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Walmart As A Late Amerikan Empire Free Rider

Tuesday, September 20th, 2016


If you’ve ever dabbled in Role-Playing Games, there’s one type of adult player you need to watch like a hawk: the professional engineer. Engineers, you see, are able to understand whatever mathematical system the magic, the space travel or the combat runs off of.

They will identify the loopholes and the weaknesses and then munchkin. By munchkining, I mean they will drive a truck through the mathematical limits of the rule system and either make the referee redesign the whole game universe to make it “fair” again or they will walk off with all the swag and totally ruin the game for everyone else.

In RPG circles, this tendency to munchkin the gaming system is an annoying yet amusing idiosyncrasy. When someone powerful hacks a game that matters, the bemused disgust gives way to actual, legitimate anguish. Munchkining of an actual social system, rather than The Magical Kingdom of Equestria, is essentially an act of real world brigandage. Walmart has effectively performed just such a feat of nerd-cheating and sometimes it literally leaves orc-bodies in the wake.

Go into any town or city, and you will discover that the local Walmart is a criminal magnet. Walmart has seemingly hacked Amerika’s criminal culture and become a symbiotic co-parasite on the society at large. The great James LaFond takes to his Harm City BLog to describe how this works over in Bodymore, Murderland.

Of those 300 jobs provided by a super Wal-Mart one will be in the low six figures, and four will pay enough to permit that assistant manager to rent an apartment or go in together with a spouse in the purchase of a house. The other 295 employees will work at or below the poverty line under poor conditions with no benefits, and will require subsidized housing, home sharing, apartment crowding, food stamps, and, most ominously for you, public transportation which will permit youths to transport drugs and violence as low risk mules and insurgent pioneers into your area. As Wal-Mart gets the lion’s share of food stamp transfers [EBT cash and food] than this operation amounts to a 19th century Appalachian coal mine with its own company store, with over half of the employees spending most—or even more than—their salary at the Wal-Mart register, literally a captive market and labor force in one.

This urban blight could and probably is indicative of far more than Walmart’s destructive influence. Yet this sort of hand-waving doesn’t describe the entire extent to which Walmart is guilty of free-riding on public infrastructure. This gets us back to the crime. Walmart’s corporate policies exacerbates the crime and then passes this cost on to local police forces as a negative externality. This, as I’ll explain a little further on below, gets passed on back to us.

Bloomberg Businessweek describes just how much of a festering pustule Tulsa, OK finds Walmart’s presence to be.

It’s not unusual for the department to send a van to transport all the criminals Ross arrests at this Walmart. The call log on the store stretches 126 pages, documenting more than 5,000 trips over the past five years. Last year police were called to the store and three other Tulsa Walmarts just under 2,000 times. By comparison, they were called to the city’s four Target stores about 300 times.

So why do criminals flock to Walmart? It sounds idiosyncratic. Why steal where the stuff is cheap? Because it is easy. Walmart does less than any other major retailer to deter crime. Tulsa PD Officers joke that Walmart gathers all their bad guys in one place. One stop shopping for cheap hoodlums as well as inexpensive, plastic junk. Other officers aren’t laughing at the sardonic humor.

Robert Rohloff, a 34-year police veteran who has to worry about staffing, budgets, and patrolling the busiest commercial district in Tulsa, says there’s nothing funny about Walmart’s impact on public safety. He can’t believe, he says, that a multibillion-dollar corporation isn’t doing more to stop crime. Instead, he says, it offloads the job to the police at taxpayers’ expense. “It’s ridiculous—we are talking about the biggest retailer in the world,” says Rohloff. “I may have half my squad there for hours.”

And this is not just something that happens out in Indian Country. The Buccaneers don’t just play football in Tampa. They also rob and cut-up over at Walmart. And all of this impacts others who go nowhere near a Walmart. The costs of the Walmart crime negative externality manifest themselves in several manners.

  • 9-1-1 is a joke. An officer taking 2.5 hours to arrest a petty shoplifter at Wallymart is not available to assist if your daughter is getting butt-raped by a pack of human jackals.

  • You will pay taxes for police overtime and additional officers. Cleaning up the lifestyle cesspool at your local Walmart costs money. It costs the public money in Walmart won’t pay to do so themselves.

  • Property Values decline in the vicinity. Real estate markets adjust rapidly when a neighborhood goes into the toilet. Tax collections go down. Less desirable tenants occupy the surrounding area. More desirable tenants and people avoid the Walmart. Social and financial capital flees the Walmart.

Walmart has hacked the system of our declining Amerikan empire. It is the Alpha scavanger. It will make a killing off of the societal carrion. It is how the powerful use the weak. It is how the manipulative game the system. It is how our national decline is the Era of The Munchkin. It is how things are after the goldrush.

Western Civilization Is Collapsing Like Roman Civilization Did

Friday, August 19th, 2016


For some time now, people have been noticing our current situation and that of fallen empires in Greece and Rome. To Amerika readers, this will not be a surprise, since we realize how broken the current West has become, and that all empires fall by the same methods.

Britain is experiencing the same decline as Rome in 100BC, with the collapse of civilisation inevitable, a scientist has warned.

Dr Jim Penman, of the RMIT University in Melbourne, believes Britons no longer have the genetic temperament to advance because of decades of peace and a high standard of living.

He claims that the huge success of the Victorian era will not be repeated because people in the UK have lost the biological drive for innovation.

Instead, Britain is existing in a period similar to the decades before the fall of the Roman Republic where social tensions were rife, the gap between the rich and poor was increasing and extremism was growing.

I have to disagree with him here: the majority of the damage is behavioral. Over the past two hundred years, we have crammed people into cities, made them waste their days on unnecessary and tedious jobs, and subjected them to more red tape and putting up with the stupidity of others than anyone can handle. We have broken them the same way the Communists broke them: by cucking them, and forcing them to humiliate themselves by obeying the insane rules and horrible conditions which exist for no good reason.

Who is “we” in that sentence? The voters, of course, who in groups vote by pretense and not any vestige of realism. This pretense forms a social bond that takes over in lieu of hierarchy, culture and values. People are afraid to push back against group pretense, which forces them to accept the insanity and compensate with personal behavior.

People act badly when they are thrust into a mentality of compensation, justification, and excuse-making. This causes a reversed cognitive process where instead of aiming for something and achieving it, they accept what is and then rationalize it.

As a result, they become bratty and entitled, mainly because that is their method of compensation.

Similarly, the hive-mind around Leftist ideas seems to arise from a compensatory impulse.

The current forms of genetic degradation are casual sex, divorce, caste-mixing, and the general misery caused by working for 8-10 hours a day doing nonsense work for idiots. This makes people desperate and they engage in other compensatory behaviors like perversity, alcoholism and general apathy.

After the collapse, the genetic degradation will be most extreme. As is usual for a falling empire, we have imported in the cheap labor of the third world, and will gradually incorporate it into our gene pool. At first, this “seems” like a win, because you have picked the best of these people to breed with. Then slowly over the centuries, it becomes clear that it is fatal: the problem is not bad DNA, but inconsistent DNA, which leads to lower abilities as specialized traits are lost.

Naturally anyone with a functional brain can see this, but none can say it, because they will have their jobs, families, money, property, and friends taken away from them for indulging in wrongthink.

This decay can be turned around within a few weeks. Deport everyone but the indigenous European tribes from their homelands, and anyone but Western Europeans from America, and undo all of our laws and government. Put in place an aristocracy and let them rule local communities. Allow culture to do the rest.

At that point, the potential for parasitism will be destroyed, and so that parasites will go elsewhere, as is the nature of parasites and criminals: they look for an easy score because they are morally lazy. When the West announces that it is hostile to parasites again, its strength will return.

Things Will Not Just Go Back To “Normal”

Thursday, August 4th, 2016


Most humans survive — at an existential and spiritual level — by assuming that what they have known as ordinary is “normal,” and that all deviations from this are temporary.

This enables us to keep a mental map of the world which is both static and comforting. We see what we know as a baseline that will return. And yet, as the poets warn us, we cannot step in the same river twice, which means that each moment is unique and only change is the constant.

However, nature has a plan that veers down the middle between constant and change. This plan uses cycles to change between different time-dimensions of a thing, so that it can be both unchanging and constantly changing.

This leads us to the question of what the cycle is. Is it individual lives? Particular societies? Or is it humanity as a whole? Again, nature has a more complex plan: individual societies go through cycles, but instead of being triggered by time, this change is driven by the choices made by those leading each society. This is why some civilizations last for a long time, and others a much shorter time.

Much as in nature there is Darwinian competition among individuals in a species, in humanity there is competition between these societies, but not as simple as war. It is a competition to discover what enables a society both endure and have high quality of life and knowledge.

In Western Civilization, which is Western Europe and the formerly British colonies of the New World and Oceania, we now face a struggle for our survival. The path upon which we have traveled for so long has led to nothing but failure, and that failure is accelerating.

We either do something different, or fade from history and see all that we — and our ancestors — have worked for disappear into the mists of time.

The Age of Theoretical Truth Comes To A Close

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

The reality of genetic determinism is settling in again after two millennia of denial:

An Israeli start-up says it can take one look at a person’s face and realize character traits that are undetectable to the human eye.

Faception said it’s already signed a contract with a homeland security agency to help identify terrorists. The company said its technology also can be used to identify everything from great poker players to extroverts, pedophiles, geniuses and white collar-criminals.

“We understand the human much better than other humans understand each other,” said Faception chief executive Shai Gilboa. “Our personality is determined by our DNA and reflected in our face. It’s a kind of signal.”

Since the rise of the forces that culminated in Athenian democracy and slow collapse, the West has been obsessed with a single idea: equality, or the notion that people are basically the same “inside” (intelligence/character) and therefore, that all behaviors except crimes should be validated, justified and equally accepted.

The point of this thought is to deny that some are more gifted than others in these “inside” areas. If we accept that some are better than others in these ways, that group will separate itself and evolve further, leaving the others behind. In a society of multiple castes, these will end up being the natural leaders and will force better habits on the rest.

Liberalism of the classical sort, which relies on equality as a basis and the earning of money to identify our best, aims to conceal this truth as much as any other form of hybrid with the Leftist ideal of equality. Communism enforces it; our modern capitalist-socialist-managerial crossover state simply subsidizes it while dumbing down everything to the point where people are roughly equal in their ability to paint by numbers in fields in which a procedure exists for everything. Just follow the procedure, and you are considered in the right.

But all of this was based on theory, and proving notions correct because the theory was in the right form. If we make up an equation, and the math works, we do not question whether the equation accurately represents reality. We see the theory works and by our procedure for accepting ideas, we consider it not just theoretically correct but actually correct.

As more information comes in about genetics, the theoretical notion of equality is melting away. The theory does not match the reality. It also conveniently explains how Leftist plans always fail, and the only solution offered — to increase the power of Leftism — will never achieve success, as we see playing out in the ongoing collapse of our society.

I’m Only Going To Say This Once

Thursday, June 9th, 2016


“Keep your eye on the wolf my boy, forget about the sheep. Now aim behind the knee, breathe slowly out while squeezing the trigger.”

“Honey, remember those microphones and audio recorders I installed all over the house? Yes dear? The data shows that little Darren only calls for his Papa when he is on the toilet! But that is what you told him to do my dear!”

The above examples of what kids do and how they learn demonstrate their ability to accept and copy what a trusted person communicates to them.  Educationalists know that teaching involves breaking things down and building it up again over time (as an example) to allow the student to get that a-ha feeling (by himself).

The entire raising of children and educational process is strung out over time to accommodate all the steps required to achieve the highest possible knowledge transfer rate. But essentially each person gets only one chance.

We seem to have forgotten that. The chance provided is however, unique to each person. Imagine someone wants to adopt your child – what would your criteria be to maximize his chances? The following examples affect your chances:

  1. Having a stable communal environment (crèche, hospital, transport, work, police, leadership)
  2. Having two parents (home environment)
  3. It is apparently common knowledge that children should be raised and taught (at least to primary school) in their mother language.

A lot of things are missing from this list. The most important one is that the child and parent must understand each other, because if they do, they will eventually get to a point of trust confirmation, which may take months (at least). For example, if the parent lied to the child, just once, that child will not trust him – overall.  The same happens in reverse too but takes longer, for example a delinquent child manipulating his father, will estrange his father.

Clearly getting the message the first time is important, because the more it gets repeated, the more the child falls behind in his curriculum. The importance of the child’s ability to listen and interpret cannot be overstated with regard to safety and security. However, little children will watch their parents every single day, identifying signals and clues that will affect their own actions – even unknowingly.  For example @stefanmolyneux pointed out that even just not having a father around affects the menstrual onset of young girls. If a family would regularly participate in sports, the children will find that natural and they will be careful, knowing what to look for. The same with parents engaging in wildlife or nature and specifically farming, will have children that “gets” their environment better that city-folk, hence safer and more careful.

A child’s physical and psychological development is entirely dependent on what parents, teachers and friends/family do with him/her early on in life (Not ignoring genetics of course). In a sense one would “always” go out on a Sunday drive, or “always” milk the cows at 5 o’clock in the morning. But the child is only young once. The parent has only one chance. The question begging here is – what risks affect this chance?

The highest priority risk is language, because it leads to trust, which leads to safety. Trust leads to productivity, culture, civilization. If trust has broken down (for any reason) then reviving civilization will require a new language. This does not mean we should all speak Esperanto, it simply means that we have to coordinate the meaning of concepts and terminology associated with things that affect our survival, and not in a politically correct way.

There are stories of German children that were parentless after WW2. Many of them were simply sent to Allied countries to be adopted, but many were taken in as “slave” labor. Some of their stories came out decades later where despite bad treatment, their genes pushed them to just work hard and become successful. However, they still had the Heimat to strive for; what would they have done if there was simply nothing? After all, Italians today do not resemble Romans and they do not even speak Latin anymore.

Jody And The Carpetbaggers

Friday, April 22nd, 2016


How can truth be invisible?

Answer: time. Nothing that is, is what is. What will be is what is. Cause leads to effect over the bridge of time. Very few can handle this, and prefer to treat what they see right now as if it were immutable.

This is projection of the Ego, of course. It must be in control at all times. If it is not in control, it rationalizes itself as being so. For its purposes, feeling in control is the same as being in control. The Ego is binary: it either feels totally powerful, or totally submissive, but either way it is in control of that choice.

One does not feel in control by admitting that for any attribute of life we see manifested in the world around us, its cause may be far away in space, time and appearance. Finding the cause of that effect is a research project that involves a great amount of risk of guessing wrongly, like trying to discover the culprit in an English locked-room mystery novel. Most of us will simply fail at it.

For this reason, the truth remains invisible. We look at effects as if they were their own causes, and assume that nothing that we see will ever change. And yet the one constant to life is that it will change, and it will do so through these invisible truths.

The tendency to rationalize explains how human societies die. Things start going badly, and people adjust their expectations to fit what is, instead of what was and in anticipation of what will be, because every action is just one point on a curve. This creates a static image that clashes with the shifting foundation around it, by parallax motion placed in momentum against reality, and increases entropy by its insistence on repetition of these bad approximations.

Our society is dying. It is a slow death: one starts as the ruler of the world, then becomes slowly more degenerate, and finally ends up being just like every other third world level society on earth. The people are chaotic and illogical in their actions, driven by emotional impulses and bodily desires. Government is kleptocracy. Everyone is an idiot, like a tin-pot dictator with his custom suit and rows of imaginary medals. Nothing works right and everything must be fudged into place, usually with bribes and gratuities.

Our people sleepwalk toward disaster. They are their own worst enemy: they rationalize instead of acting, and spend most of their energy finding new distractions to pursue in lieu of fixing the real problem. These distractions require us to struggle against them, along with the occasional real problem, and allow those who will carry out the final execution to move in amongst us.

American military men have a saying about “Jody.” Jody, or “Joe D. Guy” (“Joe the Guy”) is the man who stays back when other men go to war, and instead sneaks in the back door and steals their wives and girlfriends. Loving a man at war is hard; having a fling with Jody is the easiest thing on earth, and so when self-pity strikes, the WAGs go hog wild for the Jodies of the world. Jody is the collapse of civilization in a microcosm: avoiding the real task for the pleasurable distraction.

Jody lines up with another American icon, the carpetbagger. After the Civil War, the defeated South was subject to many regulations by victorious Union forces. These benefited anyone willing to sign the right papers, put down a little money, and begin working for the new regulatory regime. The people who showed up were swarthy people — not Western European — from the cities who haphazardly filled out the forms and began their role in the theft of the wealth of the South, and its women. They were called carpetbaggers because of their tendency to show up with a cheap suitcase and nothing else, but to leave in entirely more opulent style.

The problem of good people is that they are always subverted by Jody and the carpetbaggers. When Ronald Reagan went to (cold) war against the Soviet Union, perhaps the most vile and demeaning empire on earth, he had to put all his resources into that fight, and he compromised on everything else. This let Jody and the carpetbaggers in through the back door. Affirmative action, immigration amnesty, political correctness… the seeds of America’s most recent plateau collapse were sewn during the first heroic time she had experienced since the Leftist disaster of 1968.

It is the same way always. Busy fighting Mongols, our aristocrats were subverted from within by merchants. Busy fighting Nazis, the British became compromised by Communists at their universities. While fighting a civil war, the Americans let in the devil of the strong state and its neo-Communist ideology. Always, whenever the good are fighting far away, Jody and his carpetbaggers appear, and they always bring the same promise: easy pleasure now, if you just go to sleep and forget the long-term consequences… no more tears. It will soon be over.

Human civilization is like a man who draws his sidearm to defend himself, then finds that his hand has raised it to his head and is preparing to pull the trigger. He cannot stop himself, because he cannot control his limbs, and while one arm was fighting off the enemy, the other was readying itself for suicide. Bang! Splat!

Now we fight phantoms instead of Soviets. The great war for political correctness is a smoke screen. While it advances the Leftist narrative, what it really does is distract from the center falling out of the world we have come to know. Generation X saw this happen: they started growing up in the post-1970s restoration of American sanity, a Western European society, and ended their maturation in the diverse, corrupt and Leftist 1990s. It happens that quickly. A society looks one way, and when it looks back, Jody and the carpetbaggers have stolen the show.

Our conservatives are perhaps the worst because they base their philosophy in the idea of the rugged individual. “Just do what is right, and work hard, and you will come out on top,” they advise, sagely aware that they will be four-up and buried by the time cause becomes effect and the disaster is visible. Their idea is that while the enemy — Jody, carpetbaggers, thieves, liars, creeps — walks among us, we can “succeed” individually and everything will be fine. But when your society is hijacked and falls apart, nothing is fine. You just marginalize yourself through rationalization, which is what conservatives do every time, which is why they have done nothing to arrest the decay for the past three centuries.

The goal of the carpetbagger is simple: he comes to take money and power through the mystical hand of Government. He will leave with papers that say you owe him your time, and he will take your wives and daughters too when they see this exotic, prosperous powerful man compared to how weak you have become. It would not be hard to beat back the carpetbagger, although it would not be easy either, but when he has the flaming sword of Government and Law — and good, moral and upstanding conservatives take those seriously — he is unbeatable. And so it goes: society vanishes, and so do its people.

The subversives always target the people first, and then hide behind a camouflage net of intermediate targets. Yes, they want to control institutions and dominate business, but only as a means to an end. That end is destroying you, the genetic and cultural — the two are linked — group that rules the nation. In the mindset of the parasite, there is no tomorrow. He wages perpetual war against those more successful than himself, and has no thought in his head about what to do when he wins. This is why parasites tend to exterminate themselves after destroying the host, as happens in plagues and diseases.

While this will seem shocking to most people, there is no real distinction between immigration, takeover, carpet-bagging and genocide. They are different steps in the same process, and different degrees of the same intent. In nature, as in human life, any prosperous thing becomes a target. It will not be conquered outright, but seduced: by the easy words of salesmen, by the comforting tones of political speeches, and finally by the promise of “a better way” (hope! change!) from charlatan-clowns like Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama.

Another big secret is that it is easier to fight this than take any other approach. Dropping out, retreating to the countryside, “exit,” in situ secession and working hard/getting ahead are all variations of the same idea: maybe I can do what I want to, and the rest will leave me alone. But it will not. If you prosper, you are a target. If you are different, you are a target. What you think of as your life is not a cause, but an effect, the result of your civilization, the learning that came before, and the ability to be a sovereign nation with people like you.

All of that has been dispossessed from Western Europeans now. We no longer rule our own nations. Even if we did, most of our people are delusional and could never have figured this out in the first place, which was always the point behind democracy (the “palliative anaesthesia of nations”). The Other walks among us, and is the case when two populations co-exist, wants to take over and genocide us. The carpetbaggers rule industry and Jody has taken over the family.

In the face of this disaster, the most popular response will be denial and an attempt to find an easy solution that does not involve tackling the problem. We can always retreat into our minds, feelings and rationalizations. But the easiest method is the one that avoids suicide: depose the system that makes carpetbaggers powerful (democracy). Deport the Other and all of our homegrown parasites, preferably to different places. Restore our society by putting the best people, not the most cynical manipulators, in charge.

It is not as complex as 99.99% of your species want you to believe it is. Jody and the carpetbaggers will tell you it is impossible because they want you to lie down, go back to sleep, and wake up never again. The average white person just wants to get his retirement fund and a boat to go fishing on, something nice for himself for a change since he works just too hard. Women, college students and Bernie want to chase New Age hopes and hope for a painless death.

It’s up to the few of us who are not delusional, who see the end rushing toward us, and can understand cause-effect reasoning to come together, and not compromise or forgive our differences, but to beat them down. We need to be unified. We need to know what we want, and demand it in simplified form. Until then, Jody and his creepy friends will rule us, take over women, and continue erasing us from the map of history.

This world is designed to make you want to die

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016


The path of “doing right” often leads to misery. Such is the case with societies that, as they succeed, choose to try to improve on nature through government. This creates a cycle that rewards the bad and punishes the good, resulting in a place that is horrible to live on every level but the material.

On the surface, the modern West is the best place on earth to live. We have material prosperity, rule of law and relative stability on a planet where, as usual, most of humanity has studied how to best screw up and is busy beheading each other. And yet, looking under the surface, a different vision appears.

This society is ugly and dysfunctional. Our needs are different from those of the beheaders, and this falls short. Days are spent in pointless labor that achieves nothing for anyone. Everyday annoyances are a peak because most people are paying little attention at jobs and so most details are botched. This means that people spend hours every week dealing with frustration minor issues and bureaucracy.

Unfortunately for us, the basic problem is that a dying society like ours converts sanity into insanity through the principle of relativity. Relative to what we know, we make choices and pick the best option available, but the options we actually need are off the table. Even keeping the system going, a daily struggle, is insane and yet it is the only option that appears sane.

Let us look at three areas where this world breaks down:

  1. “Normal.” To a healthy person, “normal” means a good person: good moral character, reasonable intelligence, healthy and sane. To an egalitarian society, “normal” means mediocre, because when you define all citizens to be equal you create a lower threshold and must design for that. This means that our laws, institutions and social interactions anticipate dealing with people who are low in every ability and character trait.
  2. Hubris. The Greek principle of hubris described those who acted above their natural station in the hierarchy of life. A peasant pretending to be a king, or a hero acting as if he were a god, would fit into this definition. All of our society is based on the hubristic idea that we are in control and can force things to be as we visualize them. Egalitarianism presumes that we can take mediocre people, control their thinking through education and manipulate their behavior through laws, and make them more than mediocre. We cannot.
  3. Bigotry. One form of bigotry never gets mentioned, and that is bigotry toward the smarter, stronger, more moral and more sane. It is legitimized by the egalitarian state, which acts in defense of the less capable by taking from the more capable. The result is a society that hates good people and celebrates bad ones. When its institutions fail, it always looks for some successful person to blame, instead of blaming the herd of mediocre people who — as usual — got it all wrong.

When we speak of the insanity of this time, the above is what we mean, not that iPhones are hard to use or the subway moves too fast. Sanity is destroyed and insanity encouraged. Goodness is persecuted and evil accepted. What was once normal and good has now become rare and persecuted. As a result, daily life is constant nonsense and exhausting bother for anyone with a working brain.

It is not surprising that sane people have abandoned politics, society and public institutions and instead retreat to their living rooms. They have been made irrelevant because insanity rules. Fewer of them are having children, and those that do are investing less effort in those offspring, because they recognize that as long as this society holds power, anything above the mediocre is doomed.

When most people think of “conservatives,” they think of people fighting a rearguard action against the encroachment of insanity. But insanity won. Now we need to think about dissolving our society as it is and replacing it with something that works. Anything else guarantees more of the same, time after time.

The parallax shift of collapse

Thursday, December 10th, 2015


This blog would be a lot more popular if it did what every other blog does: sex it up.

Vivid images and polarizing emotions sell. Even if the audience is paying nothing, their attention is a property. And so like writers selling books, or journalists pitching newspapers, blogs sell their product by first making it interesting and secondarily, wondering if it is mostly correct.

That is how to succeed, after all. The more interesting it is, the more people show up. Except for the rare few for whom ideas themselves are interesting, who can think in abstract terms, and who are concerned about actually fixing problems with realistic solutions.

But why sell to them? They are few, and it is easy to find many more people on the internet — bored at their do-nothing jobs, lonely and drunk in their dingy apartments, or raging against the machine in purposeless retirement — who are easier to acquire with a spicier product. Answers do not sell; image does.

What you see here is the thin and unpopular idea hiding behind the images others use to sell it. It’s not exciting and I’m not that great of a writer, more like an analyst of some kind, so often it is less than fascinating. But it is the closest approximation of what is real that I have found out there.

Many have sold the idea of collapse, decline or fall of the West as Rome 2.0. This was apparent to most at the time of the first World War, so our society dumbed itself down and drank heavily to continue ignoring the elephant in the room. That worked, sort of, in that with the 1968ers we got a generation will to turn everyone else into ideological zombies.

This collapse, like that of Rome, will not be exciting. You will not in fact notice it happening because it will be gradual and it will not occur where you are looking. Instead, like a parallax shift, it will happen in the background while you are watching for the image sold to you in films, television, blogs, media and conversation.

This parallax shift will not occur in the spotlight. It will happen behind the scenes and very slowly. There will no wake up point, only a long steady decline until you realize your society is irrelevant and has been for some time. There will not be an epidemic of ethnic violence, or a revolution.

Instead the slow decay will eat away the inside of society and leave the hollow shell, which will pretend it is the same as it was in 1913 or even 1945. But inside those walls, the quality of everything will slowly slip away, just as our products look the same and have the same prices but cheaper ingredients, and less of them, inside.

Everyday objects will stop improving and become a constant. The quality of things like food will decline until you need to shop at luxury rich person grocery stores to get the average quality of a 1970s grocery store. Corruption and taxes will increase, and everything you attempt will require knowing somebody to get ahead.

Your neighborhoods will look the same, but the construction will be shoddy and buying in a good area will no longer allow you to escape crime — only a gated community with armed guards will afford that. You will have free education, medical care and emergency services of inept quality, and have to purchase private options.

Soon there will be two groups: the very rich, who have the quality of life that was normal in America up through the 1980s, and everyone else, who will live in the equivalent of Brazil or Iraq. In their world, violent gangs and fanatical ideologies will control daily life, violence and crime will be common, and every product will be of the quality we associate with the third world.

You will keep going through the institutions and to the places you remember. But you will be getting an inferior substitute. You will have the same salary or more, but it will buy less. You will see the same flags, but they will have far less prestige and power. All of media, politics and entertainment will agree that none of this is true.

This condition might sound familiar to you. We’re about halfway through the process now. A slow, heavy sliding into irrelevance. No big fires, explosions or political intrigue. Just endless descent, with everything getting a little bit worse every year. Until no one cares, and no one who can tell the difference remains.

Death through Altruism: The European Achilles Heel

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015


As Europeans are beginning to figure out, failure to recognize life at times functions like a zero sum game comes at a high cost. The idea that the pie can be made bigger every year through cooperation and technological innovation and that all can benefit as long as we just try to be nice to each other is starting to suffer the effects of strain and wear, revealing the underlying reality that life consists of equal parts cooperation and competition.

Northern Europeans, typically of Germanic background, have proved successful in the past few centuries, because a society that can sustain certain large-scale projects that require cooperation and trust will have an advantage over societies that don’t. Such a society can for example, build a social safety net that won’t be abused, build nuclear weapons in secret, or exploit fossil fuels stored beneath the grounds without descending into civil war over the question of who deserves what share of the profits.

Economists are increasingly beginning to recognize the importance of trust in economic prosperity and Europeans seem to be unique in their high level of trust in the overall functioning of society and goodness of other people. Surveys tend to confirm that Northern European descended people are unique in their high level of trust of others. How this situation emerged is hard to prove, but it seems likely that climatic circumstances in our environment contributed, as survival required cooperation and long-term planning.

In non-Northern European descended societies, there is less trust in the stable and predictable nature of the future that the Germanic people expect. Germans in particular were traumatized by inflation in the Weimar republic, because it clashed with their perception of investments as having a predictable payoff. If you don’t trust that you will have a pension waiting for you by the time when you retire, you will be less willing to invest in the stock market or buy government bonds. Economic growth suffers as a consequence.

To illustrate how this peculiar excessive trust towards their social environment has benefited Europeans, consider the opposite extreme, Western Africa, a region where nobody seems to trust anyone. Over here, naive Europeans felt guilty over the low salaries they paid locals for their labor. It’s quite common for Europeans to raise salaries for their workers, only to find that their personnel stops showing up after a while! After all, they have saved up enough money to go without working for the rest of the year. Rather than maximizing their standard of living, they would rather minimize their obedience and obligations towards a master-figure.

In addition to this, it’s useful to note the fact that outside of Northern Europe business is engaged in with a different mentality. Haggling is typically expected, except when purchasing food, which becomes a waste of time and is considered one of life’s necessities and thus impolite to haggle over. For the Germanic people, haggling seem to be taboo. The Northern European assumes that his business partner wants to do a service for them, only benefiting in the process by proving themselves important to the community.

The non-Northern European on the other hand, assumes that it’s self-evident that both groups pursue their own rational self-interest. Thus the non-Northern European expects his business partner to negotiate. If the Northern European doesn’t seek to reduce the price in a transaction, his business partner will be insulted and feel as if he is the recipient of some sort of charitable donation.

Unfortunately, this difference in mentality leads to conflict between Northern Europeans and people from other cultures forced to participate in the same society together. It leads for example, to anti-semitism. In Europe, most of us Christians are descended at least partly from Jews who could not thrive within the Jewish community, as the Jewish form of survival continually selected for high intelligence. The Jews however are historically hated because they were forced into occupations that required them to scam and deceive people to survive, which clashes strongly with the Germanic model of a society that is based around trust and proving one’s importance through service to the community.

If you’re intellectually and materially confident, you’re more prone to tolerate the fact that others pursue their own rational self-interest, you recognize that it prevents you from devolving into a naive man-child. Unfortunately, many Northern Europeans aren’t very intellectually confident, thus they desire to be protected by our social value of promiscuous altruism, where everyone is expected to serve the greater good of society as a whole.

A prominent example that comes to mind consists of some poor Dutch bloke, who was crying on TV, because the small company he worked for had gotten in financial trouble, so the owner encouraged him to lend them money by opening a mortgage on his house. He says he always went whistling to work and liked his job so much that he was willing to do it. He has this naive perception that if he’s a good person, others will take care of him, which is not how the world works, except in Northern European isolated village community existence, where everyone is genetically related and promiscuous altruism can survive the process of natural selection. Today, most people pursue their own self-interest, being nice to you just makes their life easier. Thus, like most Germanic Europeans in one form or another, he ended up as a victim.

To most Northern Europeans, this realization is highly disturbing, it clashes with their fundamental world-orientation. Note how one former communist, a member of the Rote Armee Fraction, became a Nazi. His prime accusation I encounter in his writings against the Jews is that they are a race of hagglers. Why shouldn’t they haggle? The only reason it offends us is because it clashes with our Northern European culture of promiscuous altruism, where status is gained by taking care of others.

After World War I, Germans began to feel they had been excessively scammed, rightly so, but their natural instinct to look towards the Jews as being responsible was misdirected, it was the British and the French who saw them as a threat that had to be contained, but it’s very hard for a parent to look towards his children, the Franks and the Anglo-Saxons, as having betrayed him. Thus Jews who fought in the first world war for the German Emperor had their families dispossessed and slaughtered, while the British who had destroyed the German empire were sought as partners in an alliance.

I think it’s important to note that the Jews did not choose an existence of scamming and being at odds with the rest of the German nation, rather, it’s a position they were forced into by laws that prohibited them from owning land. Whenever secular Jews have the opportunity to abandon their Jewish identity and assimilate into the upper or middle class of Jewish society, that’s what they tend to do. An example would be the Rothschilds, who marry shiksa’s, grow wine and fawn over old paintings, acting like any other European aristocrat.

Today we live in a society where agriculture composes just a tiny fraction of our economy and business transaction are made with a variety of frequently changing business partners. Thus, all of society is starting to resemble a scam. We’re drowned in multi-level marketing schemes, lotteries, products designed to break down rapidly, food with inferior ingredients, marketing campaigns that abuse our insecurities, etcetera. Everyone is now forced into economic niches reminiscent of those that Jews were forced into in medieval Europe.

It’s also important to note that Jews are not unique in having been forced into this niche. In Indonesia, Chinese people took on a similar role, in the Ottoman empire, Armenians did. In all cases, participation in such economic niches as money-changers, bankers, traveling salesmen and other service industries leads to resentment and hatred, by people who feel, often rightly so, that they are being exploited and scammed. Genocide is an unfortunate although common consequence.

Note also that European anti-semitism is different from Islamic anti-semitism, it leads to awkward strategic alliances between the two at best. Muslims don’t have racial animosity towards Jews, they merely hate them because they’re seen as uppity due to the state of Israel. If they’re willing to submit to the Muslims, they’re tolerated in similar fashion to Christians, ripped of their dignity and used as a source of wives and taxes, but not eradicated.

European tend to hate Jews for different reasons, in Europe, it’s mostly a cultural clash due to our promiscuous empathy. Jews end up distrusted, because they can pass as white and are more intelligent than most Europeans. Blacks, Arabs, Chinese etcetera are not distrusted the way Jews are, because Europeans can see that they look different and thus receive a warning that their mind may work differently, whereas when interacting with a Jew, Europeans let down their guard and are prone to assuming that the person they’re interacting with is just as naive as they are.

To illustrate how peculiar the Germanic mentality is, note that in Nigeria, the most prestigious method of earning money is by not really working hard, whereas in Europe, people take pride in “working hard”, even though they don’t genuinely work hard but mostly just obsess over it, publicly displaying how crucial they are to the entire process. In Nigeria, scam artistry is actually very prestigious.

It seems that if the average Northern European could be an aristocrat, he wouldn’t want to be one, because he’d be afraid of being seen as a freeloader. When Northern Europeans do end up with a lot of money, they rebrand themselves as philanthropists and make a big deal about the fact that they give away money.

The whole world recognizes this peculiar mentality. Northern Europeans are seen as somewhat naive, in need of being protected against themselves. The Hungarian politicians tell their border guards that they are protecting all of Europe, which is another way of saying that they are protecting Northern Europeans against their own self-destructive impulse, like a child that will happily step into any predator’s car.

Of course the other side of the coin is that among Northern Europeans, the consensus can shift very rapidly. When Northern Europeans feel that they have given some group the time to prove themselves as contributing to their community, but figured out that they’re freeloaders, the pendulum swings the other way and their mentality turns genocidal quite rapidly. You either want to contribute to their greater cause, or you have to be purged, whereas in non-Northern European cultures, there’s more room for a position in between.

The rest of the world recognizes this and hence continually hammers on the “racist” nature of Europeans, who seemingly can not tolerate other races and are continually hostile and fearful towards them, even instituting traditions like Black Peter in the Netherlands, to remind each other of the “otherness” of the minority communities that live among them. Such minorities who accuse their host community of racism don’t mention the fact however, that for the European social model to work, Europeans are forced to be racist.

After all, promiscuous altruism could only emerge when Europeans lived in closely genetically related communities, as giving away resources to those who are not genetically related to you and who won’t reciprocate the gesture is suicidal . Whenever freeloaders emerge, promiscuous altruism thus requires Europeans to purge them. This is what happened to the gypsies in world war II.

Unfortunately, it is likely what will happen to minority communities living in Europe today as well. Eventually, as immigration continues and our societies descend further into terminal decline, the Germanic people can no longer afford to wait and see if the various minority groups living among them will eventually unveil themselves as promiscuously empathic people like themselves.

Germanic Europeans have convinced themselves that indoctrination will make others behave like us. Simply by giving minority communities college degrees they will begin to embrace our naive attitude towards strangers, rather than learning how to cynically exploit the social construct of “racism” against the host community on which their unprecedented level of prosperity depends.

Personally, I don’t take pride in the promiscuous empathy our people are predisposed to, I interpret it as docile and insincere. It’s nice in the sense that it prevents cruelty (inflicting suffering on others purely for the sake of making them suffer), but we have to accept that life is a zero-sum game, life is not the Northern European fantasy where everyone can become happier by trying to be nice to everyone you meet while wondering what Jesus would do. Life does not revolve around competition and deceit, but competition and deceit have to be part of life because otherwise we end up domesticated cattle.

The lack of competition and deceit that Europeans are exposed to has meant that we have now reached the point where we became so naive that we allow the third world to dump its unwanted people in our nations. Boats full of children, none older than 11 years old, are sent from Egypt to Italy. It is correctly assumed by their parents that the Europeans will take care of them. Europeans are proving themselves very easy to manipulate through guilt and a sense of responsibility. If they wish to survive however, they will have to recognize that most of the world maintains a sharply different mindset.

The Economics of a Coming Dark Age

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015
Reactionaries Should Not Run An Economy Like ISIS

Reactionaries Should Not Run An Economy Like ISIS

I wouldn’t submit articles to this blog if I weren’t very willing to entertain the possibility that Oswald Spengler had a point regarding the coming demise of Western Modernity. It goes almost without saying that I therefore also entertain the possibility that political reaction could be a valid source of direction and truth to get us all through the impending crisis. We will need a good plan for when The West finally busts its gut string and expires in an undignified heap. That proffered upfront, I now propose we examine whether reactionaries can actually take charge once Modernity earns its farewell cart ride to the political science glue factory.

Sadly, the first group of reactionaries to make the big time and no long have to remain the JV is ISIS. Enumerating the current year 1453 in honor of the founding of the Caliphate brings to mind the quaint Roman custom of dating Ab Urbe Condita.   Their efforts to reestablish Sharia Law throughout the world dates them to an era well before Napoleonic Jurisprudence or Post-Saxon English Common Law.   Given that ISIS has actually established one of the most powerful Reactionary States on the planet, we use them as a case study to point out what Reactionaries need to learn in order to make a new start out of the future mounds of rubble.

The initial results are not pretty. One of the first things a ruling state has to figure out is “How do we pay for it?” This is a general as well as a specific question. A new form of government needs to get its hands on resources in order to govern. ISIS is currently no better at this than the failing social democracies that will eventually go bankrupt and collapse in the West. According to the blog Jihadology, approximately ¾ of the revenue this Caliphate brings in consists of either confiscation or resource extraction. Only ¼ consists of productive activity.


This is no more sustainable than the Palo Alto real estate bubble. There is only so much leftover swag from Saddam Hussein or Hafez Assad. The Visigoth Holiday will rapidly run out of beer. Even the 28% or so of their revenue from oil and gas is dependent upon continued supply and an ongoing market. One can only imagine the moral character and reliability of ISIS’ preferred customers. Being the fossil fuel supplier for Saruman’s orc tribes probably isn’t a good long-term business plan. In conclusion, a reactionary state will have to develop the ability to do far more economically than pawn off the remains of what they seek to replace.


From the ISIS expenditure graph above, we discover what may or may not be a more auspicious strategy. Less than ½ of the ISIS annual budget goes to social welfare. These people probably don’t spend a whole lot of their spare time studying The Epistles of Paul. Yet they have taken 2 Thessalonians 3: 10* to heart well enough to not allow welfare zombies to break the back of their social governance.

However, almost 2/3 of the annual budget goes to waging war. Giving peace a chance would give ISIS the same problem Harry Truman had in post-WWII America: a major economic recession. They are literally forced to war by their economic and societal model. Dar al-Islam would go bankrupt if they didn’t have enemies to pillage and raid. In that respect, they have far more in common with the early Christian Monarchies of Post-Roman Europe than they would ever like to admit.

The problems ISIS currently faces are similar to those of Merovingian France as described by Henri Pirenne in Mohammad and Charlemagne. The Merovingian monarchs also raised much of their money by looting. They were more sophisticated, and looted gold and silver by debasing the full-bodied monies of their eras. It was a slower collapse for the Merovingian coin-clippers than it will be for the ISIS wag-halters. The Merovingian kings had far more specie than the ISIS Caliphate has garish leftovers from Hussein-era Iraq to haul to the pawn shop.

What we see from initial efforts of Middle-Eastern, Islamic Reactionaries are the economics of a coming dark age. They have an economy that produces little and lives off the remains of others. Buzzard economics requires a steady supply of carrion to feed the birdies. The carrion has to be provided by ongoing and culturally debilitating war. Peace would be like a car wreck for this badly unbalanced economy and society.

To effectively stage reaction to the ongoing failure theatre of modernity, we will have to answer a legitimate and vital question. What can we produce and do to actually make the world work? It’s a fair question. ISIS has utterly failed to answer it in a constructive or sustainable fashion. Western Reaction will have to answer these questions as the time for massive economic crisis in the social democracies of the West continues to draw ever closer nigh.

*- “For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.”

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