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A Cancer Cell Just Has To Cancer

Thursday, October 19th, 2017

If Colin Kaepernick really still wanted a job as an NFL Quarterback, I’d never be able to even milk a sportsball post out of this. He’d bank his half-a-mil, keep the clipboard warm and dry and decide for himself whether he showered before or after the game. He’d have a really nice sportsball jersey to wear out to the club. But Kaepernick can’t just shut up and get himself paid.

Once somebody decides they are too personally important to abide by culture or convention, they can’t help but being destructive. A termite has to eat the foundation, a cancer cell has just gotta cancer. Kaepernick is just that guy. He is engineered to sabotage any system he is forced to be a part of. He thinks fate can fvck off and kismet can kiss his uniquely precious ass.

Former Baltimore Ravens stalwart defender Ray Lewis, had his own set of issues with the Po-Lease. So much so that he felt sorry for Colin and wanted to get him back in the league with his old club and make things work out happily ever after. But Team Kaepernick, the only squad Colin ever really seriously wanted to quarterback, had other ideas. Ray Lewis explains his utter frustration with trying to fix the stupid maliciousness that is Kaepernick.

Ray Lewis: “When me and Steve Bisciotti were talking, this is what we were talking about, Judy. We were talking about giving this kid an opportunity to get back in the National Football League. Look, this is what I wanted to share with people. I have been fighting for this kid behind the table like nobody has … I’ve never been against Colin Kaepernick. But I am against the way he’s done it. Then, his girl [Colin Kaepernick’s girlfriend] goes out and put out this racist gesture and doesn’t know we are in the back office about to try to get this guy signed. Steve Bisciotti has said it himself, ‘How can you crucify Ray Lewis when Ray Lewis is the one calling for Colin Kaepernick?'” …

And the self-sabotage continues. Kaepernick could be in Wisconsin angling to start for one of the oldest and most storied franchises in professional football, The Green Bay Packers. Kaepernick has filed a grievance against every team in the league for colluding against him to keep his magnificent talent off the field. It’s time to gently explain to QBSJW how that Che Guvera T-Shirt he wears around exemplifies capitalism. You see, Che’s jersey still sells, while Colin’s gets burned in the grill for YouTube hits. You see, Che cultists, Jim Morrison and other commercially successful Lefty/SJW types figured out who their customers were and made a point out of protecting the brand and franchise.

Kaepernick? He’s just a termite. He burns down anything he gets invited to a be a part of. It could be because as an adopted, illegitimate child of miscegenation, he never truly can be a part of anything. Perhaps that would describe our most recent former president as well. And if such is truly the case, you wonder at the lack of wisdom that went into making ether one of them at all.

Take A Knee For The Utter Failure Of The NFL

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

We all know how modernity operates: you go to work, and then you return home to any of a number of hobbies you can adopt, then check on your possessions including family before going to bed, then repeat. Do this until you turn 65, and they will give you a pittance while severing the only relevance you have known for four decades, at which point you might suicide and save them money.

Sounds bleak, but this is life for most people. Add to this that their work is generally make-work, that their friends are generally ersatz, and that their families are nearly strangers who they see rarely, and you can see how most people are desperate for escape. Many find that in television sports, including the National Football League (NFL) which is currently in freefall after its players began launching political protests against people of Caucasian heritage, a group that also makes up its biggest audience.

Many have commented on the total failure of the NFL to represent its audience, but looking from the perspective of the owners, this is a lose/lose situation. If they discourage the protests, they are racists; if they encourage them, they join those who are perceived as being against the majority, and lose audience just as they are losing now. Ideology trumps reality in this case, as in most others, and so they allow the protests, knowing that each day this goes on, they lose more people.

In the long term, however, this loss is a benefit for Western Civilization. Living through a symbolic and surrogate activity like professional sports encourages people to become couch potatoes convinced of their own impotence and irrelevance. Even more, sports act like a prophylactic that absorbs the natural masculine desire for conflict and competition, channeling it into a sport which distracts people from the actual tasks of struggling for civilization. Television sports weaken our men.

The real story is that NFL has been a waste of time for all these years. Many of the players are criminal in their behavior, leading to a comedy of legal efforts to keep the teams together, much like college football is ridden with corruption. Football is a big fundraiser because it is an innocuous activity, which benefits the former time, but not the future. In the future, the sociable neutrality which defined the democratic order will fade away, replaced by competition for the most realistic and creative solutions.

We get the racial antagonism of black NFL players who are paid a thousand times the average white salary to throw a ball around; they feel a need to be relevant, and the more pampered they are, the more guilt they feel for not having the typical African-American experience. Their real agenda is to become more powerful, to subjugate the audience through guilt, and thus really run pro football like a gang. This makes sense: it is a desire for power, and is unrelated to the actual issue, which is that football is a symbolic representation of life that like “bread and circuses” simply induces us to space out and forget about reality.

In the long shot, NFL football is obsolete just like television itself, or even our media. Those were designed for an age where compromise was more important than truth and people needed surrogate activities to give them the excitement that their make-work jobs and pretend social lives would not. As we look toward a more realistic future, the NFL stands revealed as a failure that belongs in the past, not a behavior of the future. The “take a knee” drama just underscores what has been obvious for several decades at least.

The Nobel Prize Kaepernicks Itself By Awarding Bob Dylan

Thursday, October 13th, 2016


The upside of having a state controlled by media is that it is nearly impossible to miss the “news,” and today the babble drama is that Baby Boomer folk-rock songwriter Robert Zimmerman, a.k.a. “Bob Dylan,” has been awarded the Nobel Prize For Rock Music… I mean, literature.

The 75-year-old was honoured “for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition”, the Swedish Academy said.

This is a great victory — if you love prole drift. The elite organizations have always felt a little thrill in their private parts whenever they could give the finger to sanity and what succeeds, and elect one of the other non-successes in order to make them feel good.

Bob Dylan was the 1960s equivalent of Justin Bieber. In a more innocent time, people liked folky music with Hallmark card style pseudo-profound lyrics. It made them feel important and wise and deep and all of that hippie stuff when really, it was just another product composed of enough random filler to convey a vague feeling.

The Swedish Academy has done one thing very right however: they have Kapepernicked the Nobel Prize. It used to be that people like me, who are from the one-third of America that is WASPy and sane, would walk into bookstores and be inclined to purchase a book that had won an award.

No more. We now know that the awards are, like Colin Kaepernick’s mysterious celebrity, artifacts of an entirely manipulative media hell-bent on propaganda for the Left. They do not care about what is good literature or a fair game. They have an agenda to advance and that is all they care about.

In the meantime, this event also raises the tombstone over the publishing industry. Like the rest of entertainment, it is out of ideas because by being politically-correct, it has excluded any really challenging and thus interesting material. The result is endless smiley Good Communist pap and the occasional 50 Shades of Grey.

As Western Civilization implodes, all of its former brands of value like the Nobel Prize have died. There are no longer good books to give awards to, unless you want to hand one to that sexist fascist Islamophobe Michel Houellebecq… oh no no no (insert “wow, just wow” for added kicks). And so there is nothing to do but whore out their good name for the remaining whiteybucks they can scrounge.

Leftist Race Guilt Is Nothing More Than Spam

Friday, September 2nd, 2016


A second-rate quarterback on the downhill side of his athletic career has issued a desperate cry for attention. Colin Kaepernick is having a tough pre-season and is in danger of being cut from the San Francisco 49ers.

Rather than address this issue through harder workouts, better team bonding and more film study; he’s attempting to create the impression that it would be ┬íRACIST! to cut Colin kaepernick. How so? By refusing to stand during the ┬íRACIST! US National Anthem that traditionally precedes all NFL games.

So what do we do with the E-Vil Kaepernick? Burn his jersey! Kill the witch! He’s un-Amerikan! Play the national anthem and put your hand right over your heart when you soak that jersey in lighter fluid and drop it on the finest grill they make in China? Nope. He’s too dumb to be articulately race-conscious or down with the struggle. He’s playing you. He’s running a scam. I’ll lay it out below and you’ll totally get why Colin Kaepernick is not worth the trouble of burning anything.

The San Francisco 49ers have behaved foolishly and allowed themselves to become Flak Catchers, as any savvy reader of Tom Wolfe knows from reading “Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers.” The 49ers became enamored with Kaepernick after he played one really great season. They invested millions in guaranteed money in Kaepernick that made him costly to keep around and a dead-weight loss to send packing if he failed. After this season, his contract is mostly expired and they get $15M in salaray cap room back if they terminate him. Firing an underperforming Kaepernick might be a smart idea at that point.

The new Head Coach, Chip Kelly has a difficult history dealing with Lower Class African-American athletes. When he coached in Philadelphia, he famously made a Caucasoid Chimp out of himself. He ran his best offensive player, DeSean Jackson, out of town for flashing what were interpreted as gang signs. Kaepernick is well aware of Kelly’s rep on this and senses vulnerability. If he accuses Kelly of racism, past history makes the accusation more credible. Kelly has put himself in a situation where he could have to cuck or die.

So Kaepernick is vulnerable to losing the high-paying job of his dreams. His coach wants a poison-pill to make cutting Kaepernick a painful experience. Getting rid of him should feel like taking chemo to get rid of a cancer. He wants to embed himself as a debit against the organizational bankroll for as long as he can stay there. If he has a good time playing the sportsball — bonus!

So there is a much bigger problem here than a malcontent signal-caller who wants to checkmate an NFL team’s merciless HR Department. Kaepernick is a pimple on the rump of modernity. The bigger problem is the vulnerability into which Kaepernick opportunistically chosen to hack. How does this guy’s protest of the national anthem actually make him more likely to stick around? Why are people subsidizing malcontents to pee all over their trouser legs?

If some person walks onto my property and publicly humiliates me, he’s not coming back. In a logical world, the San Francisco 49ers organization should operate on the same basic premise. They, not Colin, are providing a service. Colin could be off playing catch on the beach instead of making a fortune. Heck, he could be bundled on a blanket and spending the night on the beach instead of living in a mansion. It takes a certain effrontery against the real to run a good scam.

White People just need to say no to PC race agitation. It needs to be blocked like spam email. Not all accusations of racial oppression are bogus, but there is such an obvious game being run via the race-racket that people need to put one hand over their wallet any time anyone attempts to pin the Scarlet Letter R on some wealthy white person’s forehead.

Even more, as Kaepernick illustrates, no one has any idea how to solve this race problem; this is an artifact of the paradoxical conditions of diversity. As any sensible view illustrates, diversity cannot work because it puts groups with different needs into the same society and tries to develop a single cultural standard for both, which guarantees a lowest common denominator solution which will humiliate everyone involved.

Just call Colin out on the ridiculous stupid. He says he won’t stand for the National Anthem until things are better. It’s all spam, all the way down. And how do we deal with spam? We start by recognizing it as what it is, a scam, and stop burning out our goodwill trying to address its nonsensical demands because they are, in the way of all scams, merely an emotional prelude to a shakedown.

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