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Chinese Racism As A Huge Force Multiplier

Jim over at Isegoria has found yet another example of waste, fraud and abuse over in the DOD. It involves a poorly-formulated lamentation over racism in The Middle Kingdom. First and foremost, the Chinese would have to consider us legitimately Homo Sapiens before they could be any more racist against Whites like myself than I could be against somebody’s pet dog. Secondly, perhaps to our detriment one day, racism helps China immensely. Chinese Racism, like terrorism, works like Hell.

Unlike other Far-Left countries, China has a profound unifying force that allows them to even survive their own Drano-drink of Full-blown, idiotic Marxism. China can survive drinking the Molotov Cocktail of dialectical materialism because they are unified by their determined and unbreakable ¡RACISM! This, according to the OSD Office of Net Assessment has strategic consequences. I’m of the opinion that for China, ¡RACISM! is an awesome force multiplier. Here’s what the OSD-ONA has to say in service to our own ineluctable Political Correctness.

I. The Strategic Consequences of Chinese Racism:
Nine Major Consequences
II. A. Racism and Eugenics Heavily Inform the Chinese Worldview
II. B. Chinese Racism Informs Their View of the United States
II. C. Chinese Racism Informs Their View of International Politics
II. D. Chinese Appeals to “Racial Solidarity”
II. E. Chinese Racism Retards their Relations with the Third World
II. F. Chinese Racism Contributes to their Overconfidence
II. G. Racism Is Also a Strategic Asset that Makes China a Formidable Adversary
II. H. The Chinese Are Not Open to a Civil Rights Movement
II. I. The Treatment of Christians and Ethnic Minorities Within China

I respond to each bullet point in detail below.

  1. So racism and eugenics inform the Chinese worldview. This just means they are an intelligent people. Anyone with a brain and a sense of self-dignity makes their mating selection with an eye towards both racism and eugenics. Check out African-Americans on You-Tube and you’ll get one swirler for every five who crack jokes about “Whitey on The Woodpile” and accuse Black Females who date, sleep with or breed with Caucasoids of “Jumping the Fence” or being Bedwenches.

    Whites are equally judgemental; just way more subtle about it. For every one who flat-out ridicules “mud-sharking” or “drilling for oil;” you’ll get five who talk about (((Tolerance))) while quietly denying minorities the right to make any decisions that matter to them. George Lopez offers us a Hispanic perspective on the whole mating game. (Before he told the audience not to park their car in front of a Mexican’s house).

    When a man uses his brain in synonymy with his erectile organ, he probably practices a certain level of both racism and eugenics in his quest for just the right vessel for his seed. Oh, and don’t assume women think too differently. They sleep with the conqueror. It was Queen Victoria who advised her daughter to “Close her eyes and think of England.”

  2. Chinese racism also makes them properly leery of the Good ‘Ol US of A. Diversity plus proximity equals conflict. Diversity sows American disunity and turmoil. The United States is in metastable equilibrium on a good day. It’s Mt. Pinatubo waiting to blow off a smoking load. As American industries leave and American cities die from Pozz-poisoning, we have to export that pain somewhere. China, quite wisely, prefers not to land on that world of hurt.
  3. Chinese racism should inform their view of international politics. With the exception of the State of Israel being formed after WWII at the behest of a large plurality of the world community, rarely has the community of nations viewed the troubles of another diaspora as anything other than a marketing opportunity, a real estate play, or at worst; a veritable buffet of wealth to steal and flesh to despoil. You look after number one or number one gets flushed like a number two. In a cruel and uncaring world, it ain’t like anyone gives you a damn.
  4. China is lucky that it can appeal to racial solidarity. How did the pozz work out for Yugoslavia? Racial solidarity makes China, China and it used to make Japan, Japan. How is Japan’s population doing at self-replication lately? How is Russia’s? How is White Amerika’s? The Chinese have always historically succeeded at making more. Are France and Germany?
  5. China’s racism keeps them from getting sucked into the Third World. They buy up assets and stay away from the people. This is wise. Russian, American and Turkish military personnel die in Syria. Chinese do not. US personnel get gacked in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Chinese do not. Someone please explain to me how this is a bug as opposed to a feature.
    1. The Chinese are not involved where they have no interest.
    2. People know darn well what the real racists would throw down on their asses. The Pax Romanum was as racist as the Khymer Rouge. If you touched some dude named Julius, the Romans would take two boards and a handful of nails and gladly put you up for the night…
  6. Bullet point F is ridiculous. Show me who since Japan in WWII has totally worked a Chinese Army. Chinese racism only leads to overconfidence when you show me the army that could put them to flight, wreck their military and have its tanks and APCs doing doughnuts on the lawn at The Forbidden Palace. That guy that stood in front of the tank in Tiananmen Square was overconfident. The Chinese Army is pretty darn salty to describe as overconfident.
  7. This bullet point is more accurate. Real Racists have one another’s backs when they confront diversity. If you aren’t them, you won’t exactly like what they do to you. However, you will never see them doing what GOP Cucks routinely do to other Republicans. They never seem to get around to doing to each other what National Review did to Ayn Rand. They are too busy guarding one another’s backs. It’s almost as if they have an ironclad determination to see their own kind survive or something. Yes, this does make them formidable adversaries.
  8. I’m not sure what the OSD thinks having a Civil Rights Movement has to so with much of anything other than catamiting their Politically Correct masters. Civil Rights Movements often get subverted by the internal enemies of a country. Angela Merkel just let Muslims go marauding through Germany’s young women like a lawnmower through the new Spring grass because she was afraid of being called racist. If a Uighur lays one hand on a daughter of an Inner Party member, he will be short that hand and perhaps his head as well.
  9. Again, China will treat Christians, Muslims, ethnic minorities and anyone not named Wang, Chen or Chin the way other people treat their domestic animals — on a good day. That’s kind of the way they see us. When the dog craps on the rug, it gets spanked. When it gets too old to chew its bone, you take it out back and kill it with an axe. As for Christians and Muslims, the Middle Kingdom between Heaven and Earth is like an old Mississippi Golf Club. Both Jesus and Mohammad were the wrong race to apply for membership. “Tough titty.” Said the kitty.

So, in conclusion, this particular sparkling jewels of coruscating brilliance from our MI guys in The Five-Sided Puzzle Palace has several problems. The worst being that it was POMed for, included in a budget and paid for at taxpayer expense. You can’t defeat a legitimately hard-assed enemy like China if you are deliberately deceived by your own mythological propaganda.

In East Asia, everyone not you wants you to take a dirt nap. Therefore paranoia, irascibility, and racism all three become significant force multipliers as you fight to stay alive just one more generation. The Chinese have managed that feat successfully ever since Ghengis Khan got bored and rode away. There are raped, brutalized and traumatized women all over Germany and Sweden cursing their unjust fates that their own societies have failed to remain similarly ¡RACIST! The OSD isn’t helping our nation defend anything other than its own suicidal delusions with this piece of dreck analysis of China.

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