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Periscope (November 24, 2018)

  • Social media password, search history could be required before buying firearm in NY

    The Left specializes in passing absurd laws like this because once we stop resisting, they know they have power. If they get the law passed, it will be enforced selectively, such that anyone whose firearm ownership might be “problematic” to the snowflakes will get a call about their social media or search history paperwork not being up-to-date so could you come into the office, and bring the firearms in question, please? In the meantime, everyone else thinks: This is why we want guns. We are going to have to shoot these people because they are insane, unaware of it, and therefore will never stop until someone shoots them. Dead Leftists cause no problems, but the opposite is true of live ones.

  • Berlin man, 95, charged over 36,000 deaths in Nazi camp

    Let’s face it: despite there being some useful lessons from The Holocaust, it is also used as a race card, and people are freaked out that the card has an expiration date. Every few months they trot out some other guy who is inches from death and accuse him of being a concentration camp guard. Then they tack on as many deaths as they can accuse him of, even if most of those were from disease and starvation, and insist that he was a vital part of the infrastructure even if he was assigned to guard and clean the officer’s toilets. This is just political theater, like everything else in democracy. The lesson from The Holocaust is that diversity does not work, and if you force it on populations, they eventually react wildly, even if the sane and correct response is repatriation of the diversity.

  • Facebook has gone from plucky nerd to class bully

    This is always what happens when you give people power and those people are not of the right caste for it. 90% of humanity are thralls (serfs, proles, peasants, plebes, helots, slaves) who will screw up anything more than directly delegated labor; 9% are carls (artisans, warriors, kulaks, freeholders) who can handle indirect delegation of the sort that tells them an objective and some parameters and they find out how to make it happen; 1% are jarls, and these can look at a situation and figure out the intersection between what must be done and what should be done that makes the best outcome over time. Facebook are vaisya or merchant-caste people, which puts them within the thrall group and suggests that they will abuse any power they get, sort of like the Soviet Union, Angela Merkel, Theresa May, Barack Obama, etc. Not surprisingly, that is what happened, and the Soviet nature of Big Tech shows just how unwise it was to oust the blue blood WASPs and replace them with these “white third world” people who have no moral compass or long-term vision.

  • Ottawa probes birth tourism as new data shows higher non-resident birth rates

    It turns out that non-residents were having more babies than was reported. Governments especially have no idea that Leftists are a hive-mind based in winning, not doing right. To them, having their team win is more important than having good results for the whole of society. Symbolically, having more immigrants is a win, since it shatters the patriarchy and white supremacist narrative or whatever they call it these days that is essentially a proxy for “the society as founded.” Their goal is to take that society and turn it into a Leftist Utopia, and in order to do that, “we had to destroy the village to save it, sir.” This is why Leftists are pathological and obsessive, and since they base their sense of self-esteem on their ideology, they are fanatical and strident as well. Physical removal will be required.

  • Merkel: EU States Must Prepare to Hand National Sovereignty over to Brussels

    “Globalism” means “global Leftism” or as it was previously called, “internationalism.” This consists of an alliance between the world’s proles and its merchants to take over power from those who naturally should wield it by dint of competence. When they talk about globalism, they mean the union of power between liberal democracies which are a Leftist creation based on the one idea of the Left, equality. That means a global USSR, even if its methods are somewhat gentler and it has incorporated free markets (to a degree) into its makeup. Leftism never changes. In the French Revolution, they wanted the same thing; pre-Marxist socialists wanted workers of the world to unite; the Marxists found a way to create an international army of useful idiots to do the same. Now Angela Merkel, raised by Communists in East Germany, wants to be a “conservative” who implements the grand plan of equality for all, through which we will all be ruled by those proles who know better, forever and ever, amen.

  • Jewish leaders call for new editions of the Bible and the Koran to carry trigger warnings highlighting anti-Semitic passages

    Jews face an insoluble problem: where diversity exists, Jews die. Either by the hands of the Muslims who are born to hate them, or through periodic uprisings of the native population who find that a clash of values means lots of Jews join the Communist Party. However it happens, at some point, someone herds a bunch of Jews into a barn and locks the door and sets it on fire. It does not matter whether this is organized, as in Nazi Germany, or happens in the dead of night in isolated Polish villages while the local police force are drunk on some vodka that mysteriously appeared in their break room. It happens, time and again. Jews have no idea how to stop it, not realizing — their God said he would blind them to this — that the diaspora, diversity, and genocide are one and the same. This latest comical attempt to stop genocide is another case of a modern person trying to regulate causes through effects, which works with human beings but not reality, and so it will seem to work for awhile, everyone will be happy, and then it will crash catastrophically and blood will drip down the walls again. Oh well, humans never learn.

  • Social Security Benefits Have Lost One-Third of Their Purchasing Power Since 2000

    This is a sub-story, meaning that it focuses on one aspect of a much larger issue, which is that American money lost 40% of its value under 0bama and his mainstream socialist (“globalist”) agenda.

  • The Coming Bankruptcy of the American Empire

    Not just America; all of the liberal democracies have spent themselves into debt because all democracy is vote-buying. Entitlements make up 60% of the American budget, and if America were to drop those programs entirely, it could not only pay off its debt but be solvent again, since being a superpower means that you are going to have wars and you have to plan for those periodic expenses.

  • Scared Your DNA Is Exposed? Then Share It, Scientists Suggest

    Scientists know the brutal truth: people are idiots. Therefore, they are going to manipulate those idiots by telling them pleasant-sounding lies so that the idiots do what benefits the scientists. Imagine that you have, deep in your DNA, a resistance to a certain cancer. That genetic information is worth money because if scientists can make it into a treatment, they can charge seven billion people a thousand dollars each to make themselves immune to this cancer. Do you see where this is going? Of course they want you to publish your DNA — they are the ones who will profit from it!

  • How everything became the culture war

    Conservative wisdom said that healthy nations were based upon unity and purpose. They were comprised of the same genetics, bearing the same culture and general beliefs, and for that reason, everyone benefited from the same things and could work together. Starting with The Enlightenment™ people had a different idea, which was to focus on the individual and how precious and different it was, which quickly separated society into many warring special interest groups. This delighted the individualists, since now they could do whatever self-centered neurotic things they wanted and those would not be noticed in the backscatter of chaos. Eventually, however, this produced “the culture wars”: the clash between those who wanted to break down society further and those who realized that social order was in fact highly useful. In the 1960s, the Left weaponized culture as a means of converting youth to its dogma, and quickly built a large regime upon this, pausing only in the 1980s through early 1990s to defeat Communism because it was their competition in the market for Leftist ideologies. Now we see the culture war in reverse, with conservatives arguing for the return of social order and the Left trying to suppress them as people who have lived under Leftism think with longing of the type of stability they had back in the 1980s with only minimal cultural and genetic unity.

  • Trump takes bid to ban transgender soldiers directly to Supreme Court, bypassing lower courts including the Ninth Circuit he has railed against

    The Left is using transgender acceptance as its latest Civil Rights battering ram. They saw that they could kick open any door by claiming that keeping it closed was racist, sexist, classist, or homophobic, so now they want a new category. When they force you to accept the absurd, which is that your whole military needs to be redesigned to accept the half-percent of people who are afflicted with a mental health condition that makes them hate their sex of birth, they know they have beaten you and they can control you with this method. The next Bradley Manning will simply claim that he/she/it leaked classified information because of “muh discrimination” and will then face no serious conviction for what should be a capital crime. In the meantime, Leftists hate the military anyway and would cheer to see it weakened, much as they would cheer to see us conquered by hostile parties, because in their mind the founding group impedes egalitarianism and therefore must be destroyed.

  • The Trump-Roberts Spat

    The idea that judges do not have biases is fundamentally Soviet. It amounts to this: “do not ever question the system, because the Party is always right.”

  • MI6 battling to stop Donald Trump releasing classified Russia probe documents

    The UK’s smarmy women-and-minority-led intelligence services provided help to American Leftists in their character attack on Donald Trump. Now he wants to release information about who funded and provided some of the information used in this attack, causing worldwide panic as Leftists realize that the gig is about up. Even better, he is enjoying the ability to torment all of these people and drive them into a state of manic activity which will only reveal more thoroughly how crazy they all are.

  • Greek minister: Refugees are the modern Jews, scapegoats of the crisis

    More accurately, we keep scapegoating the symptoms of diversity for diversity itself. People want to think that the modern multi-ethnic and multi-racial nation-state can function, but since its goals are fundamentally paradoxical, it cannot. That means we have to change and humans fear change, so they want to blame just one of the groups involved so that they can keep believing that multiculturalism can work when in fact it cannot. Whether they scapegoat whites, Jews, blacks, or anyone else is not relevant; diversity itself is the problem, and diversity itself must be repealed and fixed for humanity to move forward. Diversity delenda est!

  • Investigation launched into how man aged about 30 could be enrolled at school as 15-year-old pupil

    People in democracies are such amazing chumps. They rely religiously on the idea that if they do well in the System, the System will reward them. Others see the world outside of the System, so recognize it as a series of resources and privileges which can be exploited. When asked, they lie, because they have nothing to lose anyway, being part of the permanent underclass created by the low IQ and other genetic factors of their third world origins. Thus, Africans effortlessly evade law enforcement, Chinese fill out brilliant falsifications of tax documents, and Muslims claim with a straight face to be children knowing that the democracy dummies will not endanger their own careers — their careers, mein Gott! — in order to defend the obvious.

  • Women march in Dublin wearing underwear to demand rape trial reform

    Ireland is stunned and shocked when a court lawyer points out the obvious: a 17-year-old girl wearing fancy lacy lingerie to a meeting with a young man is looking to copulate with him. This is part of the signaling behavior of humans that apparently involves dinner, movies, wine, roses, and finally five minutes of sweaty grunting and then a lifetime of regret. We said humans were intelligent, not wise. The jury sees the obvious and realizes that this rape case is in fact a case of “mistaken consent” or confusion in a situation where there can be no good and bad guys because all standards have gone out the window anyway. This prompts the local useful idiots to undertake a Slutwalk™-style demonstration which becomes all the more comical in the freezing cold, but no one said the Irish were even intelligent. In the meantime, the rest of the world is slowly moving away from the “it’s rape because she said there was no consent” standard to which the world moved after the 1960s, changing from the crime of “rape” where it was assumed to be a violent assault to “sexual assault” where the victim has no duty to fight back. Their only problem: sexual assault is an evidenceless crime, so naturally becomes abused when the young woman decides that she chose the wrong penis and now, washed with regret, decides to retaliate instead of admit her own poor life choice. In Spain, one court pushed back by demanding that there be signs of physical coercion, namely damage to the victim, in order to distinguish poor life choices from actual attack. This battle will rage on in the courts for a number of years before we decide that yes indeed the standard before we adjusted our standards to fit the screwball era of “sexual liberation” was better, and that we must go back to that in order to avoid destroying many innocent lives.

  • Michael Moore: Racists, Misogynists Should Be ‘Shunned’ Like Smokers 20 Years Ago

    FPOS Michael Moore states the obvious: Leftist social engineering works by declaring certain behaviors taboo in order to force us into others. If smoking is bad, people will take opioids, drink more, smoke weed, or lush out on antidepressants and muscle relaxants. That threatens the workplace less, so is “good” according to the nitwit blockhead bureaucrats who want to make everyone equal so that they can use them as a vast unified force. “Racism,” or the act of noticing genetic differences between groups and/or preferring to interact with your own group, threatens the unity of this great mass culture wave that will be used to achieve Utopian goals and great profits. Therefore, society needs to change people so that everyone is equally united against racism. Bag of obese neurosis Moore simply stated baldly what the rest acknowledge with strategic silences and euphemisms.

  • Met police launch drive to balance the gender ranks

    Those ignorant conservatives! They always claim that our equality programs will result in quotas, but that’s not how it works. All we want — all that we want, really — is for every candidate to have an equal chance at getting ahead. This is a meritocracy and it simply serves to ensure that there is no discrimination. Sure, I guess that if we think a candidate is equal and they do not get promoted, we are going to see that as unfair and demand that this candidate gets ahead… and since everyone is equal, there is no reason — none! — that every institution will not exactly mirror the demographics of our society, which means that it should be 50% women. Anything else would be discrimination. If one group takes up most of the roles, then we are being denied and stolen from, and we should hire enough people from under-represented groups so that the demographics are exact. But that is not a quota, we swear it.

  • Environment ministers agree to cut garbage produced by half by 2040

    In the midst of all the ignorance and stupidity out there, we see a sensible rule. We recycle not because it is more efficient and cost-effective, but because it eliminates waste that otherwise sits in giant landfills decomposing slowly and emitting various toxins, which is probably a bigger problem than people acknowledge because no one keeps track of what we throw away. We have no idea what is sitting in those landfills because we just sort of trusted that all the waste would be taken care of. Our ancestors burned trash so that it would not be sitting around, but now we have more options. We can recycle metal, glass, paper, and plastics; we can compost organic waste; we can burn the rest and trap toxic emissions in carbon filters. This will be much more expensive but it will remove a major source of environmental toxins. It will also, since now throwing things out will be expensive, encourage people to stop living like mindless consumers who pollute the land with the artifacts of their own lack of existential certainty.

  • Aged 97, survivor looks back on Stalin-era Ukraine famine

    The Left hates it and rages when we point out that Leftist societies in peacetime manage to kill tens of millions of people simply because that is how the Left maintains control. Maybe the Nazis killed some through war, and a much smaller group through slave labor, but they pale in comparison to the Leftists, who executed or deliberately starved millions, not to mention killing millions more through sheer incompetence at providing food. Maybe the Nazis killed some of their ideological enemies, but that was nothing compared to the insane numbers of people sent to guillotines and gulags for simply uttering the wrong word. In every way, the Communists and Leftists provided the worst possible system humanity has seen. Without praising the Nazis, we can say that they were less bad, and the fascists significantly less bad than they, but if we want an actually good method, the aristocrats come out as the best of the bunch and the least likely to be unstable and controlling like the raging Left.

  • Brazil records worst annual deforestation for a decade

    Bolsonaro just took power, so this is not his doing. It turns out that the Leftists sold out the forests as they always do, because at the end of the day Leftism is a “get rich quick” scheme for criminals who hide behind New Age type platitudes of altruism, equality, peace, love, individualism, and happiness as a means of manipulating the vast amounts of credulous humans out there. If anything, Bolsonaro will improve this situation by demanding that forest use be paid for, eliminating the back alley “look the other way” deals that Leftists tend to do.

  • Digital ad duopoly under threat as pressure mounts on Facebook and Google

    The fear of “terrorist” content is exaggerated, mainly because when you have a worldwide free communications system, people are going to use it to …you know… communicate and stuff. For some, they will talk about their hobbies, but for people whose hobby is DEATH TO AMERICA, they are going to talk about terrorism. We all have our interests, after all. What is really happening here is that the nations of the world, following China’s lead, are reclaiming income that otherwise flows out of these countries to Google and Facebook. France wants a national French ad service, Germany wants its own, and everyone else just wants an end to the censorship that Facebook and Google have been applying in order to try to make the internet “safe,” despite that having never been in any sane description of how the internet operates. Open communications means unsafe. It also means that we finally see that as human beings, we agree on basically nothing and in fact want our own little groups to be apart from the others, not some “we are all one” “it takes a village” nonsense from the Clinton years.

  • Third of Brexit voters believe Muslim immigration is part of a secret plot to Islamicise Britain, study suggests

    As usual, the Left uses partial understanding as an excuse to claim zero understanding. People realize that they are being demographically replaced; some pacify themselves by rationalizing this as a new labor pool, while others realize that it means genetic erasure after political replacement via the power of the vote over time. However, dummies understand simple things, and most people are dummies, so in order to unify the herd, you have to preach ¡horrors! and ¡violence! instead of the more prosaic reality. This means that, on the Right, the people who make the most money are the ones who talk about Islamicization or The Jew instead of those who point out that any diversity, no matter how nice and smart the groups involved are, results in social breakdown followed by demographic replacement and soft genocide.

  • Beijing to Judge Every Resident Based on Behavior by End of 2020

    There has been a great deal of ranting about the Chinese credit score, but few people realize that we do the same thing. In fact, everyone does. Cheap hard drives meant Big Data could exist, and companies, governments, and individuals all want access to reports based on that data because most people are crazy, diversity means we need other ways to select for “no ghetto dwellers” other than race, and we are all defending ourselves against people who are likely to steal from us, sue us, or otherwise do bad things to us. Privacy is dead and it will be driven by consumer needs to filter out the many crazy and dangerous people.

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