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Liberalism Makes Life Tedious and Ugly

Nature might be perfect by being imperfect. Perfection, as humans intend the term, leaves no room for any kind of growth, change, or return to order. Instead it would be a constant order of no change, sort of like the Utopia that liberals want for us where everyone is equal.

When humans attempt to make a perfect order, that means to them that no one is left out of a total system that asserts justice because all of us fear as individuals being left behind. This produces a horror that has total control of our lives.

Instead of accepting the imperfect perfection of nature, they create a human order administrated by humans that necessarily becomes abusive, but even more, demoralizes people and makes them unable to think independently because this is punished in such a system.

As a result, our Utopian hopes lead to our self-destruction but no one really cares because as individualists, they are just in it for themselves anyway:

And ultimately there is a sense of a civilisation literally dying. There are no longer any Visigoths or Wends. On the current trajectory, there will at some point in the coming centuries be no Italians or Japanese. Today disappearing languages and cultures are still of marginal and peripheral groups we have barely heard of. Tomorrow, it will be major cultures who have contributed inestimable riches to the human tapestry.

At the national level, as we have seen, vast swathes of humanity are not prepared to reproduce themselves. Wherever urbanisation, education and wealth arrive, so fertility tends to plummet. No surprise then that the last redoubts of high fertility are in the poorest and least-educated parts of the world, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa.

Wherever modernity — urbanization, education, and wealth — appears, a System is there. From cradle to grave, people have a finite number of options and each one is a hoop-jumping exercise from memorizing facts at school to engaging in politics at work.

There is no inner self or individuality in such a system; all of that is given to the group in exchange for pacifism and “safety.” As a result, people become hopeless and bitter, in turn taking that out on each other in a society of trust that is fake.

Even our best attempts at making the playing field level simply become an exercise in jumping through hoops and memorizing dogma and procedures, which is why we are boring ourselves to death, slowly but worse each generation:

According to the study, school students are actually very bored during exams. The study also showed that utter boredom has a negative effect on exam results.

The main causes were being both underchallenged and overchallenged during the exam. In addition, test boredom was significantly higher when the exam content had no personal relevance for the students. The main result of the study was that a high level of test boredom had a negative effect on exam results.

On the one hand, the abundance hypothesis states that boredom especially deteriorates exam performance if students are overchallenged, because all mental resources would have to be allocated to completing the tasks, i.e. those that are used for experiencing boredom but are no longer available for working on the tasks. On the other hand, in the case of boredom as a result of being underchallenged, resources are available in abundance for processing the tasks anyway.

A sane person — this person would immediately be fed hemlock or crucified — would look at our system and see that nothing works because the system is overgrown. Where a century ago people had a range of options, now they must conform, obey, or die.

As has been said here many times before, the problem with civilization decay parallels that of evil: it is not that people intend evil, but that which seems good to them ends in evils. Perfection creates disaster, but embracing natural imperfection gives us breathing room in which to live.

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