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Amerika takes a different path than most conservative sites. They look at what their audience already believes, and try to come up with something that mobilizes the audience toward a slightly more conservative version of that.

Of course, this causes problems because each has its own definition of conservatism, and most choose types of conservatism that encourage you to be a good citizen, which means going to your job, paying taxes, and buying American. This is more like advertising than politics.

To those of us who understand politics-as-philosophy, conservatism consists of two ideas: consequentalist realism and transcendental pursuit of the excellent (arete). Those in turn flower outward to a series of principles based on what we have learned from the past.

Conservatives intend to conserve, which means preserving and perpetuating the best of the past, which requires we both know what is real (realism, or measurement by results) and what is good. This requires understanding reality in detail.

Naturally, what is being offered here — what seems like a set of random axioms and principles — does not sell well on the nightly news, in the newspapers, on the radio, on the internet, or even to your average person. It is complex, exacting, and yet requires interpretation.

That interpretation seems “subjective” or “arbitrary” to your average prole who, per the Dunning-Kruger effect lacks the wiring to understand it, and so mainstream conservatives offer a dumbed-down version comprised of strong defense, economic growth, and paper cutout Christianity.

Politics in general suffers from this problem, and Leftism wins every time because it is simpler and clearer therefore makes a stronger impression. As a philosophy, Leftism consists only of egalitarianism, or the notion that we are or should be made all equal.

This provides the simplest type of philosophy possible since it explains our current problem, the solution, and an enemy all in one. It also enables those in charge to not only motivate others, but sabotage them in the process, all while hiding behind something which cannot be criticized, altruism.

In Leftist systems, a few tend to win out, and everyone else wastes their life on insanity. During the Leftist takeover, the first casualty ends up being any understanding of nuance, because the world has been divided into equal/unequal with no grey areas.

For those of us who are awakening during a Leftist-controlled era, our first need is to achieve mental clarity. As part of this, we must break out of the mindset of control. Egalitarianism requires a narrow categorical view of world, binary with-us/against-us morality, and linear thinking where the presence of one thing out of many can condemn a person, idea, or institution for not following the Leftist paradigm.

That type of thinking, which is common to all bureaucracies, administrations, and management structures, dumbs us down. We see the world as simple shapes and bright primary colors, either good or bad, with no understanding of cause and effect.

We might in fact see that as the point; for a controller to remain in power indefinitely, they need people around them who are incapable of thinking. The best way to stop thought is to program people into a robotic, insect-like, and blockheaded simplistic view of the world.

For us to become real again, we must learn nuance. This means two things: that details cannot be discarded, and that details must accumulate into some larger pattern that makes sense. Then, we must look at those details not as ones and zeroes, but as organic and more complex clues to the cause-effect relationships around them.

Modernity denies nuance because it denies degree, duration, quality, and structure. Degree means the intensity of something; quality means its degree of refinement or generality; duration means that it has a lifespan, from birth to death, and changes form over those stages; structure refers to how the details are correlated across duration, and the cause-effect relationships within the object and its context that make it have the properties that it does.

That is a lot to think about, for now, but maybe it provides an entry into a hidden world. Once you get away from the seeming opposites of pro-modern and anti-modern, you see a way of thinking that bypasses modernity entirely, and that is the “space” where our future lies.

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