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We Need A Patrician Class, Not An Angrier Crowd

Social media catalyzes outrage and serves as a pressure release for dissidents while also acting as a black propaganda operation against any dissent of the current system. None of these e-celeb entertainment formats have any consequences in the real world and they serve as distraction.

Sargon of Akkad provides the best example of this. A middle-aged man dating a single mom who gained popularity with outrage porn on YouTube because his mediocrity services the mediocre masses who think they are smarter then they are. A guy like that is no threat to whatever he attempts to critique and people like him are just the equivalent to mainstream celebrities, who are often unhinged, mentally unstable and therefore controllable people who serve the system in their role as singing, dancing, ball-kicking puppets. This is the pressure release: people can rebel without doing anything which will effect actual change.

YouTube and Patreon created e-celebrities the same way the Disney club used to recruit child actors, just without the sodomy part. Before he was kicked from Patreon, Sargon made almost $12,000 a month in earnings from people who are either gullible or voyeuristic and like to see a guy do his little song and dance as the butt of a joke that everybody understands but him. Once he fulfilled his usefulness to the system, they cut him off like Britney Spears’ hair.

Sargon then totally trainwrecked UKIP for which he was running as a EU Parliament candidate together with other online grifters and trashbags who do not understand that the stick of a snarky YouTube comment does not translate into the real world. These people are, at the end of the day, just plebs, and plebs ruin everything they touch.

None of these people are leaders. The crowd will always elect people who resemble them and who are just as incompetent, greedy, loud and stupid as they are. The Right does not need more celebrities who are trying to enrich themselves; it needs to build up power bases and make people reliant upon it. We cannot trust the crowd to do this because they are inherently selfish and incapable. Instead, we need patricians who can grant patronage of sorts, in the way that was common in ancient Rome.

We can speak disparagingly of the “no-go zones” in European cities, reported in news sources which will actually name a problem and not hide behind the American nicety facade of “good schools” and “urban” when they speak about minority ghettos. An area where strangers can not enter and people throw cobblestones at the police from their balconies resembles a power base. The right does not have such things. They live either in rather isolated countryside homes because this goes along with their Calvinistic understanding of settler traditionalism, or they live anonymously in the big cities where they are surrounded by strangers and only the leftwing terrorists who doxxed them know who they are when they come to torch their car.

The Right can provide powerbases by channeling its money into the hands of competent civilization-builders instead of e-celebrities. Leadership of this sort would establish a local structure made up of companies, community outreach, charity projects, and the ownership of actual territories. A political operation, no matter how much propaganda and merchandise it can sell, will never be as successful as even a company that provides plumbing services, since even the most apathetic person still wants a warm with a door on it for bathroom activities. It also gives young men steady employment and an income which is unrelated to activism. This form of organization was practiced by Freikorps Units in post-WW1 Germany when their formations were outlawed. It enabled them to maintain their unit order and remain active in an area. They were of course very discrete about that.

Once an economic base is established, it should expand its reach. Organizing or paying for park and street cleanups or donating some stuff for the public. This reinforces the mindset that this is our actual territory and you walk around like you own the place because you basically do at this point, especially in places where councils, municipal, and city governments are under-financed because they wasted their money on quixotic quests of egalitarianism and socialism. Financing public works is what Roman patricians did as a deed of prestige and honor before the government bigger and simply taxed the hell out of everyone.

These patrician leaders can use political funds to achieve actual ownership of territories in a legal sense. That means buying up properties and establishing a perimeter and radius of operation. The possibilities of this vary greatly and depend on mostly local property taxes. There are places in Europe and the USA where real estate is totally overpriced for artificial reasons like pumping more and more unwanted migrants into one area, and then there are areas where the council gives away properties to keep their town from basically dying out (which it often does for good reasons).

In urban areas there can also be territorial conflicts which one has to guard himself against. Common crime is one thing, organized clashes with other groups with opposing interests is a more serious one. That is why such projects are headed by young men employed in physical labor jobs and not by hipster college students who think they can gentrify the hood with organic vegan restaurants, not implying that I am opposed to their approach.

Organized threats don’t just go along ethnic lines but often more on the divisions of class. When one group moves into one cheap, run down area and starts to make it nice, groups from the Left will be the first to protest this attempt since a nice living area means higher living costs for them. They want to make everything ugly like they make themselves ugly. Consequences are graffiti, trash, paint bombs, and things like that. Such hostile intended actions need to be countered with counter-terrorism. Countermeasures like Area Access Denial challenge creativity.  It also keeps people on the edge and will prevent things from ever getting boring.

A very important point also is charity. Most Islamic Movements like Hamas and Hezbollah for example started as charity organizations. The NSDAP had their Winter Relief. The Sturmabteilung had an intern rent support, a legal support fund, and insurance. Today an organization like Hezbollah is so established with its own construction firms that one can entirely live a life within the Hezbollah lifestyle without ever having to rely on the actual Lebanese government services. This charity work also has to be very selective. Of course, families and children, the young, have highest priority. Some Rightist organizations in Europe attempt to do public relations work with feeding the homeless but there is no use to this. The old without family, the isolated used up poor are of no use. Focus on people who are necessary for society and can eventually become useful allies.

If one can establish himself in such a way and become a leader in a community where the good get recruited and the bad chased off then political influence will follow. If one can be a good example of this patrician the local school board will want him and so will the council. But that’s just details, an official acknowledgement to an already created reality.

We need to create this reality and this will be more likely and attractive to people when diversity gets worse. We also should not give up the cities since they are political, cultural, financial, and commercial centers and strategically just too important to let them all turn into Sao Paulo where there is just the poor and the super rich who cross the street in a helicopter.

Moving one more exit up the highway is also a very American thing since America is in large made up of runaways from Europe so despite all their freedoms and guns they prefer to run away and therefore lost almost every major inner city to racially opposed foreign forces. It is easier to establish oneself in a city or even township environment than in the countryside; where there are concentrated people, there can be action which reaches many and indirectly recruits them toward our side.

With diversity, the solution for the grievances of every group will be political migration. When the jobs fall to automation and outsourcing, there will be fewer jobs and therefore fewer incentives for individual people to live in an area that they don’t like because of their jobs, since the availability of jobs and therefore an income is the one biggest motivation to encourage political migration. If one can provide these things, he will become politically powerful and can deny access to hostile forces. This is a better use of our money and time than enriching more YouTube stars who drift off and go nowhere after a time.

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