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The Welfare State Has Sacrificed The Middle Class To The Lower Classes

From a source that dislikes jobs and nonsense economic activity more than the average, an insight into the dysgenic effects of the welfare state:

The generationally unemployed carry mobile messaging and pornography access devices with enough computational power to put a man on the moon, like an Idiocracy version of Star Trek. Urban poors living in food deserts eat like Henry VIII and become even more obese. For those with a low Malthusian threshold, who breed and chill as soon as they have a roof and three meals a day, this is abundance beyond their wildest dreams. For those still attempting to live with some dignity, however, these conditions present insurmountable problems.

For, just as food and toys have become cheap, education and middle-class acceptable housing have become intolerably expensive. Our educated middle class has refused to accept either of two major lifestyle hits: cutting consumption (and giving up the wife’s income) to afford children, or adopting an actuarial, pragmatic approach to life planning. (Clueless people, such as baby boomers, call this “giving up on your dreams.”) Basically, we don’t want to give up brunch, so we gave up families and the old middle-class aspirations.

To pay for those generationally unemployed, the welfare state taxes the middle class, which means that they cannot both afford children and a decent lifestyle. Being humans, they choose the path of least resistance.

As a result, the numbers of the clueless surge, while the people who could make a difference are bred out. This probably happens through multiple methods in failing civilizations, with the common ground being the idea of subsidizing that which is not succeeding, and it explains why after the crash, failed civilizations cannot resurrect themselves: they lack the necessary genetics.

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