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The End Of Purity


Although this particular source is a bit hysterical, even common sense reveals that with 7.4bn people on earth, toxicity of our environment will increase. While the idiot Leftists want to redefine pollution to mean carbon only, the fact is that byproducts which do not break down are increasing across the board, including some highly nasty customers:

But almost 25 years after that real-life confrontation, the conflict over chromium-6 is not over. A new EWG analysis of federal data from nationwide drinking water tests shows that the compound contaminates water supplies for more than 200 million Americans in all 50 states. Yet federal regulations are stalled by a chemical industry challenge that could mean no national regulation of a chemical state scientists in California and elsewhere say causes cancer when ingested at even extraordinarily low levels.

Our political and economic system is predicated on the idea that our water, air and land will be relatively “pure,” or free of the kind of game-ending substances that industrial production creates. In theory, we can live in homes and work in offices where the air just blows through, and the water taken from rain or reservoir is mostly harmless. Industry has not caught up to the fact that those days are over.

Purity is dead. The natural environment no longer exists; instead, we have water and air which are impregnated with any number of toxic substances, and lacking in many things that life needs to survive. For this reason, future homes will be air-tight and produce their own oxygen, much as they will run water and power through extensive filters to reduce the levels of harm and failure.

As America and Europe have transitioned to the Affirmative Action Economy (AAE), the overall quality of services, institutions and products has declined to third-world levels. Bribes are taken, but even more, people simply fail to notice things. For them, the job is in attendance, not results.

From that grim realization comes a vision of our future. There will be a few who are savvy enough to hide their income from the taxman, and they will put it into filters and purifiers. Everyone else will suffer the declining purity of our environment, and will die of grotesque cancers, at least until the failure of globalism causes a reduction in population and thus a restoration of the environment. Nature exists in inverse proportion to humanity.

The news right now is designed to provoke good, obedient suburbanites and urbanites into installing new filters and personal oxygen tanks. This will not save them, as those methods are too limited to have any real effect. The people who will thrive are those who get away from the cities and live as close to the forests as possible.

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