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No one wants to admit that America has reached an impasse. The Left managed to get enough votes to take over the House, which means that they will use it to obstruct the Trump agenda, but more importantly, they will prevent him from passing any legislation. They are all celebrating now because they have impeded the one person stopping the decline.

Ultimately, conservatives believe in humanity more than Leftists, but they do not believe in individual humans as much. They know that most people are like dogs: careless, sloppy, lazy, and driven by an ethic of convenience. Much as we love our dogs, it does not mean that they are bad, but that mob rule will be bad.

If the Trump era had a slogan, it would be “Let’s put the people who know what they are doing back in charge,” and if they turn out to be wealthy white men, so what?

We now recognize, both Right and Left, that we cannot compromise. We simply want different nations to live in. The Left wants a socialist-style economy ruled by ideological strongmen, and the Right wants an organic-style live-and-let-live land in the vein of natural rights.

Those of us on the far-Right, who look ahead by thousands of years instead of decades, want something even more: we realize that diversity, equality, democracy, pluralism, utilitarianism, and universalism are different forms of the same moribund scheme that kills societies. We do not want to be the last generations of Western Civilization. We want to rebirth it.

We know that America has now hit the endpoint of its initial arc. Democracies tend to die some point after two centuries, and ours went from a flexible, free place to a real modern disaster during the Civil War, and since that time has only gone further toward being Soviet. It has to go that way, since it is unstable, and the only way to survive is more power and money.

If you wonder why America has always had an alienated feel to it, like people know something under the surface is dark, it is this: Leftism. Once we decided during the Civil War to make ourselves into an ideological state, we created a society which is like a black hole, sucking in all light and motivating all of us to make as much cash as possible in order to escape.

Think of the average job. People claim they like their jobs, but then they seem to suffer from a PTSD-like pathology for seeking power that is brought on by the job. They must draw attention to themselves, convince others to like them by saying things that the others like, and then use that power to command others out of their way so that stability is achieved.

Or look at our cities. Our architecture reduced itself to nothing more than boxes, to the point where even when it attempts to be ironic or “different,” we simply get reactions to the box-like nature of everything. Our cities reflect our mentality: gradually the gated communities and high-rise condominiums have taken over the natural order of houses, leaving abandoned streets.

Even our national mentality screams of recognition of our plight. Television has now become Idiocracy-style distraction which focuses on the fantastic, mystical, and bizarre. Literature went navel-gazing some time ago, but now books focus entirely on neurosis and self-help, even under the guise of fiction.

In other words, Leftism made this place a black hole, and it used the civil rights agenda to do it. Once government becomes a tool for enforcing equality, it drains all the life from everything else, and the quest for equality never works out well (if it were possible, it would have happened naturally) which creates a permanent war which absorbs all energy, light, money, and hope.

If the “War on Drugs” is bad, think about the war on equality. We have dumped trillions into that black hole, only to find out that more is demanded. We have race riots, racial crime, and increasing political correctness which has made us into exactly the type of tyranny that our founding fathers feared.

We have reached the point where no one believes that The System will carry on, and everyone just wants a little relief before the whole thing goes bankrupt and dies. As The New York Times writes, people wanted relief from healthcare bills and more jobs, and in this way, the voters were induced to give away the game:

Democrats, in turn, delivered a message about health care with the repetitive force of a jackhammer. They cracked congressional maps drawn to favor Republicans and seized an array of open seats, while also felling longtime incumbents who had grown complacent.

That judgment was backed up by a vast trove of research, collected by Democratic committees and super PACs through polling and focus groups. House Majority PAC, the caucus’s main super PAC, carried out two intensive research projects, studying right-of-center suburban voters and blue-collar whites who supported Mr. Trump. It concluded that only a message about health care and jobs could win over both groups.

As our ancestors warned, once you set one toe on the path toward entitlements, you create people who are dependent upon them and cannot view the world in any other context. When they feel financial pain, they do not think about liberating the economy to do great things, but whether or not they can get more of the free stuff.

In the meantime, we know that any socialized medicine program will promptly thrust us into bankruptcy and then collapse. Not only because the socialized medicine systems of Europe are in trouble, but because estimates suggest that even Medicare for all would doom us:

  • M4A would add approximately $32.6 trillion to federal budget commitments during the first 10 years of its implementation (2022–2031).
  • This projected increase in federal healthcare commitments would equal approximately 10.7 percent of GDP in 2022. This amount would rise to nearly 12.7 percent of GDP in 2031 and continue to rise thereafter.

In other words, promising the voters what they want — free stuff and jobs — presents an incompatible goal. The higher costs would wipe out the nation, and the higher taxes would reduce jobs as well as take-home pay. Never say that the voters can reason their way through even basic math.

Most of what we saw the voters affirming, including in suburban areas where they should have known better, was a desire for more free stuff:

“We will show America how we celebrate organized labor and all workers – the waitress in Dayton, the office worker in Toledo, the nurse in Columbus, the mineworker in Coshocton,” Brown said. “That is the message coming out of Ohio in 2018, and that is the blueprint for our nation in 2020.”

Victories by progressive Democrats and a record number of women suggest that voters aren’t satisfied with the direction of the government and of the country, said Democratic pollster Celinda Lake. “People responded to Donald Trump for change, and now they’re responding to the women for change and in 2020 they’ll vote for change again,” she said.

People have simply given up. They have zero hope that our permanently gridlocked government will achieve anything, so they voted it into an impasse so that they could have some hope of at least free stuff coming down the line. Unity is dead. Hope of a future is dead. People are just trying to make it to the next pay period.

Trump offered them actual hope but not tangible hope. A check from the government is tangible; a lower tax burden seems like it will happen a long time away. A revitalization of American industry so that we become self-sufficient and make all our stuff here just seems too distant when you really need a few thousand to pay the Obamacare bill and property taxes.

We have finally seen the dead end of tax-and-spend here. It creates populations that see nothing other than tax-and-spend, and they all want “their share.” Identity politics fits into this filter because any group that demonstrates victim status gets free stuff. Now the middle class wants in as well, instead of wanting all of the insanity gone.

That shows that people are low in energy. They have given up on the idea that a fix can exist, or that things will get better, and instead they are focused on trying to get what they can before the system goes down in flames. They feel too exhausted to undertake a complex task like fixing society, even if intellectually.

This portrays an America that just wants to slap a band-aid on the problem and retreat to its own corner. As studies on diversity suggest, people simply hunker down and cease participating in public life. They do not want fixes; they want their own free stuff now and to worry about the future never.

Some of us do not want to go gently into that good night, but we are a smaller group than that of the exhausted. President Trump alluded to this when he pointed out that Republicans who tried to compromise with the Left lost bigly:

In a shocking political moment standing at the podium from the East Room, the president mocked Republicans who did not embrace him and lost.

“They did very badly,” Trump said. “I’m not sure if I should be happy or sad.”

He then called out losing Republican members by name for rejecting his support.

Our country is now fully divided between people who have the energy to try to fix it, mainly by repealing the last hundred plus years of Leftist ideological legislation, and those who want to slap a band-aid on the dying patient and go back to bed because they are tired.

As part of this, the demographic/lifestyle divide splits us further. Minorities vote Democrat, as do single women and youngsters, and not enough Republicans came out to counter them because the GOP candidates were not radical enough. Young people and single women are exhausted because they have no future and no idea how to make choices that would give them one.

Democracy dies when it becomes mob rule, which it inevitably does, just as “equality under the law” invariably becomes “this guy is not succeeding, so obviously we do not have equality, so we need tax-and-spend subsidies.” American mob rule consists of an exhausted and disunified group demanding handouts because they all feel like victims. Low energy!

Thinking slowly, the voters steered us into an impasse. Trump will do things, the Left will sabotage, and nothing will change, which seems to be what most of America wants. This tells us how close to breakup we are: the average person, exhausted, fears change because they know that any change will be so divisive that it will result in a big battle, and they do not have the energy for that. They just want to shut their eyes, go to work and do a halfway job, watch lots of cable television, and buy enough stuff to fill the void at the middle of their souls. The black hole wins.

We can see in this a sign that we should have a positive outlook. It is always darkest before dawn, and now that America has officially given up on itself, we can see how we are completely divided. There is no longer any point worrying about what the other side will do, or how things will look, because we are planning for what happens after the crash.

From a historical perspective, America has reached the endpoint of its current system. Not just its current laws, but the whole system. The Constitution has been adulterated, our republic has become mob rule, and we have created an angry group of minorities, single women, angsty children, neutered men, and tired fearful suburbanites who want to steer us into the final doom.

This presents a great opportunity. Conservatives no longer need to care about preserving anything. All of it is dead while still walking and will soon be a memory. We need to focus on rallying the good people to seize power through elections where we can, but that becomes simply a method of advancing our ideas.

As the shakeout from this election is felt, people will divide even further. Soon there will be nothing to hold them together, and no middle, so the suburbanites will be forced to choose. Do you go with team future, or team too-tired-to-barf that wants to just patch together the failing ruin? As Nietzsche told us, “What is falling, push!” — and now, we have our mandate to do so.

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