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Osiris Akkebala Calls For White Secession

From his morning information sermon, well-regarded authentic Black Nationalist Osiris Akkebala writes on the necessity of a Unified African continent and the need for White people to have their own state independent of Africans and other groups:

I Do Support And Call For The White Americans Nationalist To SecedeFrom The United States Of America!!!

So Consider This:

For all of you who would like to know and for you who gives less than a damn, I am a Garvey original Black Afrikan Afrika Nationalist Pan Afrikan the quality that is on the way of becoming extinct in Philosophy, Ideas and having opinions about the evil Racist of the world, about the need of action to be taken to have Afrika to become for the Black Afrikans in an environment of Freedom, not many Black Afrikans has such a vision about Afrika and Black Afrikans today.

I do not advocate the destruction of no Government just the construction of an African Unified Government, My time of thinking is not used uselessly about being a menace to and in American society, I concentrate on the time I have to be useful in doing whatever needs to be done to have a United States Of Afrika Government in Afrika, I channel the Garvey that was active over a hundred years ago and be with such a desire to see today Afrika being for the Black Afrikans, I see through my Divine Mind of my Ancient Divine Cosmic Black Universal Ancestors and yes, for what it is worth, I advocate urging the white American Nationalist to secede from the hypocrisy United States Of America as I tirelessly continue to point out the freshness of Americans Racist Prejudice spirit in practice today, which is opposed to paying to my Ancient Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors their Reparation/Repatriation, so hell yes I advocate the dividing of the USA, which they did to my beloved Afrika to prevent the union of Black Afrikans to be in Afrika.

I as the Son of my Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors remain in America under seize and I continue to experience Cruel and unusual punishment as long as America blocks my Right to return to Mother Afrika with my Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation an act to block me from entering an environment of freedom to be created in Afrika as I am being held as a victim not privileged to the American Constitution. but is lied to as if I have such privilege.

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