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Dominance Of Asiatic Admixture In Caucasians

Monday, December 4th, 2017

Humans rarely get destroyed by the obvious. Instead, the details conspire very slowly over time, and doom creeps up on us. Such is the case with trace admixture, which is the process by which small amounts of foreign genetic material slowly builds up in a population until the point where it ceases to resemble the original.

In the above photo are the daughters produced by Sylvester Stallone and his wife Jennifer Flavin. Flavin is Irish, Polish, German, Danish or Norwegian, and distant French-Canadian in heritage; Stallone is half-Italian, a quarter French, and one quarter Ukrainian with possible but not probable Jewish ancestry.

You can see Flavin here:

The mostly Western European looking Flavin, combined with the Italian looking Stallone, produced three daughters who do not look very European. The one on the right could pass for Mexican; the one on the left, could easily be a sister to Jessica Alba (Mexican, distant Sephardi Jewish, Danish, Welsh, German, English, Scottish, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, and French). The girl in the middle could pass for half-Japanese.

When Rome fell, it followed the same pattern as happened in Athens, with leaders importing foreign labor, mercenaries, and subjects who settled in Italy and contributed to the ethnic mix that exists after the empire.

If the white ethnic groups are exterminated, it will not be through dramatic outbreeding, but a gradual influx of trace admixture until it is present on both paternal and maternal lines. The children will then cease to resemble their Western European origins both outside and in, and genetic reconquest will be complete.

Is There A Type Of Thinking Unique To Western Civilization?

Wednesday, November 15th, 2017

Human biodiversity took the world by storm because we had been sleepwalking for so long under the assumptions of the blank slate fallacy that emerging from it was like discovering a whole new world.

In this new view of existence, instead of viewing all humans as identical and therefore able to understand the same things, we entered a time that was not linear but topographic, where each person occupied some height and those at the top could see more than the rest. This also awakened people to population IQ averages.

As part of that, people were quick to note that high Asians and Jews ranked at the highest on the average IQ scale, with whites below them, and low Asians, Hispanics and blacks below that. Even more interestingly, some of the least-performing white groups had higher average IQs. This prompted some to be critical of IQ itself.

More accurately, we can see two factors involved: first, that average IQs do not reveal the full distribution, in which a certain number of geniuses may coexist with a population far below them; second, that while IQ is a good first step in distinguishing intelligence, and a prerequisite toward any other dimensions of intelligence, it is not the whole story.

It turns out that different groups think differently, and that there is something unique about not just Europeans, but Western Europeans, who are the same genetic group that founded ancient Greece and Rome and live on in Western and North-Western Europe today.

Our first view of this unique intelligence of the West, ironically, comes from observing other groups and what they do well — as well as what they cannot do. Some insight into this comes from a critical look at the vaunted Chinese educational system:

She said that the Chinese economics students generally had superior math skills and the ability to quickly solve complex calculus problems, but her American students generally had a better grasp on the underlying concepts and context, were able to better recognize when certain calculations were incorrect (like a negative number for the price of a good), and were more creative with solutions.

Assuming that American students are generally Western European, as is the majority in America, we can see a difference in intelligence: better grasp of the structure of concepts, context and range of outcomes.

In other words, they have a stronger grasp of theory and a better “gut sense” of how it fits into the background and other underlying concepts, where the Asian approach is more linear and focused on a single point at a time.

We might generalize this as Westerners being more aware of context, or the relationship between the focal point and its background, including the underlying concepts necessary to understand the why of something.

Wanting to know reasons why correlates highly with context because it involves a tracking of cause-effect relationships, especially those which are not linear. Linear events involve a single motion triggering consequences, where non-linear events consist of thresholds, context and patterns.

This clash of approaches was first documented in Plato, who wrote his theory of causality as the study of forms, or patterns of events that repeat across time, in different media, and are consistent between intuition and material reality. A chair is a logical construct based on the demands of gravity, the human form and balance, and so it is consistent in our thinking and in the world. It is the simplest object that can serve its purpose, and we know it not purely through the visual, but through an understanding of its internal function, for example that the legs support the weight and the back keeps the person in the chair. That enables us to look at a stack of boxes and place it against a wall, knowing that the boxes serve as the legs and the wall as the back of the “chair.” The pattern remains consistent.

If there is a unique Western intelligence, it can be found in this seeking of a language of patterns for both objects observed and context, aware that causality is very rarely fully linear and that effects develop from completion of a pattern, rather than a single event being responsible for a wider spread of events. This in turn implies a closer look into context, from which transcendence — a sense of the benevolence of life that arises from understanding the reasoning for its patterns, which are chosen as the best possible result according to the background of logic and other events which must be supported — emerges as a natural direction of thought. When context is understood fully, thinking points toward a different direction in considering cause-effect relationships, and sees the possibility of the divine, which as we see from Western attempts to re-invent religion in secular form, seems hard-wired into the Western intelligence.

When Asiatics take over Western Civilizations, as is happening now with the Chinese purchases of land and businesses in America, this uniquely Western method of thinking is lost, replaced by more of a focus on the individual and “balance,” which is not a transcendental appreciation of life, but a pragmatic fatalism which attempts to adapt to conditions as they are instead of finding reasoning behind them and rising above them.

Some might attribute this to Asian thinking being too linear, but more likely it occurs because the traits of any racial or ethnic group are not singularly encoded, but through a matrix of similar related traits, and when this group is outbred, that ability is lost because huge parts of the matrix are replaced with competing traits from the other group. Even melding different white ethnic groups seems to lose whatever made each group distinctive and the powers conveyed to it.

We might see the failing of the West as being too non-linear, which means that we tolerate too much individualism because we do not impose hard standards enough. If the East is too linear, then the West has gone too much in the opposite direction, but perhaps that has occurred because the West has forgotten the nature of patterns to include both focal point and context, and instead has chosen focal point alone because it is most easily understood as relevant by the individual, and when social control takes over our societies, it becomes important to choose things that “everyone” can understand.

The fragmentation of Western thought has created a dictatorship of the clever over the intelligent. The clever can be intelligent enough to earn a lot of money, run a successful business, invent gadgets, program a computer, choose successful stocks, compose jazz or win an election, but they lack the ability to discern the world outside of the human social frameworks upon which they depend for context. The intelligent see a broader context in the patterns of the world, the universe and logic in parallel, and therefore are able to see farther ahead in time and reject many of the plans of the clever as limited to the short term.

Jewish intelligence provides an interesting counterpoint since Jews are essentially the product of Occident and Orient mixing in the middle East. While they are immensely talented in the areas of finance, mathematics and science, Jews seem to have lost something of the Western intelligence, as is shown by their lower performance in literature and classical music. A narrower focus toward the linear makes people immediately more productive, but precludes their ability to see the broader context necessary to make transcendent works and observations. This could be what distinguishes the West.

Similarly, when a Western empire falls and mixes with its imported populations, the Western intellect is lost and it gradually fails to produce any of the relevant cultural objects. As the West reconsiders its flirtation with multiculturalism, it makes sense to point out that when we hybridize, we lose the core of our thinking and perhaps, our souls.

Refuting The Latest Media Lie About Racial Purity

Friday, November 10th, 2017

As the Left regroups after experiencing political rejection in the UK, US and EU it has begun constructing the next wave of assumptions it will use in order to justify its arguments. Most of these are simply updated versions of the old; as part of this, the Left has moved from “race does not exist” to “everyone is mixed-race” as seen in this bit of silliness arguing for mass migration:

But one self-described neo-Nazi on the district council told The New York Times that by allowing the influx, the German people faced “the destruction of our genetic heritage” and risked becoming “a gray mishmash.”

In fact, the German people have no unique genetic heritage to protect. They—and all other Europeans—are already a mishmash, the children of repeated ancient migrations, according to scientists who study ancient human origins. New studies show that almost all indigenous Europeans descend from at least three major migrations in the past 15,000 years, including two from the Middle East. Those migrants swept across Europe, mingled with previous immigrants, and then remixed to create the peoples of today.

First, we need not argue for racial “purity” so much as racial “consistency.” Whoever the Germans are, they are a consistent continuum of genetics, as are other Europeans, which we can see through genetic maps of the distances between European ethnic groups:

These maps also reveal where admixture has occurred, and it stands out in contrast to the native European.

Then, we should revisit history. Europeans were wandering tribes who colonized many areas throughout Europe, Asia and the middle east. These were fundamentally the same people, but at some point, they migrated back into Europe, probably related to changes in climate and politics.

We can tell the difference between a German and a Somali by looking, and now we can do so with genetic evidence. But this offends the Left, so they concocted an updated version of Lewontin’s fallacy, which argued that because there was no single gene for race, race did not exist.

Instead, they argue that because European groups may have come from multiple groups, even from the same root, race does not exist and therefore you might as well mix Germans with Somalis because you will have the same people. As always, the Left reveals a willingness to lie in addition to their multiple mental health issues.

The answer is to this new idiocy is that European groups are consistent, have been so for some time, and are more similar to each other than they are to foreigners. The Left wishes to conceal that truth so that they can invert the definition of race, and leave you helpless to object to their importation of many extremely foreign people into your lands. Laugh at it, because it is ludicrous.

How Diversity Extinguished White People In Ancient India

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

All of us in this modern time run the risk of succumbing to a certain kind of inertia: that of giving in to our hope that everything will just turn out fine. We see two paths, one of the incredibly difficult realization that our current path leads to doom, and the other being the much easier way of assuming that everything will just work out fine, so keep doing what we are doing.

As it turns out, history shows us some lessons of where our current path will lead, and it is to our erasure and removal from history, not any kind of positive result. We know this because in addition to the examples of ancient Greece and Rome, whose original ethnic populations no longer exist, we can look at the example of India, which was once a white nation but now has only linguistic, legal and economic traces of that order:

According to Hans F.K. Gunther’s The Racial Elements of European History (1927), the conquering Indo-Aryans called themselves the Haris, meaning “the blondes,” and, according to the Vedas, they called the dark skinned indigenous people the Dasas, or “slave bands of black descent.” These people were later called Dravidians. Like the Greeks, many of their gods were blonde. The Vedas describe the Storm God Indra as having cheeks, beard, and hair the color of gora, which is Sanskrit for “golden-yellow.”

The Aryans themselves separated into three classes, or castes: the Brahmins, priests and scholars; the Kshattriyas, nobles and warriors; and the Vaisyas, farmers and craftsmen. This parallels the division of Proto-Indo-European societies into clerics, warriors, and herder-cultivators. We find the same division in Rome: flamines, milites, and quirites.

In India, below the three higher classes were the Sudras, or slaves, who were non-Aryan. In an attempt to preserve these social and racial divisions and codify ancient customs, the Brahmins drew up the Laws of Manu. They forbade intermarriage, and in some cases even social mingling among Indians of different castes. They also recognized the existence of three instead of two racial groups: more or less pure Aryans, dark-skinned Sudras or Dravidians, and the Varna-Sankara (those of mingled colors). The Sanskrit word for caste, varna, literally means “color.” The caste system can be viewed as the world’s most long-lived and elaborate system of racial separation.

Although it survived into modern times, the caste structure failed to preserve the Aryan racial type. Higher-class Indians are never blond or fair skinned, though they are taller and lighter than other Indians and some have Aryan features. Examples are the actress-model Aishawarya Rai and the Indian-American Governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, whose parents are Sikhs. Color prejudice and a preference for lighter skin remain strong both in India and among Indians of the diaspora.

In other words: the finer people (blonder, more intelligent) invaded a place occupied by the coarser (darker, less intelligent) and tried to limit the latter with some kind of system of rules. It failed, and now all of the people there are darker, and not unintelligent, but less intelligent than the finer people.

Those terms, coarser and finer, are borrowed from H.P. Lovecraft but work adequately for these descriptions.

The bigger story here is not finer-versus-obviously-coarser, but finer-versus-crypto-coarser, and in India, we see that whatever the paternal line of the nation was, it quickly became absorbed into a maternal line of Asiatics. The same will happen to the West, where Asian women are easily acquired and white women become increasingly neurotic, solipsistic and disagreeable.

In turn, what happened in India probably provoked an exodus, resulting in many of the Dravidians/Australids ending up in Africa, and coloring the population there, despite that group having perhaps been lighter-skinned previously.

Much as diversity destroyed white people in India, it can do so here, and by the same mechanism: we will end up mostly Caucasian, with a large amount of Asiatic, and some of the African and Australid in us. We will then resemble existing mixed-race populations like those of South America, Israel and the Middle East.

Our only hope for avoiding this rests in declaring separation of the original unmixed Western European group from all other influences. This requires that we stop demonizing other ethnic groups, which produces a result similar to that of the racial-caste system, and instead to separate from them, so that we do not mix and produce yet another human average that erases its original influences.

A Cancer Cell Just Has To Cancer

Thursday, October 19th, 2017

If Colin Kaepernick really still wanted a job as an NFL Quarterback, I’d never be able to even milk a sportsball post out of this. He’d bank his half-a-mil, keep the clipboard warm and dry and decide for himself whether he showered before or after the game. He’d have a really nice sportsball jersey to wear out to the club. But Kaepernick can’t just shut up and get himself paid.

Once somebody decides they are too personally important to abide by culture or convention, they can’t help but being destructive. A termite has to eat the foundation, a cancer cell has just gotta cancer. Kaepernick is just that guy. He is engineered to sabotage any system he is forced to be a part of. He thinks fate can fvck off and kismet can kiss his uniquely precious ass.

Former Baltimore Ravens stalwart defender Ray Lewis, had his own set of issues with the Po-Lease. So much so that he felt sorry for Colin and wanted to get him back in the league with his old club and make things work out happily ever after. But Team Kaepernick, the only squad Colin ever really seriously wanted to quarterback, had other ideas. Ray Lewis explains his utter frustration with trying to fix the stupid maliciousness that is Kaepernick.

Ray Lewis: “When me and Steve Bisciotti were talking, this is what we were talking about, Judy. We were talking about giving this kid an opportunity to get back in the National Football League. Look, this is what I wanted to share with people. I have been fighting for this kid behind the table like nobody has … I’ve never been against Colin Kaepernick. But I am against the way he’s done it. Then, his girl [Colin Kaepernick’s girlfriend] goes out and put out this racist gesture and doesn’t know we are in the back office about to try to get this guy signed. Steve Bisciotti has said it himself, ‘How can you crucify Ray Lewis when Ray Lewis is the one calling for Colin Kaepernick?'” …

And the self-sabotage continues. Kaepernick could be in Wisconsin angling to start for one of the oldest and most storied franchises in professional football, The Green Bay Packers. Kaepernick has filed a grievance against every team in the league for colluding against him to keep his magnificent talent off the field. It’s time to gently explain to QBSJW how that Che Guvera T-Shirt he wears around exemplifies capitalism. You see, Che’s jersey still sells, while Colin’s gets burned in the grill for YouTube hits. You see, Che cultists, Jim Morrison and other commercially successful Lefty/SJW types figured out who their customers were and made a point out of protecting the brand and franchise.

Kaepernick? He’s just a termite. He burns down anything he gets invited to a be a part of. It could be because as an adopted, illegitimate child of miscegenation, he never truly can be a part of anything. Perhaps that would describe our most recent former president as well. And if such is truly the case, you wonder at the lack of wisdom that went into making ether one of them at all.

Ethnography of Civilization Collapse

Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

Tendentious bashers such as myself have a habit of reminding you that history runs in cycles, and if a civilization does not restart its cycle by restoring traditional society, it goes off into third world style subsistence living because of a lack of social order, and ends up a mixed-race shadow of its former self.

The “mixed-race” part is crucial because, throughout history, bad leaders have used diversity as a means of shoring up their own power. When they need support, they can count on those people who depend on them, namely the various different types of minorities who are allied against the majority, whose interest does not reflect their own.

When you encounter a failed civilization, you will find shorter and weaker people, generally without much intelligence but weighted toward the verbal and not the spatial, with mystical traditions based on primitive symbols, who are fundamentally comfortable living in a society where corruption takes a third off every deal and nothing ever gets done, or done right.

Third world people are individualists, and to them, the burden of struggling to have social order is too much relative to how they want to enjoy life, which is just not worrying too much. Very carefree individuals in these parts, and they seem very happy, but they never produce anything of greatness. Their society demands little of them, so they spend most of their time on themselves.

We can tell that this is the case by looking at a civilization that faded away long ago:

Researchers from the University of Tuebingen and the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History in Jena, both in Germany, have decoded the genome of ancient Egyptians for the first time, with unexpected results.

Publishing its findings in Nature Communications, the study concluded that preserved remains found in Abusir-el Meleq, Middle Egypt, were closest genetic relatives of Neolithic and Bronze Age populations from the Near East, Anatolia and Eastern Mediterranean Europeans.

Modern Egyptians, by comparison, share much more DNA with sub-Saharan populations.

In other words, ancient remains showed genetic consistency; modern genetics show the influence of diversity. This society became more diverse as it failed, and it does not necessarily matter what the diversity was, only that the genetic consistency of a network of traits was broken up and replaced by a more chaotic, less competent biological compromise.

This applies to ethnic groups as well. Mixed-ethnic states, especially those with hybridization, even trace hybridization, tend to perform less well than homogeneous nations. Most likely, when places like Egypt become diverse, it is through trace admixture; few people will marry and mate with the Other, but someone who is only an eighth other they can accept, until those are the only option and the original ethnic group is long gone.

When people talk about diversity, they often attempt to discuss it through “problems”: how to manage crime, how to indoctrinate the newcomers in our Constitution, how to assimilate them, why to make them equally accepted so they will not riot. But there is only one real problem, which is the replacement of the founding ethnic group and, with it, a loss of whatever traits it had that allowed the society to succeed in the first place.

Miscegenation Attracts Unstable, Low-Confidence People

Friday, October 6th, 2017

From a recent study on children of mixed-race unions with African-American fathers:

This study finds that 92% of biracial children with African American fathers are born out of wedlock and 82% end up on government assistance. The results of this study make it very clear that biracial children with African American fathers are fatherless on a scale much larger than the public may realize.

In the hands of most people, this may seem like an indictment of black fathers, and perhaps it is. However, a black-white union produces a child that is very obviously not of either extreme, where a Hispanic-white or Asian-white union tends to produce a child that looks like its minority parent with a few white tweaks. As a result, it might be expected that black-white children find fewer fathers.

Every parent wants a child that resembles them, but a black-white union generally produces a child of lighter skin color and different features than those of its black parents. This could be responsible for the greater abandonment rate, which in turn points out something about the type of person likely to enter into a mixed-race union.

Generally, those who marry outside of their tribe are less self-confident than those who do not. A person who miscegenates is both rejecting their parents and looking for someone who will enter into a relationship with them for exotic points or for the sake of being different.

It is therefore not terribly surprising that mixed-race children have such difficulties. To their parents, the union was a way of demonstrating uniqueness or having control over the other partner by being a rare commodity, and the children of such a union are an unwanted byproduct.

Race-Mixing Makes People Incompetent

Sunday, October 1st, 2017

Many of us argue against race-mixing, or miscegenation, on the basis of the obvious point that it is genocide. If you mix an ethnic group, you replace the original group with something else.

Proof of this comes from recent events where miscegenation equals degeneration as traits are lost:

Black Students United takes issue with the fact that there are more African and Caribbean students on campus when compared to black students. The group defines black students as those who come from black families that have lived in America for two or more generations. While the group said it doesn’t mind the university trying to recruit African students, they want the college to pay more attention to black students whose families have been affected by years of white supremacy.

Anecdotally, African immigrants achieve more than African-Americans, and this presents a problem. Why could this be? We might say that those who were subjected to slavery were from lower castes, or at least captured in warfare. We could say that those who are coming over are of a higher caste.

Or we could point out that many African-Americans are a quarter Caucasian, meaning that they are of mixed race.

In theory, if we believe the superior/inferior doctrine of races, this would improve them. But much as mixing different chemicals can produce a muddle, mixing races will destroy both.

Consider this. There are several thousand genes that code for intelligence. Remove some, and the effect is lost. This is true of most traits; they are the result of a combination of many genes.

When you breed people who are of the same race, ethnic group and caste, those genes exist in common, so the traits are passed on. But when you mix race, ethnicity or caste, then some of those thousands of genes are not passed on, and the trait is lost or only partially passed on. This results in people without the original ability or worse, the appearance of the original with less competence.

In this way, mixing an African and a Caucasian loses what each does well. This could explain the average relatively lower performance of African-Americans. Not only do they suffer from having been the type of people within their race who were likely to be enslaved, and the consequences of slavery and living in the ‘hood, but they have also been deprived of their genetic birthright.

By the same token, this shows us why mixing ethnic groups within a race is so destructive. When you mix a German with an Irishman, you get neither a German nor an Irishman, but something else. Those unique networks of genes coding for traits are lost, and with them, whatever made each group great is lost. Instead you get a person of generic abilities like the incompetents now flooding the West.

After several centuries of denying race, ethnicity and caste, the West is awakening to its importance. Mixing any of these elements produces lesser-quality human beings, independent of whatever linear considerations we apply to each race. Diversity is death, and miscegenation is worse. The new world we inherit will place a much higher priority on this concern.

Marquis Williams Did Nothing Wrong

Friday, September 29th, 2017

Conservatives are those who distrust modernity, but are still stuck in the idea of universalism, or that all people are the same except for external traits (education, hobbies, favorite foods, fetishes). As a result, they never make sense, because their fundamental idea — social/natural/divine order as most important — endlessly conflicts with their individualism.

Consequently, they are shocked when people violate the supposedly universal commandments of their society… even when it is clear that the violators have reason to not be good obedient sheep to the machine. This is where conservatives go wrong: they defend the machine, instead of listening to their inner voice, which wants to escape to the woods and let humanity face fate on its own.

As a result, conservatives find themselves opposed to reality, which puts them in the same position as those who embrace ideology or notions about how life “should” be and the presumption that those are more important than reality itself. This makes them deny situations where biology, which is a supreme form of logic, contradicts social status strategies, and instead affirms the dark empty naked bleakness of natural selection:

Sommer Gatto,18, suffered blunt force trauma to her head and torso Tuesday night. Investigators say her boyfriend, Marquis Williams, 20, beat her head against the ground on the street where she lived. He was naked and believed to be high on drugs.

…Harris County Sheriff’s Office investigators believe Williams was high on “kush,” a synthetic drug, when he ran down the street, took off his clothes and attacked Sommer. First he kicked in her family’s door prompting her grandmother, sister and two children to hide in a closet.

“This was uncharacteristic of Marquis,” said Paula Lanius, Sommer’s grandmother.

The grim fact — denied by our egalitarian anti-hierarchy composed of only two levels, proles and Inner Party members — is that those who cross caste, race, or ethnic lines are in the grips of a mental health problem. Mentally organized people do not miscegenate, as they realize that it obliterates their heritage, provides health risks, denies their offspring an ethnic identity and causes displeasure to the rest of their family, who would like to see the line continue in some consistency to its origins.

However, miscegenation appeals to some people because they have low self-confidence, and by fishing around in the gene pool of races they consider inferior to their own, they are able to find partners and spouses who are obligated to them. This is a method of control, and it is why nerdly and weak white men date Asian women just as obese white women with alcohol problems date Black men. In each case, the white person believes themselves to be valuable for being white, and therefore, desirable to the partner, which gives them more power over the partner, which they seek because they are underconfident or dysfunctional.

Marquis did the right thing because only sick and weak people miscegenate. He removed the person so broken that they are willing to miscegenate. The “in vino veritas” Williams experienced while tripping on kush allowed him to see that those who are not of your tribe will never have your self-interest at heart, and that any woman who wanted to engage in miscegenation of any kind is in fact not a good person, and so he smashed her head into the ground and fixed the problem.

Those who are not of your tribe, no matter how well “integrated” they are, will resort to self-interest of their tribe, and in the case of white women dating black men (or white nerds dating Asian women) this means that these white people are in fact using their minority partners. The honest white people associate with themselves, not just by race but by ethnicity, which is why healthy Western Europeans tend to marry other Western Europeans, but the unhealthy ones marry down to Southern, Irish, or Eastern Europeans, or in cases of extreme underconfidence or obesity, other racial groups entirely.

Like O.J. Simpson, who also did nothing wrong, Marquis Williams has done nothing wrong. He has removed a miscegenator from the populations of both the white and black races, to the improvement of each. Maybe next time he will find a better method, like deportation, but for now, his heart is in the right place and we should pray for his swift acquittal.

Conservatives, Conserve Heritage; Miscegenation Is Death

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

Conservatives are those who conserve, and because not all actions turn out as well, they conserve the best of what is offered. This is the opposite of a utilitarian standard: instead of whatever is “okay” by the lowest common denominator in a large herd, they choose what is best, even if most people are not clear in their understanding of that.

As part of this, conservatives are natural environmentalists, despite mainstream conservatives doing little along these lines. They are also defenders of culture, although mainstream conservatives have done nothing there. But even more, they conserve genetics, which means keeping the best of the past and bearing it forward into the future.

This is why miscegenation is death, as Jared Taylor notes:

There is one argument for anti-miscegenation laws that is stronger now than ever. Whites used to have eight or ten children, but now they are not even replacing themselves, and every out-marriage is a tiny step towards extinction.

…But why preserve a white majority? Is it not because whites have a legitimate yearning for societies that reflect their own nature and culture, and that only whites can build such societies? If, in every generation, 9 percent of whites are contributing to their own demographic dispossession, that alone will ensure that they eventually disappear.

And what about the victims of miscegenation whom Derbyshire himself writes about: the Chinese men who wanted to attack him when they saw him with a Chinese woman, and the black women who hate it when black men chase white women? (Derbyshire leaves out other combinations but they can produce resentments that are just as strong.)

Racial-sexual loyalty is a powerful emotion. Should we just ignore it?

Racial, and more importantly ethnic, loyalty is powerful because it protects something powerful: traits are not just heritable, but genes cluster together in groups to produce those traits, and so when miscegenation — mixing of races and ethnic groups — occurs, not only are some traits lost, but the overall makeup of the ethnic group, like a network of traits, is lost too.

When Germans are 1/4 Korean, they are no longer Germans. They are something new. In the same way, if Germany because 1/4 Polish or Irish, Germans would no longer be Germans, with the same habits and abilities of Germans, but something new that has through a process of genocide replaced the Germans.

Seen through sane eyes, avoiding miscegenation is how a population maintains its health, along with other breeding habits that we have denied because the individualists among us want to believe that what matters is what they intend, not who they are. As Billy Roper writes, ethnic preservation cannot be separated from other healthy breeding practices:

People understood that eugenics, or purposeful, conscious and selective breeding, is just as real for two legged animals as it is for any other variety. They strove for quality in their offspring, which meant that they strove for quality in their mates, whether they were selecting breeding partners for themselves, or as was often the case traditionally, for their children. Not any more, of course. People drag around their accidents of birth like proud badges of martyrdom, forcing them on everyone else, eliciting painfully awkward, nervous grins and tolerance. Or else. Hell, most of you probably think I’m the world’s biggest jerk already, for not wanting to group slobber hug the cast from ‘The Ringer’, which is a funny movie, by the way. Hold on, I get worse.

When people no longer care about the genetic quality of their offspring, when they actively deny that genetic inheritance plays a significant role in intelligence, personality, temperament, and jump shots, they get just what they deserve. When they fail to see that inherited psychological and cognitive characteristics cluster in racial groups, and pretend that “love” is blind to color and really all that matters is a person’s heart, Kumbaya, then they get what they pay for.

Not only did America’s Founding Fathers make it illegal for nonWhites to become citizens of the United States, they also made it illegal for different races to intermarry. A lot of people don’t know that until very recently, those laws were still on the books, too. Anti-miscegenation laws were a part of American law in some States since before the United States was established and remained so until ruled unConstitutional in 1967.

Why would someone care about the genetic health of their offspring, the level of pollution in their rivers, the future of their civilization, or the presence of great art, symphonies and novels? After all, we will all be dead relatively soon, and what happens after that is not directly relevant to us. However, that is not quite the full story either.

We find meaning in life through connection to things larger than us. These can be material things or spiritual things, but either way, by connecting to the world beyond ourselves, we have discovered beauty and importance to life. We cannot make life important on the basis of ourselves as individuals, because we are pursuing tiny pleasures, miniscule powers and transient wealth. We can however discover what is great in life and, through it, find what we value in ourselves.

That drive to virtue is the basis of dislike of miscegenation. It is beautiful that our people have existed for millennia, upholding their values and unique abilities, and conquering many obstacles in order to create great civilizations. It is amazing that all of us, no matter how small, can have a role in that if we choose to do so.

But, in order to do that, we must overcome our egos. This is what is meant by the idea from Toynbee that great civilizations are not killed, but commit suicide, when we pair that idea with another from Plato, which is that in order to know what is true, we must first want to be virtuous and take our place in a complex order where we each have a unique role, but we are not all the same, either as equal individuals or one mass hive-mind.

The ancient Greeks knew that hubris was the death of a civilization. Once people see themselves as more important than any external order — nature, logic, civilization, morality, or religion — they begin to act like squabbling monkeys, fighting over personal importance and temporary issues. The goal is forgotten, and the possibility of anything great is foreclosed.

You can see this individualistic outlook in some recent entertaining Communist propaganda from The New York Times:

Having lived her first 43 years under Communism, she often complained that the new free market hindered Bulgarians’ ability to develop healthy amorous relationships.

“Sure, some things were bad during that time, but my life was full of romance,” she said. “After my divorce, I had my job and my salary, and I didn’t need a man to support me. I could do as I pleased.”

Ms. Durcheva was a single mother for many years, but she insisted that her life before 1989 was more gratifying than the stressful existence of her daughter, who was born in the late 1970s.

“All she does is work and work,” Ms. Durcheva told me in 2013, “and when she comes home at night she is too tired to be with her husband. But it doesn’t matter, because he is tired, too. They sit together in front of the television like zombies. When I was her age, we had much more fun.”

Nevermind that the actual topic of this article is that people in “free” societies work too much. You can also ignore the fact that Communism failed to produce much of anything consistently, where the West built a great industry. The answer is somewhere in the middle, perhaps a capitalist state without any government entitlements or benefits, so that people could work less and have enough. But the real point is that Ms. Durcheva was proud of her days when she did not need a man to support her and could do whatever she wanted.

Whatever she wanted. That is the face of individualism: do not do what is right, or what is meaningful, but what you, the raging ego, decide that you want. Notice that there is no discussion of whether this activity was productive or filled her soul with joy. She was a king in her own little sphere, with her job where she was important and a personal life where she could be free from commitment. Life became not an activity with purpose, but a series of sensations, all dedicated to the individual. That is why we call hubris “individualism” now.

The New York Times only wants to draw more women to Leftism with the promise of being able to do whatever they want. It is the call of manipulation because every human responds to it: the idea that they do not need to struggle for meaning or sanity in life, but can become entirely self-sufficient, separate from nature and the logical results of their actions. They are in control, and no one can make them live up to standards, be good, or even be useful. It is all about the ego, which is both a warm feeling and an infinite abyss.

We face the same problem in explaining why miscegenation is destructive. Why care about anything but the self, my beautiful self? Even if that portends the death of meaning, people do not seek meaning because they do not understand it. When it is there, they appreciate it, but when it is not, they settle for egomania and hollow, simple pleasures.

Avoiding miscegenation is part of a path to meaning. Some of us naturally connect to something larger than ourselves; we are the producers and the civilization-builders. Others do not, and will pretend they are not miserable by rationalizing how much of “muh freedom” and independence they have. But in the end, that is a path to emptiness and death, even if the body lives on.

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