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People Are Increasingly Realizing That Modern Society Has Failed Them

Humanity took over from nature and set about building a world around a single pivot point, the human point of view. This reduced complexity and streamlined complex social interactions into a single, easily-comprehensible symbolic reality used to mass mobilize humans.

In a world of less, rather than more, domination and hierarchy, human freedom is limited by nature.  Since nature itself can also be spoiled by humans, nature simply returns the favor by igniting mankind’s own nature against him. Some people call it combined consciousness, and others call it a God-force .

While nature continues with consummate ease, mankind’s sanity deteriorates.

For example, using the rectangular Overton Window people have been able to categorize a population as ranging from left to right, or liberal to conservative:

The term was devised by the late free-market advocate Joseph Overton, an executive at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, a conservative think tank in Michigan.

The concept is used to describe the range of ideas that voters find acceptable and “outside which lie political exile or pariahdom”, explains Politico.

The theory is that politicians are limited in what policies they can support as they risk losing voters if they pursue ideas that are not seen as legitimate options by society.

The Mackinac Center explains that the Overton window “can both shift and expand, either increasing or shrinking the number of ideas politicians can support without unduly risking their electoral support”.

Today, the Overton Window is circular with the coalition of fringes in the outside concentric ring, supported by politically correct conservatives (classical liberals in the previous definition) while conservatives now occupy the very small center ring.

However, classification methods generally describe a more simplistic order than the complex order that humans and their organizations exhibit.

For example, people generally like or dislike some people despite not even knowing most most people.  Apart from disliking some people it also happens that there are others they simply cannot work together with; this incompatibility arises not just from the dislike, but an actual difficulty in working or living in the same environment.

Fortunately this inter-people “rub” does not happen that much in normal organizations.

Consider a primary school second grade teacher who routinely moves students around in the class depending on how that seating arrangement affects order in the class. In companies, the alert manager will detect degradation of a group’s performance and either gets rid of the “bad apple” or re-arrange a project formation to improve synergy:

the combined power of a group of things when they are working together that is greater than the total power achieved by each working separately

Contrast this to gestalt, a condition of intensified synergy:

something such as a structure or experience that, when considered as a whole, has qualities that are more than the total of all its parts

This is achieved through economies of scale, or the advantage of organization:

Companies can achieve economies of scale by increasing production and lowering costs. This happens because costs are spread over a larger number of goods.

Effective groupings or organizations have higher synergy than their competitors where top performers are able to apply force multiplication to their advantage.

A capability that, when added to and employed by a combat force, significantly increases the combat potential of that force and thus enhances the probability of successful mission accomplishment.

The simplest example of a force multiplier is a lever: it enables you to move more weight than you could without it.

The societal benefit of top performing groups is that the windfall received by such groups, flows over into their immediate society. This is not necessarily “trickling down,” it’s merely a variety of benefit that passes on to those elsewhere in the system.

For example, Mexico and Canada benefit merely from being America’s neighbors. However America does not controls Mexico like the USSR did with the Eastern Bloc. The USSR did not have overflowing synergy the way America had. Another interesting example is South Africa also benefiting from America despite not being a neighbor.

Mexicans working in America get to send remittances back home but in South Africa it is different.  The country has a stock exchange that has been arranged to act like a piggy bank for Wall street Institutional Investors. This means every time a large fund manager needs to move funds (which may take a few days to three months) he has the ability to keep the balance in a South African portfolio that provides on average interest of 4-6%.

The benefit to the country is that its currency is propped up due to this demand. The higher the demand, the stronger the currency regardless of gross domestic product.  The South African Rand (ZAR) is currently the seventh most traded currency in the world and nobody really cares who runs the place, or what atrocities takes place, they are free to do whatever they want (as long as the piggy bank works).

This is peak globalism and this kind of freedom drives people insane.

The world is starting to de-globalise.

That’s according to Neil Shearing, group chief economist at Capital Economics, who said that while globalisation over the last 30 years has boosted the global economy, “the integration of several billion workers into the global economy has pushed down labour’s share of income and pushed up the share flowing to company profits.”

Shearing said: “New technologies have made it less attractive for firms to maintain large and complex supply chains.

“Governments have increasingly started to question the benefits of some aspects of the financial liberalisation that has been a central feature of the most recent wave of globalisation.”

Let us return to the second grade teacher and the dilemma of the seating arrangement. The first impression points to a lack of synergy which means that the school teacher did not manage the seating arrangement. The second impression is that the school is wrong because synergy does not matter anymore.

People have been taking their children out of schools too. The degradation of public schools led to more private schools and now extends to little suburb schools with the final step being the home school.  Public schools are suffering loss of students and smart teachers, thereby dropping pass-rates and increasing university incompatibilities while drawing more hand-outs from Government.

President George Bush proudly implemented a new school policy of “no child left behind” to address this issue, without realizing that the school system is wrong. However, it would have been difficult to just implement a little policy to change the system because the system has no owner (hierarchy).

For example, sports important to the Western world. The globalist media arranged with various sporting bodies a four-year rotation (in competing countries) as follows:

  • 2017 – Various world sports and World Games
  • 2018 – Soccer World Cup and Commonwealth Games
  • 2019 – Rugby and Cricket World Cups
  • 2020 – Olympic Games (and US elections)

There is no control over this and each sporting body has friends in media places (and vice versa) making selfish decisions on a continuing basis. But the money flows from the media to the sporting fraternity in exchange for providing incentives for viewers that pay media subscriptions (without thinking too much). The way the incentive works is to internalize sport in each viewer as early as possible. They do this by paying educators to include sport in each school curriculum. Typically second grade children are therefore literally brainwashed to internalize sports via incentives i.e. being allowed to wear specific sports clothes, singing sporting tunes and getting exposed to sports celebrities.

These incentives continue to secondary schools and then on to Universities where athletic scholarships are given to enable performance in sports, but this is not an actual measure of synergy.  Therefore the school/university reduces its own synergy in order to look sporty.  Ever seen the guy with the fat stomach drinking beer while watching the sports channel? Ever seen the washed up girls chasing after sports “stars”?

Since the drop in educational synergy, there has been a drop in media synergy as well. That they are playing a cozy game themselves grinding society through their rotating celebrity mill can’t be understated. But nature has taken over the increasingly fake mainstream media where CNN ratings have dropped (Trump) and the Washington Post is being sued for libel (Covington Kids). Since journalists and editors can do what they want, they literally do that and to a dangerous, life threatening degree, because they use fake experts.

That the mainstream media is central to societal decline is unsurprising because of its history associated with the Gutenberg Printing Press. The Bible for instance, was/is pretty influential and a modern media using technological (dis)advantages such as television is even more so.

For example, the Military-Industrial Complex use propaganda to help them win wars, but they also use it very effectively on their own taxpayers via the same faking Mainstream Media. Despite the media rotating sport every four years, they still have lots of open airtime left in their endeavor to fill the airwaves 24 hours per day, every day and not just one channel though. Therefore they normalize wars, troop movements, terrorists here and there, opposition politics, casketed “heroes”, pretty graveyards and “droning” anybody not in current favor. This includes children’s games, weapon models and entire combat video game industry.

Our pilots don’t fly aircraft anymore; sergeants trained on drones kill people on the other side of the world.  But drones can’t teach children, leading to the globalist’s chase for the attention of children.

“Hey, forget about school bro, play combat with us”


“hey, forget about school bro, let’s play sports”

In both cases the participant can get a job after school regardless of his grades.

What the above means is that there can be no succession in society. Society is literally free to do what it wants. But as Greta Thunberg so desperately laments:

I should be back in school.

Not only did she have the wrong teacher, she also went to the wrong school. Another young girl, but from Netherlands, with a spectacular talent (in singing), had conservative parents who sent her to the right school, the conservative Afrikaans University in Potchefstrom South Africa. It is now called the North-West University under a black Government, but the students still mainly speak Afrikaans.

However, as part of its infatuation with the Rugby World Cup, a sport black tribes generally don’t even play, this university and its quotas are also destined for insanity in 12 years. That media is going mental is no surprise and that the military is useless is demonstrated by Russian Tupolevs landing in South Africa this month.

That is not all however, with Russian Education and a less compromised media behind them, they are also bringing a new kind of colonialism with them signaling possible exit from the low-synergy neoliberal sycophantic Empire, towards a cooperative trade hierarchy supported by Trump.

We are seeing globalism wind down because instead of synergy, we get increased liberalization and breakdown. The same rule that dominates the second grade class points out why we cannot all get along, and the groups that have their act together are trying to separate from those that do not.

By extension, this means that modern society has failed because it kills synergies and force multipliers by distributing force instead across too broad of a field. This creates a situation where the energy required to do any act, even a small one, is too great for people to do much.

If you wonder why everything is coming apart at once, consider that our reliance on this principle of too much integration instead of using hierarchy and discernment has brought us to a point that nearly negates our technology efficiencies. The future belongs to those who sit alone, not a seating chart.

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