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What Happens When Democrats Realize That They Do Not Need White Presidents?

Senator Bernie Sanders made an announcement that shocked absolutely nobody. He is running for President as a Democrat.

Bernie Sanders announced that he will join the Democratic cast of thousands running for the party’s presidential nomination. Sanders nearly beat Hillary Clinton to the prize three years ago, but as CBS This Morning points out, Hillary didn’t have much competition either:

As the article points out, approximately twenty-four Democrats are running for President. The field is positively !VIBRANT! The maybe twenty four different people who have declared an intent to seek the Democratic Party Nomination include just about the entire rainbow diaspora of racial minorities (and probably at least five out of the six genders the Democrats currently recognize). Bernie isn’t the only option other than #FemaleCaligula.

However, that may well be working in his favor. The latest RealClear Politics early polling for the Democratic nomination suggests that 60% of that party’s vote goes to a white candidate. In this case, I’m counting Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Beto (Robert Francis) O’Rourke, and for some reason, Amy Klobuchar, as ostensibly “white.”

Another factor that suggests The Bern could ignite this time involves a more serious look at polling based on gender. Counting Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Tulsi Gabbard and, oh yeah, Amy Klobuchar, as ostensibly female and that’s maybe 20% of the current Democratic preference. Thus, if we just made the Dem race a contest between four composites, we would get the following results (multiply probabilities laid out above):

  • White Male = 48% [P(W) * P(M)]
  • Non-White Male = 32% [P(~W) * P(M)]
  • White Female = 12% [P(W) * P(~M)]
  • Non-White Female = 8% {P(~W) * P(~M)]

Bernie’s biggest problem is that he isn’t the current front-runner to be Composite White Male. That title goes to Former Vice-President Joe Biden. Bernie has an issue that could either be a weakness or a strength. He doesn’t normally identify as a Democrat. He calls himself an Independent and says that this is because he is an ideological Socialist. He officially claims the Democrats are not far enough Left to pass his personal purity test… until they offer him a chance at a Presidential nomination.

Socialism could be a force multiplier in the Democratic caucuses. Here committed activists rule the day and force candidates towards their political base. The typical base activist lives in Nunca-Nunca Land and The Bern will always promise you a pony. He’d be glad to buy it with somebody else’s money. Socialists are reliably good for that.

And yet he suffers for that image as well. The Dems stating a preference for Joe Biden probably are the ones that still carry old, metal lunch-buckets with Union Stickers and a USA Flag. They aren’t all that vibrant. They couldn’t tell you Jack about Jacques Derrida. They know exactly what angle to plumb a steam pipe to prevent burn-through accidents at a power generation facility. If they don’t grow the food for sale at Whole Foods, then they drove it there with a diesel eighteen-Wheeler. At some time in the past, a large number of these guys joined Sam’s Army to shoot them some Rushens. Barack Obama had Joe Biden on his ticket for a good, strategic reason.

These people, and the sentiments that they hold, have aged. They have aged, but have not yet died out. They still probably resonate to about 33% of the Democratic Party’s electorate. This sentiment will decline as big industry continues to move South in the USSA or colocates in plants that owe their existence to Donald J. Trumps’s trade and economic policies. These people will eventually die or defect to the GOP unless Trump is dehorsed. The radicals simply bide their time as Biden, Sanders and others of this strain of Democrat approach their boarding time for The Night Train to The Big Adios.

What does the Amerikan Left do then? What happens AfterBern? The Left will do exactly what it wants to do. We see it already with the ideological purges and the racial purity tests replacing Bernie Sanders’ ideological one: they are going to elect non-white and preferably non-male third world descended ideological Socialists. Could this remain a popular platform? It depends on how sweet a sugar pill that coats the PC. Keep letting government grow. Keep letting it pass out New Deals from somebody else’s deck. Then the socialist rEvolution will successfully abort all of your children before it eats its own.

We’ve reached an inflection point in the fight to preserve White. The Democrats have always been the Whiter of the two parties until maybe 2006. Minority politicians could wield power by cooperating with White majorities. Now the worm is turning. The Liberal Whites will be the ones who are going to need some serious affirmative action to avoid the disparate impact of seriously getting their butts kicked.

Leftwhites will defect or become defacto ideological slaves. It serves many of them right, but it also may not serve the rest of the nation well. AfterBern, Amerika may well see its political fights become a proxy for some massive and awful racial war that will befall us in the future. !DIVERSITY! is absolutely nobody’s strength, and the AfterBern Democrats may well be the party that proves it.

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