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Selling Bad Fiction With Senator Lieawatha

Sunday, February 12th, 2017

I’m truly happy for USAG Jeff Sessions. He not only ascended to the position of Attorney General, but he also escaped the dysfunctional intellectual suckage field known as the US Senate. No member of that particular field eminates waves of intellectual suckage on a level with Democratic Senator and SJW Shaman Elizabeth Warren. Liz, you see, was very disappointed with Jeff Sessions enjoying professional success.

“You didn’t build that!” She all but snarled on Twitter. She even put the GOP on notice.

“We won’t be silent. We will speak out. And we WILL persist,” she said. “The only sin is remaining quiet.”

Of course when Senator McConnell noticed her, he invoked US Senate Rule XIX and stepped on her like the insect she very closely resembles. And she won’t take that lying down. This was done because she decided to read a letter from Coretta Scott King critical of Jeff Sessions as both a professional and a human being. McConnell smelled a turd and hit the flush lever.

Nope, Senator Warren doesn’t experience shame. Only publicity. Senator McConnell decided this would be useful in his efforts to set up a GOP landslide in the 2018 Midterm elections. Nothing would make him happier to be Senate Majority Leader than to be publically opposed by the Rachael Dolezal of the Democratic Party’s US Senate Caucus. With Talcom X getting rhetorically flambeed on The Young Turks, Elizabeth Warren was simply the best political theatre prop he had at hand.

If the only sin is to remain silent, Senator Warren; who famously claimed to be the intellectual inspiration for Occupy Wall Street, won’t be spending many Sunday afternoons getting her fingers rapped by Matronly Nuns armed with old, wooden rulers. I guess if you hold an entire Senate Hearing to find out why the Minimum Wage in America isn’t $35.00 yet, and still can’t quite grasp the answer; then you’d never spend a lick-spittle minute worrying over the iniquities of the hermetically stupid. Yes, Senator Lieawatha will undutibly persist. Her mouth will run on like a poorly-tuned engine block.

But JPW, doesn’t she at least believe in her ideology? “Sure,” I’d reply. “Just like the Honorable Elijah Mohammad totally bought into The Mothership.”

She is almost, but not quite, as sincere as L. Ron Hubbard when he 1st preached Scientology. Just how down is Liz Warren with the struggle? Just look at her reaction to Senator Rand Paul’s bill calling for an audit of The US Federal Reserve. Vampires have reacted with less concern and outright terror to crucifixes and St. Christopher Medals. Nothing is more counterrevolutionary than having your pissed off political donors on the phone. If Liz Warren occupies any stretch of Wall Street, it’s only because Goldman Sachs bought her a condo.

The woman who took the whole One Drop Rule to a new and fetishistic low in public raceturbation in order to get ahead in academia doesn’t believe in much of anything other than gimmedat. It takes Eric Hoffer to properly explain just what makes the fake indian who is a real senator actually tick.

Up to now, America has not been a good milieu for the rise of a mass movement. What starts out here as a mass movement ends up as a racket, a cult, or a corporation.

So if Lieawatha Liz is basically either a racket, a cult or a corporation, you can pretty much figure out her behavior by asking yourself where the action is. In this case, the action is over at Barney Noble’s. Yes, indeed. Her principaled impugning of poor Jeff Sessions is all about the Principal. It’s not even ideology. It’s all about the Beads and Wampum.

Senator Warren has a book coming out this April and needs an utter turdstorm of publicity to help flog it. Senator Warren’s book would no more sell on its merits than Professor Warren would have ever succeeded in academia as an Evil White Albanoid.

Therefore she trolls for victimhood by trolling Jeff Sessions. It’s pathetic. It’s laughable. It’s the current state of The American Democratic Party. Worse than that, it’s the current state of Amerikan Democracy. Congratulations! These are the people we’ve elected to make all the important decisions.

Reality is arbitrary

Friday, June 12th, 2015


The media foams at the mouth over Rachel Dolezal as we speak. She presented them with a classic paradox by taking mainstream liberal ideology to the extremes. To wit: if race is a social construct, a woman born and raised white can be black, if she identifies with black.

In a wave of great ironies, this comes months after Elizabeth Warren asserted she was part Amerind but then backed away with the help of a compliant media, and after the gory highway crash rubbernecking over Bruce->Caitlyn Jenner, in which he negated all that was hateful about privilege — white, male, virile — by becoming a white female.

And yet the world shrugs because, dear liberals, you cannot have it both ways. If race is a social construct, then people who identify as black are in fact black. If race is not a social construct, then we are all what we are born to be and diversity looks less sunny, and uncomfortable questions are raised about whether Caitlyn is really a Kate and not simply Bruce having left therapy early.

This confusion reveals the heart of the leftist narrative on race which is a deliberate double standard. Race serves as a means to an end of destroying those at the top of society who are naturally smarter, healthier and wealthier. As such, race is used when convenient to take down those at the top — again, the white heterosexual male hunting season is well underway — but ignored when inconvenient. Thus a white male shooting up a school is proof of white degeneracy, but crime by ethnic minorities like Hispanics, Vietnamese and African-Americans is… well… there must be some other explanation.

Few enjoy my explanation, which is that a tribe of people is either victorious or conquered. Diversity ensures that one group will be on top, and every other group will feel conquered. This is the white liberal equivalent of poor Southern whites insisting that blacks were beneath them; the liberal, being craftier and more educated but less anchored to reality, creates inferiority by implication. He invites all in to his diverse nation but then puts himself at top.

In that we see how Rachel Dolezal is the archetypal liberal. Liberals derive their power from ignoring the real problem of civilization decay and offering a surrogate instead through “social justice” which can be addressed by “equality,” a concept not found in nature. The liberal sees herself as part of the hated power structure, but because she refutes it and works to sabotage it, free from blame and thus able to partake in the victim narrative assigned to minority ethnic groups, religions and genders.

Like long-suffering Moms who hit the claret in late afternoon, liberals bond on suffering. It is what makes them different from all that they hate, and heroes to those minorities, so that it is safe to vote liberals into power because they are the good guys after all. Their suffering excuses them of culpability for their success in achieving wealth and power, and they enjoy paying extra taxes as a sacrifice to this self-image.

While Rachel Dolezal may have taken the liberal view of race to the extreme, first she took liberalism to the extreme: you can be powerful, as long as you are “of the people” which means a victim in some way or another. In her case, she celebrated her misfortunes that she thinks placed her on the same level as African-Americans because Dolezal, like all liberals, is still stuck in the superiority-inferiority narrative that liberals claim is responsible for slavery.

An ugly truth of humanity reveals that history is in fact not history, but a series of press releases summarizing what the sponsors of the victors wanted you to think. Those who wished to take over the colonial trade accused the original colonizers of being evil slave-masters, at which point that group withdrew, and the newly corrupt group surged in. Liberals exploit the superiority-inferiority dialogue, forgetting that through most of history hierarchy existed at both vertical and horizontal levels. To nationalists, any other tribe was simply Other and neither superior nor inferior, merely unwanted here, like the more intelligence ancestor of NIMBY.

As liberalism reaches its 226th year of destroying the West, itself a culmination of a millennium of crowdist thought, the cracks in its ancient and scaly skin are beginning to show. Mainly that it depends on rebellion for its logic, and so its “theory” is always an inversion of the functional theory which came before, much as leftists enforce the superiority-inferiority complex on minorities in order to make leftists into victims with an excuse for being wealthy and powerful. Its theories always start with the idea that reality is optional.

This brings us back to Dolezal and Jenner. Rachel can live as a black person all she wants, but as the curtain falls aside, she stands revealed as yet another opportunist — like Elizabeth Warren, Emma Sulkowicz, Hillary Clinton, Al Sharpton and other professional victims — who used victimhood as a cover story to achieve a comfortable life above the rest of us. Jenner can use science to force his body into female form, but he can never have the experience of being a woman, growing up a girl and developing the mind according to those parameters, then going on to being a young bride with a normal life and family ahead of her.

It is all a theory game on the left. Reality is arbitrary because reality is not arbitrary, but preaching its non-existence makes a crowd of unhappy and purposeless people clap their hands and vote or buy. This allows the fantasy to become reality, but only for a few moments, and then the curtain falls away again and we see it is a boring and sad fantasy, with the camera pulling away to reveal the lonely apartments full of empty wine bottles and copies of Mother Jones, resonant with misery that their new jobs as professional victims cannot quite salve.

The Elizabeth Warren attraction

Thursday, July 17th, 2014


“Insanity in individuals is something rare — but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.” With these words F.W. Nietzsche described the situation we find ourselves in with modern politics: insanity which punishes those who speak out against it, like a perverse take on The Emperor’s New Clothes.

Voters tend toward the worst of these behaviors. They clump together in groups around ideas that seem uncontroversial, panic at the unknown, and lunge at illusions that promise to allay fears with even greater insanity. Those who study voters find themselves in the position of catering to this mentality and because it is so chaotic, the only middle ground they can find tends to be the compromise position.

The crusade for the “bipartisan” or “moderate” compromise candidate drowns whole parties in its insistence on paradoxical logic. Conservatives and liberals want different things; political orientation is more of a choice of ideal lifestyle and type of civilization than it is a discrete mathematical phenomenon. For this reason the bipartisan candidate constitutes a unicorn or chimera, but voters chase it nonetheless, hoping that by purchasing time from the beast life will just continue as normal. Most people form a mass that is concerned more with its individual challenges and pursuits than any kind of direction for the group as a whole, thus they fall prey to the fanatics and revolutionaries who upset the order. Instead of confronting these people with the deranged nature of their positions, they attempt compromise and figure they have at least staved off the beast.

On the frontlines of the search for the great neither-liberal-nor-conservative candidate, Elizabeth Warren looms large as a possibility. She represents the liberal establishment through public support but gives nods to a conservative and libertarian leaning electorate by looking harshly at big government and its recent failings. For people awash in doubt who have lost the will to act decisively, she appears to be the ideal non-position: a compromise between left and right that gives a little bit of something to everyone.

If you recall the last election, Republicans made themselves desperate to find a “bipartisan” candidate. They thought this might appeal to Democrats and “moderates”; as it turns out, those groups simply went with the liberal candidate because he asked less of them and promised more. In the process, Republicans alienated their base who wanted to see not just a workable candidate, but an increasing momentum for change to put this country in a conservative direction. With the next election, the bipartisans will switch from trying to find a compromise Republican to settling for a Democrat who has a few conservative-flavored ideas.

Much as the 2012 elections ended poorly for conservatives, any participation in the search for a bipartisan candidate — and any fondness toward Elizabeth Warren — will end similarly in disaster. Moderates inevitably shift leftward because without a strong direction toward conservatism, leftism provides the path of least resistance by affirming popular illusions and pretending to banish fears. A Warren on the campaign trail will become a different animal once elected, and she will use her “Republican”-ish ideas to patch up the leaky boat Obama has created, making liberals look yet again like saviors of the common voter.

For centuries, the only salvation for right-wing parties has been to appeal to their base. These are practical people. They do not need to be ideologues or intensely religious to realize that a small-government, family-oriented, traditional values and strength-oriented party will create the best results not just now but in the distant future. They also sense but can rarely articulate that for them, our country either takes a strong rightward direction or it inevitably drifts back toward the leftist morass.

As conservative commentators waffle toward Warren to the delight of their liberal media overseers, who basically clap knowing how fatal of an error their adversaries are making, the interests of American people are overlooked. Another bipartisan moderate compromise candidate with strengthen the left and reduce our hope of reversing the decline. Despite the popularity of Elizabeth Warren, those who want conservatives to do more than pick up after liberals should realize that her strengths are our weakness, and no amount of papering over that with words like “bipartisan” will change it.

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