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Moron Daycare Exists To Maintain Amerika

One of the most cynical things I have ever hypothesized is that our government frequently knows exactly what it is doing over a short period of time. That government may not see the future better than Oedipus at the end of the famous Sophocles play. But, like the unreformed PUA, that government knows how to get its nuts off on Saturday Night. People like Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Mitch McConnell, and Pete “Train Wreck” Buttigieg are not complete and utter idiots.

They just operate on the basis of what economists would call perverse incentives:

If you’re not paying close attention, the incentives that you set up can have perverse consequences — even, in some cases, causing people to work against the goal you were trying to achieve. On Wall Street, year-end bonuses made sense — until traders discovered they could reap million dollar rewards by hiding billions of dollars of risk.

The labor markets are strewn with similar cases of perverse incentives. Take, for instance, the 19th century paleontologist who paid local Chinese peasants for every fossil fragment that they brought in. This led the locals to smash the fossils that they found into multiple fragments before bringing them in. Doing so maximized their payments.

IBM had a similar problem when it decided to pay its programmers by the line. They responded by maximizing the number of lines they wrote.

When the government hurts you, they either want to hurt you for ideological reasons or they consider your pain a matter of complete insignificance. This makes them not particularly different than syphilitic Communists or corrupted Fascist dictators. The state is them and they rape it for what it is worth. In democracy, this just feels more insulting because the people select their very own butt-pirates.

One of the worst deliberate inflictions that democratic Amerika befouls our current society with is the public education system. This particular system was invented to get children out of the way of working families and to indoctrinate them with societal doctrine in accordance with the latest politburo diktats. Amerikan schools have served this purpose since decades before the Politburo even existed to issue any diktats. When Horace Mann originated this human rights abuse in 19th Century Massachusetts, he stated his reasons.

Without undervaluing any other human agency, it may be safely affirmed that the Common School, improved and energized, as it can easily be, may become the most effective and benignant of all the forces of civilization. Two reasons sustain this position. In the first place, there is a universality in its operation, which can be affirmed of no other institution whatever. If administered in the spirit of justice and conciliation, all the rising generation may be brought within the circle of its reformatory and elevating influences. And, in the second place, the materials upon which it operates are so pliant and ductile as to be susceptible of assuming a greater variety of forms than any other earthly work of the Creator.

So why should people hand their precious offspring over to jolly old Horace Mann? The same reason we should all love The USA Patriot Act.

Every man, not on the pauper list, is taxed for their support. But he is not taxed to support them as special religious institutions; if he were, it would satisfy, at once, the largest definition of a Religious Establishment. But he is taxed to support them, as a preventive means against dishonesty, against fraud, and against violence; on the same principle that he is taxed to support criminal courts as a punitive means against the same offences . . . He is taxed to support schools, on the same principle that he would be taxed to defend the nation against foreign invasion, or against rapine committed by a foreign foe; because the general prevalence of ignorance, superstition, and vice, will breed Goth and Vandal at home, more fatal to the public well-being, than any Goth or Vandal abroad.

The schools do not exist to teach people’s children anything other than servile obedience. This was uninspiring to John Dewey. Dewey had to make the schools even worse to satisfy the growing Amerikan Progressive movement.

In his views our purpose for education is not the communication of knowledge but the sharing of social experience, so that the child shall become integrated into the democratic community. He believed that morals were essentially social and pragmatic and that any attempt to subordinate education to transcendent values or dogmas ought to be resisted….Following Dewey, the progressive movement propagated the idea that, if teachers taught today as they taught in the past, we would rob them of tomorrow. For these prophets of education, the central ethical imperative was the concept and advocacy of democracy, the one and ultimate ethical ideal of humanity.

So Horace Mann wanted Amerikan society to hire babysitters to prevent the neighbors’ kids from behaving like bored Visigoths. Dewey further wanted these children molded, pacified, and brainwashed into following the social imperatives of democracy. Because nothing fulfills the ultimate ethical ideal of humanity like making poor Socrates drink the Jim Jones Kool-Aid. To the government, this appears to be a win. Let’s just make sure there isn’t any math involved. The children molded, sculpted, and mentally hammered by a Mann-Dewey Pubik School will not be able to do any.

Spry is one of 30 schools in Illinois where not a single student can read at grade level. Twenty-two of those schools are part of the Chicago Public Schools and the other eight are outside Chicago. The failure list in math is even longer. There are 53 schools statewide where not one kid is proficient in math.

But this is just Illinois. Forget it Jake, its Capone Land. Baltimore, on the other hand, is spending more than $20K per pupil, per year. If we just gave The Mann-Dewey school enough money, you could take all those blank slates and write down time-dependent Schrödinger equations. Oh, Wait….

After FOX45’s Project Baltimore’s report uncovering 23 schools in Baltimore City had zero students who tested proficient in math, some leaders representing the city aren’t talking about the problem. The Maryland State Department of Education recently released the 2022 state test results known as MCAP, Maryland Comprehensive Assessment Program. Baltimore City’s math scores were the lowest in the state; 7% of third through eighth graders tested proficient in math, meaning 93% could not do math at grade level. Project Baltimore analyzed the test results and found 23 schools – including elementary, middle and high schools – that didn’t have one student performing at grade level.

San Francisco is a really smart place. It has rich, wonderful, compassionate liberals. It has LGBTQ Pride! I bet the mother city to Silicon Valley does a phenomenal job of teaching mathematics. I lose! They sucked so badly at teaching children math that the voters recalled members of the school board.

SFUSD has designed its high school math sequence more to justify its own ideology than to serve student needs, and it has reported results more to flatter itself than to reflect student outcomes. Is it any wonder that families have become so frustrated with SFUSD? Over the last two years, a parent-led revolution has led to a major overhaul in SFUSD leadership. Three school board members were recalled from office, and two of the mayor’s appointed replacements were elected for full four-year terms. The new Board of Education hired a new superintendent, and together they have committed to focus on improving student outcomes.

How could the feeder city to Silicon Valley offer such a piss-poor third year high school mathematics course that it failed to meet the criteria to be counted as 3rd year math levied by selective UC schools? Because the schools don’t exist to educate the children. They exist to indoctrinate them. They seek to babysit them. They exist to employ otherwise worthless Upper Middle Class mediocrities so that they don’t have to live like welfare knee-grows. And they are teaching kids whose IQs average in the 90s, meaning that if you get them to use the right bathroom and read a comic book, you are doing pretty good.

So just how should a society educate a child? It shouldn’t. A child has two parents. That child lives in a village. If it takes a village to raise a child, then perhaps our government should screw the hell off and let that village serve a useful purpose. Pace the human pile of homo-erotic excrement, Kevin Williamson, maybe some communities need to die. Making these villages do their job will make that demise happen more rapidly than any government eugenics program.

Yet we know well that Amerika could never allow Charles Darwin have his way. George W. Bush couldn’t pay proper respect to Charles Darwin. He gave us Leave No Child Behind. Barack Obama had to mind every decent family’s business with The Common Core. These leaders had to. In a demotic civilization, these leaders had better fork over the gimmedats and keep the brainless mobs properly brainwashed and permanently disarmed in their brainless state.

Under demotism Amerika is run by and for the SJWs raving about !DARWIN! on Reddit. So we get Mann-Dewey Pubik Schools instead of schools that legitimately attempt education, catering to the lowest common denominator 95 IQ students. We put the children in jail a few hours a day and they get stuffed full of mind garbage so that they love Big Stochastically Generated Gender. Amerika’s government would rather your kid get taught by an over-educated nut case with giant fake boobs then have them actually learn how the world works.

People too stupid to effectively govern are also too narcissistic to comprehend that they better the commonweal by stepping down. They typically also fear intelligence as if it were a predatory, giant feline when they encounter it loose in the wild. To remain ensconced as a demotic, faux elite, they have to stomp intelligence out of the next generation the way Bene Gesserit Reverend Mothers seek to eliminate recessive genetic traits in one of Frank Herbert’s Dune novels. Mann-Dewey Pubik Schools are The Catherine’s Wheel producing the Amerikan Idiots. Homeschool if you can. Find a functional alternative school if you cannot. It’s the new form of counter-revolution.

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