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As Flynn Effect Reverses, Cognitive Decline Starts At The Top

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

The nu-West fears IQ; differences in intelligence potential mean inequality, and inequality means that we have been destroying our societies for the past few centuries as we chased an illusion. If we debunk the illusion that unites us, we have nothing left. The Flynn Effect, which showed rising IQs over the past century, seemed to affirm the narrative, but now it has faded.

In fact, the Flynn Effect has reversed, and it seems to be reversing IQ gains and going the other direction starting at the top, which means that our theoretically best and brightest are becoming dumber and less insightful:

The IQ gains of the 20th century have faltered. Losses in Nordic nations after 1995 average at 6.85 IQ points when projected over thirty years. On Piagetian tests, Britain shows decimation among high scorers on three tests and overall losses on one. The US sustained its historic gain (0.3 points per year) through 2014. The Netherlands shows no change in preschoolers, mild losses at high school, and possible gains by adults. Australia and France offer weak evidence of losses at school and by adults respectively. German speakers show verbal gains and spatial losses among adults. South Korea, a latecomer to industrialization, is gaining at twice the historic US rate.

When a later cohort is compared to an earlier cohort, IQ trends vary dramatically by age. Piagetian trends indicate that a decimation of top scores may be accompanied by gains in cognitive ability below the median. They also reveal the existence of factors that have an atypical impact at high levels of cognitive competence. Scandinavian data from conventional tests confirm the decimation of top scorers but not factors of atypical impact.

In fact, civilization is in full decline as its highest scorers end up being less capable than those a century ago. The fall of Rome 2.0 cannot be denied when its people are literally less competent than those who went before.

One reason for this is that those who are predisposed toward high-IQ behaviors also seem disinclined to breed. This creates a grinding mechanism by which average IQ drops from the top of society as the smartest do not breed:

Their findings, which were published in the journal the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in December 2016, revealed a number of things, including that education genes may affect family size.

“It isn’t the case that education, or the career opportunities it provides, prevents you from having more children,” lead study author Kari Stefansson, CEO of Icelandic genetics firm deCODE, told The Guardian. “If you are genetically predisposed to have a lot of education, you are also predisposed to have fewer children.”

Their findings also showed that if the trend continues, it may lead our IQs to drop about 0.04 points each decade. Although that number itself is very small, over the years it could add up to make a noticeable difference.

The only realistic explanation for this is that society is somehow penalizing the genes for intelligence, perhaps by thrusting people into meaningless careers which eat up all their energy, time, and passion.

The Western quest for equality has ended in a predictable way. Since equality is not natural, nor logical, enforcing it requires penalizing the successful in order to subsidize the unsuccessful. In our society, we do this by forcing the intelligent to go through 28 years of education and then working them to death in the absence of meaningful options for starting a family, at which point they start dying out.

Equality will be achieved, by any means necessary.

The Sun Will Set and God Will Find His Own

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

Winter Is Coming

Climate experts are warning that the ocean circulation system – dubbed the Gulf Stream – that brings warm weather to the UK has been slowing down since 2004. Scientists believe this slowdown could have “consequences for the climates of eastern North America and Western Europe”

So the gulf stream is slowing down….

And the sun grows weary…

Research shows a natural cooling cycle that occurs every 230 years began in 2014 and will send temperatures plummeting even further by 2019. Scientists are also expecting a “huge reduction” in solar activity for 33 years between 2020 and 2053 that will cause thermometers to crash. Both cycles suggest Earth is entering a global cooling cycle that could have devastating consequences for global economy, human life and society as we know it.

And no, it isn’t Jerry Pournelle penning anti-establishmentarian sci-fi to tweak The Cult of AGW. An increasing bifurcation has beset the scientific community. Team Hockey Stick claims that there is no pause in AGW, and that only the Paris Climate Accord can stop Global Warming. Solar Physicists, survivalists and those who generally distrust anything said in the name of !SCIENCE! have a Climate Scientology Kult of their own. Winter, they warn us, is coming.

So what if it is? We get the die-off. The sorting. Demotism meets its vast and apocryphal reckoning. It will have to happen. Not when the great scientists predict it will. They are all but paid to be wrong. My favorite doomsayer warns us that none will no the hour or the day. And let not your hearts be troubled. Charles Darwin would tell you most of the ones to be culled pretty much had it coming anyway.

You cannot raise an entire infantile generation of over-protected snowflakes and not see them melted before the blow torch of unforgiving reality. Nature tends to sodomize the weak. Weak, dysgenic societies get enough of that action for Sodom, Gamorrah and all the other cities on the plain. As America continues its degeneration from an honorable Republic of civic gentlemen to a demotic democracy of mystery meat, we become ever more deserving of the coming reap. Greg Cochran blogs very slowly so that even this year’s college graddumates can get the gist…

Genetic trends can decrease IQ, and as long as we want the fruit of technological civilization, we have to care about that. There are three main ways in which IQ could decrease:

I. Selection could favor lower IQ within a group. How fast?

II. Demographic changes- groups with lower IQ could be immigrating, or differences in birth rates could mean that smarter groups are declining relative to other groups.

III. Relaxed selection. It looks as if a lot of the variance in IQ is due to rare deleterious variants generated by mutation. Over the long run, selection has eliminated those deleterious mutations as fast as they were generated (mutation-selection balance). Over the last few generations, selection has weakened: a smaller fraction of babies are dying.

We call our cubicles at work veal-fattening pens in partial jest. Yet most of what we experience in life does nothing to steel ourselves for burning in the crucible that challenges our genetic or mental fitness.

Now I can’t promise you The Sweet Meteor of Death on any date certain; even if you say “Please.” However, I can tell you that sucker will place home at some point. Fatter, dumber and with less lead in the national pencil is no way for any society to prepare for The El Guapo SHTF.

Perhaps the true measure of how badly we’ve managed our culture and society is the extent to which we’ve set ourselves up to be culled cometh the reaper. I urge you to prepare on some level for it to happen one day. Then maybe you, like the seasons, won’t fear the reaper…

Snapshot: Dysgenics

Thursday, November 10th, 2016


How will Western civilization end? — through the end of its people. How will that happen? If history is a guide, through internal collapse and outbreeding, probably simultaneously.

Internal collapse will come from dysgenics, or the rewarding of sustenance to those who could not achieve it on their own, leading to a gradual prevalence of less adapted traits over the more adapted. This occurs because civilization changes the index of adaptation from reality/nature at large to human social rules.

The crisis of dysgenics is not solely that the less adapted breed. It is that as these accelerate in ratio, the more-adapted find life increasingly tedious, frustrating and moronic, and so they tend to self-destruct or at least, not reproduce. It is a fitting revenge in that they are able to destroy civilization this way, a parting shot of hatred for the misery it forced upon them.

Outbreeding is the other threat. This generally occurs through trace admixture. Someone from another population who is 0.05% Other, for example, will breed into the population, followed by many more. Soon that percentage of Other creeps upward as the more recessive traits of the population are suppressed. Eventually the population is a shadow of itself.

In the West, the most likely doom is assimilation by Asiatics. First, trace admixture through groups with Asiatic admixture — Southern and Eastern Europeans — will remove the Western nature of the population. At that point, it will assemble itself by convenience for business and social functions, and more will take on foreign wives.

Simultaneously, the dysgenic influence will lower the capabilities of the native group, making it on par with other foreign groups. At this point, there will be no barriers to miscegenation and the group will hybridize. The end result will be mostly Caucasian, but will visually and intellectually more resemble the Asian and middle eastern elements bred into it.

This is genocide by another form, but it is brought on by decay from within, starting with the breeding of less-adapted because they are able to survive in social situations that, by their unrealistic and trivial nature, drive the more-adapted to cease breeding.

This process has happened many times through history and no ethnic group has recovered from it.

Careerism Ruined the White Race

Friday, October 14th, 2016


Since the 60s, when women began working, jobs have been the death of everything good about our race.

Because of jobs, white men are:

  • Required to circumcise their faces via shaving

  • Required to wear gay sailor suits

  • Required to be cooperative and sociable and not raise their voices or tell anyone to shut up

  • Required to be submissive to some boss figure even if they could easily kick his ass

We also have this diseased and disturbed culture here in Amerika where your job is your soul. It comprised the entirety of your identity. I am not me, my person, everything I have worked for my whole life to develop into, no, I am a doctor. That is all anyone talks to me about ever. My wife is expected to sit at home alone and take pride in the fact that her absentee husband is a doctor whereas the next house down, the wife’s absentee husband is merely an engineer or something. It’s a an excremental overload.

…And white women:

  • Are required to raise their voices and be assertive and opinionated far past their natural inclination

  • Are told that they are superior to mothers at home with children

  • Are promoted in exchange for sexual favors

  • Are encouraged to be promiscuously flirtatious yet cynical in sales environments

Both genders:

  • Are expected to be at work by default. Family or personal time is treated like visitation rights in a prison.

  • Are subjected to crippling thought control. It isn’t the government who boots down your door and drags you off for wrongthought, it’s Twitter, Facebook and the media who censor you while everyone else fires you and refuses to hire you or do business with you ever again.

  • Are expected to support diversity, equality and other pleasant insanities because anything else is turning away customers.

  • Are basically told who to vote for by their office crowd. They are forced to coexist with people they otherwise would hate and incorporate them into their social life, thus in the name of keeping the peace gradually adopt their political leanings. If they openly support the “wrong” candidate they are ostracized and later fired.

  • Are subject to the abuses of petty tyrants above them who are angry that they are also enslaved.

  • Need holy jerbs to make sure we can afford lots and lots of stupid shit, like gigantic houses that are shrines to the weak, flabby men and fat obnoxious women that live there, and piles of electronic shit that boils down and concentrates the natural and pleasurable experiences of being alive, so that when we are home for all 5 minutes we are not chained to our desks, we can rapidly consume high doses of extra-life to make up for lost time. We go on reddit and look up pictures of all of the puppies and kitties we did not pet and pictures of all the great landscapes we did not travel to.

  • Cannot simply accept that the modern lifestyle is unjustifiable and a total waste of their lives and potential, so they defend it, Stockholm Syndrome style. If you point out how much of it is totally sick and wrong, they say you are just bitter because you could not succeed.

  • Have no time to properly examine life and think anything through, discover philosophy and religion, or ask themselves what they are doing in life, why, and whether or not it is any good (or if it should be improved or replaced with something different). If the Buddha was born today, he’d have worked in a call center and never had time to think about what happiness is. Instead of sitting under a bodhi tree, at best he’d have looked up pictures of trees on his phone while he takes a dump on his lunch break.

And of course, all of this is coercive, it is stuff you endure “…Or else we’ll fire your ass.”

The worst thing about jobs is they know they have you by the balls. They know that you are dead without their jerbism, in today’s society where not being a jobber means ostracism and homelessness, so they heap petty abuse on you knowing you will never rebel. The higher career, the worse the people it attracts.

…And there you have it.

Jobs have physically and spiritually neutered the white man and made shrewish, loud mouthed whores of the white woman. Being an impotent career slave has become synonymous with whiteness now. Every white man does it, and every nonwhite who starts acting career slave-like is accused of “acting white.”

There is truly a chicken-egg relationship between the moral, spiritual and physical decay of the white race and jobs.

Society and the race will only ever be good again when something other than careers rule it.

I mean, that is the truth, isn’t it? You do not spend sixty hours a week carefully obeying every command of your democratically appointed leaders, you spend it doing what your career wants you to do. Your career tells you how to dress, who to talk to, how to talk to them, what to do with every little bit of your time, when you are allowed to see friends and family, when you are allowed to eat, shit and sleep.

Politics are a hilarious, impotent little distraction: your career is your god and your master.

The Welfare State Has Sacrificed The Middle Class To The Lower Classes

Saturday, August 13th, 2016

From a source that dislikes jobs and nonsense economic activity more than the average, an insight into the dysgenic effects of the welfare state:

The generationally unemployed carry mobile messaging and pornography access devices with enough computational power to put a man on the moon, like an Idiocracy version of Star Trek. Urban poors living in food deserts eat like Henry VIII and become even more obese. For those with a low Malthusian threshold, who breed and chill as soon as they have a roof and three meals a day, this is abundance beyond their wildest dreams. For those still attempting to live with some dignity, however, these conditions present insurmountable problems.

For, just as food and toys have become cheap, education and middle-class acceptable housing have become intolerably expensive. Our educated middle class has refused to accept either of two major lifestyle hits: cutting consumption (and giving up the wife’s income) to afford children, or adopting an actuarial, pragmatic approach to life planning. (Clueless people, such as baby boomers, call this “giving up on your dreams.”) Basically, we don’t want to give up brunch, so we gave up families and the old middle-class aspirations.

To pay for those generationally unemployed, the welfare state taxes the middle class, which means that they cannot both afford children and a decent lifestyle. Being humans, they choose the path of least resistance.

As a result, the numbers of the clueless surge, while the people who could make a difference are bred out. This probably happens through multiple methods in failing civilizations, with the common ground being the idea of subsidizing that which is not succeeding, and it explains why after the crash, failed civilizations cannot resurrect themselves: they lack the necessary genetics.

Human Organization

Friday, August 5th, 2016


Humans have a potential that other species lack because we can change our nature through our behavior. Where other species act solely by instinct, humans can “program” our being and choose positive or negative, light or dark, honest or dishonest with the application of self-discipline. This is why humans are unique and worth preserving.

Human morality relates essentially to co-existence in civilization and nature. It includes a warning not to dominate or destroy either because that would be evil. It would be like killing your own mother after she raised you. However, the definition of good/evil has an excellent reference in the (Christian) Bible as follows:

The LORD God commanded the man, saying, “From any tree of the garden you may eat freely; but from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat from it you will surely die.” Then the LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him.”

From an organizational perspective it is quite clear that “man” as an individual cannot resist the temptation of bad and/or evil. He requires an organization around him in order to remain “good.”  Since man remained good, it became incumbent upon the female to understand the evil part for without it she would not know what good is. This amplifies the original Biblical interpretation with some influences from Fred Nietzsche.

Brett Stevens made the point that “bad guys were right all along” and when combined with the generally held belief that girls like bad boys (and marry good boys) it is obvious that bad does not equal “evil.” Evil is more like what a Swedish woman recently remarked as (via social media), that “rape by a migrant is much worse than rape by a white male”: evil is the destruction of civilization, of good people, of human potential and a commitment to not alter our nature for the better.

There are these unending similarities between being human, being a person and being an organization. On each of these levels, feedback loops (based on two inputs amplifying one another) and feedforward loops (where one input measures the other in advance to anticipate change) demonstrate the principles of human organization:

  1. Complexity. The human level concerns itself with life, which includes involuntary bodily functions like breathing etc. Humans are also similar to most things in nature in terms of having a life cycle. The good part is being born while the bad (not evil) part is dying. There is some debate on nature versus nurture for either good or bad humans where this level of thinking concerns mostly the nature/genetic content, while the nurture content is a feedback loop from the person and organizational levels. Essentially good and bad humans are acceptable, but evil humans are not. There has been some psychological suggestion of genetic dysfunction that could be classified as evil. However, since the “investigators” of this phenomenon receives little support, little understanding of this matter is at hand today. This is a serious problem in terms of understanding complexity because without clarity on this point, for example, artificial intelligence may turn out to be an evil demon. In other words, there is a feedforward loop from humans to people (and robots) and organizations that we seem to have no idea about.

  2. Animality. The person level is where a person can start to control his bodily functions to a degree (with his own individual mind) and that means one can do it in a good, bad or evil way. A human similarity with animals is that it requires controlled food intake followed by controlled excretion of the unwanted materials. This is all good and it becomes bad when excretions are used as a defensive mechanism such as with baboons and birds. However, it becomes evil when people throw feces on airport floors and statues to get attention. Food intake can also be evil on the same basis such as obesity and bulimia.

  3. Family. The person level includes the basic family because of the intimacy factor. This would not include extended families or dynasties. According to the Bible the immediate family should be a good thing to avoid “evil” behavior by “man.” The assumption is that if you are too good or too bad, then you are evil, hence that specific requirement for a nuclear family. In other words, the family should strive to be just good or bad, while knowingly avoid being “too” much either way. This is a cross-feedforward loop from the human side. The cross-feedback loop from the basic family to the human is “nurture” and is based on decisions made and examples exhibited by parents (amongst others). As far as good, bad and evil are concerned, the basic family would be good if values like acknowledging mistakes (not just saying you’re sorry), respect, love for others and being proud of a job well done are supported. But bad if arguments are the order of the day and evil if manipulation and homicide is exhibited. (Education is exempt from manipulation in this context).

  4. Formalism. The organizational level is multi-faceted because of varying requirements set by persons or groups. It appears to get worse with more humans entering the fray through population growth. Just like how a chef would change his cooking methodology between having a few or many customers, society needs to be able to change its “formalism” almost continuously. However, apart from organizations barely able to keep up with their own basis of existence, organizations are essentially humans who in their capacity as persons/families (have to) utilize other persons/families or smaller organizations to deliver products to all humans in return for their support. Humans and persons therefore have feedforward loops into organizations but organizations affect humans and persons via feedback loops as well. The organizational level has on its own a much larger propensity for evil, probably because perpetrators can hide easier.

    In fact because of the feedforward loops, organizations can become quite “dark” and in return the darkness will trickle down into the lower levels of employees (like a child, the slave will become like his master). Organizations are competitive and we can assume some of that will be good or bad. But the evil part is when organizations start to hide their true intentions. This is not hide and seek, this is hide and destroy (overtly or covertly). For example, genocide is evil (according United Nations definition) and so is Planned Parenthood, not because they facilitate abortion as a medical condition (animals also abort), but because they encourage fornication and hence make money out of the expected increase in abortions by selling body parts. Another even more visible example is the politician that sells fads to his voters to gain power, fame and fortune for free. While the politician perpetrates this heinous and evil act, the voter is deemed to be “really stupid” and thus “deserving” of such evil manipulation, while the voter actually prayed for and trusted “his representative.”

Sequencing above types of evil may pan out as follows;

Human evil: Genetic dysfunction
Person/family evil: Throwing feces, too much/little food intake, manipulation, homicide
Organization evil: Genocide, abortions, politics

Some sense needs to be put into this and one effort would be to say that crime statistics could identify probable genetic causes for feces throwing, murder and genocide (in the feedforward loop direction). It is more difficult to establish causal effect in the feedback loop but it may be possible, by moving people around the world, that organizations cause the different enzymes and viruses across different continents to change the DNA of their own “expats”, who once had the same racial DNA (genetics).

Another way organizations can influence human genetics is by throwing a number of people “together” in a sort of careless way, not knowing what the genetic outcome will be (which may be demonic in a sense such as in artificial intelligence). However, what is apparent today at least, is that any organization can have a much stronger (sometimes fatal) influence on persons in terms of nurture i.e. suicide at work.

The following risks can be extracted from the above analysis:

  1. Egalitarianism. Misunderstanding of human nature and the similarity of that across humans, persons and organizations. This risk will be triggered by artificial intelligence perpetuating this unpredictability and the outcome is probably going to be evil.

  2. Dysgenics. The much vaunted (natural) potential of humans, persons and organizations will not come to fruition if evolution is interfered with in the sense where bad genes are perpetuated versus good genes, as seen by Mother Nature.

Human organizations depend on rewarding desired behavior and punishing unwanted behavior, but this creates a grey area for behavior which fits in neither category completely. Based on the identified risks above we may never “really” know what is good, bad and evil because of the fine lines (trip wires) we face on a daily basis.

This gives rise to the idea that it may be safer for a civilization to limit itself and punish only evil behavior that crosses a line into that which harms the civilization as an organic whole. One way would be to start a three-way justice system where a judge must decide between what’s good, bad and evil (or maybe ugly too).

A Moral Shift Seizes The West

Thursday, August 4th, 2016


Under a wave of chaotic changes across Europe and the New World, the entity known as Western Civilization is experiencing a massive shift. At first it seems political, until one looks at social events. Then it seems cultural, until inspection of the factors altered in people is examined.

The West is experiencing a moral shift.

In the past, owing to the egalitarian slant of the French Revolution and its predecessor The Enlightenment™, our morality was based on treating everyone equally, so presumably: treating everyone well.

Now our morality ventures closer to the pagan formulation of Plato, “good to the good / bad to the bad.”

When you want to treat everyone well, you treat the bad as well as the good. You have concern for their rights and daily lives, and cut them fat checks to subsidize them since survival is not going well for them.

Plato’s formulation on the other hand could be re-written as “protect the good people, and beat down the rest.”

As Leftism has gained prominence here in the West, our societies have increasingly re-dedicated themselves to ensuring that everyone turns out okay.

That has resulted in massive entitlements programs, directed most intensely that the very poor, drug addicted, criminal and otherwise flailing lives.

Now we see the end result of that: we are awash in people who are fundamentally useless, both at the bottom and top of society. The bottom creates the top because numerically, the bottom are greater, and for that reason their votes and purchases are more influential than those of other groups. This selects those who inhabit the top.

Our culture has reached the literal wasteland state where it is hard for most of us to engage at all with politics or society. We go to jobs, then retreat home and lock the doors. We want the world — our home countries — to just go away.

This attitude can be seen in our anemic response to terrorism, which consists of emotional outpourings but no willingness to change anything about our approach.

The new morality, on the other hand, emphasizes the idea of protecting the good — the contributing, intelligent, healthy, decent and thoughtful people — against a world which is mostly insane and always looking for an excuse to kill off the good.

This is more than a revolution against parasitism, although that is part of it. This is a war for hierarchy: we want the good to rise above the rest again, and for the good to be ranked, with the best on top so that their wisdom and abilities can protect the rest of us from the rising tide of chaos created by democratic and third-world societies alike.

If we look only at isolated events, as the press and governments prefer we do, we do not see the wave of discontent based in this theory. Government loves victims, as it can use them as a justification and in the name of helping them, expand its own power. If they cannot be helped, even better, as the leeching can continue.

But when looking at the larger picture, a pattern emerges: the West is tired of penalizing the good people in order to provide for everyone else. As in nature, some thrive, some merely survive, and the rest die, which is how natural selection produces evolution.

This thought was disturbing for the neurotics of the last half-millennium, and so we have been chasing their dream: everyone survives, and everyone is safe and taken care of, but this has produced a huge population of people who are mostly useless and are now attempting to destroy the rest of us with the burden produced by their parasitism.

As financial, social and political ruin wracks our lands, people are returning to the idea that we should defend the good, and let nature deal with the rest. If poverty continues, so what? — there was always been poverty. If some die because they lack common sense, the next generation born of the survivors will have common sense.

It sounds cruel at first, which is why our society has been intolerant of this viewpoint for a long time, but when we realize that the price for saving everyone is that we destroy the best of our people, this idea is being reconsidered.

The society based on universal security has become a living hell. Jobs are pointless and moronic; people are thoughtless whores; the price of everything goes up as the quality goes down, and now, there is no place left to run to escape the blight caused by the flailing.

For many years, the productive people could keep shrugging and writing checks about be fine, if a bit poorer. But now they see the endgame: by trying to save everyone, we will strangle the good and produce more of the bad, and then it is a dark death spiral until the end.

Reflections on The Genius Famine by Edward Dutton and Bruce G. Charlton

Sunday, July 24th, 2016


If Plato is the origin of conservative thinking, then we might construe conservatism as the discipline of failure studies: looking at how human groups and ventures fail in order to avoid that path and in fact go the other direction toward not just avoiding failure, but achieving excellence.

To some of us, this study takes precedence over all else because of the historical fact that civilization has a zero percent survival rate over time. Societies fail by succeeding, and this means that we are looking at a counter-intuitive problem, or one for which conventional methods will fail.

Bruce Charlton has been for many years a theorist of this and other issues, and a hidden hero of the post-1990s (“boomerpocalypse”) conservative revolution. When the Left assumed total control after the fall of the Soviet Union, those who were not Leftist found themselves struggling to keep up with a rapidly changing world.

Charlton’s most recent book, written with Adjunct Professor of the Anthropology of Religion and Finnish Culture at Oulu University Edward Dutton, tackles this ancient problem with an entirely new view: that whether as cause or effect of our decline, our civilization is hurtling toward disaster through the elimination of genius.

En route to that explanation, The Genius Famine also convincingly looks into the psychology of genius and corrects several pop culture misconceptions through careful deconstruction and re-assembly of key terms used to describe those of high intelligence, genius and creativity. This part alone makes the book worth reading, since other than Maurice Bucke’s Cosmic Consciousness, there are few insightful analyses of the mental state and activity of genius.

Most importantly, the book states the seemingly obvious — geniuses are biologically altruistic, meaning that they help their tribe stay motivated to work together, and their innovations provide a means by which a society (especially Western Civilization) can overcome the challenges thrust at it. Charlton and Dutton establish a unique role for genius.

The benefits yielded by genius are not obtainable in any other way. (229)

This book has been previously reviewed on this site by a highly competent writer who did an excellent job. What follows after the brief introduction above is an exploration of some of the many insightful moments in the book, which is available online as an etext.

Perhaps a favorite moment for readers of this blog can be found in the following savagely accurate analysis of exactly why modernity is so miserable and unbearable for anyone remotely intellectually awake:

In a society of declining intelligence, we would expect: rising crime and corruption; decreasing civic participation and lower voter turn-out; higher rates of illegitimacy; poorer health and greater obesity, an increased interest in the instinctive, especially sex; greater political instability and decline in democracy; higher levels of social conflict; higher levels of selfishness and so a decline in any welfare state; a growing unemployable underclass; falling educational standards; and a lack of intellectualism and thus decreasing interest in education as a good in itself. We would also expect more and more little things to go wrong that we didn’t used to notice: buses running out of petrol, trains delayed, aeroplanes landing badly, roads not being repaired, people arriving late and thinking it’s perfectly okay; several large and lots of little lies . . . (185)

This passage explains the “death by a thousand cuts” of modernity: every day, things get a little worse and less competent. We start seeing the intricate web of inter-reliance by institutions falling apart. And then, we reach third world conditions, where everyone is selfish and foolish and society as a whole falls apart.

Charlton has described “the now,” or at least the time since about 1990, perfectly. We are in a declining society which will end up a third-world state, in which people are selfish and few are competent. The voices we relied on to give us direction and reveal the meaning in life — the geniuses — are gone.

How we got here, in his view, was through a process of dysgenics:

In other words, until about 1800 only the minority of people with (on average) the ‘best genes’ (i.e. the lowest mutation load) would be able to survive and reproduce; and among the great majority of the population only a very small proportion of their offspring (averaging much less than two, probably less than one, per woman) would survive to a healthy adulthood, reproduce and raise children of their own. In this context, which was for almost all of human history until about two hundred years ago; both new and inherited deleterious mutations were filtered-out, or purged, from the population every generation by this very harsh form of natural selection. (39)

He covers both sides of the equation: first, deleterious mutations accumulated through a lack of natural selection process based on competence and second, owing to the misery and bureaucratic nature of modernity, the intelligent ceased to reproduce at high numbers. This reversed the gains of previous centuries in which the lower intelligence portions of the population had few children survive to breeding age.

This view presents a new spin on ancient wisdom. As societies grow more powerful, they save everyone from natural selection, and in doing so impose their own form of unnatural selection, which rewards those who breed recklessly. This leads to a population in which intelligence declines, and soon, the intelligent become marginalized.

Even more importantly, and more relevant to the “It’s a trap!” perspective on civilization and progress, Charlton and Dutton identify the bureaucratic nature of an advanced society as responsible for elimination of genius. It replaces those with Head Girls, who are sort of like British honor students and over-achievers, who are good at everything on the surface back lack depth in their approach.

According to these authors, what distinguishes genius is its Endogenous approach, or a self-starting mentality that finds fulfillment in beating difficult tasks and by doing so, increasing the health and prospects of the civilization around them. Head Girls do not do this; they act in self-interest alone, and conform to what others expect of them, which is exactly what bureaucracies and commerce desire:

Indeed modern institutions are not even trying to select primarily by intelligence – the reality of which they often deny; but instead are implicitly – by the nature of their evaluations – and also by explicitly-stated policies – selecting on other grounds, especially for the ‘Head Girl’ personality – the conscientious, empathic, socially integrated all-rounders. Modern society is, of course, run by Head Girls, of both sexes (plus a smattering of charming or charismatic psychopaths), hence there is no assigned place for the creative genius. Modern colleges aim at recruiting Head Girls, so do universities, so does science, so do the arts, so does the mass media, so does the legal profession, so does medicine, so does the military. And in doing so, except insofar as they make errors; they filter-out and exclude even the possibility of creative genius. (189)

The civilization that has succeeded moves from being a cooperative venture to an inclusive one. At that point, it begins to focus on control, or making people follow a centralized agenda rather than interpreting general principles in specific ways. With this, society finds it more useful to have obedient people than genius ones.

This not only deprives society of an essential function, that of genius, but also puts it into a tailspin as intelligence declines and consequently, it begins to approximate a third-world state:

Working with Charlton, Michael Woodley discovered an already-published survey of historical reaction time data that demonstrated a striking slowing of sRTs from the time of Francis Galton in the late nineteenth century until the late 20th century.

This data carried the strong implication that there had been a rapid and substantial decline in intelligence over the past hundred-plus years – and opened-up a new field of research which Woodley has been actively pursuing ever since. (167)

These researchers have used reaction time as a proxy for intelligence, since faster nerve response correlates with higher intelligence. Through that lens, they can see what IQ tests — which are normalized to a control group — cannot, namely that over time, Europeans have been declining in ability exactly as the eugenicists predicted.

Charlton and Dutton take a nuanced view of IQ testing and other intelligence proxies. They explain the utility of these assessments, but also, how genius is measured differently: a collection of traits, explained in greater specificity than the usual modern methods, that make a self-directed, highly creative individual who is focused on abstract thinking in lieu of the social thinking with which most of us burn our time and energy.

These unconventional creative geniuses offer more to society than mere innovation. The Genius Famine theorizes that artistical/cultural geniuses serve to unify the tribe, giving society a leg up in endurance and depth, while technical geniuses are responsible for the big breakthroughs that later are explored through “micro-innovations” by those who expand upon the original notion.

Without these contributions, society self-destructs:

But as intelligence continues to decline, then growth in productivity will reverse into decline and inefficiency, as the ability of people to sustain, repair, even to maintain, the highly technical, specialized and coordinated world civilization will be lost, just as occurred with the fall of Western Roman civilization; when agricultural and industrial production and trade all collapsed, the standard of living and population plummeted, and general technical and organizational levels took more than a millennium to recover. (181-182)

The Genius Famine ranks as essential reading for anyone concerned with the fall of civilization and how to resurrect it. Expertly written, in a seemingly offhand but intensely analytical style, it does not grow old or slow as a reading experience but instead offers new revelations on nearly every page. This makes it an exhausting read, best sampled in small doses, but a highly rewarding one.

As Western civilization awakens from its slumber, the postmortem on its failure will be vast. The Genius Famine offers an important part of the picture, although as others have written, there are non-biological causes as well. In any case, it shows us how progress leads us away from the organic power of intelligence and in that choice, to our doom.

Crazy White Girl Syndrome

Thursday, July 14th, 2016


As experienced readers of this blog know, the problem with humans is peer pressure: the stupid monkeys cannot stop themselves from emulating other monkeys, even when they know the result is going to be shockingly stupid.

Crazy white girl syndrome happens when a young white girl grows up seeing certain ideals around her in media and through her friends. She does not act on them directly, as they contradict her self-interest, but she internalizes them, and there the error is made.

Parents who allow their children to trawl through television, music and internet without supervision are the root of this problem. Most of them are going to Homer Simpson style just pop another beer and comment on how hilarious it is, but decades later will be hungrily searching for someone else to blame for the ensuing dysfunction.

When the white girl matures slightly more, she tries to do the right thing, but now she is “sophisticated” or at least adult. She seeks out ideals which resemble those she saw in media or learned from her social group. Specifically, she seeks men who resemble the ideals she has internalized.

For most women, this means they are looking for men in a narrow range of careers, with a narrow range of qualifications, but worst and most destructively of all, they are searching for men with a certain amount of social influence and hipness. This excludes the stolid and realistic types entirely and sends them chasing after bad boys.

But this misses the point of bad boys: they are “cool” because they care about nothing other than pleasure. And so, they are not going to commit. They will take the offered sex and then move on when it becomes inconvenient. This leaves the white girl increasingly desperate.

Eventually, she finds her options have limited, whether by time or simply by the string of useless bad boys she encounters. But she will not change what she is looking for, because it is by now so hard-wired that it feels like instinct. And so she chases inappropriate males and gets more desperate.

After some time of this, she is reduced to being an attention whore, drawing attention to herself in an attempt to filter out the bad boy who might stay, even though all of the previous ones have fled at the first touch of complication. She then enters a death spiral: crazier stunts, worse results, and more compensatory behavior.

There is no way off this train except to stop, think and realize that bad boys will never commit because they are dedicated to themselves alone. The only escape is to stop pathologically repeating the same bad index of selection, and instead think about what she really needs, but very few have the intestinal fortitude for that.

How We Know Western Education Is Dead And Rotting

Saturday, June 18th, 2016


The most recent outrage of a dying civilization:

Mayte Lara Ibarra shot off the polarizing tweet last Friday after graduating from Crockett High School in Austin.

“Valedictorian, 4.5GPA, full tuition paid for at UT, 13 cords and medals, nice legs, oh and I’m undocumented,” she wrote.

The tweet included several graduation pictures and a few emojis: a medal, the Mexican flag, Hook ’em horns for the University of Texas, and a graduation cap.

And another:

Scott and his sister Sable had traveled about 225 yards off the boardwalk on Tuesday when he slipped and fell into the hot spring in the Norris Geyser Basin.

Scott recently graduated summa cum laude from Pacific University and was planning to begin a doctorate in psychology in the fall, according to Jackson Hole Daily.

We are awash in smart morons. These people can obey instructions, memorize facts and equations, and even apply basic logic. But for more complex questions, they are useless.

This shows the utter futility of formal education. Education doles out tasks in details, and sets the requirements for each, rewarding those who are more obedient and detail-oriented than those who possess the innate facility of analysis.

As such, our society is promoting talented fools to positions that require a single talent, which is analysis and leadership, and in the process are crushing us all under an avalanche of incompetence, stupidity and obliviousness.

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