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Thursday, June 1st, 2017

by John Murdoch

Hunting the monster has not been a easy task. As I write this I am closing in, but still it remains exclusive.

Long ago I started this hunt by looking out my window. Not because I thought I would see it directly. But maybe I could spot some clues. I started to pay attention to as many things as I could. Be alert and ready everywhere. The most subtle shift in people’s moods and behavior. Whatever triggered the sensation, like being slowly electrocuted, a malevolent invisible energy influencing people around me.

As the months passed I started to pick up more things that where a part of the downfall. I would sometimes think that it was it. There were others out there doing it too. People I could discuss it with. How is this hanging together. What is at the center of all this? It was a hopeless case of dead ends.

I sometimes wonder if it was just a sensation of the entire unity. That the monster was just a insanely complex mechanism of feedback loops running freely and feeding of each other. That it all had become so corrupt, automated and complicated it was in a sense alive and had a will and “soul” of its own. Maybe we just had gradually lost control of it and were being controlled. I considered the thought as more than just a metaphor.

In conversations with a good friend, without doubt one of the smartest people I know, I suggested ideas even more disturbing. What if it was the end time? That this she too described as a “mass psychosis” was some supernatural force attacking us? She did not want to talk about it…I understand why. But sometime during 2016, I really started to consider it seriously. Maybe what I sense is just pure evil…Why not, I certainly believe in evil.

And that led me back to paths I have already been on the days after it. Also disturbing, they all are. What if it is just a collection or sum of my personal demons after all? That the thing out there is in fact my shadow? The dream certainly had some aspect of that. At least it gave me some seriously bouts of guilt.

I found an empty notebook from my school days in the 80s. I brought it to my bedroom and started to write down words on paper. First the symptoms we have now. I drew lines and arrows between them. Traced the ideas and patterns backwards in time. Through intellectual movements, the 60s, the world wars and the ideologies that drove them. I passed 1900. And ended up with three important words that have been in there all the time. Atheism, Marxism and materialism. The last word caught my attention the most, although all three are perhaps expressions of the same thing.

What caused materialism? The idea that everything is just made up of things? A idea that no one has ever proven, but never the less taken shortcuts around proving because they believe it must be so, or want it to be… Closing in…there is s huge vortex drawn in the book. That is my Monster. Before closing the book I drew a arrow pointing at it and wrote “Demiurge?”

For the past five years, I have thrown aside such ideas in favor of a more rational approach. I want it to be impeccable and beyond criticism, like science or an electronic gadget. Finite, discrete, powerful. But these explanations elude me. Maybe it is time to bring the irrational back in…with its most terrifying possible implications.


I first detected anomalies when I began school for the first time. My earliest memories were only the warm air above the desks, the echoes of children singing, playing ball games and running between the buildings.

But after a month at school, I sensed that somewhere far in the background there was slight dissonance. Small traces of some disturbing presence. It could also be described as a feeling of foreboding, that something bad was going on somewhere out of sight. I could not notice anything with my rational eyes that seemed unusual, except the tasteless architecture perhaps. And some strange scent derived the combination of everything that went into a school. This smell was present in most of the buildings that had been built by the state, even though I did not know what a state was back then.

Inside the classroom I did the same thing more and more every day. I would daydream myself out of the room, back to my freedom or further into the unknown out there. Or places that did not exist outside my mind at all. That way I escaped the amplifying feeling of dread. Emerging out of some other place where time and space seemed irrelevant.

Autumn came abruptly. Giant grey clouds built up above it all as the trees became uncovered. During the days giant flocks of bird gathered there before they took of in perfect sync. Leaving for the winter, they seemed eager to get away as well. I used to get there in the morning before the others. I was there alone watching it in some ghostly blue and grey light. Like it was a dream of some sort. Almost like some glasslike substance filled the air. The place felt like it was sick.

I started to withdraw from the others in a cyclical manner. So I could get away from them. After all they showed no signs of noticing any of this. That made me different from them, or perhaps the other way around. Feeling I was being rejected myself, others have frequently accused me of rejecting others. And the last years I have come to realize that their version of that probably is more true than mine.

Inside the classroom things were getting unbearable. I often felt sick through my entire body. The room would get that dreamlike atmosphere and I would do the usual escape into my own mind or focus on everything in the room other than what I was supposed to. The texture of the paper in my book, the desk, the blackboard and the floor.

And then I started to see it. Not with my eyes, but some other strange sense. There was a abhorrent kind of current running through it all. Black and dangerous. Like a relentless but steady flow of billions and billions of tiny ants. Corroding and dissolving everything from inside. Trying to make their way through and pour into the world that was possible to perceive with the five senses.


She appeared out of nowhere one day. I hated her from the first second. There was something wrong with her. She had the current running through her body. She gave the impression of not belonging here at all. She was a interference. A animated body with nothing inside. No soul. Some kind of preprogrammed, robotic being posing as a human.

My friends and the others did not like her either. She was a woman in her early 50s, but it was hard to tell exactly back then since even people who were twenty seemed very old. She had an angry unpleasant face, chubby and with black messy hair reaching down to her shoulder. We were told she was a substitute for one of the usual teachers, not in my class. Except she was there as a extra for one hour once. As if she were there for another purpose entirely…

Her presence was bizarre and in some undefinable way unreasonable. One day me and two others where standing by the main entrance to the oldest part of the building. She came down the stairs from that led to the right wing of the building where the offices were. She yelled at some kids for standing in her way in her rasping metallic voice. She walked past us in her strange gait which reminded me of some troll walking. She passed by us with a white shirt hanging outside of her pants. She went up the stairs that led to the left wing of the building — separated from the right wing by a wide margin and solid walls — and disappeared as quickly as she had first appeared into the door to the oldest section of the school.

My friends would whisper about how they thought she was a witch and other scary beings from folklore and fairytales. We looked at each other. Some remarks about her ugliness. Then I looked up and she caught my eyes, walking down the stairs on the right wing of the building. My friends went quiet. We looked at each other with terrified question marks in our eyes.

We never saw her again after that. I made up some excuse of a rational explanation. She jumped through a window. Or we were mistaken. But the two sections of the school are connected in only place: right where we were standing the whole time. There was not enough time for her to have crept past us. Something else, something irrational, had occurred.

The hatred within

A year later my breathing got shallow and I started to have small dots dancing before my eyes and ants in my legs. I said I needed to go the bathroom and left the room. But instead I went down to the hall and slipped unnoticed out the main door. The black electric current faded as I got the first breaths of fresh air.

I went to the stairs I used to sit on a lot of the time. They were in front of a door on the oldest section. A door that was not in normal use anymore. But I knew it lead into a spiral stair that went all the way up to the classroom at the top. We were not allowed to walk it. We only did it once in a fire drill, not sure if it was before or after this, but I had seen it.

Instead of using my few stolen minutes siting on the stairs I stopped and looked at the hole in the wall to the left of it. I had seen it many times before and sometimes wondered why it was there. It was so big a grown man could put his hand inside it. Of course no one cared about why it was there. The place was few years away from closing because it was a health hazard. I looked around, I was alone and out of sight from all windows. I walked towards it and looked inside. A unpleasant smell of old wood and something else. It looked like the end point of some pipe system for cables. That was probably why it was open. They must have removed some older wires and did not care to close it. I did not want to stick my hand inside it. There where frequently insects crawling inside the classrooms in this section, real ones. They had to come from somewhere. I did not see any though. I took a step back and looked around.

No one was there. An idea took form in my mind. I felt the lovely rage within me, the forbidden one. A subtle smile lit up on my face. I kind of saw it in a mirror in my head. The place was in dire need of a new paint job. I could put something in there and use a few matches. The old building would be doomed and fully ablaze before anyone could stop it. This might burn out the venom and the source of the black energy that cursed me whenever I was in the building.

I could do it in the late evening. Ride my bike just before darkness, through the woods and home again. I would not dare to do that under normal circumstances, but it would be worth the trip. No one would believe I could do such a thing, my body had rushes of excitement. If that happened I would be free for a significant time.

And it occurred to me for the first time. And I wish now I had taken better care of that notion in years to come. That this had no real power over me if I wanted. Because I could do it, who would stop me? Absolutely no one…

But there were rules and codes. Most people had agreed upon them, me too, and it was not fair to cheat that way. Even though they where annoying because the people who reminded everyone else of us about these rules seemed to be those who where willing to take the most and rudest shortcuts around them. I had taken notice of that.

I went back inside. The strange current was gone, for now…


Since starting in this prison I had noticed a lot of other things besides the strange phenomenon I could feel inside it and some of its servants. Things I could put my finger on. When I did that I felt some freedom or sense of being.

Our teacher was a major problem. I had become more and more aware that I did not like the many things she told us. They seem to defy something deep within me and the world as far as I could know it back then.

She would watch us from the desk in the front of the room. The clock above her would slow down until it barely moved forward. Every time I felt she had her eyes on me I would feel a jolt of the current. I tried to escape her attention the best I could. It had become a lot harder as the years passed. Did she know? That I was feeling that something was off. Of course she did and that was probably the worst crime of them all. Although I never felt she was one of them as such, she obviously on some level thought it was very bad to observe such things.

She was watching everyone and where constantly interfering with what we did outside the classroom. Who spent time with who and what groups formed. If she did not approve of it, she would do projects to correct it and force us to do it another way. Most often with ideas that would make us all stay together in activities. Match and replace, she seemed to enjoy it a lot, or maybe just felt it was wanted and expected of her.

There were frequent conflicts. I hated the way she solved them. We were supposed to share the blame equally and say sorry. No matter whose fault it might have been. It felt very unjust to me. I got into trouble when I had to, avoided it mostly if not. When I had been the person to blame it felt wrong too. This “evening out” seemed to benefit the worst people more than anyone else. No matter what kind of cruel behavior, they would never get much more than half the blame and punishment anyways. In other words…no punishment at all. It all seemed set up for them, not the rest of us.

We would have project days where we would learn about some other country where they where worse of than lucky us. I did not mind learning about it. It was interesting enough in itself. I liked to read about it on my own. But I hated how she would almost talk down on us. We seemed to somehow be inferior to those people in Nepal, Guatemala and various places in Africa, despite the obvious evidence of the contrary.

Africa…The way she said that word. With a kind of longing sigh. Africa…she almost whispered it in a way. Her eyes would get a dreamy glance and she would give the impression of hovering above the floor as her mind went to, well, probably Africa. Or perhaps some fantasy version of it in her head. She had never been there as far as I knew.

It was about how much more connected to something else they where it seemed. Like nature. I had absolutely no interest in nature beyond the atmospheres and sensory impressions it gave me where I was. It’s laws and functions and living tightly together with it seemed odd. She brought a soap made of cow shit as proof. I did not want to touch it. And the other strange smelling objects did not impress me much more. It all stank, not just literary, but on a deeper level.

Even more I hated her praise of this UN thing. It made me suspicious. It was some kind of police that could interfere with and put itself above nations to make peace. I found war much more interesting. I played war games with people, on computers, had soldiers and tanks made of plastic, books about weaponry. And I loved airplanes above all. In particular those interior to Africa supersonic ones with weapons on them. War was one of the things that filled most of my spare time. Not just me, but most others too. I was not special in that way compared to others. And it was obviously very bad, but I did not care.

But I had very little thoughts about race anyways. We had two Asians on our school, and one student from Malaysia in my class. All adopted here. And they were not seen as negative by me or others. The guy in my class was one of us, and even one of those I hung out with outside school. I also thought a few lucky escapees from those places coming here was alright and that we should take care of those who did. We never got the impression that we would be flooded with them. No one told us anything about that. However if anyone had I’m sure I would have reacted earlier.

I never connected any of this to the monstrous force, strange mechanical people and dark currents surging through everyday objects and suffocating me, as if I were disrupted by a fear for which I had no words.

Catching Up

Monday, May 29th, 2017

The last year has been a blur of activity for those on the Right. Liberal Democracy and Leftism finally piled enough shackles on the ruins of Western Civilization that it went straight into free-fall. Other than a few obedient cucks, everyone is living an uncertain, Soviet-style existence. Dissent grows.

To keep up, we should revisit all of the realizations that brought you to the point of being anti-modern, or having adopted a viewpoint other than the equality/materialism/control needle offered by the moderns. Take a deep breath, and let us revisit the situation.

Imagine yourself the apostate angel of a dying god. You carry on the original beliefs of that god, but he has forsaken them or given up on them. As a result, unlike the usual rebel angel, you are a rebel angel for philosophical reasons and yet, in fire, you are cast from Heaven and find yourself falling…

The first thing you notice is that there is a separation between what people say and what they do. Everything feels like a salesjob at some point, because you meet people who brag about their families, work, and hobbies and then, when you get to know them, you find out that they have made a mountain out of a molehill. Nothing is as cool as it is presented as being.

This leads you to wonder why people so adamantly assert that they are happy and content. You start to see a second layer to society, where underneath the advertising, politics and social talk, there is a vast darkness growing. People lie to make themselves look good, but in doing so, they reveal that things are far from well.

After that you may notice how people spend their time. Their activities are designed for public consumption, or in other words, for other people to look at and think how this activity reflects the perfect life, like a still photo from an advertisement or a scene from a movie.

At that point, you realize that you have been had. This entire civilization is a salesjob, which means that something is being concealed, because every successful sale involves a lower-value object being sold at higher prices.

The unraveling begins. You see how the perfect marriages consist of strangers using each other; how the perfect jobs are life-devouring; how the perfect social life means deference to others constantly and thus erosion of the soul of the individual.

And falling…

Even more, you start to see the insanity of democracy. Problems arise, and panic results, until someone suggests an “alternative problem” to focus on instead of the actual problem. Everything that is public is distraction, but in private, people tell you their fears.

Quickly you start to see the public sphere as entirely performative, or in other words, gesturing at an idea removed from its actual agenda. All is deception. You become cold, and clutch your coat close to you, but you realize you are outnumbered.

At this point, you start to distrust altruism, acceptance, tolerance and philanthropy because you see that people act in self-interest, and the best way to disguise that is to hide it behind a publicly signaled intention toward “niceness.”

Now you start to distrust niceness itself. Of course salespeople are nice; they want you to buy something. Of course politicians are nice; they want votes. Of course people in a social setting are nice; they want lots of friends.

You distrust any public statement because there is a private motivation behind each one. IN an egalitarian society, everyone is competing to rise above the rest, because “equal” now means mediocre, forgotten and impoverished.

Still falling…

When you accept equality as a workable ideal, everything in this society makes sense. Once you realize that equality is a lie that also produces bad results, you have been cast out of the light of social acceptability. You know this is a dying time.

You can no longer trust democracy; it is the triumph of salesmen, manipulating vast herds of selfish neurotic people, over sanity. You cannot trust any public statements because they are designed to conceal, not reveal.

It is also hard for you to trust media, science and academia because you realize that each person in these fields is telling other people what they want to hear in order to advance himself. The same is true in business and explains the large amount of non-productive and unnecessary activity.

You then start to look more critically at movies, books and music. All of these are playing the same game: the profit comes from a product that tells most people what they want to hear but hides that fact behind novelty and symbol.

Now you find yourself in a world without culture or truth.


So now your knowledge becomes practical. You see how sexual liberation has made people faithless and destroyed the family. You see how diversity is designed to genetically erase the founding population and replace them with compliant customer-voters.

You see how the basis of an egalitarian society, which is manipulating masses or “control,” has led to terrible results and turns people into dependents who externalize their thinking to the herd. You feel the fear and instability in the crowd.

It is impossible to support any aspect of this society because its core assumptions are bad. This means it has to go. But how to replace it, and be sure that one is digging deep enough to get the root?

When the root is equality, it is a long dig indeed.

To Reign In Hell

At this point, you have become an interesting apostate. You believe in the ideal of your god, but that god has fallen, and so now you are “evil” in a time when “good” is evil. All is inverted and nothing is trustworthy.

This leads you to understand that to dig deep, you do not need to dig at all. Our problem is that our purpose was lost, and our system of values serves that purpose so has been corrupted as well. We must find that purpose again.

You know that until that happens, all that you do will be for naught. If you do good, it will be put into the service of evil; if you do evil, it furthers evil by increasing chaos. The only solution is to go another direction.

This direction cannot be linearly opposed to our erroneous assumptions. The solution to equality being a disaster is not to embrace inequality as a goal in itself, but to realize why inequality produces better results, and to aim for the principle that recognizes better results over worse ones.

You are totally apostate. Totally alone. You oppose democracy, diversity, and are starting to see how the entire system is designed to support those who are delusional in endorsing these things. It resembles organized crime or a scam to you now.

You see how even the people attempting to do good are lost because they are busy being focused on what they dislike, without having a plan for another direction. As a result, they become a mirror image of what they hate.

It also becomes clear how the vast majority of people are like drug addicts or zombies, going through the motions of what worked in the past and the symbols that made people happy, but mostly hellbent on remaining in denial and comfortable oblivion.

In your heart, you want it all to burn; in your logical mind, you realize that if you can just re-direct us toward a better purpose, natural competition and streamlining will remove most of the corruption. But so few people understand, and so many are insane.

It becomes clear to you now how ancient societies failed. Everyone said what everyone else seemed to like, and so these societies agreed on unrealistic ideas as their basis, and then followed those ideas in a death spiral into the grave.

You can now see the core principle of escaping modernity. People do what others like, or what is profitable. This is the inversion of how a sane person does things, which is to choose what is right — realistic, good, beautiful and true — and do it so that doing right then becomes profitable.

There is no escape from this living hell. There is only triumph, or watching it all finally vanish in slow oblivion, eroded biologically and philosophically until nothing remains but a giant cubicle farm / shopping mall filled with soulless beige people.

Now you are ready to face what will come.


Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

by John Murdoch

One day in October I left my phone behind and gingerly walked up up to the small cabin that sits above the house in the hill behind it. I often go up there just to sit and take in the view the view. I visit often to think about important and troubling things.

A fragmented movie played in my mind. I tried to make sense of it by speeding it up, slowing it down and running it in reverse. It contained events recorded by me in periods where I have ghosted around in some strange dreamlike experience of life and the world.

I was mostly interested in what it showed from the spring of 2007 and up until now. Because something happened then. The way I experienced life had changed. These strange distorted sensory experiences had happened before but took a more permanent hold of me then.

But for the first time i started to doubt that. Because it had now become clear that it was never “just me,” it was the rest of society as well. They had all changed because of something…and I seemed to have noticed it and resisted it and barely hung on to my sanity.

I let the tape roll from the summer that just passed. I remembered me and my friends at parties. Everyone agreed that more refugees was not a good idea. For once the others said so. I was thrilled people where finally reaching the point I had done in the spring of 94. As it turned out, I was tragically wrong.

Shortly after that I saw a picture of a dead boy on a beach in every newspaper, on every television channel and big website. People became hysterical. Mass psychosis like a surreal nightmare unfolded before my eyes, again, with a strength beyond anything I had seen before or beloved possible. I remembered me and a friend drinking coffee in town. Some stupid girl siting at the nearby table in some religious ecstasy proclaiming loudly she wanted to get permission from school to go help refugees…

Then came the total meltdown of everything.

But now I saw the surreal world from the outside. I passed my old landlady on the street. The memories of her had plagued me ever since because my senses had registered that she was a incarnation of a pattern I had observed since childhood. She was part of a destructive force that could manifest itself in anything. Buildings, people, behavior, music and art. She was a monster. She was one of them. The beings destroying us from the inside.

I suddenly realized that all those years filled with strange sensations, feelings of dread coming out of absolutely nowhere, sensations of unreality combined with strange thoughts I never could describe and long lasting deep black pitfalls was not a mental illness but a recognition of what was real, and the converse recognition that our society had become a disease of the mind in itself.

That thought made the entire Lynch-like movie in my head organize and click into place in a way no therapy, chemicals or attempts had ever done before. I could now reconstruct the dark spiral running through my past the right way. I was certain now. Life was in the clutches of a monster, and people who gave in to it by insisting that it was normal, also became monsters.

Perhaps not the most original metaphor, but on some deep primal level it was just that. And I had just realized that I had seen it all along.

The Monster

That night I went to sleep in my old bedroom. The one I spent most nights in my first 15 years. I soon fell into deep sleep. Somewhere between darkness and dawn I was back again.

I was just a child again. Everything about the room was the same as back then. The same old bed and furniture configured in the way it used to be. The house was silent and the night had crept inside and made the room dark long ago. My parents were sleeping on the other side of the wall behind my head.

From my childhood, I knew the rules: no hands or feet sticking out over the edge of the bed, and I should hide under my covers with no openings. Well, except one, a small one gap to see out of. I could see the window. The lamp high on the wall outside lit the room enough to recognize the familiar objects in it.

There was a small opening in the curtains over the window. When the monster looked in, as I knew it would, I could see it without it noticing. I tried not to breathe too loud. Every heartbeat was an hour long. And the night crept by like a river.

At some point I could not take it anymore. I broke all the rules, the floor like ice under my feet for the three wide steps it took to get to the door. Like a ghost I slipped out into the corridor, passing the bedroom of my sleeping parents and pacing through the dangerous living shadows in the darkened house. Exposed to the window by the front door, I pressed myself flat against the wall and reached slowly up toward the light switch.

My fingers touched the plastic, grasped it. I slowly pulled it down and the light outside went off. The monster disappeared. With relief, and suddenly exhausted, I shuffled back to my bedroom again, excited by my own cleverness. The monster was no longer in my eyes and I was looking forward to sleep, since rest had eluded me for most of the nights during the past few years.

I smiled as I opened the door and go inside the bedroom. The warm covers call to me. But then cold air hits me like a breath from an open grave. Dread rushes through my body like electric current. I freeze as the ground opens up beneath me and my heartbeat stops. Summoning any bravery remaining, I looked out the window. It was wide open with the curtains pulled all the way to the sides, a grey purple twilight outside. I rushed to it and breathed in the cold air. I can hear footsteps moving away between the houses…

I wake in 2015 choking. I sit up in my bed. The first light comes through the side of the curtains. I slowly recover my calmness. Then incredible sadness follows. I look at the wall. I know they did not know. If I even could have told them, I knew they would have protected me. They always did.

I stand up. Pull the curtains aside and open the window. I breathe the cold air. Silence. I lean out and whisper to it:

“I’m coming after you now…”


After things crystallized that night I started to sort out the thoughts and observations that pushed this knowledge into the conscious realm and right at the center of everything that ever bothered me. That presence I sensed as a monster. At the time I had no idea what exactly it was. Only how I perceived and sensed it.

The school years, leftism, immigration, feminism, breakdown of traditions, centralization and young people fleeing into the big cities. Constant atheistic black oil down people’s throats by people who claimed to be enlightened in science. More and more invasive control and regulations by a fat ever-growing state. Local businesses being swallowed up by bigger corporations owned by bigger ones outside the land or just being crushed out of existence by them. People fading into more and more disposable behavior until they where shadows of what they used to be. Getting lazy, indifferent, selfish, reduced empathy and decency. Engaging in more and more selfish hedonistic behavior and becoming unwilling or unable to stand up for, value or fight for anything anymore. The usual list of things. And this “thing” or monster was at the center of it all.

This was part of a spiritual struggle that must have been going on for very long and was about to crush us completely very soon.

I decided to break out of it. The years since 2012 had thrown me out into a world so distorted that I could not adapt to it, and attempts to do so made it even worse. I had been floating around in some surreal parody where everyone got worse and worse since than. Not a new thing as mentioned earlier, but I had been centered and able escape it more until then. Seeing it from a mostly good place was bad enough, having to deal with it outside of the things that made life meaningful was something else.

But there was the problem. More and more people started to behave like them. Almost like it was contagious. There where always some of these people there who were born towards this kind of behavior and ideologies. And I was certain they had infiltrated society and that the rise of social media and smartphones had helped them do it more intensely. And everyone had at least some of these in their social circle upholding the spell.

I also noticed them all over forums and comment sections as well. Spewing out their civilization-wrecking poison dressed up in nice language and backed up by so-called science. And I knew it worked well. Because very few people out there could detect the sheer lust for destroying and dissolving written between the lines. The pattern manifested again…

The people I talk about now have some interesting things in common. After over three decades of studying them it was not just a feeling or suspicion anymore. The people around me who pushed this kinds of agenda and lifestyles almost always had at least many of these traits and more often than not, all of them:

  • Lying
  • Serial cheaters
  • Promiscuity
  • Unable to keep relationships together and having new ones often.
  • Loud and proud promoters of deviant sexual behavior.
  • Using hard drugs
  • Indifference to keeping promises and appointments.
  • Belittling others with passive-aggressive methods.
  • Obvious cases of Cluster B personality disorders.

Men tended toward sociopathic and narcissistic traits. Woman preferred borderline personality disorder and histrionic traits. I use the psychiatric terms only because they describe “evil people with socially undesirable traits” well.

I took “samples” of groups of people from the general population in normal settings. Like your class in public schools, the people you know of in town, the community and so on. You will of course find more or less of these people in more. And every time I did that the result was always the same. The people who were pushing these agendas corresponded with this cluster of unpleasant individuals like clockwork. This was the first time I noticed how these behaviors correlated to r / K strategies.

And of the hysteria unfolding on Facebook, I could only observe that most of the people engaging in this behavior were the ones “owned” by the monsters, so it would require wiping out 90% of my network just to establish sanity, and this was obviously out of the question. I wanted to find these individuals and get rid of them. Sometimes you think that turning off the porch light makes the monster go away, but really, he just goes elsewhere to do his work unnoticed by you. Most of the people in my country have been turning off the porch light for generations and going back to sleep, and during that time, the monsters have become much stronger.

No one dared to challenge the dogma of the monsters at that point. Except on anonymous forums and chats. But I had felt that something outside of myself spoke to me. Some part of my identity that we all shared in some way. So I decided to protest, post links and YouTube videos. Start the clean out and hopefully inspire others who felt the same to dare do it. If I was right we where a lot of people out there thinking in some sort of sync because of this connection. I saw a new order rising that way. Or hoped it would. And I guess it has, not to the extent my optimism told me though, but we are getting there.

I came up with some ideas or tactics. Partly on my own, but I noticed others online making the same conclusion. No more “I’m not a racist..”. I would rather say “Hell yeah!” No more trying to convince people with the terms and language they used. That language should be destroyed. And I would not moderate or apologize. And last but not least. If anyone threatened to drop me as a friend I would thank them and tell them to go to hell. And I would not give into any pleads to stop no matter what the loss would be.

There are many like me out here. We ended up on the Alt Right because we have seen the monster, and while we do not have words for it nor are 100% sure of how to fix the problem, we are tired of turning off the porch light and hearing the monster shuffle off to somewhere else to grow stronger and hurt someone else. We are ready to fight.

The Turning Over

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

Politics flows downstream from culture. Amerikan culture has been a lifestyle septic tank since at least the late 1960s/early 1970s. Its degeneration has been ongoing, negative monotonic and this description can be extended without loss of generality to all genres of art, music and entertainment. This is a deterministic rather than a stochastic process. It’s being driven. And yet, like a downwelling ocean current, it is leading to a great turning over.

So what do? You give it The Nickelback treatment and turn that crap off. All of it. Cut the cord. Let ESCCCP pay $100M for an NFL Wildcard game and lose $75M on the deal. Let Shia LeBeoufCake make a brave stand against Donald J. Trump. His latest movie has opened so well in the UK that he has earned Le Sobriquet “3-Ticket LeBeouf.”

Ignoring the culture of the Left drains much of its mythology. Increased levels of sophistication in homeschooling and private school attendance are killing the Leftist monopoly over the minds of young children. Anywhere opportunities exist for the alternatives to Consumerist Oligarchical Collectivism to be heard, the Left begins losing. Where parents are unable to avail themselves to these resources, they simply vote against oppression with their U-Hauls.

Breaking the monopoly colleges and universities have over social accreditation has been a slower and more quixotic process. Coding Boot Camps are offering you the chance to do it the hard way. Prior to the assertion that everyone had to go to college to be capable of advanced mental work, lawyers could “Read Laws” and pass the bar examination. Get your legal education the same way Tom Jefferson* and Abraham Lincoln did. And if none of that works out, I’ve never met a competent plumber whose kids went hungry or who couldn’t afford an ice cold bottle of beer.

If a large enough plurality takes the some version of The Benedict Option; the system gets starved and the propaganda drones on pointlessly like Nietzche’s preacherman in the trackless wilderness. It is they, not you, who exist in disconcerting isolation. What then happens? At first, not much.

HollyOrc can afford to fund LeBeouf’s reality abatement program until his current studio contract expires and then perhaps bring in someone even more insipidly vapid in its gender fluidity. The New York Times can perhaps find one more Carlos Slim to flense. The WaPo another Jeff Bezos. Faceberg and Twitleft ads eventually have to reach a user that isn’t just a bot. Social Media requires the participation of a society. Yet, absent the majority of the US Population, each of these facets of The Matrix will run out of it’s most vital source of fuel. Your attention and your wallets. It will collapse.

When it goes down, it will go down into the Marinas Trench. This will force an upwelling of something else. Be ready to seize that opportunity. It may or may not go better in the future, but that won’t be because you won’t have your turn at bat. Withdraw your support. Cut them off like a crappy Nickelback Song, but be ready. You may not be interested in the collapse, but the collapse will get very interested in you. Fixing the shambles you increasingly see around you will become your job and your duty. You don’t even have to particularly want it.

* — It’s $79,473 per year cheaper than studying law at Mr. Jefferson’s University….

How Franklin Delano Roosevelt Invented Modern Leftism

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

When we look at Leftism, it makes sense to analyze it as a series of road forks and straightaways. It continues on its inertial path until interrupted, then adapts to the new reality, and continues onward, gaining momentum. These points both reveal to us the great villains of our age, and how their ideas are inevitable extrapolations from the original concept of “equality.”

Consider, perhaps, the case of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He presided over a war against the quasi-Right, partnered with the far Left, and despite his own elitist outlook, defined the next several generations of Leftism with one incendiary speech:

This Republic had its beginning, and grew to its present strength, under the protection of certain inalienable political rights — among them the right of free speech, free press, free worship, trial by jury, freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures. They were our rights to life and liberty.

As our Nation has grown in size and stature, however — as our industrial economy expanded — these political rights proved inadequate to assure us equality in the pursuit of happiness.

We have come to a clear realization of the fact that true individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence. “Necessitous men are not free men.” People who are hungry and out of a job are the stuff of which dictatorships are made.

In our day these economic truths have become accepted as self-evident. We have accepted, so to speak, a second Bill of Rights under which a new basis of security and prosperity can be established for all regardless of station, race, or creed.

Among these are:

The right to a useful and remunerative job in the industries or shops or farms or mines of the Nation;

The right to earn enough to provide adequate food and clothing and recreation;

The right of every farmer to raise and sell his products at a return which will give him and his family a decent living;

The right of every businessman, large and small, to trade in an atmosphere of freedom from unfair competition and domination by monopolies at home or abroad;

The right of every family to a decent home;

The right to adequate medical care and the opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health;

The right to adequate protection from the economic fears of old age, sickness, accident, and unemployment;

The right to a good education.

All of these rights spell security. And after this war is won we must be prepared to move forward, in the implementation of these rights, to new goals of human happiness and well-being.

Although the precious darlings in the cosmopolitan cities refused to recognize this, Roosevelt has essentially demanded that Leftism move from its first step — political equality, a result of equality under the law being interpreted pre-emptively — to its second step, in which a wealthy but dying society assumes that economic subsidies are required to give people political equality.

Those who have read this blog for some time know that we have a hardline anti-work attitude because jobs are jails. This does not mean we are against requiring all to contribute, because a civilization is made of contributors. Some will do so without jobs, and these are usually the best among us. For most, all that they know how to do is pitch in where others give them direction.

American conservatives in particular hammer out the “work hard, go to church, and have a family” line that keeps conservatives neutralized and paying taxes to fund the Leftist state. An anti-work conservative sees this, and transmutes “work hard” — nonsense language designed to mean “spend all your time at work” — into an intersection of be effective and contribute.

For example, some live impoverished lives but care for a patch of forest or aspect of culture. These are contributors, too, even if they get paid little. Others, such as homemakers, contribute more than their fair share by perpetuating the tribe and raising children to be morally alert, mentally perceptive and physically healthy.

This means that for a thinking person, there is a middle path between “work hard” and “subsidize everyone.” This path is to reduce the amount of time people spend working, to make jobs less odious, and to recognize that not all contributions come from jobs. With the advances in efficiency from technology, we should be working a few hours a day, but instead work far longer to pay for the free riders, government, irrelevant “experts” and do-gooder social programs that benefit no one.

Socialism destroys the chance of this path by taking from the contributors and giving to non-contributors. This ensures that contributors work longer hours and the group of non-contributors grows. Instead of fixing a problem by limiting it, by subsidizing the source of the problem, socialism makes it permanent and prone to take over a society.

With the above, Roosevelt set out an argument for socialism by going back to the root of idea of America, which is that people must be politically equal without a hierarchy of caste or aristocrats. This gives in to the weakest impulses of human nature and guarantees that people will, instead of cooperating, go in many different directions and compete against one another, creating internal friction.

He justifies it by appealing to our prosperity and saying, essentially, that since we can afford it, it is a good idea. In doing so he created the modern “big government” which uses a justification of egalitarianism to argue for its endless expansion and debt spending. But most interesting was this:

In the plain down-to-earth talks that I had with the Generalissimo and Marshal Stalin and Prime Minister Churchill, it was abundantly clear that they are all most deeply interested in the resumption of peaceful progress by their own peoples — progress toward a better life. All our allies want freedom to develop their lands and resources, to build up industry, to increase education and individual opportunity, and to raise standards of living.

The argument for “progress” arises again, which amounts to the increase of the personal wealth of the individual and using “education” as an excuse for how we will make rabble into wise decision-makers, a power they will exercise with the vote. This disease was spreading across the civilized world, much as egalitarianism had after the French Revolution.

Almost a century on, we can see that Roosevelt was wrong. Instead of increasing wealth, this pattern of policies reduces it by increasing the cost of every detail of the process through the taxes and costs imposed by the welfare state. Even worse, it has made citizens into entitled, destructive people.

We like to think that all people are good and like us, if just left to their own devices will do the right thing. History shows us otherwise: without a strong social order and hierarchy, people devolve into a mob in which each pursues his own interest at the expense of all others. Egalitarianism does not work.

In that context, we can see the history of Leftism as a series of failures:

  1. Legal equality. The idea of all people being equal under the law seems intelligent, until we realize that this means that wrongdoers have their bad deeds expunged and good people are unable to point to their history of positive contributions. This results in penalization of the good, which causes them to retreat from public life as much as possible in order to avoid conflict with the wrongdoers who will use the courts against them. This creates the apathy and rootlessness common to modern societies.
  2. Political equality. Notions of all people having the same contribution to the political process appeal to the same portion of our minds that finds pacifism appealing; if we remove the source of contention, we “reason,” then people have no cause to act irrationally. This denies the fact that most people act in illogical ways much of the time, and when they can cancel out the few votes of the sane with their number, they do so every time, which makes the illogical into policy and then into ideal. This causes the most intelligent in society to essentially give up on it and its future and act for themselves only, creating a predatory mindset.
  3. Economic equality. In order to defend against the “winner takes all” mentality created by political equality, Leftists then demand economic subsidies, taking the form of socialism or the welfare state, in order to keep people from being ground under by the resulting highly competitive and violent socioeconomic battle. This further penalizes the most intelligent, driving them into retreat from success, while enabling those whose intent is to deceive and profit at the expense of others to the fore, effectively corrupting the social structure of society.

Where does it go after this? Let us revisit the original endgame of Leftism, which we might call The Napoleonic Cycle. Revolutionaries overthrow the more-intelligent upper castes, establish subsidies, and promptly end up in a greater plight economically than they had experienced before.

Their solution is to throw out more subsidies and go to an authoritarian state in order to force people to do what is necessary for the nation to survive. When this fails, they mobilize the nation by non-economic means, usually warfare. This creates a cycle where there must be constant warfare and so the wars expand in scope until the world is absorbed in them.

The same pattern happened with the Soviet Union. When it struggled economically, it was at its most militant, and when that failed, it collapsed inward and dissolved into third world kleptocracy and chaos. Its satellite republics suffered the same fate, leaving behind failed states.

When we embarked on the Roosevelt path, the West began to suffer The Napoleonic Cycle. The modern West, comprised of welfare states like the EU and USA, devoted itself to the welfare state, and now has no option but to expand the state while keeping the population in a state of terror through constant warfare, crisis, crime and instability.

As history churns on, we see — yet again, as these little wake-up calls happen every few millennia — that there is one right way to have a rising civilization, and that as we have deviated from this, living off the wealth of the past, we have decline both as individuals and as cultures. If we do not fully escape egalitarianism, it will consume us.

Focus On What Is Important

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

Over at The Woodpile Report, the dominant theme for the future of Right-wing thinking emerges:

In the Middle East every step is a misstep. It can’t be any other way. Personally, it wouldn’t bother me overmuch if the whole place went code red and everyone with a trigger pulled same. Let the purists sob quietly in a corner, I care about America and western civilization, all else is either under suspicion or entertainment.

While the first part of this statement is rhetoric more than reality — nuclear war toxifies the rest of us with radiation, and the middle east must be managed or it becomes an even worse threat, either by itself or in the hands of other wannabe superpowers — the rest is pure gold, a distillation of what the Alt Right and other “original Rightist” types should be thinking.

Revisiting that statement:

I care about America and western civilization, all else is either under suspicion or entertainment.

Restoring Western Civilization is the name of the game. We know it has fallen because at the point where you get Angela Merkel and Barack Obama as leaders, your civilization has gone full retard and can no longer make intelligent decisions. Even more, we know that it has fallen because our people have stopped reproducing at replacement rates, a sure sign that they are miserable.

Even more, we can tell that it has failed because it no longer produces greatness. We have entertainment, not culture, and novelty and trends instead of profundity and continuous tradition in art, literature, philosophy, science and academia. Our governments are just beginning to encounter the pensions-and-benefits bomb that will end them, and our economies are reeling because we have imposed too many costs on them in order to drain money for our expensive social welfare states and diversity programs. There are no sane voices in public because too many things are taboo to say. It is over, and we knew this would happen, because democracy always goes out this way.

More disturbingly, something had to go wrong for us to get to the state where democracy seemed like a good idea. All of our great empires self-destructed, like the Romans and Greeks, and that alone tells us that people were thinking wrongly, maybe looking for what was convenient instead of what was right according to a natural order based on purpose and ability. We grew too fast, produced too many useless people, and then justified ourselves with The Enlightenment,™ after which point the individual was sacrosanct and any idea of cooperation, sacrifice, duty, familial loyalty, spiritual belief and culture was suspect.

In short, Western Civilization has died. This quote comes up every now and again, and seems to fit:

Someone once asked Mahatma Gandhi what he thought of Western civilization. “I think it would be a good idea,” he said.*

We can restore this civilization the way we restore anything else: trim out the dead wood and replace it, fix the structure so it is functional again, then clean it up and nurture it until works again. Like Bob Vila on This Old House, we might choose to tear down the ill-advised additions, put in the old pillars that kept the porch from leaning, and add some improvements if we can.

Forget America. As much as it pains me to say it, America has failed because it was based on a Leftist idea. You cannot have equality and a working society. You need a leadership hierarchy and a caste system. With democracy, you end up with internally divided leadership, which avoids the extremes of broken European rule at the time but compromises to the Left and dissolves in factionalism.

The Constitution is dead. It was a nifty idea that we could limit democracy. Forget it: democracy evolved and worked around it and now we have the exact type of state that our Founders loathed. Forget America as an idea, too; it made sense when it was a colony of Western Europeans, but once we let in other groups it turned into a non-culture, a giant shopping mall that will kill you for not being democratic enough.

This leaves us with Western Civilization. How do we restore it? Five percent of our society are “natural leaders,” or people whose innate competence leads others to rely on them. We need these people to understand what the goal is and then for others to emulate them. Then we need to take over and make changes. Any other methods can be ad hoc because they are not permanent.

When we get to the point where there is a cultural sense of Western European identity, a monarchic system with supporting aristocracy, a caste system whose higher echelons guide culture and consumer products, a resistance to socialism and equality of all kinds, and a sense of purpose again including that beyond this world, then we will be reborn. Until that time, we suffer.

Steve King Deftly Hides The Ball And Covertly Introduces The Actual Topic

Wednesday, March 15th, 2017

Before the inevitable backtracking, Steve King made a provocative statement:

We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.

Almost everyone focused on the obvious bait, the pro-nationalist idea of not using “somebody else’s babies,” which leads us to realize that a civilization is comprised of an ethnic group and without that, its culture and values fade away. This offends the Left, which rejects any unit higher than the individual, and so provoked a storm.

However, King should be understood as more crafty than that. He used the controversy — following the lead of Donald Trump — to introduce the more important part of the statement as non-controversial. That segment is:

We [must] restore our civilization

By implying the necessity of restoration, King pointed out the obvious: the West has died, and now the remnant of sane people of Western European descent are focused on rebuilding. We are not, like mainstream conservatives, attempting to “conserve” a golden age within modernity; we realize that modernity was the death of what our ancestors build, and we now must rebuild entirely.

King doubled down on this later:

You cannot rebuild your civilization with somebody else’s babies. You’ve got to keep your birth rate up, and that you need to teach your children your values. In doing so, you can grow your population, you can strengthen your culture, and you can strengthen your way of life.

The above is a roadmap. First, we recognize the need to rebuild our civilization; next, we see that this happens through a specific genetic profile inherent to Western European people; finally, this is the only way to strengthen our culture and values (“way of life”). Our nation it is people, he tells us, but more importantly, our nation has failed and must be reborn.

This rebirth comes through people. These people have a tripartite of traits: Western European genetics, Western European culture, and Western European values. The sleepwalking Left missed the importance of this statement, which was hidden behind a statement that, while controversial to Leftist whites, has been accepted by others in the days since the death of diversity as a viable concept.

Western Civilization has fallen. It can be reborn through this tripartite, but it will require us to get away from both Leftist whites and Other tribes. King used the Trump method to signal this to his audience, and people support it because they are slowly realizing how corrupted, ruined and degraded the former West has become, necessitating its abandonment and re-creation.

In times of a dying civilization, all that is good is bad. Any steps we take to strengthen our nations, communities or institutions simply empower the parasites around us and prolong the mundane death scene of the West. In bad times, good people become destroyers, crushing the old institutions because they are now weapons of the enemy (“socialized entropy,” we might call it).

Part of this includes destroying the governments and quasi-cultures that rule over us. We want these entities to die because any positive changes we make will be co-opted by these forces and used for evil purposes. Think of the West as a house infested by termites: we must burn it to the ground, kill the bugs and then build an entirely new civilization free of parasites.

Civilizations Die By Suicide, Not Murder

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

On the Left, where people are presumed to be universally good because they have reason and therefore are reasonable, it is presumed that civilizations die from external forces like war, climate change or disease.

To the Right, however, the more realistic scenario is that humans destroy their own civilizations by insisting on ideas that are personally flattering to them, and that this creates insane leadership and social decay, both at the hands of the thronging mob and the oblivious bourgeoisie, who ignore anything but jobs and wealth and thus work to obliterate necessary social standards.

On the Bell Curve, the two problem areas are then the far-left of lower-IQ people and the area slightly above them, where people who are smart but not intelligent enough to understand that life changes in response to our actions or failure to take action, and therefore that they cannot alter society — taking something from it — without needing to also strengthen it by maintaining social order outside commerce.

The union of these two groups results in a cult of individualism which subverts leadership and destroys culture, creating decay that manifests in a cascade of symptoms, much as we observe in the fall of one of the grandest civilizations to walk this earth, the ancient Maya:

Archaeologists have long puzzled over what caused what is known as the Classic Maya collapse in the ninth century A.D., when many of the ancient civilization’s cities were abandoned. More recent investigations have revealed that the Maya also experienced an earlier collapse in the second century A.D.—now called the Preclassic collapse—that is even more poorly understood.

University of Arizona archaeologist Takeshi Inomata and his colleagues suggest in a new paper, to be published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, that both collapses followed similar trajectories, with multiple waves of social instability, warfare and political crises leading to the rapid fall of many city centers.

…While more general chronologies might suggest that the Maya collapses occurred gradually, this new, more precise chronology indicates more complex patterns of political crises and recoveries leading up to each collapse.

The West is currently trying to decide whether it will extricate itself from a similar death spiral, sculpted from class warfare, diversity, equality, democracy and consumerism.

Donald J. Trump Becomes The 45th President Of The United States

Friday, January 20th, 2017

Official White House live cam here:

As far as the usual profound “out with the old, in with the new” commentary that you expect from websites today — and remember, consumer expectation defines the product — there is only this to say: the election of Donald J. Trump was a strong rebuke to Leftism and the ideals of liberal democracy, which places equality above realistic competence on its list of demands, and the crest of a wave which is the people of the West reacting to the gradual Leftist takeover since the French Revolution.

Leftism is rationalization of decline. Our civilization has been in decline for a thousand years, but decline is a gradual process, and its final stage is liberal democracy and Leftism, including disastrous programs like gender equality, normalizing perversity, diversity, socialism and pacifism. Leftism is insanity. The election of Donald J. Trump is the first of many “baby steps” toward reversing and choosing a new direction not just away from Leftism, but from civilization decline itself.

Why Do Civilizations Die?

Saturday, December 3rd, 2016


A specter haunts humanity: the knowledge that our best societies tend to implode after a relatively short time. It makes us wonder if thought itself betrays us, or if there is something dark inside of us that destroys all we hope for.

The actuality may be more prosaic. Civilizations tend to pursue the same goals, and over their lifespan, reach a point where they lack inherent purpose because their former purpose, having stable civilization, has been achieved.

At that point, errors arise. Specifically, the human tendency to collapse inward without a purpose gives rise to individualism, or the desire to reduce the risk of doing wrong by making wrong and right arbitrary categories determined by human intent alone. If you mean well, then whatever you did was acceptable, even if it turned out badly. This gives rise to ideology.

There must be a center to life. It is either found in purpose, which requires accepting reality as it is, or the self, which is formed of material reactions. Reliance on the self creates individualists who then bond together into groups through a form of collectivized individualism known as Crowdism.

This viewpoint is necessarily “dark” because it denies good, which requires purpose that acknowledges the need for balance and harmony with the order of nature, which is larger than human intent can encompass. Good requires interacting with reality and improving our lot in it according to the terms and structure of reality, and this offends the ego because it makes purpose, not the self, the focus of living.

Control is the method used to achieve the Crowdist agenda. Control occurs through “means over ends” thinking, which rejects ends because they create a goal that competes with the self. The darkness in humanity is the part of each of us that wants to be the most important thing in the world, replacing reality and the divine.

Our time derives its dark nature from this pursuit of Control, which creates neurosis by removing purpose and replacing it with methods that do not achieve their aims. In that shadowy and conflicted mental state, people become agents of destruction. This is how civilizations die.

On to today’s video…

Vikernes identifies the problem of civilization as civilization itself. He may be confusing civilization with empire or cities because he mentions the Roman and Greek empires, but not the civilizations of Western Europe that arose before and since. They were distinct from the larger empires in that they were mostly rural and did not attempt conquest and standardization.

What seems more likely is that cities and standardization bring with them the desire to protect people from the risk of being wrong. They insulate people against risk by putting them in jobs, instead of production/ownership roles, and by creating laws, guide the unwary sheep away from their natural dysfunction which might make others avoid them, creating the selection pressures necessary for evolution.

In short, cities are dysgenic, but the root cause of that is the desire toward administration and management of those who are not united by a common purpose. This shows a response to loss of shared purpose and the rise of individualism.

For a civilization, the most important goal — that which it survives on, above all else — is clarity. It must have a clear purpose. Its leadership must be singular and not divided by special interest groups with their fingers in the pie. Its standards, culture and values must be clear, so diversity is fatal. Any failures of these give individualism, always a lurking evil, the power to take over.

Succeeding civilizations on the other hand tend to give way to individualism because they are unwilling to state a purpose beyond the creation of the civilization, which makes the ego of the individual take precedent.

Alternative Right provides an alternate with an analysis of miscegenation and its popularity with dying societies:

High functioning White societies, like Canada, built by Europeans adapted to the harsh conditions of the last Ice Age develop overactive economies that then create degenerate societies that are unable to successfully reproduce. (Note: I use “degenerate” here in a strictly technical sense, to merely indicate a society unable to maintain a birthrate of 2.1 per woman among its core population).

Unable to reproduce, these societies, in order to maintain property values, customer and client base, and taxpayer numbers, then, with the connivance of the ruling class, suck in lower functioning populations attracted by the higher living standards they are unable to achieve in their own lands.

We must ask first whether the economies are overactive, or whether that is the result of people acting individualistically. When people have purpose, they are content with enough; when they do not, they seek more than they need as a form of symbol of their importance. Social order, including caste systems, keeps this in check, but when the wrong people are allowed to have wealth, society unravels.

People refuse to reproduce for two reasons. For some, it is simply selfishness or the immediate consequences of it. They embark on an orgy of sensual experience and as a result, never get around to having families. For the vast majority however it is a sense of not fitting into a society that has become hostile to goodness and sanity, believing that life is fundamentally bad and without meaning, therefore, why reproduce?

Especially: why condemn children to the same misery that has the would-be parents feeling terrible about life? Living in a dying civilization has existential consequences, meaning that it disturbs the sense that life is good and has purpose. That feeling of well-being is replaced with uncertainty, anomie, isolation, and atomization. People become islands in themselves.

The managerial society gives rise to what we can dark organization, or the rise within an organization of an inner cult dedicated to some purpose other than that of the organization. In this case, the civilization is the organization, and the dark organization is the gang of collectivized individualists within it.

Control produces dark organization. It does so by removing the sense of shared purpose, and instead, trying to create unity through uniformity. Control regulates means and not ends, and assumes that by getting people to do the same things, it can influence them toward a goal. This works, at first, but then decays as despair spreads through the population.

We find ourselves in a decaying civilization now. While it is similar to Rome on the surface because of its quasi-imperial nature and highly organized system, at its core it resembles Athens, which went down the path of individualism over two millennia ago. See how much of this resembles our present day society.

…And then democracy comes into being after the poor have conquered their opponents, slaughtering some and banishing some, while to the remainder they give an equal share of freedom and power; and this is the form of government in which the magistrates are commonly elected by lot.

…This, then, seems likely to be the fairest of States, being an embroidered robe which is spangled with every sort of flower. And just as women and children think a variety of colours to be of all things most charming, so there are many men to whom this State, which is spangled with the manners and characters of mankind, will appear to be the fairest of States.

…See too, I said, the forgiving spirit of democracy, and the ‘don’t care’ about trifles, and the disregard which she shows of all the fine principles which we solemnly laid down at the foundation of the city –as when we said that, except in the case of some rarely gifted nature, there never will be a good man who has not from his childhood been used to play amid things of beauty and make of them a joy and a study –how grandly does she trample all these fine notions of ours under her feet, never giving a thought to the pursuits which make a statesman, and promoting to honour any one who professes to be the people’s friend.

…Neither does he receive or let pass into the fortress any true word of advice; if any one says to him that some pleasures are the satisfactions of good and noble desires, and others of evil desires, and that he ought to use and honour some and chastise and master the others –whenever this is repeated to him he shakes his head and says that they are all alike, and that one is as good as another.

…he lives from day to day indulging the appetite of the hour; and sometimes he is lapped in drink and strains of the flute; then he becomes a water-drinker, and tries to get thin; then he takes a turn at gymnastics; sometimes idling and neglecting everything, then once more living the life of a philosopher; often he-is busy with politics, and starts to his feet and says and does whatever comes into his head; and, if he is emulous of any one who is a warrior, off he is in that direction, or of men of business, once more in that. His life has neither law nor order; and this distracted existence he terms joy and bliss and freedom; and so he goes on.

…his life is motley and manifold and an epitome of the lives of many.

Civilization decline begins with the idea that we are not here together in collaboration, but for ourselves alone, and are entitled to whatever our intent desires without concern for the results of our actions. This lack of cooperation requires motivation to be enforced instead, and it is done so by the powers that be controlling who gets access to wealth. That in turn makes people selfish, cruel and vengeful.

The reason that the greatest civilizations die is that they go down this path of control. They standardize, make uniform and employ utilitarianism as a way to keep the herd under control, but the lack of direction to the herd leads to breakdown. Soon there is nothing but attention whoring, usually through political gift-giving and virtue signaling, and empty pursuit of personal desires which never satisfy.

For a civilization to avoid this path, it must retain a sense of purpose and a clear hierarchy and power structure. With a goal, we can assess every one of our actions as pushing us closer to that goal, or holding us back. Only the former are desired. This allows us to reject those who fail, and promote those who succeed, in the method of natural selection, but without using means-based control.

The West had this wisdom long ago. It is hubris for humankind to try to design a “perfect” society, such as the figurative Utopia of Plato’s republic, because perfection is the enemy of hierarchy and selecting our best of every generation, pushing down the rest. Nature once managed us through these methods, and when we discard them, in our arrogance we chase ruin.

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