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Leap Into Life (#4): Arming Teachers

History seems to be hinting strongly to us, like a mother holding a sweater or a boss pointedly looking at the clock, that when conservatism forgets one of its two prongs it turns into a horror, although still not as insane as Leftism.

The conservative formulation — realism, but with a transcendental goal of arete — works so long as those two balance each other. Without the transcendental, it becomes materialism; without the realism, it becomes dualism and from that, utilitarianism, when the obsolete religious component is left off.

And thus for our latest high colonic of raging realism, cleansing out the illusions that have built up as humanity tries to digest reality, it makes sense to look at conservatism when it loses one prong and then the other.

That is, first it loses the realism, and second, having become religion and ideology both wrapped into one form of marketing or perhaps social trope, it re-asserts the realism like the itching of a phantom limb amputated long ago, and ends up at total incoherence.

After all, our problem in this country has never been a shortage of Right-wingers, but the ruinous competition that occurs when we have a lot of Right-wingers, each offering the same pitch that the lawn care guy and furniture delivery firm both offer: control the world from the safety and ease of your armchair.

William F. Buckley, who made his career impersonating a WASP, made a name for himself by pitching “Christian libertarianism” to conservatives, essentially telling them to avoid controversial issues like race, class, and sex in order to focus on free markets and Jesus/Israel.

He created generations of crippled conservatives because once this became the norm, they standardized it, and so you get nineteen candidates for President all preaching the exact same thing in the lead-up to the nomination. Every butter substitute says it tastes like butter.

We are drowning in fake Right-wingers, and until the voters wake up and start demanding that they be more than shysters pitching high-profit-margin ripoffs whose main benefit is keeping us in our armchairs, we will get nowhere.

You have probably seen advertising designed to rip off old people. Miracle gadgets, like an edger that can also clean sewer lines and fix your wi-fi, appear in these bombastic commercials and exuberant print ads. That is the type of scam your average GOPer is trying to run on his audience.

For this reason, we must be hardest on the Right. It is easier to be hard on the Left because their entire constellation of political thought arises from one idea, equality, and it is a fantasy for the insane and self-victimizing. But we must be harder on the Right.

Thus our Leap Into Life for today focuses on the latest absurdity from the stupid party (as distinguished from the evil party) which wants to arm the teachers as a way to stop school shootings:

Last week, Gov. Greg Abbott sent a letter to Texas Education Commissioner Mike Morath urging him to find ways to encourage more school districts to increase the number of school marshals and other law enforcement officers on school grounds.

Yet education advocates argue that the fact that the voluntary school marshal program has had so few takers over the years signals that school districts and teachers are not interested in leaning on educators to deter mass shooting events.

School marshals are a vestige of how things were done in the 1950s. Back then, you had some male teachers, before fear of sex assault accusations drove them out, and they tended to keep guns in their cars or lockers, mainly because they were veterans or otherwise experienced.

Now you have blue-haired minorities who think they are transsexual as well as pot-smoking luvvies who believe that Mao had some good points. You want to arm those people? It will be like the worst of Compton and Tiananmen Square at the same time!

Even more, all humor aside, it makes sense to acknowledge how things have changed. Teachers in the 1950s were mostly housewives who wanted to stake a claim to being important outside of the home and a few misfit men who returned from the wars or dropped out of the rat race.

Sometime in the 1980s, the voters experienced the usual paroxysm of mass panic when it seemed that, thanks to diversity, our educational scores were dropping like stones. It turns out that you can “educate” 90 IQ point people, but not make them educated.

In response, the voters — inflamed by the usual neurotic dipsomaniac columnists, commentators, and politicians — demanded education reform, starting with fixing the “underpaid” teachers. Newsflash: they were “underpaid” because the job was designed for spouses, not single neurotics.

After that great reform, we came into the age of the professional teacher. Now it was a job that you intended to do, coming out of college, and hoped to make into a lifelong career like you could in the deep blue states where the benefits were so good the job became worth it after twenty years.

It turns out that the professionals are idiots and the amateurs ruled the day, mainly because as happy housewives, they were from a higher IQ band themselves. These perpetually-dating, apartment-living box wine addicts who spend more on tshirts and hair dye than nutrition are obvious incompetents.

They complain constantly about money; it seems to be their primary job. From the article:

Pre-kindergarten teacher Michelle Cardenas says safety is one reason she is not interested.

“I don’t want a gun around my students,” she said. “We already have to pay for our own professional development and our own school supplies. There’s no money, but yet they’re going to find money to train and arm teachers?”

Actually, Michelle, you have more money than you ever have before. Your problem is that in minority areas it all gets stolen, and in every area, most of it gets spent on expensive administration salaries. The admin building has grown, the schoolhouse has shrunk, in every jurisdiction.

If you are buying your own school supplies it is because someone higher than you in the organization got there first, took the money, and left you holding the bag. Instead of trying to correct this obvious moral failing like a good teacher, you are begging for more.

We should perhaps take our Leap Into Life with a few basic hardline looks at reality: first, the type of person likely to become a professional teacher is a bookish nerd, not a gun fanatic. Second, they tend to be mentally unstable Leftists (but I repeat myself) who we do not want armed anyway.

How many Antifa and BLM protestersrioters turned out to be employed by schools? How many Yvette Felarcas hid out in the education system? These schools are covered in BLM, LGBTHIV+, USSR, and other French Revolution friendly flags. You want those people to have guns?

Next there is the obvious safety dilemma. These people have no idea what gender they are. You want them to keep track of a locked firearm? Anyone suggesting that has never been in a busy classroom, or seen how stuff magically absconds with itself from a teacher’s desk.

There is also the problem of the teachers themselves. These are people living the single life, drinking too much, obviously unstable, and leaning on Lefty politics as a justification for how they are not losers but in fact brilliant, self-sacrificing winners “helping” us all.

It seems highly unwise to demand that people of that level of personal and mental instability carry firearms. What happens when a comely quasi-obese young red hair steals the boyfriend of her blue haired young Soylent-drinking femboy colleague? Gunfire in the halls.

Let us look at what happens when this type of person has a love life dilemma as we saw it unfold in neurotic dipsomaniac Lefty luvvy nexxus Austin, Texas, where everyone is on the dime of the state or the parents funding “education” at barely-a-high-school “university” UT.

Even passive, pluralist hippie types become unpredictably, pointlessly violent when someone steals away the love affair that was bolstering their egos:

The yoga instructor wanted in the love-triangle murder of a professional cyclist was dropped off at New Jersey’s Newark airport last month — just one day after Texas cops issued a warrant for her arrest, US Marshals revealed Monday.

Kaitlin Armstrong, who is suspected of shooting dead 25-year-old Anna Moriah Wilson in Austin before fleeing to the New York area, was last seen at Newark Liberty International Airport on May 18, authorities said.

This is the type of person that you will be arming. When the school shooters arrive, the kids will run toward them gratefully because one hour of body count is less terrifying than every day of the school year becoming a potential bounty of chalk outlines on the floor.

In busy classrooms run by unstable neurotics, the danger is clear enough from the teachers themselves, but a school is no place for dangerous devices such as guns, chainsaws, or copies of Economics in One Lesson. If we could, we would make them waterproof padded cells with snack time.

Teachers who already find themselves forgetting teacher’s guides and laptops in the car or at home would have to lug around five pounds of deadly gear and somehow keep it away from the children who get into everything. Not to mention that the kids would start stealing and reselling these guns.

Even more, the already censorious nature of the American classroom would get worse. You will say nothing controversial when surrounded by armed people that you suspect might be mentally unstable. Expect every lesson to become the Teletubbies and Care Bears meet Mao the really nice guy.

No, there are no easy answers here. When your society decays, you get school shooters. They shoot up schools because the “professional” teachers we attract there to provide daycare and free school lunches for the diversity tend to be idiots, thus soft targets.

Your typical school shooter, following Klebold and Harris, wants to die. He hates life (and it is usually a he, except on Mondays) and wants to exit with a big middle finger to everyone. Blow up the school? Shoot everyone?

Like mixed-race Joseph Stalin and incest baby Ted Bundy, school shooters tend to be psychologically abused people who figure that all is lost and simply want to carve the biggest graffito they can onto history, matching their personal suffering with a vast atrocity.

We have all been there. When you feel the cards are against you and the game is rigged, you experience a moment of wanting to die like a trapped possum, but being human, you want revenge for your ego. You want to leave such a shocking, appalling, horrifying, and disturbing mess that you are not forgotten.

In that way, you see, you win the debate. You might be dead, but you called out your abusers and made them suffer by making such a spectacle that it cannot be ignored. When they count the dead, you think, they will finally recognize your suffering.

Even more, you get acclaim from your fellow alienated dropouts. Suicide bombers like in the middle east, spree shooters like Payton Gendron, depressed self-destructors like airline pilot Andreas Lubitz, and mass killers at school share a psychology of wanting to be important in death like they were not in life.

The world suffers, and the world suffers with you, and in that mindset, you believe that they somehow finally understand you. They finally feel what you felt. For a moment, you are validated, before being swept away into nothingness where none of this nonsense is your problem.

If you want to stop school shootings, stop publishing their names. Stop publishing their stories. Ignore their manifestos, sad life stories, and most of all, do not interview their parents. Many of these events are mostly revenge against selfish, manipulative, and narcissistic parents.

Even if you have schools bristling with guns, over time the standards will relax. After a thousand shifts as a security guard doing nothing more than busting kids for weed and fistfights, even the most battle-hardened Marine spaces out when some nerd kid lugs a cello case in the back door.

Perhaps we should just go to the core of the issue here and point out that, despite what all politicians will tell you, the public school system is complete garbage. None of your commentators, politicians, bureaucrats, and pundits send their kids to public school.

The education quality is garbage, for starters. When you have to “teach” kids with IQs in the 90s, you dumb down the material so everyone can get it or at least pretend. The smart kids zone out at the repetition and artificial simplisticism, dumb kids keep being dumb, and everyone in the middle feels clever for knowing partial truths and incomplete theories.

When you have diversity, you can no longer rely on goodwill and culture to hold a school together. Everything must be controlled. This makes for a miserable school experience, and so everyone who can flees, leaving the docile and idiotic to make up the rolls.

Even more, constant ethnic tensions and violence mar the educational experience, amplified by sexual tension and drugs. Your kids will get raped in the bathrooms, so they will not go to the bathrooms, and will instead dehydrate themselves until they can escape.

Modern schools are hellish little holes of obedience and conformity training. The school shooters are right: eviscerate this abomination, destroy that which should not exist. We do not need an AR-15 to do it; we simply need to stop funding them and write them out of law.

Public education worked OK when it was the nice Anglo-Saxon wives of businessmen teaching WASP kids how to do things designed for people with IQs between 115 and 125. There was a culture in common, a sense of goodwill, and a utility to the process.

After diversity, mainstreaming the special education tards, free school lunches, daycare programs, ESL, and endless administration including psychologists, vocal therapists, and disciplinarians, there is nothing left of the American educational system. It is just a giant expensive waste of time.

Instead of mucking about with school vouchers, just end public schooling by writing it out of law and ending its funding. Let people keep the 60% of their property taxes or 30% of rent that goes toward public schools. They can hire people to educate their kids.

If we need standardized education, have some privatized professional body publish standards. Schools that adhere to these will get the cash from the smart families. The dumber kids need daycare more than schooling anyway, so who really cares what they are “taught”?

In exchange, you get freedom not just from school shootings, but from the moronic waste of time that makes kids so angry that if they do not shoot up their schools, they become so aggressively bourgeois in denying the needs of others throughout their professional careers that they become de facto sociopaths, psychopaths, and narcissists.

Most people in this age act like abused children because they were. Their parents were selfish, their schools were jails, and their jobs are miserable, so they take out their inarticulable and generalized rage on other people. Much bad behavior results from this.

We can fix this process one step at a time, and the first step involves ending the wealth transfer from property taxpayers to the bluehairs, neurotics, Antifa, and other lunatics running the schools. Education “reform” killed education, so now it is time to blast education reform with an AR-15.

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