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Leap Into Life (#18): Demographics Equals Destiny

Anytime you interact with a human group, you have to be aware of the default condition of humanity: some things scare almost everyone, therefore they are not discussed, which means that the group has settled for inconsequential issues to define itself.

We see this in politics as well as anywhere else. Leftists discuss political solutions to reality that amount to egotism spread among the group; conservatives chase every hope and cope but realize that we are in a two thousand year decline that seems unlikely to lift without real effort.

As a result, the chatter out there amounts to propaganda for a basic lie, which is that reality is not real and therefore we can keep avoiding actual problems and instead distract ourselves with feelings, sensations, and symbols.

But on the street, things look different. Go by the old neighborhood; it looks pretty much the same, maybe a McDonalds in place of a Burger King, or a new strip mall. The houses are the same. What has changed are the people.

Demographics is destiny. America altered its course in the 1960s when it overthrew WASP America and replaced it with trace admixture Europeans of Southern, Eastern, Irish, and Mediterranean descent. The land and buildings are the same, but the soul is gone.

Sure, the WASPs are still here, just hiding out like Trump did after the 2020 election. They know that “truths” exist only in individual minds and therefore, people have to see a tragedy in order to avert it when in conditions of mob rule.

That tragedy is playing out now. American competence has declined; without a mother culture like Western Europeans provided, we have no culture, and in its place have surged ideology and commerce. None of our institutions work like they did; the quality of our labor is lower.

In short, the nü-America is an inferior version of the old, pretending and acting as if it were the same, but really it is simply imitating a past because it was successful without the ability to replicate it. Groaning, everything decays and falls down but the new demographic cannot see this.

Demographics means destiny. You cannot have Western European civilization without Western European people. When you incorporate trace admixture — the genetic influence of other races into conquered groups — you no longer have Western Europeans; you have hybrids.

  • The Irish: Semitic influence from a group that moved into Europe through Spain and settled in Wales and Ireland.
  • Eastern Europeans: primarily Asiatic influence from the Mongol conquest and related intermixing, as well as Turkic, Arab, Jewish, Pakistani/Roma, and Armenian admixture.
  • Southern Europeans: Semitic Moorish blood via Muslim conquest, Jewish immigration, Arab trading, and African hybridization.
  • Mediterranean Europeans: Semitic influence from Asian spouses and North African traders incorporated into the bloodline.

When you see some stooge like Mike Pence or Ron DeSantis, reflect on the fact that this person is not White. Neither is Nancy Pelosi, nor is Bill Clinton; all of them have trace admixture of foreign races that significantly influence them.

There is no race gene. Instead, there are genetic frameworks, or collections of traits that define each group. When members breed within a group, those frameworks remain intact; admixture forces nature to roll the dice for each trait, ending up with bits and pieces from multiple frameworks.

The proof of this can be seen in highly admixed societies throughout the third world. People lose abilities through mixing, and the result is a low-IQ population without any specific skills. Race-mixing is genocide whether done legally, voluntarily, or otherwise.

The West cannot survive without Western people.

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