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A Party Not of Right but of Right Now

Watching the debate last one, one had to be struck by two things: how controlled Joe Biden was so long as he could manage the narrative, and how good the Left is at framing things that just are not so.

Trump performed very well, doing his usual first-debate performance by barraging the opposition with real data, introducing nuance into and dissolving their reduction of complexity to simplicity. He pushed hard to get Biden to fall into his schoolmarm plus soyboy “character.”

Biden, however, reminds me of every punchable person in human existence. He is the vampire-parasite, that which is both beggar and predator, attacking viciously and then falling back on pleading and crying with his “emo” moments.

However, since he had a moderator on his side and obviously had weeks to prepare for the questions — he may not have had the order in which they had been asked, but he obviously knew the points in advance — Biden focused on spin.

This revealed to me the technique of the Left, which is to reduce scope in order to increase simplicity and familiarity. They always speak to their desired audience: a person lost in life, without much to their name, who cares only about what Government can deliver during the next pay period.

Leftist policy entirely amounts to either (1) remove rules and standards, i.e. “liberalizing,” and (2) add free stuff subsidies to buy votes. Both are aimed at equality, or reducing the natural advantage of the competent over the incompetent.

In this debate, Trump argued for hard realities, such costs and opportunities; Biden proposed a type of fatalism where nothing can ever get better, so we should divide up what we have right now in order to ease our pain.

That shows us the basic difference between the parties: conservatives want what is right in a transcendental sense, meaning beautiful and excellent and good, for eternity, while Leftists want what is right “right now,” or what will buy off your pain for another day or so.

Experts will later tell us that Biden engaged in a type of behavior called “portrayal.” That is, he was acting out a role more than communicating, as many of his responses which strung together related topics without really making a point showed.

Like Nancy Pelosi and others, he has realized that he can fool most people right now by acting like a nagging schoolteacher, a soyboy, and an expert all at once. The Left is the party of wagging fingers at us and saying “we know better, now obey.”

Of course, like a football game, the roles have reversed. The Left is on defense now, since they have had the ball for a couple centuries but most intensely after WW2 and the fall of the Soviet Union. We are wondering what they did with the time, energy, and money during that era.

After all, our problems now are the problems of the 1820s. We have diversity clashes between Catholics and Protestants, Whites and non-Whites, Whites and near-Whites, rich and poor, and so on. Government provides lots of stuff but never enough. Thus, the problems just get worse and the solutions fail perpetually.

The Right offers newer solutions, but ours come in a simple form: stop doing the failing Leftist solutions, and instead increase opportunity and reduce costs. Every problem that the Left complains about can be addressed by this approach.

They object to it of course because it does not guarantee that every single person will be saved from their own bad behavior. Of course not; as those who conserve the best of human endeavor, we also conserve nature, including its generative patterns like natural selection!

Back in the 1820s, the American Constitution first showed its weaknesses. It did not provide a strong central government, which made mobilizing for the War of 1812 difficult; it had punted or waffled on issues like slavery, which most hoped would just go away quietly and include repatriation.

In the meantime, diversity became a rising issue. As the standard of living rose, it benefited those who tend to breed by r strategy the most in terms of their number of offspring. The r strategy model breaks down when resources are not limited.

American Indians (ethnic Mongolians), African-Americans, and Hispanics attempted to surge into America, since people always move to richer areas if they can, since they get the benefit of a better life without having to change, adapt, learn, self-discipline, and self-actualize themselves. It is an easy decision that attracts the lazy and parasitic from among those groups; as Trump said some time ago, “they’re not sending their best people.”

In 1820s America, our modern conflict developed: individualistic cities versus realistic suburbs and rural areas, with the former demanding equality and the latter wanting to keep the herd of insane people to keep from seizing and weaponizing government as had happened in Europe.

Remember, we fought our revolution against acts of Parliament more than against a King.

These conflicts live on in our perpetual anti-poverty, civil rights, and free speech debates. Real Americans want to avoid government with an agenda, and we realize that to do this we must abolish diversity, repeal civil rights, and keep natural rights like freedom of speech and bearing arms, absolutely.

There can be no compromise between these groups.

Back to the debates, Claire points out that Trump viciously overtalked Biden in the first part of the debate for a simple reason: to disrupt whatever he was receiving through his earbud, and to derail his pre-planned answers, since he undoubtedly got the questions well in advance so his staff could write answers.

Biden did not ramble, but he did something that I will call “bidenattering,” which is that he strung together a few memorized talking points in response to any question, not quite answering the question but getting in some warm comforting emotional symbols for his audience.

I liked the forthright and aggressive masculine approach that our president took. He went in there with the attitude of someone who is doing good things and wants to talk about them, and sees all these little people as standing in his way because they are. He sees life-losers and perpetual complainers who want to derail the motion toward success.

Unlike Biden, Trump is not acting; he is in the midst of action and wants to explain it. It would have been great if smirking metrosexual Karen Chris Wallace had given Trump more time to talk about coming drops in drug prices, for example.

If Trump follows previous patterns, he will use this debate to take the measure of his opponent and force that opponent to react to Trump, letting Trump take narrative control. He did well, consider that early polling almost favors him:

Six in 10 debate watchers said former Vice President Joe Biden did the best job in Tuesday’s debate, and just 28% say President Donald Trump did, according a CNN Poll of debate watchers conducted by SSRS.

In interviews with the same voters conducted before the debate, 56% said they expected Biden to do the better job while 43% expected that Trump would.

The post-debate result is about the same as the outcome of a post-debate poll in 2016 after the first debate between Trump and Hillary Clinton. In that poll, 62% thought Clinton won the debate, 27% said Trump did.

Polls favor those with nothing better to do and tend to focus on people who spend a lot of time consuming media, so they lean Leftist. For this to have been a Biden win, he needed far greater numbers than that.

After all, this was a debate that Trump had already basically won in 2016, since Biden offers nothing new that Killary did not, and the point of this debate was to see whether Biden could stand on his own. With his rehearsed answers, “meaningful” looks at the camera, and exhortations to “vote” and “shut up, man,” Biden appears unconvincing to moderates and the undecided.

Everyone else already knows how they are going to vote.

The policy positions that Biden articulated also made it clear what a Democrat victory in this election will bring:

  1. More violence, since violence against normal people will not be punished while law enforcement is busy not arresting minority or Antifa perps but spending all its time chasing after a few White Supremacists who may be eating cheeseburgers in the vicinity.
  2. Bankruptcy, since their policy consists of making COVID stimulus permanent (UBI) as a way of backdooring us into Full Socialism, at which point anyone who does not go along with the Leftist plan will find himself deplatformed from his government benefits.
  3. China taking over in international relations. The Democrats have steadily pointed the finger at Russia and avoid mention of China, who funded the Clintons after realizing that it could not yet militarily defeat America. China wants a weak American leader who will, as happened in the 1960s, turn our focus inward on civil rights so we drop the ball on international politics. Trump will defund China and make America economically self-sufficient so they have no leverage over us.
  4. Demographic replacement will accelerate until the Left has a clear majority of non-Whites who will always vote Leftist, since they are genetically wired to do this, as we see in the case of just about all third-world countries.

We either win this one or the country goes to civil war status not by our acts, but because of the sheer instability that will be brought by Leftist policies and the massive incompetence of the Left. These people just want power and money and have no ability to wield those.

The good news is that we do not have to allow these people to take over. Their media empires, both old and new, are dying. The cultural wave favors the Right or at least realism; people are tired of pursuing symbols, which are not real, and want contact with the real.

Whether at the ballot box or simply by shooting them in our neighborhoods and therefore effectively isolating the Left to the big cities where it will destroy itself much as NYC is doing, we are going to defeat this beast and move on from this stupid era of history to something better.

If you get down, just remember this: we are the people who took a resource-weak continent and turned it into the preeminent global power, emulated by all. We survived Mongol raids and Muslim invasions, multiple plagues, natural disasters, and world wars.

There are no limits to what we can achieve. The power is in us, in our genes and in our spirits. The two are linked, just like matter and spirit are linked; matter manifests what is there in spirit. So keep your spirits high!

We are coming out of a dark age of equality, democracy, socialism, and diversity. It took a few centuries, but we realized that the Peasant Revolts and Magna Carta were mistakes, and that we need strong ethnic nationalism and tradition instead of government and civil rights.

The future will be brighter than ever before, and we will rise to new heights. The renewal of the Trump Presidency is just the first step; he is not yet one of us, but he is a good man, and he kicks open the door to more good men coming in to do good things, just like Farage, Johnson, and Bolsonaro.

Leftism — based on the concept of equality — has held sway over our lands for centuries and we have seen a slow but steady decline during that time while we pursuing symbolic realities like equality and altruism. Those days are over; we want to rise again, and get out of this era of decline.

If you remember anything from these debates, remember a strong masculine Trump aggressively dismantling Leftism and replacing it with more: more opportunity, more options, more productivity, more goodness, and more hope.

Let us walk proudly and boldly into this new future. God bless you, Donald J. Trump, and all who support you.

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