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Between Cuck and Sperg

The Alt Right is struggling to define itself. This is natural and healthy for a movement that got a sudden jolt when mentioned by a presidential candidate. But instead of clinging to loyalties as if they were football teams, it might make sense to look into what the Alt Right has been.

One key is found in the word “alternative.” As mentioned by those who influenced its inception and those who guided the way, the Alt Right was designed to be an alternative to both the cuckservative mainstream Right, which is more Left than anything else, and the angry malevolence of the white nationalist underground.

Instead of those narrow visions, the Alt Right aspired to an entirely new concept of what civilization could be. It started with the idea of nationalism and human biodiversity, and combined those into the knowledge that genetics creates culture. At that point, it became clear that homogeneity is a prerequisite to civilization, and after that, we need to design carefully.

This new vision swept up many of those attracted to its influences — men’s rights, libertarianism/neoreaction, monarchists, nationalists, identitarians, traditionalists, and the European New Right — and now they are different lenses through which people see the Alt Right. To a libertarian, it is mostly about freedom; to a nationalist, it is mostly about ethnic homogeneity.

What is interesting is that all of these ideas point to something that is not in the middle of them, but above them, a force that unifies them. This is the idea of the timeless form of human civilization, free from democracy and socialism, united by culture and ethnic group, driven by a desire for virtue and transcendent truth, and free of the ugliness, red tape and futility of modern civilization.

As the Alt Right reaches for that force, it is being pulled in two directions, which we have described here loosely as “cuck versus sperg”:

While the Alt Lite has done much good, namely by forcing the Left to abandon its double standard on free speech, it also misses the point: all politics is identity politics because each group represents its own interests.

We know that the Alt Right wants to navigate between cuck and sperg, or the two extremes of the Right, with “cuck” being the Leftist hybrids in the Republican party and “sperg” being the people who seem to delight in racial cruelty on the White Nationalist front. Neither is a functional model.

In fact, the Alt Right represents a third path: recognize that what the spergs talk about is part of the truth even if it is socially taboo, but that we can understand it in a logical/factual and not emotional/personal way.

These divisions, once external to the Alt Right, are now within it. The cucks want to preserve the present system with a few fixes that are justified with egalitarianism, which legitimizes the Leftist perspective because it is wholly based in egalitarianism; the spergs want to roll the dice on racial violence and dictatorship, which have never gone anywhere but bad places even when well-intended like Hitler, Mussolini, Brezhnev and arguably Napoleon were.

In this way, we can see how the cucks follow the typical middle class bourgeois paradigm: they view the world through a filter of their own success and status, and are not concerned with effects beyond that unless those impede the success of themselves as individuals. Middle classes, especially the upper half, have little loyalty to nations or governments. For them, the world is a question of how to advance their personal power and fortune.

The spergs fall into two groups. The first are honest but misguided; these are “bright sophomores,” or those with a fair amount of intelligence but little experience, and so no depth of analysis. The other half are the same old angry antisocial types who bloated white nationalist and succeeded in making it irrelevant to both decision-makers and voters.

By trying to appease both groups, the Alt Right threatens to make itself unstable. It is fine to sit on the line between cuck and reality so long as it brings over people living in the mainstream, and this has worked so far. But when it goes too far into a fight for “equality,” the Alt Right becomes as poz-converged as the Republicans.

On the same note, the spergs tend toward an egalitarian view of a different sort. They want all whites to be equal at the expense of everyone else. While it makes sense to send all Other away, social hierarchy like caste is essential, and you see very few of these who would accept being a kshatriya or thrall in service to brahmins. This leads us back to the same problems of democracy.

To look toward our future, the Alt Right should consider two vital questions:

1. Why do we have such high turnover?

Hunter Wallace describes this as it influenced white nationalism:

First, it is depressing to comb through the archives of dead vBulletin forums – several of my own included – and see all the people who have disappeared. The vBulletin forum was an amazing tool that allowed our ideas to reach a mass audience, but it wasn’t without its flaws.

People flee social groups — which is what the Alt Right becomes, in the pidgin social framework of our society — because they believe the group is ineffective, because they tire of the same circular arguments, because other people alienate them, or because they feel they are unrecognized. It is the latter that seems most prevalent to me.

Time and time again, someone with a new take on issues or an insightful analysis shows up in the comments section of a blog, a forum or social media. They are shouted down by those who want to affirm the dogma as it stands, and the crowd gravitates toward what it already knows. Feeling like their contributions will do no good here, over time the most promising individuals leave.

It would be great to be able to say that this has improved over the years, but over the last six months, the Alt Right has experienced attrition of some of its most promising writers and commenters. Those who repeat the same old stuff in new forms are sticking around, along with some very talented people who often get far less recognition than they deserve.

2. Why do whites (or any other race) not awaken as a group?

This is the question that terrified white nationalists. Most resolved it by hypothesizing that at some point, conditions between the races would get so bad that race war would break out, and in the ensuing chaos, whites would find identity.

Let us instead look at the worst case scenario which is actually more likely: racial tension gets worse, and individualist whites escape it through white flight, which means that the people who could change the situation do not address the situation. At some point, demographic balance shifts and whites find themselves in the same position as whites in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Detroit or Los Angeles: outvoted by the lower classes, they become tax cash cows until trace admixture turns them into people who no longer identify with being European at all, only with having slightly lighter skin and more money. This is the consistent pattern throughout history.

The only way to bridge this divide is to offer a better vision of civilization not just as regards race, but as concerns every problem of modernity: ecocide, debt, idiocracy, corruption, unnecessary war, instability, recessions, existential misery and lack of a decent place for their children to grow up. The only way to take this bull by the horns is to present a society which is more advanced than modernity, but lacking the fundamental characteristics (equality, mass culture, consumerism) of modern society.

Another factor that is important here is recognizing caste. We need a social order with aristocrats, serfs and freeholders so that we can rein in the bad instincts of our people. Most people have bad instincts for leadership, and in groups people make terrible decisions no matter how intelligent they are, so we need this caste division, which also preserves the role of the virtuous but successful among us.

We also need to recognize that there is no such thing as the white race as a political identity. There are white ethnic groups and those tend to stick together, usually at the broadest level by associating into Western, Southern and Eastern Europeans. Any movement that tries to lump these groups together as one will alienate each group, from its most perceptive at the top who are most likely to understand their own identity as complex, all the way down as people discover the need for identity other than generic “huwhite.”

Finally, we need to make it clear that we are not people hellbent on repeating the mistakes of history. We know what happened with national socialism and fascism, and despite whatever good was there, a fundamental instability was also present, as most people are now seeing in democracy. We also have seen how scapegoating and bigotry replace decision-making with a time of team violence. There is also a great and sensible fear of mass movements that empower the unsuccessful to seize power, because whether wealth redistribution or retribution, that means that the successful will become targets, and they will fight this.

Neither cucks nor spergs will acknowledge these truths, so it is important to find a middle path between. From the cucks, it makes sense to take the desire for gradual transition that keeps focus on the essentials of life before all else, and from the spergs, the notion that we cannot make the current system work at all. If we synthesize those, we can formulate a new civilization that will entice our people.

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