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News (August 19, 2022)


Where are we now? Western Civilization, deep in decline, finds itself in the grips of Late Stage Democracy in which the ruling Leftist Regime pursues increasingly risky strategies to stay in power long enough to bring in so much diversity that it permanently dominates the vote.

That was always the Hart-Celler plan, and even goes back further to when Lincoln and his cronies demanded that “civil rights” replace the natural rights we had always had, simply so that he and his fellow Leftists could continue to ride the vote of Irish-Americans into office.

Luckily, for the first time in a long time, a wider number of people including moderates have started to wake up to the government scam, that diversity is its lynchpin, and the need to rid this country of the Leftists who increasingly resemble Communists as the tax-parasitized moribund economy now resembles that of the Soviet Union in its final days.

We either gather together the quarter of the population who are capable of thought, as opposed to the meatbot NPCs who are nothing more than a collection of nerve impulses and desires, and gain enough consensus on this to overthrow the federal Tammany Hall political machine of China and the Clintons, or we fade into third world status.

Should be exciting.


  • If Your Co-Workers Are ‘Quiet Quitting,’ Here’s What That Means

    Across generations, U.S. employee engagement is falling, according to survey data from Gallup, but Gen Z and younger millennials, born in 1989 and after, reported the lowest engagement of all during the first quarter at 31%.

    Jim Harter, chief scientist for Gallup’s workplace and well-being research, said workers’ descriptions of “quiet quitting” align with a large group of survey respondents that he classifies as “not engaged”—those who will show up to work and do the minimum required but not much else.

    Any time they try to redistribute wealth, they take from the productive and give to the unproductive, at which point Atlas shrugs and the productive start phoning it in. After that, the economy enters a state of permanent collapse while everyone drinks and waits for the Regime to collapse. It happened in the Soviet Union, it is about to happen in China, and it will soon come to the USA. Higher taxes in a “mixed economy” — our current economy, a hybrid of consumerism and socialist-style entitlements — have the same effect as pure Communism, which is why the Left has shrugged and started admitting that yes, they really are just Communists moving at a more leisurely pace after all.

    Possibly people should consider other factors that make jobs horrible. Unions pit management against workers and reward the incompetent as well as the competent, driving out competence; affirmative action forces the hiring of stooges to make racial and gender quotas; massive amounts of regulation increase red tape and tedium; high worker mobility means jobs are subdivided into simple roles so that workers can be interchangeable parts; opposition to actual hierarchy means layers of redundant managers; “accountability” to methods not goals means lots of pointless procedure and the “optics” to higherups mattering more than achievement. Not surprisingly, people detest their jail-like jobs:

    Sixty percent of people reported being emotionally detached at work and 19% as being miserable. Only 33% reported feeling engaged ­­— and that is even lower than 2020.

    In the U.S. specifically, 50% of workers reported feeling stressed at their jobs on a daily basis, 41% as being worried, 22% as sad, and 18% angry.

    There is no way to fix jobs. In my ideal version of America, everyone is a consultant and whoever gets the job done gets paid. The useless starve or move to the third world where being useless apparently counts as “normal.”

  • US approves nearly ALL tech exports to China and is increasing sales of technology

    All sides in Washington are agreed that China is the nation’s most troubling competitor and that national security concerns mean it cannot be trusted with tech secrets.

    Yet Commerce Department safeguards do not appear to be limiting exports and have accompanied an increase in sales of some important technologies, according to an analysis of data published on Tuesday.

    This is why China funded the Clintons. Instead of the “conscious decoupling” that Trump argued for, our economy will continue to be dependent on China. Whatever country escapes globalism and becomes self-sufficient will dominate the post-Leftist world, but to become self-sufficient it will have to ditch entitlements, immigration, the administrative state, and an obsession with civil rights, which will end the Leftist century handily.

  • Top business execs more polarized than nation as whole

    What’s interesting is that there hasn’t been a strong shift toward more Democratic executives even though that’s what a lot of observers might have expected. You may have heard about “woke capitalism,” and many companies are speaking out in favor of progressive issues, and yet we don’t see a strong shift toward more executives leaning toward the Democrat Party. In fact, there has been an increase in the share of Republican executives during our sample period, from 63% in 2008 to 71% in 2018.

    People who have to make things work tend not to be Leftists, since under Leftism nothing and no one works, even if their marketing department wants them to focus on the latest trend so they do not miss a 1960s-style event. They want to cash in on youth culture, pop culture, and the new diversity audience, but so far it is not working that well because this audience is inherently anti-capitalist and detests anything associated with the former WASP majority of the USA. Diversity is suicide.

  • Experts say bones of 20,000 British and French soldiers were ground down and used to make white sugar

    The gruesome practice likely took place at other Napoleonic battle sites, with sugar factories existing close by.

    The new research, which has been shared exclusively with MailOnline in the UK, was carried out by respected historians Dr Bernard Wilkin and Robin Schäfer, along with archaeologist Professor Tony Pollard, from the University of Glasgow.

    The team discovered dozens of contemporary written accounts in Belgian, German and French archives that suggested the bones were plundered from 1834 onwards and used for the burgeoning sugar industry in Belgium.

    When the herd wants sugar, what silly thing like cultural values regarding honoring of the dead is going to stand in its way? The bourgeois march toward more money for individuals by taking value out of the commonwealth, including civilization itself, continues, and will eventually reach its final form as socialism. This has been going on for quite some time as this article reveals.

  • Decreasing backyard bird diversity flies under the radar

    The team found that introduced species, historically prominent in Australian urban bird communities, were decreasing in prevalence in all four regions, while a small group of native urban exploiters were becoming more prevalent.

    The results also showed that many species perceived to be “iconic” or “common” were experiencing declines in prevalence in urban areas, highlighting the importance of monitoring and conservation action in suburbs.

    “Exploiters” means “adaptive generalists,” which means that you are getting fewer types of birds coming through your backyard and more sparrows, grackles, and bluejays. How do we know this? It is what happens every time humans build a city: the space required for ecosystems goes away, leaving only human-curated species, and the only ones that survive in that are the ones who eat everything, which turns out to be the species we associate with dumpsters behind fast food restaurants. We need them too — there is nothing, in some ways, more fun than a grackle, the bird with a wry sense of humor — but when different species are out of proportion to one another, then ecosystems collapse and this has an influence on more than avians. Whatever they eat, and whatever depends on them (including their droppings) to eat, will be affected. Ecosystems are resilient but like a car if you take out a crucial part they will not function.

  • Anne Heche official cause of death ruling revealed

    The actress, a star of the NBC drama “The Brave,” never regained consciousness after suffering horrific burns in the crash.

    So who is this trying to escape the gurney?

  • Plant molecular geneticists discover, and begin to crack, the epigenetic code

    When plants sense environmental challenges such as drought or extended periods of extreme temperatures, they instinctively reprogram their genetic material to survive and even thrive. The chemical code that triggers those changes can be deciphered and then duplicated to breed more vigorous, productive and resilient crops.

    That’s the conclusion of a team of Penn State molecular plant geneticists that conducted the first-ever study of those reprogramming effects and discovered that “epigenetic reprogramming” code, which results in the expressing and over expressing of some genes and the silencing of others.

    The hippie vision of epigenetics is that somehow through sheer desire you can manifest all sorts of genes and everyone can finally be equal. The reality is that epigenetics turns on genes from among those that you have, so natural selection still controls. All you hippies better start to face reality. Natural selection provides the raw material, and epigenetics allows organisms to adapt to the best version of that.

  • Male and female friendships are different, and scientists don’t know why

    While girls’ friendships are generally conversation-based and emotionally intense, boys’ friendships are more casual.

    “They depend much more not on who you are, but the fact that you belong to my club,” said Dunbar. “Doesn’t matter what defines the club…it could be just the guys who go drinking on a Friday night together, or play soccer.”

    While women’s profile pictures regularly featured them and a close friend — often just two people — men were more likely to have profile pictures featuring them among a group of people, often other men, taking part in some kind of activity like sports or hiking.

    We are here to slay dragons. Whether those dragons are malfunctioning servers, tasty mammoths, invading enemies, or simply clearing up the neighborhood park, we need the bonds of our mannerbund so that we can slay the dragon together and then share in the significance of the event. Women are the social infrastructure experts who build bonds and then know who to call for any specific task that cannot be handled by a bunch of men with keyboards and spears. Nature has great wisdom in her use of complementary strengths to produce a tribe.

  • Most people infected with omicron didn’t know it, study finds

    Prior studies have estimated that at least 25% and possibly as many as 80% of people infected with SARS-CoV-2 may not experience symptoms. Compared to other SARS-CoV-2 variants, the Omicron variant is associated with generally less severe symptoms that may include fatigue, cough, headache, sore throat or a runny nose.

    As we bang on around here too often, genetics matter. If you do not have one of the 13 loci, COVID-19 will manifest as a fever and flu symptoms for a couple days. Not surprisingly, after keeping the country in terror for two years, the CDC has admitted the COVID-19 pandemic response was an overreaction by quietly taking it all back:

    In new guidelines released Thursday, the agency no longer recommends staying at least 6 feet away from other people to reduce the risk of exposure — a shift from guidance that had been in place since the early days of the pandemic.

    The shift is a sign of how much has changed since the beginning of the pandemic more than two years ago. Nearly the entire US population has at least some immunity through vaccination, previous infection or, in some cases, both.

    The new guidance also does not advise quarantining people who’ve been exposed to Covid-19 but are not infected.

    Also surprising no one, the ritual executions began shortly afterwards:

    Walensky laid out several organizational changes the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will take over the coming months to correct missteps and failures that occurred during the last 2.5 years of the pandemic, according to a fact sheet.

    What burned down the West? At its core, loss of purpose once it succeeded and the middle class began abolishing culture in favor of bourgeois meatsuit pursuits like commerce, social popularity, and mowing your lawn at 8:00 AM on Saturdays. As part of that, however, we got careerism, which is the notion that since you pay taxes, it is the job of someone else to maintain civilization, and all that the individual is responsible for is getting promoted at work by following the instructions of his bosses and pretending that they are important, becoming popular by saying things that other people like to hear, and dedicating himself to comfort with his eight foot television set and well-maintained suburban lawn. In the case of COVID-19, everyone hopped on a trend. The medical experts realized they would get promoted if they fanned panic, so they did. The nurses realized that they would become socially important if they perpetuated the myths, so they did. Every media figure and talking head gained a new audience by rambling on about COVID-19 because it fascinated the public. No one cared about the truth; the first rule of careerism is that you deliver what the audience, including your bosses, want to see and hear, and that is listening to the experts who are promoting their own careers and passing that message both up and down the chain of command. Ergo, a pandemic becomes a panic if there is money to be made by doing so.

  • Individuals value information as they do material objects

    In three studies — involving more than a thousand participants — the researchers demonstrated that people treat gains and losses of information as they do gains and losses of goods: as cherished possessions. They did so by showing that loss aversion (the tendency to feel worse about losses than to feel good about equivalent gains) and the endowment effect (the tendency to value objects we own more than identical objects we do not own) apply not only to money and tangible goods but also to information—even largely useless information (e.g., random trivia facts).

    Humans value knowledge, even trivial knowledge, because in architectonic systems like nature, each detail hints at the whole. You could build a theology on this, since larger patterns like divinity of the universe can only be read from the details instead of the overwhelming complexity of the whole fact pattern.

  • CEO of gunmaker Smith & Wesson blames politicians for gun violence

    Homicide rates dropped slightly in the first half of this year compared with 2021, yet they remain nearly 40 percent higher than where they stood before the pandemic, according to a report the Council on Criminal Justice released last month. The think tank also found a sharp decline in the percentage of reported robberies and property crimes.
    Gun deaths, however, have spiked. In 2020 and 2021, there were 45,000 such fatalities — the highest number recorded since 1995, The Washington Post reported last month. The increase came as gun purchases also hit record levels.
    Mass shootings in which four or more people are killed represent a small fraction of gun violence. They account for fewer than 1 percent of people killed by firearms, The Post reported. Yet such incidents are increasing, and they capture widespread attention because they take a toll on Americans’ psyches, creating fear of being in public places.

    Absolutely no one will mention that we are not only in an open race war, but that the lack of culture caused by the destruction of majority culture by diversity, as well as shoehorning minorities into a subservient but rebellious role, has made a rootless and agitated, atomized population. Under such conditions, fatalism prevails, and if you think your Saturday night will get more interesting if you burn down your city, flash mob shoplift (“flashlift”), or shoot someone just to see him die, then you might do it because you know in your gut that you are living in dystopia despite the promises of Utopia through Progress toward Equality that we hear constantly from the promoters of the middle class Revolution against the natural elites like aristocrats and philosopher-knights.

  • Merrick Garland, the Washington Post and the Nuclear Story

    Among the implausible details of this disturbing story has been that after a Justice official and several FBI agents visited Mar-a-Lago in early June, Justice waited several days before merely requesting that a stronger lock be placed on the door of a storage room and then waited roughly two months before seeking a warrant.

    Attorney General Merrick Garland deliberated for weeks over whether to approve the application for a warrant to search former President Donald Trump’s Florida home, people familiar with the matter said, a sign of his cautious approach that will be tested over the coming months.

    To translate for normals: this means that the operation was a fishing expedition based on the idea that Trump may have had papers which he technically should not have had, and was not designed to avoid any actual harm. That makes it a typical Clinton fishing expedition. Let us look at what the FBI seized in this raid:

    Descriptions of items that were improperly taken to Mar-a-Lago include a cocktail napkin, a phone list, charts, slide decks, letters, memos, maps, talking points, a birthday dinner menu, schedules and more, this person said, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss details of the ongoing investigation.

    Whoever controls the “union” of Leftist loyalists at the DOJ gives Garland his orders, as is typical in Tammany Hall style political machines. He just acted on that phone call. He did it to save his career and to open up new opportunities, probably for his kids. Political machines are both dynasty and mafia and well as nasty little sneering social clique that sees everyone else as a bumpkin because those people do not support enlightened decline. Political machines are exclusively cosmopolitan and urban, and almost always run by the middle class sons of shopkeepers. We wonder what kind of tidy little store Hillary Clinton’s parents or grandparents ran.

    In actuality, the raid probably came about because of the RICO suit Trump filed against the federal Tammany Hall machine run by the Clinton crime family:

    In the run-up to the 2016 Presidential Election, Hillary Clinton and her cohorts orchestrated an unthinkable plot – one that shocks the conscience and is an affront to this nation’s democracy. Acting in concert, the Defendants maliciously conspired to weave a false narrative that their Republican opponent, Donald J. Trump, was colluding with a hostile foreign sovereignty. The actions taken in furtherance of their scheme — falsifying evidence, deceiving law enforcement, and exploiting access to highly-sensitive data sources — are so outrageous, subversive and incendiary that even the events of Watergate pale in comparison.

    In the civil courts, where the burden of proof is less and he still gets the ability to subpoena documents and testimony, Trump — if not blocked by Deep State judges — has the greatest chance of prevailing and building a legal narrative which can then carry forward into criminal court. This scares the Political Machine, which serves by trading favors for the benefits of power at the expense of the taxpayer, because exposure ruins its image of inviolability. Such an image is crucial in all criminal undertakings; no one allies with the weak party.


  • A Generation Lost in the Bazaar

    Further down the shopping list are repeated applications of the Peter Principle, the idea that in
    an organization where promotion is based on achievement, success, and merit, that organization’s
    members will eventually be promoted beyond their level of ability. The principle is commonly
    phrased, “Employees tend to rise to their level of incompetence.” Applying the principle to software,
    you will find that you need three different versions of the make program, a macroprocessor, an
    assembler, and many other interesting packages.

    That is the sorry reality of the bazaar Raymond praised in his book: a pile of old festering hacks,
    endlessly copied and pasted by a clueless generation of IT “professionals” who wouldn’t recognize
    sound IT architecture if you hit them over the head with it. It is hard to believe today, but under
    this embarrassing mess lies the ruins of the beautiful cathedral of Unix, deservedly famous for its
    simplicity of design, its economy of features, and its elegance of execution.

    One of Brooks’s many excellent points is that quality happens only if somebody has the
    responsibility for it, and that “somebody” can be no more than one single person—with an
    exception for a dynamic duo. I am surprised that Brooks does not cite Unix as an example of this
    claim, since we can pinpoint with almost surgical precision the moment that Unix started to
    fragment: in the early 1990s when AT&T spun off Unix to commercialize it, thereby robbing it of its

    Is this an anti-capitalist rant, or does the point that without ownership things decay fit more in line with the tragedy of the commons? Aristocracy works because someone owns the land and keeps it from being destroyed by the careerism and me-first opportunism of the masses (especially the mercantile middle class).

  • China to Join Russia Military Exercises as U.S. Rivals Deepen Ties

    Building on a “no limits” pact their presidents signed this year, the Russian and Chinese militaries are expected to drill side-by-side starting later this month in the Russian Far East, according to China’s Ministry of Defense. The exercises will mark their second joint show of force in the region this year after bombers from each country in May conducted a 13-hour drill close enough to Japan and South Korea that those nations scrambled jet fighters, at a time when President Biden was visiting Tokyo.

    Russia occupies an unenviable position caught between the superpower of the West (US, NATO, EU) on one side and rising but unstable China on the other. Following Soviet-era loyalties as well as shared Asiatic heritage, the Russians have decided to throw in their lot with China. We should now treat Russia and China as one and the same because to do otherwise denies the obvious.

  • A parasitological evaluation of edible insects and their role in the transmission of parasitic diseases to humans and animals

    The experimental material comprised samples of live insects (imagines) from 300 household farms and pet stores, including 75 mealworm farms, 75 house cricket farms, 75 Madagascar hissing cockroach farms and 75 migrating locust farms. Parasites were detected in 244 (81.33%) out of 300 (100%) examined insect farms. In 206 (68.67%) of the cases, the identified parasites were pathogenic for insects only; in 106 (35.33%) cases, parasites were potentially parasitic for animals; and in 91 (30.33%) cases, parasites were potentially pathogenic for humans.

    Humanity faces an Ecocide of its own creation; instead of addressing this, we are applying patches. Maybe, we reason, if we all live in small Soviet-style apartments, drive electric cars, and eat bugs, we can keep adding billions of equal people and everything will turn out fine. This shows us the voluntarist minority here in the West self-destructing while the rest of the world does nothing to change its behavior, and is an immoral plan because it is certain to fail and therefore, it exists to preserve the Ecocide not stop it. One, and only one, solution exists and it is Half Earth: set aside half of the land and sea for nature, untouched by humans. This can be enforced by banning exports from any areas which do not enforce this policy.

    In the meantime, at least 1100 scientists woke up to the innate cherry-picking (means-over-ends) approach of climate models, which reflect only the variables programmed into them, a number that is unavoidly fewer than the factors in play in nature:

    To believe the outcome of a climate model is to believe what the model makers have put in. This is precisely the problem of today’s climate discussion to which climate models are central. Climate science has degenerated into a discussion based on beliefs, not on sound self-critical science.

    The climate change panic represents another “blank cheque” for government and careerists at all levels of the public-private bureaucracy to make a name for themselves. No one — absolutely no one — cares if it is true (real, actual). They care about getting promoting, making the news, having their departments grow, acquiring new grants, and joining in on the trend. That is how you get enough money to survive whatever ecocaust humanity has coming to it, by being wealthy enough to run away and leave others to clean up your mess.

  • At ‘least 2 MILLION have now crossed’ the southern border this year

    Another record was set over the weekend when Customs and Border Protection’s migrant encounter tracker for Fiscal Year 2022 surpassed the 2 million mark for the first time in U.S. history, according to reports.

    The Uniparty refuses to enforce its laws, then once all the immigrants are here, grants them “amnesty.” They do this in both the US and EU because they are out of money because they spent it on Entitlements, or payments and in-kind subsidies given directly to citizens like socialized medicine, public education, welfare, retirement, subsidized housing, and anti-poverty programs. They are broke. They have been broke starting in the 1920s when the income taxes kicked in, setting the state for the rampant speculation that brought on the Great Depression and triggered WW2, and doubly so after the 1960s when the Hart-Celler Act brought in the third world at the same time the Great Society programs expanded the New Deal into full “mixed economy” levels, where our taxes on the free market fund socialist-style benefits. Our system is a hybrid, a giant pile of all things that have been popular for the past two centuries, and we cannot afford it. Politicians in the West are now dependent on the cycle of using third world labor abroad for profit while importing cheap third world labor in order to keep our industry going, while shuttling the native populations off to make-work jobs in front of desks generating “income” based on the spending of the third world underclass on smartphones, social media, entertainment, and restaurant food. This will come crashing down sooner than anyone expects, leaving us a choice of defaulting on our debt and becoming a third world country, or dropping the parasites and the programs that support them and rising again.

    The anatomy of the disaster, which sees us spending three-quarters of our budget on entitlements, can be revealed when we look at how broke the government really is:

    Even while making generous assumptions about inflation and interest rates, these government economists and statisticians anticipate that federal spending will continue to outpace revenues well into the twenty-first century, creating historically large annual deficits and adding to the nation’s accumulation of public debt. By 2032, they forecast, outstanding government debt will stand at 110 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP), and by 2052, that figure will reach 185 percent—an astronomical share that exceeds that accumulated during World War II.

    Entitlement spending is to blame for most of this increase. Social Security, health care, and other transfers from Washington swell in these projections from 10.8 percent of GDP this year to 13.7 percent in the mid-2030s and to 14.9 percent by 2052, amounting to more than four-fifths the relative boost in all spending. The rest comes from the need for Washington to pay interest on an enlarged debt load, itself the result of past increases in entitlement spending.

    Federal spending for decades has grown as a portion of the economy. In 1970, for instance, overall federal spending equaled some 18.7 percent of the country’s GDP. The rise from this level to the CBO’s 23.8 percent estimate for 2022 occurred even as defense expenditures have fallen from 7.8 percent of GDP in 1970 to just 3.5 percent today. It was the relative rise in entitlement spending from some 7.6 percent of GDP in 1970 to today’s level that all but erased the budgetary relief from the relative decline in defense spending.

    For majorities and conservatives, politics becomes a problem of having too many targets after a few Leftist administrations. Do we try to fix immigration, debt spending, or lawlessness as our One Big Issue, because you only get anywhere in democracy by finding one thing and hammering on it until the voters stir from their sleep? Entitlements effectively cannot be repealed because the voters see repeals as taking away things that they are owed or entitled to, so society keeps taxing a diminishing group of producers in order to subsidize the consumers. The Soviet Union went out the same way.

  • Russian-speakers in Latvia told to pick sides in test of patriotism

    Until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Russian and Ukrainian families were sent to Latvia as part of a programme of forced relocation of labour. Others are descendants of Russians who moved to Latvia centuries ago, and some originate from Belarus or are of Jewish descent.

    This is why no one believes the Ukraine “separatist” story. Russia sent in colonizers, then used them to foment a revolution so it could claim the land. It will do the same to the Baltics and Finland if it can. In the meantime, it turns out that your culture and ethnicity determine your politics, not the other way around, which is one of the many reasons why diversity does not work even within the same race. Mono-ethnic nations are happiest, and if they play their cards right, can be highly functional; multi-ethnic nations, even within the same race, tend toward strife and failure like we see in the West.

    How important is language? It is a proxy for culture, which more than your legal system and patriotism, determines your tribal identity and therefore what goals you work towards:

    The survey, which was conducted by Leger for the Association for Canadian Studies, found 88 per cent of respondents reported a strong sense of attachment to their primary language, whereas 85 per cent reported the same for Canada.

    The greater importance of language was especially notable among francophones and Indigenous Peoples.

    Only 37 per cent of Canadians reported a strong sense of attachment to a religious group.

    Everywhere we look the proof is staring us in the face: diversity never works but always destroys civilizations, and almost all of our political discourse — along the lines of 99.9% — avoids this elephant in the room because if we undertake it, we have to throw out all the other illusions too, and people fear change. They especially fear change that makes them look stupid for having supported the lies in the past.

  • Huge complex of 500 standing stones found in Spain

    It is likely that the oldest standing stones at the La Torre-La Janera site were erected during the second half of the sixth or fifth millennium BC, he said.

    “Here you find everything all together: alignments, cromlechs and dolmens and that is very striking,” she said, hailing the site’s “excellent conservation”.

    An alignment is a linear arrangement of upright standing stones along a common axis, while a cromlech is a stone circle and a dolmen is a type of megalithic tomb usually made of two or more standing stones with a large flat ‘capstone’ on top.

    Our ancestors were smarter than we think for longer than we think. Before Christianity, Europe had many cultures, each with their own language and religion, who by nature practiced eugenic breeding and resisted admixture. After Christianity and the religious wars, then the middle class revolt, Europe has become nothing more than marketplace where people occupy space, and consequently has no real culture except the surface stuff like food, a variant on rock music, and language.

  • Starbucks Replacement Opens in Russia With Similar Look

    Instead of Starbucks’s siren with a star-topped crown, the new Russian chain’s logo sports a woman wearing a star-emblazoned kokoshnik, a traditional Russian headdress.

    What a great bookend to the Cold War legacy of McDonald’s, now that the former Soviets have driven out Western influence and resurrected a Western brand with… uh oh, is that a single star like the Soviets wore on their caps? Seems like the postmodern post Cold War period is over and we are now back to the WWI-era Russian state.

  • NEA head Becky Pringle made $500K while fighting for COVID school closures: taxes

    According to the filings, the NEA sent $200,000 to the Democracy Alliance, a left-wing donor club co-founded by George Soros that helps set the Democratic agenda, while adding $100,000 to the Strategic Victory Fund, a nonprofit created by the donor network that has boosted progressive campaign infrastructure in battleground states.

    The Swamp consists of the parasites who work for government. They all lean Leftist because only Leftism justifies expanding government through entitlements, which is how they have jobs and get promoted, because as more money rolls in the bureaucracy expands.

  • Historical rates of enslavement predict modern rates of American gun ownership

    In the post-Civil War South, the belief that a gun was necessary to protect family, property and a way of life grew prominent among white southerners. This was driven by a flood of surplus military weapons, the rise of armed, white-supremacist organizations like the Ku Klux Klan, and elite rhetoric that Reconstruction governments would not protect the interests of white southerners from newly freed and politically-empowered Black people.

    “What we see is a strong correlation between the number of slaves in a county in 1860 and the number of guns there now, even after we control for variables like personal politics, crime rates, and education and income,” says Buttrick, who produced the study while working as a postdoctoral researcher at Princeton University, before joining the UW–Madison faculty this year.

    This correlation was strong even when the researchers focused only on white gun owners, narrowing their proxy for gun ownership to firearm suicides involving only non-Hispanic white victims.

    In other words: White people own guns in order to defend themselves against the social problems created by diversity. Now we contrast this with some of the racially-based White Guilt propaganda from academia:

    Racially resentful white Americans are less likely to support some gun rights if they believe Black people are exercising those rights more than white people, according to research published by the American Psychological Association.

    Read along with the earlier research, this shows us that people who are aware of race are the vanguard of this movement, and get armed when they believe the minorities around them are armed. Had they looked at other groups as well as Blacks, these researchers would find White people are responding to the age-old problem of having foreign groups around you: unconsciously, you are aware that if society breaks down, they will try to attack you, take your stuff, kill you and your sons, and rape your women and daughters. This is the iron law of nature and only egalitarian morality denies it, but cannot change it.

  • Japan wants young people to drink more alcohol. It’s just not sure how to convince them

    Since the pandemic began, bars and other premises selling alcohol have been hit hard by COVID-19 restrictions, causing sales — and liquor tax revenues — to plummet in the world’s third-largest economy.

    “The domestic alcoholic beverage market is shrinking due to demographic changes such as the declining birthrate and aging population, and lifestyle changes due to the impact of COVID-19,” said the website, adding that the competition aimed to “appeal to the younger generation … and to revitalize the industry.”

    They taxed people to oblivion in order to support luxurious social services, which then caused these people to have fewer children, so now they have declining tax revenues. This is the same reason that the US and EU are hellbent on immigration, in order to provide for the entitlements promised to Boomers which we never had any hope of affording. Democracy is a gateway to socialism, which then is a death spiral wherein government spends money it does not have and then must import foreigners to keep the machine running.

  • Random acts of kindness make a bigger splash than expected

    The study by UT Austin McCombs School of Business Assistant Professor of Marketing Amit Kumar, along with Nicholas Epley of the University of Chicago, found that although givers tend to focus on the object they’re providing or action they’re performing, receivers instead concentrate on the feelings of warmth the act of kindness has conjured up.

    Performers underestimated the significance of their act. They expected recipients’ mood at an average of 2.7 on a scale of -5 (much more negative than normal) to 5 (much more positive than normal), while recipients reported an average of 3.5.

    A society based on taxation discourages such things. After all, you already give half of your income to the government in various forms.

  • Astronomers have detected one of the biggest black hole jets in the sky

    This is a feedback loop: intergalactic matter feeds into a galaxy, galaxy makes black hole, black hole launches jet, jet slows supply of intergalactic matter into galaxies.

    These jets affect how gas forms into galaxies as the universe evolves. It’s exciting to see such a direct illustration of this interaction.

    We see this pattern time and again in nature. What appears to be death is in fact regeneration into new life, and the process of destruction avoids the accumulation of irrelevance which eventually strangles a universe, civilization, or individual with too many obstructed possibilities to make a meaningful choice among them.



  • Boston Children’s Hospital deletes references to vaginoplasties for 17-year-olds amid online furor

    Boston Children’s Hospital is facing a wave of backlash over its Center for Gender Surgery that performs mastectomies on teenagers as young as 15, as well as since-deleted wording on the hospital’s website that claimed teens as young as 17 can get vaginoplasties.

    Transgenderism like abortion serves as a spook that distracts conservatives from the issue they must face, which is reclaiming their countries from diversity. Your public schools were toxic before Drag Queen Story Hour, and only the teenagers who follow trends blindly fall into the transgender trap, which means that it unintentionally serves a eugenic goal by sterilizing the weak. Focus on the big problem, not symbolic issues like abortion or transgenderism which are popular merely because they are simple and can unite us without us having to talk about the elephant in the room, mainly how diversity is destroying what is left of our civilization.

  • Rainwater unsafe to drink due to chemicals: study

    A compilation of the data since 2010 that his team studied showed that “even in Antarctica or the Tibetan plateau, the levels in the rainwater are above the drinking water guidelines that the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) proposed”, he said.

    Normally considered pristine, the two regions still have PFAS levels “14 times higher” than the US drinking water guidelines.

    Blaming industrial society is a spook. Democracies created regulatory bodies and they failed to do anything about this and other problems, existing more to exonerate actors in the process than to stop bad behavior. You can have an industrialized society, but you need better leadership than democracy and its acronym agencies, which mostly hire 400-lb bureaucrats to badly process paperwork, take bribes, and miss the necessary action. Under the kings, we lived in a healthy world where abuses were restrained; this infuriated the middle classes, who overthrew them so that reckless self-interest — including control systems like socialism — could be the order of the day. Now we see the high price we pay for sleeping through that one.

  • Many people lived long enough to grow old in the olden days, too

    There’s physical evidence that plenty of people in the past lived long lives—just as long as some people do today.

    Analysis of the tooth development of an ancient anatomically modern Homo sapiens individual from Morocco suggests that our species has experienced long life spans for at least the past 160,000 years.

    [L]ife expectancy at age 25 for landowners in medieval England was 25.7. This means that people in that era who celebrated their 25th birthday could expect to live until they were 50.7, on average—25.7 more years. While 50 might not seem old by today’s standards, remember that this is an average, so many people would have lived much longer, into their 70s, 80s and even older.

    The modern myth holds that before democracy, technology, and Enlightenment™ people lived dystopian, impoverished, and illiterate lives before dying young. As it turns out this myth is simply more self-serving justification from those who are afraid to give up on the illusion that our path of “progress” is linear evolution and therefore the only possible option.

  • 400 million voting records show persistent gaps in voter turnout by race, age, and political affiliation

    A new study from BYU and the University of Virginia analyzed 400 million voter records from elections in 2014 and 2016 and found that minority citizens, young people, and those who support the Democratic Party are much less likely to vote than whites, older citizens, and Republican Party supporters.

    This is why it is important for Whites to get out there and vote out our opposition: (1) RINOs — the biggest impediment — and (2) anyone further Left than Andrew Jackson.

    It also shows why the Left always manufactures crises and demonizes its opposition. It is hard for them to get their regular voters motivated, and they need to do this in order to hide the usual Political Machine tactics of bussing in drunks, filling out ballots for the non compos mentis elderly, stuffing ballot boxes, and intimidating women into voting out of fear of being socially unacceptable.

  • In praise of boredom

    This had been an unadulterated form of boredom — the kind that can find its way into minds used to constant stimulation when the stimulants are taken away. While it can be painful for a period, this is the kind of boredom that can end up creating the space for reflection, creativity and a renewed sense of enjoyment and motivation.

    But it is not the sort most of us experience on a regular basis. There is a different, rather more listless strain of boredom that our always switched-on lives lend themselves to. This is the one you might experience while frantically flitting from app to app on your phone, perhaps with the TV on in the background, while also stuffing something into your mouth — maximum stimulation in order to attain . . . something.

    If you wonder why modern society is based on constant activity, it is for this reason. We must keep our heads filled with neurosis, deflection, and entertainment in order to avoid seeing things how they really are and dreaming of what could be better if we got out of the modern cycle of individualism causing problems which then justify more individualism at the expense of organic things like culture, individuality, family, race, faith, and hierarchy.

  • Many US cities have higher murder rates than Ukraine war

    With an entire resident population of 41,732,800, the war in Ukraine has experienced a per capita murder rate of 12.9 per every 100,000 residents, according to an analysis from The National Desk (TND).

    This murder rate falls below rates in several American cities, such as Baltimore, Birmingham, Alabama, St. Louis, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Cleveland, Rochester, Kansas City, Milwaukee, the nation’s capital and even others, according to data posted to Twitter by Jeff Asher, the co-founder of AH Datalytics, a data consulting firm.

    Diversity became expensive for Ukraine when Russia used the small Russian-speaking population in Ukraine to justify an invasion. It has been more expensive in America and increasingly Europe, where the chaos introduced by diversity has brought about war-like conditions.

  • Humans have totally altered small mammal communities in just a few centuries

    They identified small mammal remains from the Anthropocene and archaeological Holocene along a geographical area with varying degrees of human impact and examined diversity across these sites and time periods. Optimistically, the researchers also found that even small, protected spaces can conserve native small mammal communities, highlighting their important role in urban conservation projects.

    Humans permanently transform places they colonize. Roads and fences divide up natural land, water is redirected, and humans tend to destroy anything threatening like actual forest and replace it with “parks,” or grass spaces with a few trees that are managed using chemical fertilizers and infernal combustion engine driven lawnmowers. To save wildlife, we have to set aside spaces just for them and keep the humans out.

  • Why has polio been found in London, New York and Jerusalem, and how dangerous is it?

    Afghanistan and Pakistan are now the only countries where the highly infectious disease, spread mainly through contact with fecal matter, remains endemic. But this year, imported cases were also found in Malawi and Mozambique, the first in those countries since the 1990s.

    Globalism means that a disease from any part of the world will quickly travel to the big cities around the world and take root, especially since cities are filthy and close quarters mean rapid spread of contagion. Close the borders and this becomes a non-issue; end diversity, and each group finds a way to manage its own diseases.

  • What causes depression? Not low serotonin levels, science says

    The theory originates from the 1960s, when doctors used medications such as Iproniazid mood enhancers, which they believed worked by increasing serotonin concentrations in the brain.

    Since then, the idea stuck as a simple explanation for depression, and one with an attractively simple treatment: taking SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) such as Prozac to boost serotonin levels.

    The study, which gathered evidence from 361 peer-reviewed scientific studies, found no link between depression and serotonin levels in the blood. Similarly, the researchers behind it found no differences in serotonin receptors or transporters in the brains of people with depression compared to brains of people without depression.

    If depression was the result of a “chemical imbalance,” treating it would be easy. You add more of what is missing, or stop it from being purged from the system. However, like consciousness itself, depression seems to be systemic, making it look more like a cognitive response to the social environment than some kind of biological defect. Many big illusions have fallen over the past few years. There are even more to come, since much of our “knowledge” consists of one study done long ago through the funding of corporations or government, and since that became “what everyone knows,” all the other scientists worked within that assumption and consequently, it was never altered. Our expectation bias causes us to miss or miss-see what was right in front of us all along. Often tradition, which told us patterns of life but not why or how they occurred, was right while the newfangled science grasped part of the picture and turned it into a linear, categorical religion or ideology which tolerated no deviation.

  • Caste in California: Tech giants confront ancient Indian hierarchy

    Apple, the world’s biggest listed company, updated its general employee conduct policy about two years ago to explicitly prohibit discrimination on the basis of caste, which it added alongside existing categories such as race, religion, gender, age and ancestry.

    The inclusion of the new category, which hasn’t been previously reported, goes beyond US discrimination laws, which do not explicitly ban casteism.

    The update came after the tech sector – which counts India as its top source of skilled foreign workers – received a wake-up call in June 2020 when California’s employment regulator sued Cisco Systems on behalf of a low-caste engineer who accused two higher-caste bosses of blocking his career.

    If the American legal system is promoting something, you can be assured that it is bad for you. Caste systems — which also existed west of the Hajnal line through the ranks of Jarl (1%, leaders and thinkers), Karls (9%, warriors, merchants, and artisans), and Thralls (90%, laborers) as well as the intricate hierarchy of dukes, marquises, earls, viscounts, and barons that formed the aristocratic order —

  • White teachers would be laid off first under Minnesota teachers contract

    About 60% of Minneapolis students are non-white compared to 16% of the district’s tenured teachers and 27% of its probationary teachers, according to a June Minneapolis Star Tribune report.

    The agreement states that teachers of color “may be exempted from district-wide layoff[s] outside seniority order,” according to Minnesota outlet Alpha News, which published language from the contract Sunday.

    No one can resist a trend, and what was trendy when they were youngsters is what they will always believe is true. For people growing up in the 1940s-1990s, endorsing civil rights and equality represented a contrarian, ironist, and edgy position. It was edgy because while it was rebellious, it was not out of line with the egalitarian thought present to some degree among the founders but to a greater level among the intellectuals, bohemians, published rebels, academics, and fashionable celebrities in subsequent years. It is always popular to go against the grain in such a way that tells others what they want to believe is true, in contrast to what they fear, suspect, and know at a gut level to be true. Nature rewards hierarchy, excellence, and the big picture; humans reward equality, collective reward, and “right now.” Offering up civil rights and racial equality made people feel edgy, but this started an inertia which will now roll over everything in its past until conservatives stand up and say, “I am agnostic on ‘racism,’ but I know that diversity does not work, so we need to go back to having only one ethnic group in this country.” None of them will say it because no matter how edgy they want to be, none will go against the grain. Unions, as Leftists competing for attention from other Leftists by seeing how outrageous or transgressive they can be, will always push boundaries for more equality, especially when destructive to social order.

  • South Africa’s fear of state failure

    A high crime rate is not surprising in a country where the official rate of unemployment is 34.5 per cent and youth unemployment is over 60 per cent. Power cuts are a part of everyday life and reached up to nine hours a day in Johannesburg, the commercial capital, this summer. After cross-country riots a year ago, there is a fear that South Africa is primed for further civil unrest. Thabo Mbeki, a former president, recently warned(opens a new window) that South Africa could soon face the equivalent of an Arab Spring.

    When I asked Maimane if he would agree that South Africa is now a failed state, his reply was carefully phrased, but quietly devastating: “It’s an incompetent government leading a state that is about to fail.”

    Diversity means civilization collapse. South Africa ran well under White rule because the Boers were surprisingly competent, in part, but mostly because then there was a clear hierarchy. Under mixed-race rule, the different groups are more interested in fighting with each other than getting anything done, and so polarized that ideological and group loyalty is more important than competence, meaning that the worst of the Africans are promoted to positions of power that they abuse through incompetence, corruption, and inattention. If I ran South Africa, I would either kick out the Whites and IQ test the Blacks in order to keep only those over 115 IQ points, or kick out the Blacks and keep the Whites with the same filter. Stupid people do stupid things. One of those stupid things, diversity, acts to tear apart any unity in the society and replace it with covert and eventually overt racial warfare.



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