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Osiris Akkebala Gets It Right Again

Pioneering nationalist Osiris Akkebala recognizes a few vital truths about nationalism:

  1. Nationalism — one ethnic group per nation, with only its own standards for choosing its future, i.e. no globalism/internationalism/diversity — for one group establishes nationalism as a principle, therefore other groups adopt it as well.
  2. Self-respect, which only comes with being able to choose your own future as a tribe, provides social capital with nationalism, where multiculturalism wears this down and makes people into cultureless, raceless, isolated fungible, interchangeable, and thus replaceable cogs of the machine.
  3. Culture cannot be separated from the quest for nationalism, because without nationalism culture becomes a product that gets dumbed down like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Ikea, or Budweiser. Nor can culture be separated from each tribe having its own gods.

He writes in the dialect of English chosen by his people, and “translating” this would — in my view — lessen its impact and possibly be an injustice, since his style fits his tribe.

However, we can gain a lot of wisdom from the recent conversation chain that he kicked off on his mailing list about the necessity of Black nationalism and a return to Africa for African-descended people:

You Ain’t Gonna Be Ever Above The Level Of Do’Do Living The Life Been Designed For You To Live By That Racist Luciferian Human Being, Black Negro Out Of And In Afrika Today Living A Lie And Pretending To Enjoy It And If You Truly Do Enjoy The Life You Are Living Today, Then Behold The Completed Converted Into Being The New Standard Negro Afrikan In Afrika And Afrikan Out Of Afrika Bot Being An Enemy To Black Afrikans Regaining Your Freedom And Should Be Identified To Be So And Treated Accordingly If You Black Afrikans Are Serious About Living Free Again!!!

By The Act Of Agreeing With What Is Divinely True, Is No Act Of Bravery By You Who Refuse To Act In Pursuit Of Changing Your True Living Condition And The True State Of Your Mind Performance.

Why Do You Think, And You Do Need To Try And Think Again So You Can See And Know-How Belief Has Black Afrikans Appearing In The World Telling Lies About The State Of Our Living Condition,

To Not Be In Afrika Living In An Environment Of Freedom Is Evidence Enough To Prove The Fact That Black Afrikans Are Of No Desire To Admit To Our Self Ignorance Because When You Get To Know Who Your Black Behind Truly Are, That Knowledge Alone, Will Be Your Motivator Having You To Settle For Nothing Less Than Having Afrika To Be For The Black Afrikans And You Living In Afrika As A Unified Black Afrikan Nation No Longer A MultiTribal Divided self-ignorant Black Afrikan Race Of People, Then And Only Then Will Black Afrikan People Be The Owner Of Our Divine Mind Again, Because Today, We Ain’t And The Sad Part About Black Afrikans Are That You Don’t Care How You Appear In The World Of Lucifer Today, The Force Of Power Who Has Control Of Black Afrikan Negro Mind!!!

A Disorganized People Are A Weak People And Black Afrikan People Are The Weakest Actinf Race Of People In The World Today, Living As A Divided Black Afrikan Race Of People With No Self-Knowledge About The Self Of Black Afrikan People, This Is No Joke, It’s The Divine Truth Observing Black Afrikans Today, You Do Not Give A Damn How You Appear To You, Not Only To The World, What A Sad And Pitiful Race Of People We Are Today, Living Pretending To Be Free !!!

There is no freedom without control of your own future, and you cannot have that in a diverse society. This ultimately can only be had not with a parallel society, but through geographic isolation and control of that geographical area:

Now Is The Time For The Coming And Rise Of The Black Afrikan Nation, A Time Not For Doubting By Black Afrikan People But A Time To rising With The Mind That Will Cause Your Freedom, Your Union As A Black Afrikan Nation And You Having Done What You Need To Do To Have Afrika To Be For The Black Afrikan People, Such A Time Is Upon Us Black Afrikans Today, We Who Has A Mind That Thinks For A Living desiring to be In The Company Of Freedom, Justice, And Independence With The Evidence Being The Fall Of The American Empire, A Nation With A History Of Beng Racist, Prejudice And Discriminative Against The Black Afrikan People who Not Now is A Unified Black Afrikan Nation And Has Not Been For Centuries Of Time Which reveal the Meaning To The Fact That In The Act Of Living Life There Is A Time And Events That Bring To All Things Physical A Change Based Upon The Quality Of Your Thoughts And Your Natural Design.

Therefore, I Do Declare That Based On The Events That Are Happening In America To America You Now Is Witnessing The Decline Of A Nation That Is Sustained By Racism, Prejudice, And Discrimination Against The Black Afrikan World And Because Of Such Evil Involvement by Americans And The Status Of Being A Powerful Nation Which Has Sustained Americans Evil Behavior Toward Black Afrikan People, Time Now Is The Order That Has The Black Afrikan Nation Divided As We Are To Become Once Again United In Body, Soul, And Spirit Which is the Divine Recipe necessary to cause the Change Of A Black Afrikan Divided Nation to become a Divine Unified Thoughtful Nation Again, Now, Today, Such A Period Of Living Is Our Time Again, That Is If We Are Willing To Accept The Responsibility Required to Once Again Become A Divine Black Cosmic Universal Nation In This Time We Now Live needing to be again Thoughtful Thinking Divine Black Universal Cosmic Nation Of A Unified People.

To Take Advantage Of This Time We Black Afrikan People Must Be With Confidence That Will Have Us To Think To Know our Way out Of Believing and To become with the Mental Performance Of Thinking To Know What It Is We Must Do To Become The Divine Nature Of Ourselves Again And That Is To Be Of Self Confidence To Knowing What We Must Do To Change the Dynamic In Our Believing To Thinking To Know What We Must Do To Return To Be The Nature Of Our Orginal Design, Black Universal Cosmic Beings Engulfed In The Presence Of The Environment Of Freedom!!!

To Become Free Again Requires For The Black Afrikans to become Thoughtful People again, And with a Thinking Mind, it will have you to know that the Black Afrikans Must Become Again Patriotic To Afrika Having A Afrikan Nationalist Pan Afrikan Spirit That Is In Relationship With Each Other, Which Will Have Us Black Afrikans Knowing What Time It Is As We Observe The Fall To Change Of Americans Status in this Racist World!!!

A Divine Thinking Mind Will Have You To Know The Reason And Purpose We Must Rise To Demand Our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation And A Thinking Mind Need Not To Be Begged To Fight For Your Freedom And Freedom To Afrika And The Unity Of The Black Afrikan Race Is To Come From The Payment By Americans And Her Surrogates The Reparation/Repatriation That America Government Today Is Illegally Withholding From The Descendants Of Our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors Whose Reparation/Repatriation It Is, Based On The Evil Endured Coming From The Racist Behavior Acted Against Our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors In The Institution Of Chattel Slavery, There Is No Need For A Study Nor A Debate As To The Reparation/Repatriation Already Been Earned By Our Enslaved Ancestors which has the Children of those Enslaved Ancestors With the Obligation To Collect What Already Belong To Our Enslaved Ancestors And The Time Is Now For Us To Rise And Do What We Need To Do To Have Freedom, Justice, And Independence To Come Back To Mother Afrika!!!

This Is No Request It Is Imperative That We Black Afrikans Acknowledge What Time It Is, and what is Happening To America, Is What Indicating To Us Black Afrikans Now Is The Time To Go Into Action Demanding Our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation Which Represents Afrika And Black Afrikans To Be In Afrika in an environment of Freedom!!!

Now Is The Time For Black Patriotic Afrikans To Afrika, To Use Any And All Means Necessary To Receive Our Freedom Which Is To Come From The Collecting Our Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation, Nothing More And Nothing Less, Just What Is Owed To Our Enslaved Ancestors And Now Is The Time For Us To Begin That Fight For Freedom And Justice And Independence To Be In Afrika For The Black Afrikans To Be In Afrika!!!

For Such To Become Our Success Requires Not Our Participating In Virtual Reality But In Actual Reality, planning and organizing and Taking to the Streets our demonstrated desire For Starters, Demanding Justice And Freedom For Our Enslaved Ancestors!!!

You Desire Freedom, Then Let Us Go Out And Demand It, Our Enslaved Ancestors Deserve It And By They Getting It Their Children Will Also Be In Possession Of It!!!

So I Ask To Whom Do I Share This Divine Information With, Is It The Afrikan Who Is Converted Into Believing Confined Within An Environment That Developed From The Journey from Segregation To Assimilation Or Will You Revert Back To Being The Nation Wearing the Birthmark Of God taking not No To Our Demand For What Already Belongs To Us Black Afrikans, Our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation, The Diaspora Black Afrikan In America Not By Choice Returning To Afrika Not As A Prodigal Son Nor Daughter, Not As Settlers, Not As Beggars, But As A Free Established Additional State In Afrika Having In Our Possession Our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation.

I Must Inform You Black Nationalist Afrikans, That there is a method to be used to ensure our right to freedom To An Afrikan Governing State In Afrika With A Mission To Have A Unified Black Afrikan Nation And A United States Of Afrika Government to Govern the Black Afrikan Unified Nation!!!

The notion of “nation” unites together genetics, culture, and religion with ethnic self-determination, or the ability to choose your own future according to your own standards:

Afrika Is More Than A Name Or A Geographic Location, It Is The Cranium Of The Earth, It Is The Energy Receptor From The Sun God – Ra Which Gets Its Energy Magnification From The Electromagnetic Eternal Everlasting Hydrothermal Presence Intrinsic Being In And Of That Which We Refer To As the Blacken Spatial Energetic Universe, Such Be The Divine Essence Presence Verifying The Reality Of That Which We Refer To As God, And Yet Here You Black Afrikans In Your Natural Form And Design Wearing The Birthmark Of God It Being The Perfect Night Verification Of The Infinite Intelligence That Dissipate None But Maintain In Its Forever Eternal Lasting Presence Verifying To Be The Perfect Energetic Present Intelligent Source To Any And Everything That Move And Appears Not To Move And The First People To Be Designed By God Prime Attribute Nature, You Appears As A Reflection Of That Universal Presence Referred To As The Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscience Figurement Of The Power That Be To Everything In And From The Infinite Black Divine Universe.

Yet Here We Are, The Evidence Of The Foot Print Of The Godly Divine Cosmic Universal Ancestors Who First Appeared Out From The Heavenly Universe Infinite In Its Statue Of Existence Living Today To serve As A Verification In The Location On This Planet Called Earth Verifying to be where the Foot Print Of The Gods Our Divine Black Cosmic Universal Ancestors Did Reside When Land Was Surrounded By Water Of The Seas, Ocean Presence.

The Land Our Divine Ancestors Being As Black As The Infinite Universe Which Change Not, For Such Is The Verification Of The Presence Of The Nature Of The Greater Good-God Who Deals Not In Virtuality But Is In And Of The Actuality Of Its Own Presence Which No Mankind Can Ever Duplicate To Make Claim With Proof To Be, God The Divine Essence I Reference My Claim To And About.

Therefore I Make My Proclamation To You Black Afrikans Living In And Out Of Afrika, By Your Presence Is Proofth That Our Divine Black Cosmic Universal Ancestors Did Live And Do Live As You And I Live Today But In A Different Dimension But Has The Power Of Divine Intelligence To Reenter The Dimension We Now Live And Is Now In Our Dimension But Our Self Ignorance Which Promotes Our Weakness Prevent Them From Revealing Themselves To Us Today, Because Of Our Living In The Mental Bondage Of Self Ignorance Preventing Ourselves To Reassume Our Natural Identity Being in possession of the Power that comes with Divine Self-Awareness and that, Black Afrikan Woman And Man, Is The Reason Why It Is That We Who Now Reside Out Of Afrika Must Return To The Place Of Our Divine Universal Ancestors Did Come To Set Fook Upon The Land Located Today Now Named To Be Afrika And It Is To Afrika We Who Is Not In Afrika Must Return And You Black Afrikans who Remained In Afrika Has Some Mental Travelling to do as well so that we all can meet together as that one Divine Unified Nation Nature Designed us to be and then and only then will you be qualified to see and innerstand the power and Glorification of your Knowledge of Knowing What God Is And Such An Awareness Will Not Take place Until The Divine Cosmic Black Universal Desendants Of Those First Way Ancestors has returned to the epicenter of where your Power Reside, In The Place You Been Made To Despise By That Racist Prejudice Luciferian Human Being!!!

That Black Divine Universal People Of A Now Divided Black Nation Is The Reasom Why We Must Come To See To Know What Time It Is For The Black Afrikans Today, The Time Is For Our Return To Mother Afrika And Resume Our Original Status In The Universe Of Living Physical Beings And Then You Will Be Qualified To See The Glorification Of The God Of Everything That Moves And Appears Not To Move And That Include Your Extraterrestrial Ancestors Now In Our Solar System Waiting For You To Reclaim Your Divine Mind In Which Flows All That You Need To See To Know Being In Control Of The Power Of Your Divinity, Black Afrikan People!!!

Now, Let You Who Think For A Living Know What Has Just Been Shared With You Which Will Prompt You To Act In Your Own Behalf In Resuming The Power Invested In Your Divine Mind Activity!!!

I Know, You Black Afrikans Believe I Am No Longer Sane But You Know What, I Bet You That Devilish Racist Prejudice Luciferian Human Being Is Well Aware Of All That I Have Shared With You At This Moment In Time And Is Dpending On The Ignorance They Have So planted In Your Mind That Will Have You Making Fun About The Divine Truth Just Now Been Shared With Black Afrikan People hoping that you Black Afrikans never come to be aware of what it would mean to the evil perpetrators in and of this world if we Black Afrikans become enlighten To What It Mean For There To Become A Mass Exodus Back To Afrika, not individually, that Lucifer Level of Belief, But Collective, that is the action Of Divine Unity Beloved!!!

What I Have Shared With You Is Up To You To Figure Out, meaning to interpret correctly, For It Has The Solution To the Black Afrikan Problem, and that problem is the Lack Of Freedom, Therefore, I Remain As I Am Until No More, Yet Is With The Solution To What Is Ailing The Black Afrikan Race As Has Been So Shared With You!!!

Diversity causes “racism,” and only occurs because of the struggle between groups created by diversity:

A Racist Is Someone Or A Group Of People That Is Of A Same Race Of People Based On The Pigment Of Your Skin, Living In An Environment That Is Dominated By A Race Of People With Power And Control Over The Society Living In That Is With A Race Of People That Is The Direct Opposite To The Dominerring Race, In This Instance, The White Race Meaning Its Opposite Is The Black Afrikan Race And Within The White Race You Have A Group Of Oligarchs Who Are Filthy Wealthy That Is Determining The Social Order And Behavior Of That Society And It Be The Oligarchs Who With A Tremendous Forceful Display Of Prejudice Against The Now Regressive Racial Group It Being Black Afrikan People To Whom The Social, Economic Racial Status Is Established To Be Accepted By The Opposite Race against The Black Race And Is, Based On The Prejudice that has been established, to be a recognized spirit of A descriptive Race Of People based upon the Prejudice Foundation been established in the mind of that white Dominating Society and The way the Oligarchs Behave Toward Black Afrikan People in a Racist Exploiting Way That is Based Upon The Prejudice Been accepted about Black Afrikan People, They Now Are Being Used To Benefit the White Oligarchs And Their Surrogates in such a way it socially, sexual, economically, politically, religiously and Racially Benefit White Racist Prejudice Luciferian Human Being Who Has No Conscious That Condemn Such A Racist Prejudice Spirit Being Acted Against Black Afrikan People, That Be The Art Of Racism Being Acted Against Black Afrikan People Based Solely On The Pigment And Facial Features Of Black Afrikan People From Head To Feet!!!

Separation induces a spiritual wakening, at which point you are no longer living for the social standard of the multicultural society, but for your own inner self and the spirit of your people:

I Ain’t Got Nothing That Shames Me Away From Being A Black Afrikan Afrika Nationalist Pan Afrikan Spiritualist, I Use My Mind Giving Respect To The Divineness Of The Infinite Universe Infinite Greater Goodness, I Have No Conscious Of Guilt When Bowing And Praising The Divine Black Cosmic Universal Ancestors, I Know The Divinity That Is Invested In Ancestors Acknowledgement And Praising, Such A Quality Of Mind Is What Give Me Cause With Ability To Divinely Develop My Divine Spirituality it’s what Keeps The Channel Way Of A Active Penetrating Thinking Mind To be Forever Be With The Knowing Of What That Everlasting Eternal Energetic Powerful Intelligent Entity In Forever Existence Referred To As God, That’s What Is Required In Order To Get To Know The Conscious Value of Ancestorial Divine Acknowledging With Praising And Meditative Performance, Such Theology Preparedness Qualify The Soul that Gives to you the presence of your Spiritual performance All being so we can be With Constant Recognition Of The Value Of Ancestors Praise And Remembrance Such A Performance Is The Order To Verifying That You Know What God Is!!!

Only in this context is the term “freedom” meaningful.

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