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Our Merovingian Demotism

Any parent crazy enough to coach his children at athletics will soon learn a time-tested hate fact: yesterday’s success can become tomorrow’s enemy. If you have a talented bunch, you want them to forget what happened yesterday. Anytime you think your winning percentage in a game is better than 50% as an independent event, you want the bratty little egos to deflate so that Game 2 stays independent of Game 1’s rollicking victory.

Our current degenerate elite weren’t exactly taking batting practice at the local park as they grew up to be pink-haired snowflakes. They never learned that life’s little games are won by people who do things rather than talk about doing things. They inherited the Amerikan Empire at its prime. As Democrat Bob Kerrey once said of The Bushes. “They were born on 3rd Base and think they kicked a field goal.”

The “elected” people running Amerika got high on their own supply. Toasted on their own narcissistic homebrew. As on old boss I once had put it, they got fat, dumb, and happy. Blutarsky was once told that a similar state of being was no way to go through life. At least Dean Wormer tried. The current Amerikan ruling class is to the USSA what The Merovingian Dynasty was to France before the pace mayors had to take over and run ish properly.

Things weren’t always this way. Clovis I started small and hustled like Pete Rose. He employed that hustle with a long, well-sharpened bastard sword, instead of a Louisville Slugger. He had soon “encouraged” all the other low-class, low-rent barbarian chieftains of what was formerly Roman Gaul to join his tribe. The dude had a certain animal magnetism. That, or he just really scared the crap out of all the neighbors.

The Merovingians would kick lots of butts, take over land and slaves, and then get too satisfied. This would kick off internecine strife, which would invite external strife, which would then encourage the Merovingian in charge to stop screwing around and set things back to rights. This continued until no serious Merovingian showed up to properly handle the ingrates.

Childeric III, (died 755), the last Merovingian king. Effective power in France had long been wielded by the Carolingian mayors of the palace, but the revolt that followed the death of Charles Martel in 741 made it wise for his sons Carloman and Pippin III the Short, in 743, to place Childeric III, a Merovingian of questionable legitimacy, on the Frankish throne, which had been vacant since 737, so that they could dissemble their authority behind his name. Carloman entered a monastery in 747, and, when Pippin felt sufficiently secure to have himself elected king of the Franks (751), Childeric was deposed, tonsured, and confined in the monastery of Sithiu (St. Bertin), near Saint-Omer.

Things in Amerika were not always as bad as they are in our current state of dynastic senescence. Our current ruling dynasty of kept things in hand well and thoroughly. Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia were both dissed and dismissed. Our technologists beat Heisenberg to the A-Bomb and Russia to the Moon. They were, for a time, beating Japan to Lean Six Sigma and China to the rare earth elements. Then the internecine strife and attendant self-sabotage kicked in.

The rot began to set in when the game of getting power became ritualized and divorced from using it well to advance the societal commonweal. We were a civilization instead of a culture by the time Evil Amerikan Emperor, Franklin Delano Roosevelt discovered how to divide and conquer voting blocks. We had truly gone Merovingian when Evil Amerikan Emperor, Lyndon Johnson, had the pompous grandiosity to call his shameless vote-buying regime The Great Society.

The rules had been changed and the realm was run for the sake of getting more power and swag for the guys running the realm. At that point, reckoned Evil Amerikan Emperor, Richard Nixon, if you aren’t cheating’, then you aren’t trying. Watergate was not just a legalized political coup. It was a new method of gate-keeping that would determine who the people were allowed to elect every four years to ascend to the throne.

And if this corrupt elite would turn a popular democracy into a demotism, it would need a properly corrupt and amoral Praetorian Guard of bureaucratic hacks to keep the elite away from the consequences of their moral depredations. This zombie army of hack functionaries to protect the precious was the legacy of Evil Amerikan Emperor, William Jefferson Clinton.

The ne plus ultra to the current demotic dynasty’s downfall was for an actual primogeniture of the genetically inferior to take abusive hold on our nation the way an invasive species of vine ruins an untended wooden fence. The Kennedy’s tried, but fortunately died. Regrettably, we lacked the wisdom and foresight of North Korea, and failed to execute John and Robert with air defense artillery as an example with an exclamation point. The Bush Cuck Dynasty succeeded where The Kennedys failed and son succeeded father to the presidency.

That sequence of Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama left Amerika exposed as a nation not worthy of serious concern. Take away the nuclear arsenal, and the rest of the world could have UNESCO baby-sit The USSA the way they do with Albania and Zimbabwe. A nation willing to voluntarily elect that long a line of failed, empty men deserves no quarter from Darwin’s Iniquitous Poltergeist.

Perhaps, by administrations of Bush II or Obama, the decisions were all being made behind the throne. Unlike Charles Martel, the real people running Amerika may have just chosen to keep their Poker Hand a guarded secret. If Donald Trump as a singular achievement that wins out over time, then that achievement would be forcing that hidden haunt to drop the mask, drop any pretense of a decent and civil society, and force him off the throne in favor of more emptiness.

So with the “election” of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to the two highest offices in the land, we now have our reign of Childaric III. Neither has the courage to deal with challenges, both seek to take credit for any positive externality springing from the efforts of others. Kamala Harris became Border Czar because Joe Biden was literally afraid to politically address the issue. It’s similar to how Charles Martel got himself an army. The Merovingians took one look at the emerging Caliphate in Spain and wanted no piece of that scrap.

I can’t imagine 16 uninterrupted years of Joe Biden followed by Kamala Harris. One is too old, the other too lacking in well,…everything. I’m sure neither individual is allowed to make consequential professional decisions. They are directed to sign what others would like them sign and hire whoever others given them permission to bring on board.

A palace mayor is running this nation. The people we have elected are like that arrogant Little League Team that forgets what allowed them to win and is ripe to be crushed the next time out. The mayor will not stay ensconced in the shadows forever. Visceral disgust will force that individual’s hand even if necessity brooks eternal delay. Let’s hope our usurper is a Pinochet instead of a Hitler, a Mao, or a Lenin.

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