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  • Microsoft says Chinese hackers targeted groups via server software

    Whoever hacked SolarWinds got a look at the Microsoft Exchange source code, and suddenly Chinese hackers are using that information to massively exploit this widely-installed software. Does anyone still believe the “muh Russia” narrative on this one? Whether by NSA allied with China or China itself, we are all hacked now.

  • China is sounding the alarm about a global market bubble

    This is a debt bubble, since we now treat debts as money to be received in the future, and democracies worldwide are deep in hock to pay for socialist-style entitlements. When the lenders stop buying debt, the next stimulus will not happen, and the whole house of cards comes crashing down.

  • Stanford panel on ethics puts price tag on slavery reparations: $10 to $12 trillion

    We have already spent over $22 trillion on anti-racism and anti-poverty programs. If we had simply paid reparations with the condition of repatriation to Africa, this problem would have ended long ago.

  • Brave acquires search engine to offer the first private alternative to Google Search

    When you face monopolies in an industry, the only solution proven to work is to introduce competition, but expensive government taxes, regulations, and lawsuit-inducing statues make it harder for these to enter the market. This has slowed the pushback against Big Tech even as public opinion turned in that direction.

  • The rivalry between America and China will hinge on South-East Asia

    The last two times the US tangled with China occurred in Vietnam and Korea. Unstable empires that follow the “Mandarin Method” — centralized bureaucratic control replacing organic culture — find themselves unable to motivate people, so they militarize and focus on conquering nearby societies instead.

  • 99% of Germany’s severe Covid-19 patients have migrant background and more than half are Muslim despite making up 4.8% of the population

    COVID-19, an aggressive flu, was a great cash-in. China got to steal an American election and become the only superpower. Democrats got to rule America like Chavez ruled Venezuela. Leftists got to be self-important mask Karens and “essential workers” while Tik Tok dancing. Minorities got free medical care for their underlying issues under guise of being treated for COVID-19.

  • Global Decline In Democracy Has ‘Accelerated’

    Democracy benefits those wealthy enough to tolerate its high costs, constant drama, and endemic problems. Everyone else is seeing that the first world is bankrupt and not reproducing at replacement rates, and they are making moves to exit democracy for something non-suicidal.

  • Vaccines and stimulus are a powerful cocktail for the US recovery

    If the twenty-first century has a theme behavior, it would be the press mistaking rampant speculation for important activity. They see bots on the internet and conclude that they are users; they see people betting on stimulus and war and see economic health. In reality, the core of our system is falling out.

  • Dr. Seuss Books Rocket Up Amazon Best-Selling Books Chart

    When you ban things, you give them power. People want to see what caused those who theoretically are in power such fear. The rampant censorship and deplatforming of the Left shows us an unstable regime ready to fall and attempting to limit that risk by forcing obedience, which backfires because it is easy to fake.

  • Bristol council passes slave trade reparations motion

    Diversity resembles an endless shakedown, with the poor and minorities taking from the prosperous core of society which removed its protective layer of aristocrats, who knew better. Without repatriation, reparations are just an installment plan; appeasement never works, and only encourages more (passive) aggression.

  • Right-wing misinformation on Facebook is more engaging than its left-wing counterpart, research finds

    The Left controls the official narrative through a captive media, China, American intelligence agencies, and a network of globalist billionaires and unelected bureaucrats. Only the Right offers an option for how we can live without this parasite layer, and people are interested in escaping this dying system.

  • France bans far-right anti-migrant group Generation Identity

    The more they ban and censor, the more they convince ordinary people that something is wrong and this knowledge is being suppressed. This makes such knowledge valuable and for that reason, where they strike down one group, many more soon spring, as does dissent in the hearts of ordinary productive people.

  • More Americans are dying “in the prime of their lives,” new report finds

    We are seeing deaths of despair in addition to poor breeding and low-quality, potentially toxic food. Many of these show people who are a combination of bored and depressed with modern society, finding a way to exit by explicit suicide or indirect self-destruction through harmful behaviors.

  • Australia confirms extinction of 13 more species, including first reptile since colonisation

    Ten percent of the species known since colonization have died out, with “habitat destruction” listed as one of the causes. If humanity had any brains, we would stop immigration and subsidies like welfare in order to cause our populations to reduce to only those who are intelligent, healthy, responsible, and moral.

  • China will bully the West like Hong Kong if governments do not reduce ties, report warns

    Marco Polo wanted to get to China because of their reputed vast wealth. They have used this wealth to buy the rest of the world, and each time they invest, they demand obedience according to the “Mandarin Method.” All must obey the symbolic guidance of the centralized control instead of following nature and hierarchy.

  • U.S. gets ‘C-,’ faces $2.59 trillion in infrastructure needs over 10 years

    Starting with Clinton, we spent all the money on diversity and entitlements instead. Thanks to our appeasement of poor and minority populations, they now want more, since they have become accustomed to handouts. Do we invest in the future, or commit suicide by throwing more cash into the abyss of diversity and equality?

  • Germany places entire far-right AfD under surveillance

    They only announce these things to drive away support by ordinary people for these organizations, since normies want to stay off watch-lists. This tells us that the Establishment fears the rise of grass-roots conservative thought in response to the systemic failure of Leftist policy. Hint: avoid membership lists.

  • Chinese court backs publisher of textbook calling homosexuality ‘psychological disorder’

    Healthy psychology and biology mean that people grow up, form families, and have children. Functioning individuals do not have non-reproductive sexuality. This may be caused by child abuse, deleterious mutations, frustration with the sexual marketplace, or all of the above in differing degrees.

  • BBC Debate on Whether Jews Are an Ethnic Minority Group Sparks Controversy

    Jews are Caucasians with Asian and North African mixed in, making them like Italians, Spaniards, Poles, Russians, Greeks, and Irish people mostly-White but not White. Of course they are a minority group, but the Left wants to treat them as White so it can discriminate against and genocide them too.

  • Plan to force South African ISPs to have black ownership being finalised

    Whenever you have a diverse state, each ethnic group fights for its own interests, while the former controlling majority tries to keep society from falling apart. This leads to the majority being deposed, at which point minority groups seize whatever they have and attempt to eradicate remnants of the majority.

  • Sweden: Study finds that most rapists are Muslim migrants

    When you invite in a foreign group, you also invite in bad feelings, since they are coming to you for something that they could not create for themselves, which makes them resent you. They agitate for control and dominance, and use the weapons at their disposal, which include violence and rape, a known weapon of war.

  • Inside China’s scheme to transfer Uighurs into work

    China ships Uighurs to its large cities so that they become assimilated into the corrupt modernity that is found there, losing their organic culture and becoming genetically erased. China seems to fear that it does not have a legitimate claim to its own land, as if the Han were once a minority who gained control.

  • United Methodist conservatives detail plans for a breakaway

    The largest Protestant church in America has divided over gay marriage and the ordination of LGBT clergy. The conservative group does not want to follow the rest of Christianity into assimilation by Leftism, at which point the useful people leave and the church becomes inhabited exclusively by the insane and minorities.

  • Pontins used ‘undesirables list’ of Irish surnames

    Diversity works nowhere, even among those of the same race. The Irish, as mixed neolithic Europeans and Semitic wanderers who came through Spain, do not mix well with the ethnic Western Europeans, who consequently want to holiday without Irish people showing up to make a mess of things. As the USA rediscovers its Anglo-Saxon identity, the same will be common here as well. Reparations with repatriation!

  • Ex-CIA chief John Brennan ‘increasingly embarrassed’ to be a white man

    As an Irishman, he is not only not White, but a foreign invader here. Not surprisingly, he — like other Irish-Americans in US government — identifies with the outsiders and works with them to overthrow the original pioneer group of Western Europeans who formed this nation. Erin go Back!

  • Roy Greenslade claims he ‘did nothing more than scores of journalists who keep political views to themselves’ after revealing secret support for IRA

    Leftists always support the Other because they hate their own societies for having any kind of organic culture and the hierarchy that comes with it. By nature, Leftists fear hierarchy because they know they are defectives, and they want a “Mandarin Method” centralized force of control with promises of equality instead.

  • Twitch backtracks after outcry for using ‘gender neutral’ term ‘womxn’

    The more they try to make egalitarianism work, the more insane it reveals itself to be, as anything which embraces a socially-popular illusion as a replacement for realism will be. Equality does not appear in nature, and it is the opposite of equality, as more people discover every day.

  • Sacramento Teacher Gets Death Threats After Using ‘Slant-Eyes’ to Explain Racism in Zoom Class

    Normal people think that diversity means we all work together toward a social order that includes everyone, and equality means that we treat everyone the same. Neither is true; diversity means ethnic war for dominance between the different groups, and equality means taking from the succeeding to give to the failing.

  • E-mail Is Making Us Miserable

    Modern efficiency should have given us four-hour workweeks. Instead, we labor away on entirely unnecessary activity so that everyone can have a job and a title and seem important. The chatter arising from this induces neurotic fear and spreads misery, where disconnecting and doing only the necessary brings calm.

  • Retailers put brakes on Texas and Mississippi move to scrap mask mandates

    Major companies want to signal their allegiance to big federal government instead of the insurgent movement to live life outside of Leftist ideology. This makes sense, since they make money from government programs and rely on leniency in regulation enforcement to lower their costs. We need to replace our government.



  • China’s ambitions threatened by US equipment ban

    China wants to take over the world. By rejecting their equipment, Trump set the West on a course to avoid being consumed. Now the Left finds itself agitating to reverse these actions, but realizes that doing so means that it will have to admit that it is in bed with the companies controlled by China.

  • New report links 2020’s record-breaking fires in Brazil’s Pantanal wetlands to world’s biggest meat processor

    The first world treats the third world like its own rural communities. This, too, is globalism. That means that the third world migrates into the first world, leaving behind farms and ranches that then export their products to the first, which with the new population has become unstable in its voracity.

  • Capitol riot ‘inspiration for extremism’, FBI boss warns

    As Leftist rule fails, mainly because Leftist programs always make more problems than they solve, the Left gears up to arrest anyone who organizes dissent against it. They are crusading against the wrong problem; their real problem is a lack of faith in the system, which is far more widespread than opposition to it.

  • Details on the Gab hack

    It turns out that our old friend the SQL injection went in through an unsanitized input with no reverse proxy to filter out code disguised as user text, causing an extortion attempt after the hack by Leftist transsexuals who will not be prosecuted by American law enforcement, just like all the Antifa and BLM this summer.

  • Stop global roll out of 5G networks until safety is confirmed, urges expert

    As media continues deplatforming those who say that we should study 5G more, it becomes clear that industry is in trouble and needs 5G to force a new round of upgrades. This type of rent-seeking behavior indicates businesses that have grown too big while their products have matured to the point of having low margins.

  • China, Russia Images in U.S. Hit Historic Lows

    Dying civilizations feature diversity, entitlements, forever wars, and scapegoats as part of their landscape. Currently the Left wants to blame Russia, since that deflects from China, but the Right has figured out that China bought up big industry and required them to obey Beijing in order to do business in China.

  • Proposed California law would end most workplace marijuana tests

    The process of liberalization involves relaxing standards so that people can be more individualistic, which means both “me first” opportunism and a lack of people who know better to stop them. How high do you want your car mechanic to be when he works on your brakes? Or your airline pilot? This will end in tears, as always.

  • South Carolina adds firing squad to execution methods to address lethal injection shortage

    Leftist companies engineered a shortage of drugs used to administer lethal injection, using this as a back-door way of trying to end capital punishment. In response, the pragmatists are shrugging and going back to older ways of doing things. As usual, Leftist manipulation succeeds in the short term then fails catastrophically.

  • Covid: Japan asks China to stop anal tests on its citizens

    Clown World disintegrates in comedy as the Chinese figure out that anal swabs give more accurate readings, despite being highly intrusive and humiliating. Now our international press finds itself discussing anal tests with a straight face as we all reflect on how panicked, unstable, and ludicrous democracy has become.

  • Farmer seriously injured by 6 attackers, manages shoot 1 dead, Kirkwood

    In the diversity game, each ethnic group agitates for dominance, and it wages a war of attrition against other groups both to plunder their wealth and destroy them. When this comes to the USA, we are going to have a lot more shootings, and no one will call police. They will simply hide the bodies and carry on.

  • Beijing could tighten its grip on Hong Kong further, showing lack of concern for international outcry

    To stage a con, you have to both rip off the mark and convince him that you did so by some legitimate authority or “fairness.” China has figured out that if it changes the rules, it can steal elections anywhere, and control the world through the corrupted institutions of democracy that allowed this in the first place.

  • France’s Sarkozy convicted of corruption, sentenced to jail

    It seems that “corruption and influence peddling” form the basis of what our modern politicians do. Entitlements made it impossible to govern, since all elections are giveaways of “free” stuff now, so only criminals are drawn to office, knowing that most of them will escape the jailer.

  • Oklahoma House Passed Bill to Let State Declare Biden Executive Orders Unconstitutional

    Now that the Left has refused to investigate election irregularities, they are widely regarded as both incompetent and corrupt, which means that we are seeing a state-level revolution against the federal government. If the states know their stuff, they will call a Convention of States to amend the Constitution.

  • Four plead not guilty in case of toppled slave trader’s statue in England

    If you want rule of law, you have to punish people who do things like destroy statues and vandalize public buildings, even if they do so with a political motive. So far, the USA has refused to do so, but perhaps the English are more invested in maintaining social order.

  • AOC slams NYPD’s $75,000 robotic police dog named Digidog as racist

    Apparently patrolling low-income minority neighborhoods with non-violent methods is now seen as “racist.” For those keeping a tally, things that are racist: math, grammar, standards, and laws. Things that are not: people who are not White, or White people who hate being White (Brennan, an Irish, does not count).

  • Tobacco exporter faces slavery charges in landmark Brazil case

    Slavery keeps showing up because humanity continues producing lots of dumb people who end up poor, which means that their work is bad and the temptation is to pay them little and treat them like chattel. A better solution is to genetically upgrade humanity and have conscientious workers, but “equality” does the opposite.

  • The Most Important Gun Lawsuit You’ve Never Heard of

    Direct action against the Second Amendment proves unpopular, so the Democrats have hauled out a tried-and-true strategy of using lawsuits to bankrupt the gun and ammunition makers. States can counteract this by offering immunity to gun makers for suits against them for mass shootings, crime, and now, advertising.

  • New EU ‘right to repair’ laws require technology to last for a decade

    This sounds good on the surface, but the more government steps in, the more citizens become apathetic. Government replaces culture. Strong organic culture naturally opposed disposable products, but as it was erased by the bureaucracy and regulations and taxes increased costs, industry became more parasitic.

  • Twitter cracks down on COVID vaccine misinformation

    Our nü-elites need the vaccine because they need the panic pandemic to seem legitimate so that they can continue controlling us and stealing elections. Once their mail-in voting goes away, at this point, so do they. Consequently, expect censorship to increase, driving all the interesting users to alternative sites.

  • Wall Street is kicking out yet another big Chinese company

    Slowly Wall Street has been learning that Chinese companies lie about their profits and present an unstable future, as teetering totalitarian regimes tend to be, and so they are distancing themselves from the risk. Trump let the cat out of the bag, and the ripple effects of that slowly emerge despite Democrat efforts.

  • Beijing could be preparing for a full-scale invasion of Taiwan

    Beijing has wanted a full-scale invasion of Taiwan since 1949, since having a non-Communist version of China makes the Communist version look stupid and inefficient in contrast. The only thing stopping them is American military power, which is why they needed to steal an election, delegitimize America, and send it into collapse.

  • Dutch right-wing politician calls Nuremberg trials ‘illegitimate’

    “I’m no supporter of retroactive punitive legal action…I consider the Nuremberg trials as illegitimate. You shouldn’t retroactively judge people.” He makes a good point; we are simply punishing dissent, not making sensible law. Everyone missed the bigger lesson of the world wars, which is that diversity and democracy destroy us.

  • China said to speed up move to more survivable nuclear force

    Cold wars never go away until the participants that caused them go away. When the Soviet Union erected the Wall in Berlin, the Cold War kicked off, because it was clear that the parties were in permanent opposition. China modified Communism to include Libertarian economics and then resumed their Cold War posture.

  • Trump says he requested 10K National Guard troops at Capitol on day of riot

    If the Left investigated this, they could catch Trump in a lie, but they do not, which suggests that it is true. The Capitol riots were a Reichstag Fire engineered by Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats so that they would have an excuse to impeach Trump before he could reveal more of the ongoing scam and election theft.

  • Peru forced sterilisations case reaches key stage

    No one knows what to do about “the poor,” meaning those who are lower IQ and therefore permanently impoverished because of low abilities and high time preference. Sterilizing them would resume what natural selection started and make humanity healthier, but equality exists to oppose such improvements.

  • Vanessa Bryant Slams Evan Rachel Wood for Calling Kobe a ‘Rapist’ the Day He Died

    In the now-dead endless worship of sportsball, those who are good athletes are worshiped as heroes by the proles. Unfortunately for Kobe Bryant, he admitted that he was an anal rapist and settled because the accuser was credible.

  • U.S. doubles down on protecting university research from China

    So much of what Trump did involved pointing at the hidden elephant in the center of the room and saying, “That’s your problem right there.” People will pursue distractions, superstitions, talismans, and deflections instead, until someone shows them that the Emperor has no new clothes after all. Then they must fall in line.

  • College promises real-world STEM training, traditional liberal arts education in three years

    Education got destroyed by politicians who wanted to use it as an anti-poverty program, reasoning that if college graduates got paid more, giving everyone a college degree would be like raising the minimum wage. Instead they made education worthless, but now the first competitors are emerging to destabilize that system.

  • Indians are telling their 18 million-strong diaspora to keep out of their affairs

    When you live in a diverse society, you play the social posturing game by trying to appear as humanistic as possible in order to use humanism as a justification for getting more power for your group through victim theory. That clashes with what must be done on the home front, which is to eliminate decay.

  • Benjamin Netanyahu vows payback against ‘our greatest enemy’ Iran

    Trump united the functional parts of the middle east and was achieving peace by cutting Iran out of the future. Biden has rolled all that back, so instead we get forever wars based in middle eastern instability. If Iran continues to develop the bomb, Israel is going to glass them and no one will blame them.


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