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Lysenko Teaches Math For Amerika

Friday, May 19th, 2017

Teach For Amerika thinks Western Math is dehumanizing. They have a point. Knowledge and truth are not about humanization. But then again, once you “humanize” something, you generally restrict that item to people or cultures that you legitimately consider human. So how and why does math enslave the poor humans? Treacle For Amerika explains below:

“In western mathematics, our ways of knowing include formalized reasoning or proof, decontextualization, and algorithmic thinking, leaving little room for those having non-western mathematical skills and thinking processes,” the training course claims. It continues: “Mathematical ethics recognizes that, for centuries, mathematics has been used as a dehumanizing tool… mathematics formulae also differentiate between the classifications of a war or a genocide and have been used to trick indigenous peoples out of land and property.”

Purging “inhumane” aspects out of our scientific database has a sad and dishonorable tradition in Western Culture. Other nations who have adopted more “humanized” curriculums include Germany while it Hitlarped and The Late and Unlemented CCCP. The American Thinker describes why Axis rather than Allied nations got A-bombed in WWII.

You see, Germans refused to accept any Math, Chemistry or Physics that had too large a contribution from (((The Banksters))). That pretty much knocked German Physics back to the level of The Bohr-Summerfeld Atom. Meanwhile, work by guys like (((Oppenheimer))), (((Einstein)))*, (((Berkemeier))), and I could go on all day long with many others, was vital to making the A-Bomb go Boom!. The Manhattan Project was big. A lot of very smart Jewish scientists worked on it. They helped the US military get miles ahead of Heisenberg and his compatriots in Nazi Germany. The Germans didn’t necessarily have to say “Mazel Tov!” to the Jewish scientific community to at least make intelligent use of the numerous facts they had unearthed. They were too Politically Correct to win.

The Inernational Socialists were not any better at mathing or sciencing than were the National ones. If you ever wondered why the couragious Socialist Paladins who served in the Soviet Army under Gorbachev had to go on emergency deployment to harvest the Soviet potato crop, you need to read up on the scientific consensus that grew up around the charlatanism of Trofim Lysenko.

Between 1948 and 1953, when he was the total autocrat of Soviet biology, he claimed that wheat plants raised in the appropriate environment produce seeds of rye, which is equivalent to saying that dogs living in the wild give birth to foxes. His fundamental, continuing argument was that theoretical biology must be fused with Soviet agricultural practice. After Stalin’s death, this principle caused Lysenko some embarrassment, for efforts to improve Soviet agriculture brought the abandonment of measures to which his name and fame were tied. His “grassland” system of crop rotation was abandoned in favour of cultivation with mineral fertilizers, and a hybrid corn program based on the U.S. example was pursued (Lysenko halted the program in the mid-1930s, for he was opposed to the inbreeding with which it must begin).

In essence, modern Amerikan educrats are now proponents of the worst theories of how to educate people. Social Justice Warriors never want you to learn anything that doesn’t support their dogma. As the SJW grows more dogmatic, that resembles actual ground truth less and less frequently. SJWs always double down. They will always have to exclude more and more factual information. Reality evades them. They evade reality. They cannot educate anyone. I’m not sure what Teach For Amerika thinks its accomplishing with this course, but it certainly comes closer to Soviet or Nazi indoctrination than it does to actual teaching. That happens when you are teaching STEM subjects from The Nye Quadrant and care more about “humanizing” math than teaching it as a rigorous discipline.

* — 1914 to 1932 Directed the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Physics in Germany.

Education Fails To Produce Best Information Technology Workers

Friday, May 19th, 2017

This came up on our most recent and yet still unreleased podcast: many of, if not the majority of, the superstars in information technology are not people who went through the educational system to get STEM degrees.

In the UK, at least, 41% of IT pros did not go through the formal credentialing process:

A new report from Spiceworks, entitled A Portrait of IT Workers, says 41 per cent of IT pros in the UK consider themselves “accidental” — and that they ended up in their career via a “non-traditional” route. The report, which covers areas including the career plans and education levels of IT professionals, found that a third (33 per cent) of the UK’s IT job force don’t have a college or a university degree.

This follows what we know of modern education, which is that it rewards people who are good at school — memorization and reconfiguring that information in a test environment — and not those who are good at applying the knowledge, which consists of innate ability for logical analysis partnered with real-world wisdom.

Academic Political Correctness Dies At Mizzou

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

What happens to a Cathedral if nobody goes there to pray? The precipitous decline of The Episcopal Church, USA gives us an idea. It started as a healthy Upper Middle Class faith in much of the Middle Atlantic. Recently, I couldn’t even find it on one of the nosey EEOC forms that asks none-of-your-bidness questions about your race, language and religion. It was lumped in under “Other” with the snake-handlers and Scientologists. The process follows below.

1) At first, they get more radical and attempt to preach a “Social Gospel.” This turns off some of the regular church-goers who seek other options. Like Nietzche’s Preacher in the forrest, they drone on as if someone is still listening and express a willingness to be patient until these people understand their brilliance.

2) Then they double-down. As they see fewer people in the pews, they assume they just aren’t cool enough and hip enough. ECUSA went in for the gay bishops and progressive causes. It dialed back all the boring God stuff.

3) They then denounce the people who left for leaving and accuse them of disloyalty. The people denounced then formally break with the church and attempt to establish an alternative place of worship that perseves what the original members liked while filtering out the progressivism.

4) The church then denounces the schismists as heretics and moral cretins. While meanwhile, their coolness descends into ridiculous self-destruction.

5) The organization dies for all intents and purposes and is forgotten by almost all.

Could a similar five-step Doom-Cycle overtake the Moldbuggian Cathedral of Leftist control? Perhaps the Post-BLM fate of Missouri University gives us a possible test-case.

1) Missouri University catered to the #BLM student radicals. The University President resigned to appease the student demonstrators.

2) Mizzou saw its enrollment drop by 900 freshmen the next year and began to accelerate a plan to close old dormitories, since they wouldn’t have residents. The University has signed a temporary acting chancellor to replace the one who took an opportunity to go elsewhere and escape. They are quietly, very quietly, interviewing replacements. Meanwhile, their Freshman enrollment continues to decline.

For the Academic Cathedral to start following the dying religions down, they would have to lose their credentialization monopoly. We see that happening with online universities, code bootcamps and other sorts of alternative ways to professionally credentialize rising in popularity.

The step that would knock the Cathedral off its pedestal would be for major employers outside of the government to start prefering the alternate professional credentials to the university diploma. Once that occurs, people actually incur economic disadvantages* from kow-towing to the academic end of the cathedral.

Hence, the Academic bastions of political correctness are increasingly seeking remedies to this sort of thing. They want load debt forgiven and college to be free. They vituperate and demean for profit colleges and alternate certification routes. This is to preserve their monopoly on social acceptability and better renumerated employment. This is the cornerstone of their power. This is what keeps them from being obliterated for kow-towing to the whack-jobs. Blow this basis up, and declines in enrollment can occur at any university that goes full SJW. At that point, one of the three fundamental foundations of The Cathedral is eroded and destroyed.

* — Beyond ridiculous loan debts.

Why The Left Cheers When The Right Urges Removal Of The Humanities

Monday, May 15th, 2017

Any time the opposition is silent when the Right proposes something, beware: you are doing their work for them.

Recently it has been trendy to argue that the Humanities and Liberal Arts programs in our universities are infested with Leftist groupthink, so it is time to remove them and focus on STEM.

This is a terrible idea for two significant reasons: we need the Humanities, and the STEM boom is ending.

These are hard times. Students need jobs when they graduate. But a singular opportunity has been lost if they are denied the opportunity to study foreign languages, the classics, literature, philosophy, music, theater and art. When else in their busy lives will they get that chance?

Eloquent defenses of the humanities have appeared – essays explaining why we need these subjects, what their loss would mean. Those of us who teach and study are aware of what these areas of learning provide: the ability to think critically and independently; to tolerate ambiguity; to see both sides of an issue; to look beneath the surface of what we are being told; to appreciate the ways in which language can help us understand one another more clearly and profoundly – or, alternately, how language can conceal and misrepresent. They help us learn how to think, and they equip us to live in – to sustain – a democracy.

Studying the classics and philosophy teaches students where we come from, and how our modes of reasoning have evolved over time.

We want students reading Plato and Jane Austen; we want students who are aware of history, and who are competent with language. The Left infests things and then we destroy them, and so the Left wins because another vital institution that supports clear thinking is gone. The solution is far simpler: remove Leftists from the universities.

That can be done more easily than people think. Leftists gained control by positioning themselves in roles where they had the power to determine who was hired or fired, and they busily stacked the rolls with Leftists. To end that, make college more competitive. If we remove government loans and grants, and by doing so end the artificial inflation of college degrees, the Left will lose ground.

Affirmative Action Destroys Competence

Friday, May 12th, 2017

From The Unz Review, a startling revelation about the consequences of affirmative action in education:

Black teachers have the highest probability of becoming principals throughout the teacher lifecycle. Hispanic teachers have the lowest probabilities and the probabilities for white teachers are situated between the two minority groups. The racial differences in the hazard functions are statistically significant.

The inclusion of teacher characteristics, school characteristics, and year fixed effects increases the odds ratio from 2.18 to 6.36.

People generally do not understand that Affirmative Action creates a market force through risk and cost. If a black person walks through that door and is not hired, there is a not insignificant chance of a lawsuit, and most of those are settled to avoid bad headlines.

For this reason, if a white person and a black person vie for the same job, it is much safer to give it to the black person, even if there is a competence differential.

This is not an argument that all black candidates are incompetent, but a frank statement of fact: an incompetent black candidate has the same chances of winning a lawsuit or getting a huge settlement as a competent one, so the black candidate is usually chosen.

No one gets fired for hiring a black candidate.

This means that affirmative action is forcing the hiring of incompetents, and as a result, is decreasing the value of what they administrate, in addition to creating the classic culture of incompetents: demanding leadership surrounded by yes-people.

Now consider how much this expands outside of education. The same pressures exist for every business, thanks to government laws and regulations which expose them to liability.

As America struggles to regain a healthy economy, one of the major factors thwarting it is such rules, which cause bloat and incompetence, dragging down industries and raising costs across the board.

No Campus For White Men: The Transformation Of Higher Education Into Hateful Indoctrination by Scott Greer

Friday, May 12th, 2017

Scott Greer
No Campus For White Men: The Transformation Of Higher Education Into Hateful Indoctrination
192 pages, WND Books, $12 (2017)

As the new millennium dawned, it became clear that a sea change in attitudes among the people of the West was underway. While in the long term this seems to be a shift from bureaucratic and artificial societies to more organic and hierarchical ones, the rising battlefield presented political correctness as a target of opportunity because in recent years, it has been the primary weapon of the Leftist takeover of Western Civilization.

This phenomenon has become most visible on the campus, where a new cadre of seemingly all-powerful student groups are demanding — and winning — increasing concessions from school administrators, usually because no one wants to appear to be allied with horrible racists, sexists and classists in our increasingly Leftist cultural milieu. Scott Greer tackles this topic with a book written for everyday conservatives but which applies the wisdom of the underground right through a careful recounting of the events leading to this new norm.

Greer begins by diving into the most recent events at universities which show the insanity of political correctness, then explores related fields in race-based politics and false rape accusations, then delves deeper into the theory and political goals of the PC movement. In doing so, he points out that PC does not aim toward positive goals, but negative ones, namely shattering the power of white people, conservatives, realists and other non-Leftists in the university setting.

In other words, it is a classic power grab through public shaming of dissidents — but in this case, your skin is your uniform, and you can be a dissident through simply failing to agree with what the PC overlords say; actively opposing them is not necessary. By implication and revelation of a conspiracy of details, Greer unveils the fundamentally Soviet nature of Political Correctness.

What’s happening at campuses is not an isolated affair — it is a result of what is happening in America as a whole. The sense of shared values and culture among Americans is vanishing rapidly, at the same time many feel isolated from their communities and families. Mass immigration has dramatically altered our country’s demographics, while multiculturalism has created a confusing landscape of competing visions for what it means to be an American. Many citizens see our national society as one of millions of alienated atoms living in a continental strip mall, not interconnected denizens living happily together in one proud country.

Thus, they turn to alternative forms of identity. A real American identity — one not entirely composed of platitudes about “equality and opportunity — is becoming a thing of the past. The ones who cling to it, as evidenced by Hillary Clinton’s and the press’s treatment of Donald Trump’s supporters, are considered racist buffoons who need to die off. The momentum of the present is veering toward tribalism, not unity. And the only thing keeping all the tribes of the Left unified right now is their shared animosity toward whites. (159)

We can see Greer’s thesis here: the success of the Left in advancing class warfare and multiculturalism has destroyed any unifying sense of culture, and so groups are going their own way, which has fragmented the Left, requiring that it cook up a new enemy in order to unite its ranks, and it has chosen “privilege theory”: because white people have “privilege” in historically-white societies, they are the only ones who can be racist, and therefore — by implication, of course — the only way to end racism is to eliminate whites.

This is a more complex analysis of the “anti-racism = anti-white” meme that has been floating around, but Greer is correct go into the nuance because it reveals how Leftism is a kind of inertia which by destroying existing social order, creates conditions under which it has no choice but to explode like a supernova and become fully totalitarian. The success of the Left is its actual enemy, but it needs a scapegoat, just like the Communists needed kulaks and the Nazis needed Jews.

By taking this balanced approach, Greer avoids tackling the historical questions which at this point are so muddied by centuries of political fighting that there is no way to even approach them in an unbiased manner, and instead looks at political correctness the way a sociologist would. Increasing Balkanization of the West means the need for a scapegoat, and PC found it in white men.

In order to reach this point, the book narrates some of the recent history of political correctness, including various incidents which — when removed from the context of the Leftist media — stand out as appalling. Even though to those of us who recognize a consistency in Leftist behavior from the French Revolution to the Soviet Union, the blatant inversion of concepts such as “fairness” and “equality” into persecution of those who do not need these things shows us the human animal at its worst: a snarling beast, enraged that any may succeed, thus demanding that all be brought down to a lower level through the social power of the word “equality.”

The most important thing to remember is that the favored form of diversity isn’t necessarily “the state of having people who are different races or who have different cultures in a group or organization,” as Merriam-Webster would put it. Diversity in today’s America simply means having fewer whites around. Segregation, such as universities having racially exclusive dorms and events, is great as long as that racial exclusion doesn’t mean “white only.” An all-black dorm is a sign of diversity, but an all-white fraternity is a sign of Jim Crow. That double standard is easier to understand once you think of higher education’s commitment to ethnic diversity as not one upholding the strict definition of the term. (16)

No Campus For White Men: The Transformation Of Higher Education Into Hateful Indoctrination maintains a thoroughly professional view of the situation, avoiding partisanship as much as possible, in order to dig far enough into the headlines to see the motivation behind political correctness and how it is being applied, which ordinary people will not hear from the media or from a single source.

Greer uses an investigative journalism approach. He begins with a single incident, then digs into similar incidents, then looks at the parties involved and their statements, and contrasts these to public statements made by schools and organizations. In doing so, the reader can witness the application of the theory sliding away from the theory as time goes on. The cognitive dissonance effect is erased through this method.

While No Campus For White Men uses a provocative title, it is in fact a mild book, with flashes of humor and cultured alertness to the actual goals of institutions versus what they have become scattered throughout. It makes for a quick read and a good refresher on the politically correct disasters of recent years. For any reader from innocent novice through cynical veteran, this book provides a cornerstone of a practical attack on PC culture.

Leftist Academics Use Students To Attack /pol/

Friday, April 28th, 2017

This unverified image shows a Leftist professor coordinating students as a shill attack force against 4chan’s /pol/, widely regarded as one of the last communities of independent (i.e. non-Leftist) thought on the internet.

As is typical in academia, Leftists got into power and hired only other Leftists, who now hire only other Leftists in turn, resulting in a massive echo chamber in all of academia. As a result, professors who go “extreme” get a wink and a nod, and if they get fired, quickly get rehired.

For this reason, and the fact that academia was oversold by politicians as a magic entrance to the middle class, professors face almost no oversight so long as they are preaching the good progressive dogma. This results in do-nothing classroom activities like those in the image above.

If the West is to shrug off Leftism, it must get the parasitic fingers of government out of education, which it uses to create the next generation of True Believers.

Civilization Responds To Black Lives Matter

Friday, April 28th, 2017

There is a reason why you never give in to ¡DEMANDS! It harkens back to Kipling and the paying of Danegeld. If it works once, you never get rid of them. Thugs always go back and bully a patsy once they find one.

Extortion offers a much greater marginal return on their thuggishness. Here we see #BLM attempt to thug on Dr. Taylor Reveley:

Posted by Black Lives Matter Conference 2017 on Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I notice several things from listening to these over-entitled brats with a domineering agenda. They can’t really believe the following demands will end all racial dislike on any particular college campus.

The demands included a tenured diversity position, a required social justice course, an Africana Studies department, a zero-tolerance policy for racism, the hiring of more staff for W&M’s Center for Student Diversity, an emphasis on recruiting black students, and more employment and retention of black faculty.

This caterwauling is, of course, appalling. The constant accusations of these people are pathetic. I can’t make someone commemorate their own history and it should not ever be my job to do this for them. They constantly complain about a lack of inclusion. How do they raise this as a valid point? The College of William and Mary has a higher proportional minority population than the country as a whole. The only reason they are not included is because they are personally obnoxious.

But let’s not be stupid or ingenuous here. These people know that nobody wants them around. They expect that and it is already factored in. When you effectively make your living as a highwayman, it shouldn’t come as a shock that nobody really wants to share the road with you. #BLM expects to threaten, badger and scare the crap out of people. So having Dr. Taylor Reveley tell them he doesn’t deal in demands was a shot across the bow.

“I don’t deal in demands,” said College of William & Mary President W. Taylor Reveley III. “I don’t make demands of other people. I don’t expect to receive demands from people. I love to get suggestions, recommendations, strong arguments. When you approach other people with a demand, instead of their ears opening and their spirit being unusually receptive, you get defensive walls erected,” he continued in the live video streamed on Facebook. “So, I think you all need to think about it.”

And then Dr. Reveley, very nicely albeit, told them to put up or shut up.

“No, no, no, that’s not the way the world works,” Reveley retorted. “It is not effective, in my opinion, to approach other people and say ‘we demand’ unless you have the capacity to demand.”

And this is the key factor here. Leftism falls flat on its face without the sanction of the victim to make it possible. You cannot receive entitlements if nobody accepts the illusion that you are actually entitled. People attending a university are there at that institution’s invitation and sufferance. People holding a State of Alabama Driver’s License hold it by the good graces of the state government. People have no standing to make demands without a certain level of actual skin in the game. Otherwise, they are waghalters, beggars, and louts.

If The College of William and Mary was totally built on the backs of African Americans as #BLM alleges, there is nothing in the world that the e-vil face of bastardly ¡WHITE SUPREMACY! Dr. Reveley could do to stop them from building a bigger, better and blacker William and Mary that put that boring, old stodgy place in Colonial Williamsburg to absolute shame. I just don’t see why these poor, aggrieved people of color haven’t gone forth and done so already. Unless, of course, the entire attitude and belief system of the people in that YouTube video explains it far better than anything else I could blog on the subject.

Why Bother Sending Kids To School In NYC

Thursday, March 30th, 2017

Amerikan Tennis Thug John McEnroe put the terrible in enfant terrible. But there are those days when you can want to just channel Bratty John and yell out: “You cannot be serious!”

You see reading is no longer just fundamental in NYC. It is now fundamentally racist. The Whorer! The Disparate Impact theories of Civil Rights Jurisprudence work their unmitigated evil below.

New York education officials are poised to scrap a test designed to measure the reading and writing skills of people trying to become teachers, in part because an outsized percentage of black and Hispanic candidates were failing it. The state Board of Regents on Monday is expected Monday to adopt a task force’s recommendation of eliminating the literacy exam, known as the Academic Literacy Skills Test.

The excuses they offer for this unmitigated incompetence, cowardice and racetrubatory Cuckery are hilarious. It’s like the old SWPL Blog reopened just for our entertainment on a drab Monday Morning. These people talk like people who desperately don’t want to acknowledge how badly they suck at participating in the human race.

“We want high standards, without a doubt. Not every given test is going to get us there,”

No, you don’t want high standards enough to defend against $PLC litigation salvo. It would just be terribly inconvenient to lose a job you don’t have the guts to actually do. We are supposed to be educating children. Instead, we are providing a make work program for defective uneducated adults. Illiteracy can become the gift that keeps on giving.

“Having a white workforce really doesn’t match our student body anymore,”

Does having a literate or proficient workforce match your student body? Do you want to make these students comfortable, or would rather make them worth hiring? Nothing quite bolsters the fortunes of Democracy like graduating a student body too enstupidated to actually read the ballot on Election Day.

“There’s not a test in the country that doesn’t have disproportionate performance on the part of blacks and Latinos,”

Shouldn’t someone take that up with the Blacks and Latinos? Are we helping these fellow Americans by excusing incompetence? No. It’s an insidious form of “racism” against these people. It’s excusing their dysfunction by asking “Whaddya expect?” It’s as if Bill Clinton is attempting to prevent crime by chucking every ten of them a basketball. Just give them teaching jobs because we couldn’t give a damn less about their kids either.

It’s evil and disgusting. If the Reverend Al Sharpton complained about this sort of racism he’d have a point. (Not that he’s ever had one frequently enough to no what to do when he did.) If we can’t even allow a high-pass filter to get rid of illiterate teachers, then just why in the hell are we sending these poor kids to the concentration camp?

Democratization Of Education Makes Education Worthless

Monday, March 13th, 2017

The average voter does not understand cause and effect. For this reason, crises seem to them to pop up out of thin air, and solutions involve making rules about what is acceptable. Naturally this fails and the problem begins again, with no diagnosis ever of the actual causes.

Consider the crisis of modern education as seen in Canada:

Since graduating last year, McCrave has applied for 250 engineering jobs, but he’s only had four interviews and no job offer.

McCrave isn’t alone. More than 12 per cent of Canadians between the ages of 15 and 24 are unemployed and more than a quarter are underemployed, meaning they have degrees but end up in jobs that don’t require them.

The latest numbers from Statistics Canada show that the unemployment rate for 15-to-24-year-olds is almost twice that of the general population.

Once upon a time, a college education meant something because a high school education meant something. The problem is that good education is the opposite of egalitarian; it produces some winners, lots of people who do just okay, and some losers. This offends our democratic sensibilities, so we democratized education starting in high school.

The hard tests that required thinking? Out, replaced by rote memorization and regurgitation. Reading complex books and understanding depth of thought? Out, replaced by political thinking. Classes that pushed kids beyond their comfort zones? Out, replaced by safely pre-chewed bits of information. Thinking was replaced by conformity.

These sound like clichés because people have been complaining about this tendency of modern “education” for some time. However, stereotypes are often true as are many clichés because they reveal something that our society seems unable to change that nonetheless irks. It just took a few decades to collapse.

First, since high school kids declined in ability, colleges converted the first two years of their coursework into being mostly remedial. This probably happened in the 1970s, and so it became necessary to have an advanced degree to get anywhere. However, a college degree still seemed to hold weight, until Political Correctness hit in the late 1980s.

At that point, the remaining collegiate part of education was dumbed down to include all those new protected groups. Not everyone can think, so thinking was out… tasks became rote, more memorization and research than thinking. Grades became inflated, especially if politically important topics were mentioned. And so, a college degree became worthless for Generation X.

This meant that higher degrees were required, and that in turn increased the number of people willing to do anything to get an advanced degree. As a result, schools expanded to hand out more of these degrees, resulting in a need to democratize post-collegiate education. Graduate school got a lot easier, but only a few kids — at the top of the class — came out on top.

Now industry has caught up with the full democratization of college. A high school diploma meant little more than that the recipient was an obedient memorizer; now a college degree meant the same. As a result, doors started to open with post-collegiate degrees, but then treated the first few years of work (“entry-level”) as an apprenticeship.

This means that students are getting a start in life at age thirty as opposed to age twenty-two, and because so many people are over-qualified, jobs are hiring five people to do the work of one, paying everyone less, and promoting very few people to a decent wage. This means that most kids Gen X and beyond could expect to struggle for peanuts until they were forty.

Not surprisingly, many of them have dropped out and accepted do-nothing mediocre jobs instead because that way, they can avoid spending years of their lives on time-consuming but unproductive behavior. The intelligent are the most penalized, since for them the ersatz coursework is the most tedious and pointless.

Democratization of education has now reached all levels of our “education” system, such that there is high pressure to force success on low-IQ and low-motivation students, resulting in scandals as teachers cheat the standardized tests:

Prosecutors alleged that Hall had run a “corrupt” organization that used test scores to financially reward and punish teachers. The extent of the test-cheating scandals around the country remains unknown because they are hard to find and prove.

…No Child Left Behind, President George W. Bush’s chief education initiative, and then Race to the Top, President Obama’s central education program, placed increasingly high stakes on standardized test scores. They had to go up, or else there would be negative consequences not just for students but schools and teachers and principals. Such testing mandates were coupled with a “no excuse” management push by school reformers who said teachers had, well, no excuse not to raise their students’ test scores. Not sick or hungry students, not a lack of materials, not overcrowded classrooms. Obama’s Race to the Top initiative — which pit states against each other in competing for federal funds in exchange for implementing specific school reforms — linked student test scores to teacher evaluations and pay.

At some point, some schools began reporting test scores jumping high in just a year, though later, these “miracles” did not stand up to scrutiny.

Why are standardized tests popular? They are meritocratic, meaning that everyone is given an equal opportunity to memorize enough stuff to do really well on them. No one is rewarded for intelligence or the ability to think deeply, but anyone can become a superstar by devoting all of their time to memorization and gaming the test.

In this way, the politicians can turn to the dumb voters — who demand equality at every turn — and claim that the problem is being solved. Even if Johnny is dumb as bricks and perceptive as a mushroom, he can succeed by just spending those extra hours… weeknights, weekends and other free time he might need to mature like a normal person… on memorizing and conforming.

Because people need jobs, the democratization has extended to entry tests for public service, which means that we must dumb those down, too, so that they are also democratic:

New York education officials are poised to scrap a test designed to measure the reading and writing skills of people trying to become teachers, in part because an outsized percentage of black and Hispanic candidates were failing it.

…The literacy test was among four assessments introduced in the 2013-2014 school year as part of an effort to raise the level of elementary and secondary school teaching in the state.

…But the literacy test raised alarms from the beginning because just 46 percent of Hispanic test takers and 41 percent of black test takers passed it on the first try, compared with 64 percent of white candidates.

In typical democratic inversion, the test designed to raise quality is instead made to certify low quality, which means that teachers who can barely read and write are instructing children in the same, which does nothing but damage those who could learn so that those who cannot can feel equal too.

This is happening all across the West, at every level of profession, as we see from this appalling example from the UK:

New Transport for London rules include a requirement that drivers complete a £180 written essay and speaking test to gain a licence to work in the capital from September.

…But opponents have claimed it would lead to indirect racial discrimination as many drivers were immigrants, as well as putting around 30,000 jobs at risk.

Democratic thinking always prioritizes universal inclusion, or egalitarianism, over competence. As a result, standards decline and institutions fail. This is a form of soft corruption that then spreads like a wave through the rest of civilization, punishing the competent and defending the incompetent.

The markets react by being skeptical about new hires and paying them less, then keeping only the most devoted. The end result is that you must give much more of your time in order to just rise above the minimum, and this in turn alienates people by keeping them immature as they never have time to develop intellectually, morally and socially until later in life.

Once upon a time, STEM education was a safe bet. The idea was that becoming competent as necessary skills guaranteed employment. Instead, through the democratization process, it has now become a way to join a mass herd in which only a few will be winners, and the rest will merely be profit centers for those selling education by the pound.