.

  • Facebook bans French comedian Dieudonne for anti-Semitism

    Facebook said some of his posts used “dehumanizing terms against Jews,” according to news agency AFP. The ban also extends to Instagram, which Facebook owns.

    “In line with our policy on dangerous individuals and organizations, we have permanently banned Dieudonne M’Bala M’Bala from Facebook and Instagram,” the company said in a statement shared with French news outlets.

    “Banning a person permanently from our services is a decision that we always weigh carefully, but individuals and organizations hat attack others on the basis of what they are do not have a place on Facebook or Instagram,” the statement continued.

    We’ll force you to be nice to each other
    Kill you before you kill each other

    Violent pacification

    Pluralism means Nazis and Rabbis and Black Panthers on the same subway, rubbing shoulders and being cordial to each other. Sounds like a dream? It is, just like diversity and pacifism. The Left specializes in ignoring real threats in order to focus on its pet Utopian project, equality (a.k.a. “the Big Lie”).

    Naturally such events must produce an outbreak of GoodThink:

    More than 700 UK music acts, record label bosses and managers have backed a plea for “unity” in the music industry in the wake of the racism row sparked by the grime star Wiley.

    But the signatories – including artists, songwriters, producers, managers, publishers and lawyers from all backgrounds and faiths – also highlight issues around anti-black racism in America in recent months.

    We must all agree to intolerance for intolerance and tolerance for different groups that hate each other. This is typical Late Career Democracy insanity. Our society repeats the same failing actions for ideological reasons, since people are manipulated by symbolism, and when it gets terrible results, does exactly the same thing. We are circling the drain in a terminal cycle. Symbol, failure, repeat.

  • Home Office drops ‘racist’ algorithm from visa decisions

    The system took some information provided by visa applicants and automatically processed it, giving each person a colour code based on a “traffic light” system – green, amber, or red.

    One metric used was nationality – and FoxGlove alleged that the Home Office kept a “secret list of suspect nationalities” which would automatically be given a red rating.

    Keeping people from incompetent kleptocratic dystopias out of your country is “racist” now, apparently. The entire notion of “racism” and “racists” is entirely bogus and should be laughed off at this point. It means “noticing consistent traits of other groups” and also the eternal “preference for your own group” which all human sub-species (races and ethnic groups) practice, but only White people, in the grips of universalist and democratic thought, reject. We are drugged with the symbol of “equality” as part of our class warfare, and it has destroyed our societies. Laugh that one off too.

  • Kids getting caught in crossfire as US gun violence surges

    In New York City, there have been 237 homicides in 2020 compared to 181 for the same period last year.

    In Atlanta, the totals are lower but the surge is apparent: 76 homicides so far this year compared to 56 for the first seven months of 2019. Of this year’s total number of homicides, 23, or nearly a third, were recorded in July alone.

    It has been a similar story in Boston. After recording 25 homicides in the first seven months of 2019, Boston had 35 during the same period this year. And 15 of those were during July.

    We are seeing the meta-Ferguson effect. No police officer wants to be the next one getting prosecuted and destroyed by the media guillotine, so they have stopped engaging in any behavior that means confrontation with a violent Black perpetrator. Not surprisingly, violence has surged, and now the children of the clueless voters are paying the price.

  • Nearly half of Germans in favor of US military withdrawal: survey

    Of Germany’s six parliamentary groups, five oppose US troops leaving Germany. Only the country’s left-wing die Linke Party — which supports a complete withdrawal of all US troops — is in favor of the move.

    Voter opinion, however, tended to differ from that of the parties they support.

    People who generally vote for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative CDU/CSU were largely against the troops leaving, with more than 40% opposed.

    Among supporters of all other parties, the majority was in favor of the withdrawal, to varying degrees.

    Votards cannot connect cause/effect because they are aimed at social success, which means choosing what sounds good at the pub or coffee klatch, and they have no idea what the consequences of any action will be. US troops withdrawing means Germany needs to invest more in its military, which means that social services will be cut or the country will go into a debt crisis like the USA. Leftism is failing worldwide because we could never afford its entitlements and voters on the whole make terrible decisions; the “global village” and “wisdom of crowds” are illusions sold by careerists to a credulous, apathetic, and pretentious Dunning-Kruger public who now find themselves wondering how everything could go so wrong after centuries of successful illusion.

  • Justice Department to announce housing assistance grants for human trafficking survivors

    The Justice Department is announcing Tuesday it will award over $35 million in housing assistance grants to 73 non-profit organizations from 33 states across the country that provide housing and services to victims of human trafficking. The grants will allow the organizations to provide six to 24 months of transitional or short-term housing assistance to trafficking victims, including rent, utilities, and security deposits. The funding will also be used to help victims find employment, and receive job training and counseling.

    Cashing in on the Epstein fascination, these bureaucrats found a way to grab headlines and promote their own careers. Who can oppose helping victims of human trafficking? I can: we need to focus on ourselves, not trying to save the world, and definitely not cleaning up the messes that others make. White people found themselves on top of the world and without a direction — there were no more great challenges, except space, and we fear that because it would force us to get our heads clear — so we took to treating the world as our “pets.” Most of this money will go toward bureaucrat salaries. Over time, the definition of “victim of human trafficking” will expand, and more money will be required, with more hiring and fatter salaries “to attract the best.” It is yet another democracy scam that creates a trail of human wreckage.

  • Vanderburgh Democratic activist Reed faces felony election fraud charge

    The letter included samples of absentee ballot applications Reed allegedly sent to voters pre-marking for Democrats the section that allows them to choose a party. A copy of Reed’s instructions to voters stated that section “needs no input.”

    Reed’s instructions allegedly telling voters that section of the application “needs no input” was the crucial indicator that her actions were intentional, Hayden said.

    Reed has continued to operate as a Democratic Party activist since local elections officials sent their letter to Hermann last month.

    Still believe we have a chance of having a fair election? Got a bridge in Arizona for ya.

  • Don’t wear a mask in Houston, receive $250 fine

    “Lives are at stake, so I am taking this step to save lives and slow the virus from spreading in the month of August,” Turner wrote in a tweet.

    Diversity mayor Turner wants to keep wrecking the economy so that Democrats win.

  • USAID official fired after anti-LGBTQ social media posts

    “For too long, I’ve remained silent as the media has attacked me for my Christian beliefs, which are shared by the majority of Americans,” she wrote in the first of several tweets. “Let me clear: Gay marriage isn’t marriage; Men aren’t women; US-funded Tunisian LGBT soap operas aren’t America.”

    She also said that the U.S. was losing the international battle for influence “because we now refuse to help countries who don’t celebrate sexual deviancy.”

    We live in dark Soviet times. You either obey current Leftist dogma or you are a thought criminal whose career, life, family, reputation, and future must be destroyed.

  • NYC crime spree knocks on the doorsteps of America’s ultra-rich

    Over roughly the past month, the precinct has seen robberies skyrocket 286% compared with the same period last year, with 27 reported incidents, the precinct wrote on Twitter. Five of them were gunpoint robberies.

    The 19th Precinct has seen 14 gunpoint robberies so far this year. In all 2019, it reported four.

    Old-fashioned wealth was created through production; since the Leftist takeover in the 1960s, modern American wealth is made through consumerism, or creating products for those who receive money from the government. The nü-wealthy want more Democrats in power because that means more free stuff taken from the middle class and given to the poor so that the poor can buy more iPhones, Roombas, and other junk made cheaply in the third world, transferring huge profits to those in power and their allies. They never realize, apparently, that the instability they unleash will eventually affect them, as it invariably does after the Glorious Socialist Revolution when they are put against the wall and shot and all of their riches taken from them. Consumerism makes morons millionaires.

  • Portland, America’s ‘whitest’ big city, is an unlikely hub of Black Lives Matter

    “There’s a lot of activism and institutionalization of resistance and support here for people who feel deeply marginalized here, both Black and white,” Johnson said. “There is a consciousness here about inequality … a culture that ‘if you’re violating my civil rights, then I’m going to speak up and protest.’”

    Wherever living is easy, you get lots of proles. The votards cater to them out of fear of revolution. They get the revolution anyway. Then nice places become third-world ruins. In any case, we see that Black Lives Matter is just the latest mask worn by the Jacobin/Marxist revolution which has been wrecking what is left of Western Civilization for some time now. We are going to have to yeet these people to Venezuela.

  • COVID-19 long-term toll signals billions in healthcare costs ahead

    With mounting evidence that some COVID-19 survivors face months, or possibly years, of debilitating complications, healthcare experts are beginning to study possible long-term costs.

    Most likely, this is a cash-in: people with underlying conditions realize that they can get free treatment for those if they blame them on COVID-19, which undoubtedly worsened their effects and made them more visible.

  • Aurora police union chief seeking criminal charges against Elijah McClain protest leader

    “Ya’ll we got some work to do,” Bailey can be heard telling an applauding crowd. “They might put up a fence. That fence don’t mean s***. It doesn’t mean we’re not showing up… you just held yourself inside the house. Eventually it’s going to burn down with your ass in it. Now let’s go take this motherf***** over again.”

    This shows us textbook incitement: there is a crowd, they have the means to do an act, and they are encouraged in this act by someone who is an official leader of a group. Saying “kill yourself” on the internet or “we ought to burn down the ghettos and trailer parks” at a gathering far from those places is not incitement; however, this woman was speaking to those who could immediately implement her plans. Hope she enjoys a nice long jail term with extra anal molestation.

  • Survivors of Covid-19 show increased rate of psychiatric disorders, study finds

    Out of 402 patients monitored after being treated for the virus, 55% were found to have at least one psychiatric disorder, experts from San Raffaele hospital in Milan found. The results, based on clinical interviews and self-assessment questionnaires, showed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in 28% of cases, depression in 31% and anxiety in 42%. Additionally, 40% of patients had insomnia and 20% had obsessive-compulsive (OC) symptoms.

    Warning signs everywhere! Let us list them: (1) small sample size, (2) user reported questionnaires where the patient gets free treatment for reporting disorders, and (3) no before/after, which means we have no idea if these people were crazed before their hospital stay. Fake news!

  • Special Forces emails about SAS killings in Afghanistan ‘deeply troubling’, says lawyer

    The newspaper quoted one email in which, it said, one of the country’s highest-ranking special forces officers described allegations he had received as “explosive” and “disturbing” and that they suggested “a deliberate policy” among one unit “to engage and kill fighting-aged males on target even when they did not pose a threat”.

    The high cost of guerrilla warfare, using civilians as shields, and casting off uniforms in order to pretend to be ordinary peasants now stands revealed: at some point, the units sent to stop you cease to care and just light you up if you are near an event. This probably more effectively stops the insurgency, but only if you do not have the maudlin saps of democracy to weep over all of these guerrillas who suddenly became innocent victims along with the human shields they deliberately used as protection. In the meantime, nothing is worse because these people died.

  • KFC Trinidad Sparks Backlash Over ‘Racist’ Emancipation Day Post on Instagram

    The post shows KFC’s famous spicy chicken drumstick with a silhouette
    of the Black Power symbol – a clenched fist that represents solidarity with the African-American community and has become synonymous with the Black Lives Matter movement.

  • Gandhi to become first non-white person on British currency

    The Royal Mint Advisory Committee is working to create a coin featuring the anti-colonial campaigner, who led the protest against British rule in India.

    Anti-Majoritarian dogma: ethnic minorities were important to the success of the West
    Grim reality: they had nothing to do with the success of the West, which is why success arose here without them

    In what is left of the West, we should celebrate our own people instead of culturally appropriating heroes. Until we show some pride in ourselves, the world is going to view us as rich morons who should be ripped off, conquered, and destroyed.

  • Farm attack, man tied up, family sexually assaulted, Muldersdrift

    An elderly Gentleman was tied up, assaulted and robbed. His family were then sexually assaulted by three attackers, two of which were armed.

    Typical doings for diverse societies. They purge the former majority, then starve.

  • QAnon’s 2020 resurgence

    QAnon is a far-right conspiracy theory that alleges the “deep state” is engaged in a global fight to take down President Trump.

    People want simple symbolism instead of reality. In actuality, the bureaucracy is what created democracy and now rules us, having taken its final form. It wants Trump out because he will impede its final victory, after which point there will be no opposition.

  • Audi drops ‘insensitive’ girl with banana ad

    Critics said the child’s pose was “provocative” and life-threatening.

    Some pointed out that the driver would not be able to see the child in that pose, leaning on the grille.

    Others said the image was sexually suggestive, as bananas and sports cars have often been seen as symbols of male lust.

    What a sad bunch of irrelevant neurotics have taken over the discourse.

  • Baby boomers show concerning decline in cognitive functioning

    Findings showed that average cognition scores of adults aged 50 and older increased from generation to generation, beginning with the greatest generation (born 1890-1923) and peaking among war babies (born 1942-1947).

    Scores began to decline in the early baby boomers (born 1948-1953) and decreased further in the mid baby boomers (born 1954-1959).

    This shows a failure of genetic health. It turns out that mixing in random White ethnic tribes produces unhealthy, neurotic people.

  • Sinti and Roma fear for their Holocaust memorial in Berlin

    The mass murder was called the Porajmos, meaning “devouring.” Exact numbers don’t exist, but 500,000 people are estimated to have been killed. For decades, Sinti and Roma said they felt discriminated against by German authorities and overlooked as a victim group.

    No one cares because Roma/Sinti have mostly distinguished themselves through welfare graft, pick-pocketing, and shoplifting. They belong back home in Pakistan.

  • Sweden: Death of girl, 12, ignites debate over gang violence

    Sweden announced last year that it had set up a special task force to combat gang violence in the country amid a rise in incidents.

    Twenty people have been killed in 163 shootings in the first six months of 2020, according to police data. In 2019, 42 people were killed in 334 reported shootings.

    Add diversity, gain social instability, and criminals have a place to hide. Suddenly you have lots of violence. End diversity, most of it goes away. Which way, Western man?

  • Donald Trump Signs Executive Order Curbing H-1B Outsourcing

    It would be unfair for Federal employers to replace perfectly qualified Americans with workers from other countries.

    The Executive Order will require all Federal agencies to complete an internal audit and assess whether they are in compliance with the requirement that only United States citizens and nationals are appointed to the competitive service.

    Madman! He has paralleled how Affirmative Action was introduced, knowing that there will be massive secondary consequences throughout all of industry. Without the H-1Bs being the go-to solution for Silicon Valley, it will be forced to confront rising internal costs and less tolerance for the malarkey that is going on there now. He warned you, Twitter. You did not heed. Now you pay.

  • ‘This is for my children’: Hong Kongers prepare to seize UK offer of a new life

    “But if I have the opportunity to go to the UK, and we contribute to society, then my children will be first-class citizens, because they’ll have a British passport and the right to vote.”

    Everyone involved means well, but it will end badly as diversity always does. It does not matter whether the Other groups are nice and smart or not; the diversity itself does the damage. You need a mono-ethnic society in order to survive.


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