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Conservatives Lose When They Pander To Minorities

As a general rule, Leftism resembles a begging-the-question fallacy, essentially making assumptions mandatory such that people are equal, and then arguing from that assumption of an assumption. This gets embarrassing when conservatives — who in theory should know better — adopt the same approach.

Never content to win, and determined to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, Republican careerists who want the bureaucracy to keep funding them are demanding the usual pandering:

Veteran Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen warned Sunday the GOP is “heading into trouble” in a future that looks grim unless the party can attract more millennials, women and minorities.

“Very few women are running… on the Republican Party ticket for office. Far greater numbers of women are identifying themselves as being in the Democratic Party. Minorities — that have always been traditionally a group that we should really be going after, I don’t see that we really have a recruiting program that’s active to get minorities involved in our party,” she continued.

Ros-Lehtinen decried that the growth of the GOP “seems to be very limited in a specific group.” But, she noted, “the demographics of our great country is changing greatly.”

Our system like most formalized systems produces lots of people who are good at the system itself, such as school or making money, and bad at reality. They know how to manipulate other people but once they get outside the human world and into logical or factual questions, they are lost, because their only skill is appeasing the pretense of others.

Let us say it once, and say it loud, so that it is clearly understood:

Minority groups will never support majority interests.

Our careerist bureaucrats want us to believe that a system can exist where minority and majority interests overlap, but they are confusing lowest common denominator interests — lack of victimization, crime, and poverty — with the interests that actually motivate people, which tend to be more moral and aesthetic.

Every person needs a place. They need also to know what they should be doing in order to be esteemed by their colleagues. This measurement, called “social status,” reflects the degree of existential terror they experience: if they are doing the right things by the measurement of their status group, even if life turns out badly for them, they will not be blamed or thought less of, and this provides a great comfort.

Quoting the incomparable Tom Wolfe again on the nature of social status as a prime motivator for human behavior:

Not long ago, in New York, a drug dealer named Pappy Mason was out of prison on parole standing on the sidewalk in front of a bar with a group of his buddies, drinking a beer. A police detective happened to be driving by in an unmarked car and recognized him. He stopped, got out, and said “Mason, you know what stupid is? Stupid is what you’re doing right now, drinking in public. You get your ass back in that building–or I’m taking your ass in.”

Now here was Mason, in front of his buddies. He had a terrible decision to make. Taking his ass in meant taking him to the precinct station and booking him. Drinking on the sidewalk was–a–Mickey Mouse–misdemeanor but it was enough to violate his parole and put him right back in prison. On the other hand, just caving in to some pig of a cop in front of his posse and slinking back into the bar was unthinkable . . .On the other hand, maybe it was thinkable . . .To go back to jail–so he did think . . .slinked back into the bar . . .You did what you had to do, Pappy–but the humiliation! the humiliation!

A day passed, two days passed–the humiliation! Day after day it festered . . . festered . . . Eventually he found himself back in prison for an unrelated offense . . .and the same old humiliation . . .slinking back into the bar that night . . .festered . . . Finally, it became too much. He got a message out to one of his boys on the outside: “Go kill a cop.” And the guy said, “What cop?” And Mason said, “Any cop.” And so three members of his posse drove about . . . looking for a cop, any cop.

They came upon a young patrolman alone in a police car in front of the house of an immigrant from Guinea who, as it tuned out had been threatened by drug dealers. They had already tried to burn down his house because he had reported their activities to the police. The young cop, named Eddie Byrne, had been assigned to protect him. It was now late at night, quiet, and the three assailants came up behind the car and assassinated the young policeman.

It became a cause of public outrage. It had taken the life of a young man, Eddie Byrne. Yes, but the cops . . .they had trashed Pappy Mason’s status picture of himself.

That a wound to one’s status, not to one’s body, not to one’s bank account, not to one’s general fortunes in life, that such a wound to one’s status could have such a severe effect upon the psyche of the human beast, is no minor matter. It means that we have come upon a form of anguish that is somehow primal. Even the most trivial and the most unlikely circumstances can be colored by the beast’s constant and unrelenting concern for his own status. Which is to stay, his own standing, his own rank, in the eyes of others and in his own eyes.

When you have status in a group, you have existential certainty: “Do this, and you will always be part of the group.” Asking someone to transition groups means that they move from considering cultural values most important to a reductive value set of money, safety, convenience, sexual desire, and power in the system. Some will do that, but when times turn hard, they will not have the support of the group.

And so, for most people, the risks outweigh the potential rewards: they do what the group does not out of sheer conformity, but for the sake of having a gang or personal army on their side. Someone who is a good member of the tribe will be defended, and a profiteer will not, so most people opt to be good and safe.

Tribes consist of layers — ethnic, religious, cultural, racial, sexual, regional, class/caste — which give people a sense that they are among people like them who share their values and will have their backs as long as they uphold those values.

Asking minority groups to assimilate is like asking them to remove the social safety net outside of government and the method by which they find friends and mates. It is reducing them to the status of atomized individuals who cannot form bonds and thus are forever alone.

For this reason, minority groups are never going to support majority rights, and the ultimate majoritarians are conservatives, who not only affirm the people and values that founded this country, but are unwilling to recognize the special needs of any group other than that core because to do so would be repudiating the goodness of the founding of the nation.

Conservatives have one choice, and none of the careerists want to hear it, but Trump, Farage, and other populist leaders have found it: stand by what makes Western Civilization unique, which begins with its people. Everyone else, even if they are here, opposes us, but they will destroy what they came here for in the process.

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