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Selling Bad Fiction With Senator Lieawatha

I’m truly happy for USAG Jeff Sessions. He not only ascended to the position of Attorney General, but he also escaped the dysfunctional intellectual suckage field known as the US Senate. No member of that particular field eminates waves of intellectual suckage on a level with Democratic Senator and SJW Shaman Elizabeth Warren. Liz, you see, was very disappointed with Jeff Sessions enjoying professional success.

“You didn’t build that!” She all but snarled on Twitter. She even put the GOP on notice.

“We won’t be silent. We will speak out. And we WILL persist,” she said. “The only sin is remaining quiet.”

Of course when Senator McConnell noticed her, he invoked US Senate Rule XIX and stepped on her like the insect she very closely resembles. And she won’t take that lying down. This was done because she decided to read a letter from Coretta Scott King critical of Jeff Sessions as both a professional and a human being. McConnell smelled a turd and hit the flush lever.

Nope, Senator Warren doesn’t experience shame. Only publicity. Senator McConnell decided this would be useful in his efforts to set up a GOP landslide in the 2018 Midterm elections. Nothing would make him happier to be Senate Majority Leader than to be publically opposed by the Rachael Dolezal of the Democratic Party’s US Senate Caucus. With Talcom X getting rhetorically flambeed on The Young Turks, Elizabeth Warren was simply the best political theatre prop he had at hand.

If the only sin is to remain silent, Senator Warren; who famously claimed to be the intellectual inspiration for Occupy Wall Street, won’t be spending many Sunday afternoons getting her fingers rapped by Matronly Nuns armed with old, wooden rulers. I guess if you hold an entire Senate Hearing to find out why the Minimum Wage in America isn’t $35.00 yet, and still can’t quite grasp the answer; then you’d never spend a lick-spittle minute worrying over the iniquities of the hermetically stupid. Yes, Senator Lieawatha will undutibly persist. Her mouth will run on like a poorly-tuned engine block.

But JPW, doesn’t she at least believe in her ideology? “Sure,” I’d reply. “Just like the Honorable Elijah Mohammad totally bought into The Mothership.”

She is almost, but not quite, as sincere as L. Ron Hubbard when he 1st preached Scientology. Just how down is Liz Warren with the struggle? Just look at her reaction to Senator Rand Paul’s bill calling for an audit of The US Federal Reserve. Vampires have reacted with less concern and outright terror to crucifixes and St. Christopher Medals. Nothing is more counterrevolutionary than having your pissed off political donors on the phone. If Liz Warren occupies any stretch of Wall Street, it’s only because Goldman Sachs bought her a condo.

The woman who took the whole One Drop Rule to a new and fetishistic low in public raceturbation in order to get ahead in academia doesn’t believe in much of anything other than gimmedat. It takes Eric Hoffer to properly explain just what makes the fake indian who is a real senator actually tick.

Up to now, America has not been a good milieu for the rise of a mass movement. What starts out here as a mass movement ends up as a racket, a cult, or a corporation.

So if Lieawatha Liz is basically either a racket, a cult or a corporation, you can pretty much figure out her behavior by asking yourself where the action is. In this case, the action is over at Barney Noble’s. Yes, indeed. Her principaled impugning of poor Jeff Sessions is all about the Principal. It’s not even ideology. It’s all about the Beads and Wampum.

Senator Warren has a book coming out this April and needs an utter turdstorm of publicity to help flog it. Senator Warren’s book would no more sell on its merits than Professor Warren would have ever succeeded in academia as an Evil White Albanoid.

Therefore she trolls for victimhood by trolling Jeff Sessions. It’s pathetic. It’s laughable. It’s the current state of The American Democratic Party. Worse than that, it’s the current state of Amerikan Democracy. Congratulations! These are the people we’ve elected to make all the important decisions.

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