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  • Kentucky Supreme Court dismisses LGBT case against Christian printer over gay-pride shirts

    The conflict between the First and Fourteenth Amendments heats up as the court dismisses this case on a technicality but hints strongly that it would favor the first amendment:

    In a concurring opinion, Justice David Buckingham said that Hands On Originals had declined 13 previous print requests deemed inappropriate or offensive, including orders from adult-entertainment shops, and that the printer did accept an order for a lesbian singer who performed at the festival.

    “Third, at no time did Hands On inquire or know the sexual orientation or gender identity of the persons with whom it dealt on behalf of GLSO,” said Justice Buckingham. “These facts indicate that Hands On was in good faith objecting to the message it was being asked to disseminate.”

    In other words, look at the message and not the messenger, and make sure that you have a pattern of rejecting other types of offensive messaging.

  • Kidnapping attempts continue in Brussels, another incident on Saturday

    When we were kids, our English auntie used to tease us about being good or “you’ll get kidnapped by Gypsies.” It turns out that she knew what she was on about, since apparently minority groups like to wage ethnic warfare in part by kidnapping young white kids and turning them out as child prostitutes. You see the same thing in American cities as well. Diversity is dead as Communism at this point, which means no one but the disordered minds of the neurotic thinks it is a good idea, but we are still figuring out how to defeat it in the political system.

  • The New Normal: Over A Third Of Americans Battle Job Burnout Every Single Week

    Most of what you do at a job is not work, but the management of the job itself and its hierarchies, political structures, and other drama. You attend more meetings, conference calls, and consultations than you do anything effective. Michel Houllebecq pulled the curtain off of that lie with Whatever (1995) which showed just how pointless the workplace had become, something which really happened in the 1970s with the rise of the regulatory state, affirmative action, unions, and other factors which drove the workplace to be more granular so that its people were more replaceable. Jobs are jails which make people miserable, and those people then refuse to breed at replacement rates.

  • Emails cast doubt on claim of immigration visit to school

    The Left is terrified that immigration officials will visit schools. If they do, they will see that up to half the students in many of these schools are in fact illegal aliens, and that the schools protect them because it allows them to demand more money, which is then taken out of property taxes, impoverishing the (apparently brain-damaged and inert) middle class. We now know what we should do… namely, visit the schools and take a note of the percentage of its students that are illegals. This threatens a whole lot of people making a whole lot of money off of constructing new schools because suddenly their population was a lot higher. Illegal immigration is bankrupting us, starting with education and healthcare, but it will reach out from there. In the meantime, people who never had education or healthcare in Mexico are suddenly insisting that it is a human right.

  • In Vietnam’s ‘Billionaire Village’, migrant cash can buy a palace

    Nature seeks equilibrium. Mix warm and cool water, and soon you have lukewarm water. In the same way, the third world — unless we wake up from our brain damage and stop them! — will come here and send home money which goes much farther back home. That drains from us, and gives to them, when we succeeded not by exploiting them, but by making our own wealth from organization, quality, efficiency, and productivity, all of which are anathema to the third world. The same is true of Mexico. People come north to work, send home money, and then go home to find themselves the equivalent of millionaires.

  • Legislation Would Force Google and Rivals to Disclose Search Algorithms

    After having it around for thirty years, we are finally getting to the point of seeing that the public internet has aspects of both public and private spaces, sort of like a village pub or shopping mall. It is also based on communication, so it naturally invokes clashes between different groups. One group bought out Silicon Valley years ago, and has been abusing a position of trust granted to it by the public while hiding behind the idea that it is comprised of private companies (while, ironically, arguing for socialism); now, we are seeing the start of the comeuppance. No one will be happy unless some of these disgusting people go to prison however, and we get some kind of free speech power that allows us to say what we want on the internet without getting censored or fired from our day jobs. If they do not do that, the internet will divide like television did: daytime TV for the people who wanted to remain oblivious, and a dark web for anyone who is not a bourgeois hamster. I look forward to the days of being able to order drugs, machine guns, and high explosives directly to my house over the encrypted internet. When the politicians complain about that one, people will point out that they slept through years of abuse.

  • China’s economy struggles as consumers tighten belts

    All Leftist economies are Potemkin economies. Starting in the 1960s, America began offshoring labor because unions had ruined American labor, both in cost and quality. First Japan, then China, came to serve as our manufacturing base. When Trump demanded a level playing field, China balked, because it knew that its Paper Tiger economy would not survive. Instead, they initiated a trade war that they will not win without sacrificing their entire nation. This is good because they have fought us in two wars, bought out the DNC, and done uncountable damage to America through spying, corruption, and market manipulation. The Left would have simply partnered with them, where Trump is defeating them much like Reagan defeated the Asiatic Soviets, simply as a practical way of ensuring that humanity does not synchronize to groupthink and self-destruct.

  • Exclusive: Don’t build Berlin-style wall between Russia and West – Gorbachev

    Gorbachev needs to face facts here: either Russia allies with Asia, or with the West, but it needs to make a choice. Eurasia has always been a problem for this reason. If Russia wants to keep open relations with the West, it cannot be allied with China, and it needs to start doing constructive things for the West instead of seizing parts of Ukraine. In my estimation, Putin knows that his country has failed to achieve economic power and therefore, his regime will fade if he does not militarize, and his best option for military strength is to work with China, forgetting that great regimes exist because of their productivity not solely their military strength.

  • Reading Scores on National Exam Decline in Half the States

    Somehow The New York Times finds itself surprised that a school system composed of thots, pajama boys, illegal aliens, and surly underclass third world minorities has somehow produced results like that of a third world country. They know that they cannot back down on their dogma; to admit that not all people are equal would invalidate Leftism entirely. This leaves them with the option of reporting on these events wide-eyed, mouthing the word “unacceptable” while secretly knowing that their own policies did this.

  • Maids for sale: How Silicon Valley enables online slave markets

    Our ancestors adopted a caste system for a reason. The lesser people served in helpful roles, and in exchange got lifetime support and a position where they could socialize with others like them. That meant that they were both safe from exploitation, and safe from exploiting civilization (higher castes, continuity with past, culture, aesthetics, genetics) through their invariably poor quality decision making. Poor people have poor ways, and the right way to handle that is to take away the things they do wrong and give them a way to succeed in what they do instead. We refuse to do that, so you end up with a scenario where many people are effectively slaves, so the efficiency experts in Silicon Valley figured out a way to make that more efficient. Maybe someone will “disrupt” the market with a phone app for instant slave purchase. Now that’s progress!

  • Life expectancy for American men drops for a third year

    More on how modern society is killing us. In my view, most people are dying of frustration, boredom, and broken hearts.

  • Reddit Must End Politically Motivated Publishing Decisions

    Awareness of the need for civilization spreads. We need a place where we can have open discussion and not have our lives destroyed. The West rose because it was able to consider heretical ideas, not because it clung to lock-step dogma like those in the East; however, since adopting the Eastern idea of mass mobilization, we have missed out on that old way of doing things that worked better. Silicon Valley wants, like most bad managers and the force of entropy itself, to make a happy hugbox where everyone agrees and tolerates each other, despite this being totally unrealistic. They want this because the audience from which they hire, and which is most likely to support them, consists of coastal people with do-nothing jobs and Leftist opinions.

  • Civil War statues in Charlottesville damaged again

    They will not admit it, but the Left wants to remove history. They intend that everyone should be as rootless, atomized, purposeless, adrift, and miserable as they are. The Charlottesville government encourages this by refusing to punish the miscreants, which emboldens them.

  • Record 45 million people in southern Africa facing food crisis: U.N. agencies

    Feed them today and have twice as many in a generation to feed, or let nature take its course, and limit human numbers to what those populations can reasonably produce? Kindness can be cruelty when it is unrealistic.

  • Former Center City Starbucks Manager Suing Company for Alleged Discrimination Against White People

    A Black person would win this suit; let us hope that Shannon Phillips, who was fired as manager of a Starbucks store after an incident there in which two Black guys were arrested for hanging out in the store and acting oddly, wins hers. Slowly, the evidence is building that not only are civil rights and affirmative action bad, but diversity itself is totally unworkable.

  • Nearly Half of French Have No Trust in the Justice System

    We should keep an eye on France. They were the first to adopt modern Leftism as the basis for their society, and they are the ones experiencing the worst effects most rapidly. Since democracies tend to have — like in the video game “Lemmings” — a ticking clock over their heads counting down to that magic point two centuries in where everything fails, France will witness the collapse first, brought on by the handmaidens of diversity, socialism, and sexual liberation. We should learn from this crisis, and then begin to clean it up, because Western Civilization deserves to exist for being excellent and because it can be more excellent in the future.

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