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Death through Altruism: The European Achilles Heel


As Europeans are beginning to figure out, failure to recognize life at times functions like a zero sum game comes at a high cost. The idea that the pie can be made bigger every year through cooperation and technological innovation and that all can benefit as long as we just try to be nice to each other is starting to suffer the effects of strain and wear, revealing the underlying reality that life consists of equal parts cooperation and competition.

Northern Europeans, typically of Germanic background, have proved successful in the past few centuries, because a society that can sustain certain large-scale projects that require cooperation and trust will have an advantage over societies that don’t. Such a society can for example, build a social safety net that won’t be abused, build nuclear weapons in secret, or exploit fossil fuels stored beneath the grounds without descending into civil war over the question of who deserves what share of the profits.

Economists are increasingly beginning to recognize the importance of trust in economic prosperity and Europeans seem to be unique in their high level of trust in the overall functioning of society and goodness of other people. Surveys tend to confirm that Northern European descended people are unique in their high level of trust of others. How this situation emerged is hard to prove, but it seems likely that climatic circumstances in our environment contributed, as survival required cooperation and long-term planning.

In non-Northern European descended societies, there is less trust in the stable and predictable nature of the future that the Germanic people expect. Germans in particular were traumatized by inflation in the Weimar republic, because it clashed with their perception of investments as having a predictable payoff. If you don’t trust that you will have a pension waiting for you by the time when you retire, you will be less willing to invest in the stock market or buy government bonds. Economic growth suffers as a consequence.

To illustrate how this peculiar excessive trust towards their social environment has benefited Europeans, consider the opposite extreme, Western Africa, a region where nobody seems to trust anyone. Over here, naive Europeans felt guilty over the low salaries they paid locals for their labor. It’s quite common for Europeans to raise salaries for their workers, only to find that their personnel stops showing up after a while! After all, they have saved up enough money to go without working for the rest of the year. Rather than maximizing their standard of living, they would rather minimize their obedience and obligations towards a master-figure.

In addition to this, it’s useful to note the fact that outside of Northern Europe business is engaged in with a different mentality. Haggling is typically expected, except when purchasing food, which becomes a waste of time and is considered one of life’s necessities and thus impolite to haggle over. For the Germanic people, haggling seem to be taboo. The Northern European assumes that his business partner wants to do a service for them, only benefiting in the process by proving themselves important to the community.

The non-Northern European on the other hand, assumes that it’s self-evident that both groups pursue their own rational self-interest. Thus the non-Northern European expects his business partner to negotiate. If the Northern European doesn’t seek to reduce the price in a transaction, his business partner will be insulted and feel as if he is the recipient of some sort of charitable donation.

Unfortunately, this difference in mentality leads to conflict between Northern Europeans and people from other cultures forced to participate in the same society together. It leads for example, to anti-semitism. In Europe, most of us Christians are descended at least partly from Jews who could not thrive within the Jewish community, as the Jewish form of survival continually selected for high intelligence. The Jews however are historically hated because they were forced into occupations that required them to scam and deceive people to survive, which clashes strongly with the Germanic model of a society that is based around trust and proving one’s importance through service to the community.

If you’re intellectually and materially confident, you’re more prone to tolerate the fact that others pursue their own rational self-interest, you recognize that it prevents you from devolving into a naive man-child. Unfortunately, many Northern Europeans aren’t very intellectually confident, thus they desire to be protected by our social value of promiscuous altruism, where everyone is expected to serve the greater good of society as a whole.

A prominent example that comes to mind consists of some poor Dutch bloke, who was crying on TV, because the small company he worked for had gotten in financial trouble, so the owner encouraged him to lend them money by opening a mortgage on his house. He says he always went whistling to work and liked his job so much that he was willing to do it. He has this naive perception that if he’s a good person, others will take care of him, which is not how the world works, except in Northern European isolated village community existence, where everyone is genetically related and promiscuous altruism can survive the process of natural selection. Today, most people pursue their own self-interest, being nice to you just makes their life easier. Thus, like most Germanic Europeans in one form or another, he ended up as a victim.

To most Northern Europeans, this realization is highly disturbing, it clashes with their fundamental world-orientation. Note how one former communist, a member of the Rote Armee Fraction, became a Nazi. His prime accusation I encounter in his writings against the Jews is that they are a race of hagglers. Why shouldn’t they haggle? The only reason it offends us is because it clashes with our Northern European culture of promiscuous altruism, where status is gained by taking care of others.

After World War I, Germans began to feel they had been excessively scammed, rightly so, but their natural instinct to look towards the Jews as being responsible was misdirected, it was the British and the French who saw them as a threat that had to be contained, but it’s very hard for a parent to look towards his children, the Franks and the Anglo-Saxons, as having betrayed him. Thus Jews who fought in the first world war for the German Emperor had their families dispossessed and slaughtered, while the British who had destroyed the German empire were sought as partners in an alliance.

I think it’s important to note that the Jews did not choose an existence of scamming and being at odds with the rest of the German nation, rather, it’s a position they were forced into by laws that prohibited them from owning land. Whenever secular Jews have the opportunity to abandon their Jewish identity and assimilate into the upper or middle class of Jewish society, that’s what they tend to do. An example would be the Rothschilds, who marry shiksa’s, grow wine and fawn over old paintings, acting like any other European aristocrat.

Today we live in a society where agriculture composes just a tiny fraction of our economy and business transaction are made with a variety of frequently changing business partners. Thus, all of society is starting to resemble a scam. We’re drowned in multi-level marketing schemes, lotteries, products designed to break down rapidly, food with inferior ingredients, marketing campaigns that abuse our insecurities, etcetera. Everyone is now forced into economic niches reminiscent of those that Jews were forced into in medieval Europe.

It’s also important to note that Jews are not unique in having been forced into this niche. In Indonesia, Chinese people took on a similar role, in the Ottoman empire, Armenians did. In all cases, participation in such economic niches as money-changers, bankers, traveling salesmen and other service industries leads to resentment and hatred, by people who feel, often rightly so, that they are being exploited and scammed. Genocide is an unfortunate although common consequence.

Note also that European anti-semitism is different from Islamic anti-semitism, it leads to awkward strategic alliances between the two at best. Muslims don’t have racial animosity towards Jews, they merely hate them because they’re seen as uppity due to the state of Israel. If they’re willing to submit to the Muslims, they’re tolerated in similar fashion to Christians, ripped of their dignity and used as a source of wives and taxes, but not eradicated.

European tend to hate Jews for different reasons, in Europe, it’s mostly a cultural clash due to our promiscuous empathy. Jews end up distrusted, because they can pass as white and are more intelligent than most Europeans. Blacks, Arabs, Chinese etcetera are not distrusted the way Jews are, because Europeans can see that they look different and thus receive a warning that their mind may work differently, whereas when interacting with a Jew, Europeans let down their guard and are prone to assuming that the person they’re interacting with is just as naive as they are.

To illustrate how peculiar the Germanic mentality is, note that in Nigeria, the most prestigious method of earning money is by not really working hard, whereas in Europe, people take pride in “working hard”, even though they don’t genuinely work hard but mostly just obsess over it, publicly displaying how crucial they are to the entire process. In Nigeria, scam artistry is actually very prestigious.

It seems that if the average Northern European could be an aristocrat, he wouldn’t want to be one, because he’d be afraid of being seen as a freeloader. When Northern Europeans do end up with a lot of money, they rebrand themselves as philanthropists and make a big deal about the fact that they give away money.

The whole world recognizes this peculiar mentality. Northern Europeans are seen as somewhat naive, in need of being protected against themselves. The Hungarian politicians tell their border guards that they are protecting all of Europe, which is another way of saying that they are protecting Northern Europeans against their own self-destructive impulse, like a child that will happily step into any predator’s car.

Of course the other side of the coin is that among Northern Europeans, the consensus can shift very rapidly. When Northern Europeans feel that they have given some group the time to prove themselves as contributing to their community, but figured out that they’re freeloaders, the pendulum swings the other way and their mentality turns genocidal quite rapidly. You either want to contribute to their greater cause, or you have to be purged, whereas in non-Northern European cultures, there’s more room for a position in between.

The rest of the world recognizes this and hence continually hammers on the “racist” nature of Europeans, who seemingly can not tolerate other races and are continually hostile and fearful towards them, even instituting traditions like Black Peter in the Netherlands, to remind each other of the “otherness” of the minority communities that live among them. Such minorities who accuse their host community of racism don’t mention the fact however, that for the European social model to work, Europeans are forced to be racist.

After all, promiscuous altruism could only emerge when Europeans lived in closely genetically related communities, as giving away resources to those who are not genetically related to you and who won’t reciprocate the gesture is suicidal . Whenever freeloaders emerge, promiscuous altruism thus requires Europeans to purge them. This is what happened to the gypsies in world war II.

Unfortunately, it is likely what will happen to minority communities living in Europe today as well. Eventually, as immigration continues and our societies descend further into terminal decline, the Germanic people can no longer afford to wait and see if the various minority groups living among them will eventually unveil themselves as promiscuously empathic people like themselves.

Germanic Europeans have convinced themselves that indoctrination will make others behave like us. Simply by giving minority communities college degrees they will begin to embrace our naive attitude towards strangers, rather than learning how to cynically exploit the social construct of “racism” against the host community on which their unprecedented level of prosperity depends.

Personally, I don’t take pride in the promiscuous empathy our people are predisposed to, I interpret it as docile and insincere. It’s nice in the sense that it prevents cruelty (inflicting suffering on others purely for the sake of making them suffer), but we have to accept that life is a zero-sum game, life is not the Northern European fantasy where everyone can become happier by trying to be nice to everyone you meet while wondering what Jesus would do. Life does not revolve around competition and deceit, but competition and deceit have to be part of life because otherwise we end up domesticated cattle.

The lack of competition and deceit that Europeans are exposed to has meant that we have now reached the point where we became so naive that we allow the third world to dump its unwanted people in our nations. Boats full of children, none older than 11 years old, are sent from Egypt to Italy. It is correctly assumed by their parents that the Europeans will take care of them. Europeans are proving themselves very easy to manipulate through guilt and a sense of responsibility. If they wish to survive however, they will have to recognize that most of the world maintains a sharply different mindset.

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