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Consolidating The Alt Right


The Alt Right combines many non-liberal movements — Traditionalism, Nationalism, Identitarianism, Theocracy, National Socialism/neo-Nazism, Libertarianism, Paleoconservatism, Social Conservatism, Neoreaction and the New Right — into a single dissident Right perspective.

Its purpose is to get past the “social filter” that limits the mainstream Right to inoffensive topics, where offensiveness is gatekept by Leftist ideals like equality.

While the Alt Right as a whole exists in the intersection of these ideas, their minor points clash even as their major points agree, and each Alt Righter tends toward one or the other, which is fine except that taking any one of those viewpoints re-orients the interpretation of the Alt Right toward the minor points of that view.

As with the New Right, the Alt Right gets the basics right. It is essentially a Nietzschean/Platonic Right, but implementation details remain confused. Many who are coming into the Alt Right now are bringing with them numerous assumptions that descend from Leftism, simply because they grew up in a Leftist time.

For many, a common trope involves rejection of the “left/right dichotomy” by choosing a third option, which ends up being a hybrid of the two. As always, fence-sitting results in confusion and thus, indecision. The importance of Left and Right is that we can only head in one direction, and that requires eliminating the other — and thus hybrids.

The division between socialist and capitalist is a case in point. The Rightist is neither, but he is also anti-socialist, because it conforms to a Leftist principle (equality) and not a Rightist one (hierarchy). The Rightists recognizes that capitalism works, but like any other method, it must be guided by principle or it becomes a cause in itself, and dominates the objective with its own needs.

This leads to the core of the Alt Right: flagrant realism. Alt Righters care about consequences in reality, and they use this to reject the current illusory policies in favor of those which will create a rising society. As one writer opines:

There are several core tenets of alt-right thinking, however, which unify the different factions within the movement. Key to these is realism when it comes to race, gender, culture and beliefs. Despite the histrionics of the leftist establishment, these views have not been considered controversial historically. For everyone except postmodern Cultural Marxists, it is obvious that there are distinct differences between the races and between the sexes. Some cultures are obviously more successful at creating civilisation than others. If it is sexist that women bear the primary responsibility for raising progeny, then biology is sexist. If it is racist that East Asians have higher IQ’s, lower crime rates and higher incomes than Sub-Saharan Africans, then genetics is racist. Even if reality hurts your feelings, it’s still reality.

It has also been true throughout history that humans prefer their own tribe. Leftists today don’t mind ethnic nationalism, as long as it is not whites adopting it. Why is it that Black Lives Matter, a group associated with domestic terrorism who are clearly ethnic nationalists, are feted at the White House while white nationalists are profiled by the authorities and castigated in the media? Why is the demographic displacement of whites through mass immigration and the destruction of white cultures official government policy in Western countries? Why do we lambast this process as cultural genocide when it was done to indigenous peoples but celebrate it as diversity when it is done to whites?

The point of the Alt Right is to escape the world of human symbols, and look at reality according to its function. There, we no longer rely on morality or social opinion, but on comparing the results of actions and choosing what action we will take based on what results we want to achieve. Life is both simpler and more complex.

As someone coming in from the Traditionalist side, I see the Left/Right division not as false as many in the Alt Right do, but the capitalist/socialist division as silly. Socialism does not work in any form. Capitalism does not work by itself, without some privileged and intelligent group to make the choices instead of a consumer mass.

This is why I summarize the Alt Right as the four pillars:

  1. Aristocracy. Our best people must lead, and we will breed them to make even better leaders.

  2. Nationalism (including HBD). Culture rules; this requires exiling all who are not genetically of the founding culture. Class and caste are important because we are only what our genes program us to be.

  3. Hierarchy (including “no socialism”). All people have different abilities; there is no room for groups to negotiate. The best must rise, and those who are lesser, be demoted, or they will take over. No socialism or subsidies in any form.

  4. Transcendental goals. Our purpose cannot be material, or even in the present tense, but must involve the future we wish to achieve, which we translate from ideal to material through known principles.

Not everyone agrees on these, mainly because of recent generations’ bad experiences with state-mediated capitalism. To them, socialism is necessary because capitalism in the hands of the herd is abusive. I ask: what is abusive, the herd, or capitalism? We are capitalist because socialism is death.

The Alt Right must purge from its soul — we’re talking ideas, not people — its remaining Leftist tendencies which arise from its members having grown up in a time when Leftist thought is all one sees, hears or reads. Leftism is death. Once we cast it aside, we can look at what remains and choose the best.

The point of the Alt Right is to unify two goals, (a) defeating globalism and (b) ending and reversing the decline of Western Civilization. To do this, we must reject not just socialism but modernity entirely. We want a new type of society, the kind that appears every now and then in history when people want more than just subsistence.

For us to rise to that level, we must reject all of the pretense of the modern time and replace it with an organic goal, which is seeing civilization as a life-form in itself that needs nurturing. Its opposite is the eternal human temptation toward individualism.

All other considerations are details toward this goal. The point is this: reject globalism, and then peel back the rest of the lies of modernity and create a civilization to rise above anything we have known in our lifetimes. The egalitarians lie in all forms, so we must choose a healthier way.

The Alt Right is consolidating. It has many different factions, but they overlap on a few core ideas, and that overlapped center excludes some of the peripheral details. That leaves us with a singular focus, which is how to create greatness in the midst of a wilderness of ruin, tedium, conformity and deception.

All else is extraneous. Unlike politicians, for whom lying is a job, for the Alt Right, all that matters is results. We are no longer content to be a dead and ruined civilization. We want to rise above, and this requires we reject the pretense of the current time, and establish what is eternal.

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