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Stormfront Conference Defies Silicon Valley Ban On Controversial Site

Thursday, September 28th, 2017

Stormfront, the controversial and long-running white nationalist and racially aware conservative website which was memory holed by Silicon Valley action recently, has precipitated a new development: a conference in its name.

The conference, running from September 29th to October 1st somewhere in Eastern Tennessee, will feature speeches and activity groups designed to further racial awareness and nationalism in North America. As the press release reads:

Dr. Michael Hill, the courageous and eloquent national leader of The League of the South, the largest and most prominent Southern Nationalist organization in the United States, will be joining Billy Roper of The ShieldWall Network, Matt Heimbach of the Traditionalist Worker Party, Father Francis of StormFront Radio, and many other Nationalist leaders and spokespersons at the StormFront replacement conference being held Friday, September 29th through Sunday, October 1st, in Eastern Tennessee.

The conference is free for all vetted and approved Nationalists who would like to attend, at no charge. This meeting will focus on activism, with breakout sessions, seminars, and discussion forums on future tactics and strategies for our movement. E-mail ASAP to RSVP.

Its appearance, along with the March Against Communism armed protest to be held in Charlotte, NC on December 28, shows what observers warned Silicon Valley might happen: driving the far-Right offline will cause an expansion in real-world networking, which in turn means more radical challenges rising to the Leftist status quo.

They Are Afraid: The Establishment Hits Out With New Bans On Alternative Right, Billy Roper and VDARE

Sunday, August 20th, 2017

As of this morning, Alternative Right has been removed, presumably by its corporate overlords at Google-Alphabet. Simultaneously, Billy Roper has had his accounts removed at Reddit and Twitter, all on the “interpretive logic” of violating the terms of service or content policy (1990s term: acceptable use policy).

In fact, this is part of a wider pattern of mainstream media — including social media, which has now bought into the industry — censorship of Right-wing and white-wing thinkers since what I have called the Alt Right’s victory at Charlottesville. I call this a victory because it forced the Left to admit solidarity with Antifa, and despite media wailing about neo-Nazis and “car terrorism,” this is media hype and will be dead in two weeks, while the message the Alt Right sent will remain: you will not erase us; we have a right to a history, culture, heritage, values, symbols and most of all, to act in self-interest for our self-determination as well. And we owe you nothing.

For the Left, Civil Rights is yet another gambit designed to achieve “equality,” which means caste revolt, so that the lower classes (proles) prevail over anyone who knows better (natural leaders of intelligence above 125 IQ points) with the aid of the middle classes (115-120ish). This inverts society, so that whatever is dumb and popular with the proles wins out over everything else, and while people are chasing these trends, civilization decays, as happened between the French Revolution in 1789 and the defeat of National Socialism in 1945. Since that time, we have been children of the grave, knowing that we are living in a moribund ruin but unable to stop it because, hey, it’s popular.

At Charlottesville, Civil Rights lost its veneer of being “good.” It used to be assumed that class warfare and racial equality were always good, but now, we see people protesting these things because they are doing the exact opposite of what they are intended to do, but since it is happening to white people — a majority who must be overthrown for equality to happen — no one has paid much attention. Until now, that is. And now, the Civil Rights and Equality Agenda (CREA) is being seen for what it is: warfare against those who built this society so that those who could not build it can take it over, like a cuckoo laying her egg in the nest of another type of bird. These are parasites, whether they mean to be or not, and whether they are good or not, and Western Civilization is destroyed but wants to rise again, and for it to do that, it must get rid of both these parasites and its own endogenous screwups and predators.

The Left is in full-panic over Charlottesville because they know that while they can spin the “car terrorism” meme for some time, only the media indoctrinated will believe it once they see the video of Antifa attacking the car before the incident, and when the indictment comes out, it is going to be revealed that this was not a deliberate attack, but an attempt to escape by someone who was not mentally all there. At that point, the Left knows that people will shift their views to be against the Left and its defense of parasitism. People have put up with it for decades, but now they see that it is a path to USSR-style doom, and they want out. That is what scares the Left, and is why they are deleting accounts.

President Trump out-maneuvered the press by blaming both sides, which meant that he blamed Antifa as well, which ruined the press narrative that peaceful Leftist protestors had been “attacked” by the Alt Right, and validated what the videos showed, which was police officers corralling the Alt Right into the waiting Antifa, who then attacked. So, from the average American view, we have the fact that the Alt Right tolerated some neo-Nazis the same way they tolerated Alt Lite, libertarian, Proud Boys, etc. among them, but on the other side, we have the Left showing up with bats, bottles of urine, bricks and pepper spray to attack the Alt Right. That makes the Alt-Right possibly not all good, but the Left is looking increasingly all-bad.

This resonates with everyday white Americans who are tired of double standards and a one-sided Establishment narrative to the point that they are willing to excuse the Alt Right for being the underdog in this fight, but oppose the Establishment for its decades of hypocrisy:

But the president’s words sat just fine with LaMothe. “I think when he called for the unity of the country, that should have been what was pounded on,” LaMothe said in between taking a drag on his cigarette. By pounded on, LaMothe meant respected. He loves Trump and says the president never gets a fair shake from the media.

He says he hates the idea of neo-Nazis and recalls when growing up, he had friends who were black. But now he thinks the white guys he saw on his TV marching in Charlottesville have some reasonable arguments.

“This is a different white supremacy movement than before, because I don’t think whites are saying, ‘Well, we’re better.’ They’re saying why can’t we be treated all as equal?”

LaMothe thinks affirmative action programs should be scrapped. He also thinks neo-Nazis who sparked mayhem in Charlottesville are no worse than a lot of activist groups on the left. “I didn’t hear anything from Barack Obama about Black Lives Matter and that was another hate group,” he says.

In the meantime, after seeing the same masked rioters destroy the streets of Hamburg during the G20 conference, burn and vandalize London in 2011, and savage Portland and Berkeley — looking more like the LA Riots of 1992 than the peaceful anarchist gathering the Left claimed it was — people are having a different view of Antifa, which is more fair and realistic than the sunny gloss offered by the mainstream media:

After left-wing protesters marched through downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota in response to last weekend’s demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia, they hoisted the flag of the violent left-wing group “Antifa,” raising it in front of the county’s government center.

…Antifa, meaning “anti-fascist,” has been responsible for several destructive riots and protests, including one in February where members of the group set fires, threw fireworks, attacked the crowd, and damaged property in order to stop Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking at the University of California, Berkeley.

Antifa also vandalized stores, broke windows and rioted during President Donald Trump’s inauguration, before being met with armed law enforcement officers.

Even more, it is clear to people out there who is winning. You do not have the world’s largest corporations, governments, and media establishment uniting to declare a group terrorist, drop it from industry standard services and censor it unless that tiny group is not just threatening them directly, but threatening to win popular appeal from those who are sick of these parasites using us and doing nothing for us. We can live without Google, Paypal, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and the Left. We cannot live without our people, and we are being taxed to death to pay for others who now we see intend to destroy us.

They do not, as they claimed for all those years, just want to coexist with us and be treated fairly. They want to dominate us, take over our countries, destroy us genetically — some call this genocide — and do it by treating us unfairly all while claiming that they are the victim. Diversity is dead. Equality is dead. The remaining mentally alert people in America and Europe have realized that there is a new “one drop” rule: one drop of equality, socialism, diversity or pluralism means that your civilization collapses. It takes two centuries, in which time all sorts of predatory people will profit from you, but it is your death warrant. We want off the death train to nowheresville.

For the last seventy years, they have pushed diversity on us as the right thing to do; the way to avoid Nazis and the KKK; the way to finally have good “race relations”; and more recently, a way of paying for the huge pensions and benefits gap created when the more-numerous Baby Boomers are replaced by the less-numerous Gen X and Millennials. Now people have seen through the lies, and the Establishment is in full panic, so they are censoring us. While they do that, they reveal their fundamental intention toward unfairness and inequality, and since they have shown us their moral emptiness, we no longer trust them, and we are fighting to escape their clutches.

Former White Nationalists Agree On The Demise Of White Nationalism

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

Weight in on the demise of white nationalism as we know it, which seems to be the issue of the week, Counter-Currents has declared the demise of white nationalism to be followed by something like Billy Roper’s “balkanization” theory:

Without white people having an interest in “white America”—not because it never existed, but because it is dead—and without the advantage of military strength, on what grounds should we call ourselves “white nationalists?” In the most semantically precise sense of the word, it may be accurate: nation, after all, refers to a people, and is separate in meaning from the geopolitical entity we call a state. But for most people, “white nationalist” means “white statist,” especially if that state happens to look similar to the United States in its current shape.

…Towards this end, whites should work at a local level to establish healthy and functional communities: tribes that challenge and enrich each others lives. They are agile, adaptive, and bring out the best in their members, from whom they derive their strength.

This follows a great article by Jack Donovan entitled “Why I Am Not A White Nationalist” in which he lays down roughly the same theory:

In fact, there’s very little new to say, except that, if anything, I’ve learned to hate white people and White Nationalists more than any of their opponents. Not because they are evil monsters, but because they generally suck. I hate white people and White Nationalists because they are weak, broken, phenomenally autistic, or all three.

…As anyone familiar with my work knows, I support tribalism always and everywhere. As the 1970’s motto goes, I believe that “small is beautiful” when it comes to human communities. However, a tribal community has to have a lot more going for it than race. And this is where the idea of White Nationalism falls apart for me. Race alone isn’t enough to unite a people.

…America is pluralistic by design not because the Founding Fathers wanted to protect the rights of women or racial or sexual minorities — but because white European Christian men have spent centuries murdering and imprisoning each other over religious differences. I see no reason why this phenomenon would not immediately become a problem within a “diverse” population of whites.

This follows by twelve years my own critique which takes several forms, but includes the fundamental accusation that white nationalism is a form of ethno-Bolshevism:

White power movements have simple dogmas: “if it’s white, it’s right” and the idea that if all non-whites are excluded, society will somehow become good “again.” They address (what they see as) a symptom, and not the problem. They also ignore almost all other important issues outside of race. It is as if they are more provocateurs than political thinkers, here to hit us with a quick and repellent suggestion before fading away, laughing at our discomfort in their discontent. They are not alone in this, since almost every special interest group from Environmentalists to Pro-Lifers to Black Power groups falls into this category; it may be a failing of our political system itself that makes agreement so difficult that political movements must be distilled to the ultimate simplicity and singular focus. But if all non-whites died tomorrow, what would happen? The basic problems of whites would remain.

We can distill these problems to two things:

  1. Predominance of low-quality whites.
  2. White society in the grips of an insane design of a civilization.

In addressing the first, we have to look at the problem this way: not all things Caucasian are identical. Any society, no matter how wonderful, produces destructive or stupid people; this is the nature of genetic recombination and environmental factors. If you plant a field of corn, you’re going to end up culling the weak plants and the mutants that do not have beneficial attributes. With every generation, some great people are born, and some weaker — inferior — ones. If the culture in question manages to have the great people breed more than the weaker, it rises to a higher overall standard. If not — decline. And what has happened in white culture? First we overthrew the aristocracy and guaranteed universal rights. This places the choices and attributes of the individual beyond criticism. It’s illegal, immoral or some combination thereof to discriminate against people because they are delusional, stupid, corrupt, disgusting, ugly, perverse, etc. This leads to a reversal of the equation of healthy societies, and explains why white societies have gone from producing Beethovens and Shakespeares to Britney Spears and Anne Coulter.

It also includes some more vitriolic criticism:

While we support Nationalism and the Indo-European tribes, the members of this site have nothing to do with neo-Nazi, White Nationalist, or White Power groups. And this isn’t because of social taboo: we agree with said groups on many things, most fundamentally that Indo-Europeans (“Caucasians”,”whites”) have the right to establish nations where no other races are welcome as residents. This is nationalism, by its very definition (nation = a people), and in my belief it should be extended to every ethnic group, from Basque to Eskimo.

…Further, “white power” people want to accept all “whites” as being of the same tribe, which is error. The French are distinct from the Germans and Scotts for historical reasons, and the differences which define them as a tribe are important to preserve in each case. Any “white nationalist” who endorses mixing Indo-European tribes clearly doesn’t understand nationalism, which is the independence and isolation of every ethnic group, not their mixing because of nearby ancestry. I view mixed “white” people as English, and you can find these populations in the majority in the UK, US, Canada and Australia. If these Alpinized Germanocelts wish to create their own ethnicity, they can, by eugenics, eventually define themselves ethnically as well as politically.

I could go on. White nationalists don’t understand caste; they believe in societies without distinction. While I’m no fan of class, which uses the insane doctrine of social Darwinism to rank us by “ability” according to how much money we’re willing to earn, “caste” makes sense to me. Some were born to be warriors, some to be priests, some to be leaders, and some to be cooks. Each job is vital and none is more important than the others. Mixing those together produces people with no specialization who are thus incompetent at any and every job they undertake.

It gets even more extreme:

Mixtures of caste, race and background have produced people of a lowest common denominator, who can agree on sports and television and movies and music, but not much else, and are swayed by the simplest argument presented to them. Therefore, they in every case opt for the most simplistic and idiotic solution to any problem. The “white nationalist” approach is not to change this basic tendency, but to play into it.

I’m not interested in saving the world, or saving “the white race”; I’m interested in solving the ideological split among white people (because this is my race, and for no other reason; were I black, I wouldn’t give a damn at all and it wouldn’t be any of my business; hence, I have the same disinterest in the black race) and in nurturing and giving power to those “white” people who have brains, strength, character and moral leadership ability. Most of you, including the squareskulls who hang around “White Nationalist” outfits, I don’t care about saving or even aiding.

There are some other idiots who reject “white nationalism” and talk about the importance of some “new future movement” but these people are just as stupid: they don’t realize that no new answers are needed, because the answers never change regarding the biggest questions in life. Technology changes; what PDA do I use? But questions of culture, breeding, education and character never do and never will. Nothing will ever change the basic parameters of mortality and thus, a certain amount to accomplish before death, and certain behaviors that are ascendant and others that bring one closer to the lowest common denominator.

Among other things, I criticized white nationalism for avoiding the problem of caste, which is the social order that glues a society together. Without order, we are rabble; mass culture always shifts Leftward, and this has been our problem for centuries. White nationalism does not address this.

My thinking has advanced since that time. I agree with Roper and Donovan that we are going to balkanize into small tribes, but from those are going to come larger nations, united by type of European (Western, Eastern or Southern) and held together by strong culture, a caste system and aristocratic leadership. These are the only way to have civilization, and we are rediscovering it.

The death of white nationalism cannot come too soon. Simplistic solutions will not beat decay; only new life will. New life consists in accepting that humanity has never changed and so, the ideal form of our civilization has never changed, and we only must accept this traditional form and then attempt to improve it qualitatively as we can.

As Bruce Charlton and Mencius Moldbug both point out, modernity is a religion in which there is only one god, the Self. From this comes egalitarianism, where the individualist Self demands that no one can tell it that it is wrong and thus exclude it on that basis, and all other variants of modernity, including band-aids like National Socialism, Communism, Socialism and white nationalism.

We need more than just a band-aid. We need to escape from this entire system. White nationalism will not do it, but more comprehensive civilizational structures will. It is time for all of us to recognize the real enemy, modernity and its root in the ego, and opt for order and virtue instead through a traditional civilization.

Modernity Has Ended, And The Battle For What Comes Next Has Begun

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

Reading about the ancient empires — Inca, Maya, Angkor Wat, Minoans, Cahokia, Aztec — always fills me with a sense of sadness. Who were these intensely vital people, so committed to living the heck out of life, and why are they not still with us? It is a putrescent shadow of mortality: nothing gold can stay, it seems, and death takes all good things.

That might swell your heart with lightless emptiness. To think that the good is doomed, and that life is merely a mechanical process by which the coarser always wins out over the finer, is to depress yourself thoroughly. Another way to view it is that life contains certain traps or pitfalls which are invisible to our minds, and until we discover their mechanism, they will keep dooming us.

We are now in the midst of one of those periods. Against the advice of the ancients, our society took an individualistic path, which is where people care more about their personal power than doing what is right in order to maintain the order of tribe, civilization, nature and the gods. Abstract order is invisible to all but a few, and the perpetually angry and voracious mob wants to hearing nothing of it!

Because we accepted a bad decision as fact, and have since that time been corralled by that assumption into its inexorable endgame of a third-world style civilization ruled by corrupt politicians, postwar Western Civilization has ended. No one credible has faith in “the system” anymore; we know that we made a fatal choice, and now our only thought is to escape.

This means that we are no longer fighting to save democracy, the West, America, Europe, or even our retirement funds. We are fighting to escape the mental conditioning toward doom — that is the biggest fight — and then to escape from or take control of the dying society so that we can enact The Purge on its failed parts, and nurture The Remnant of good people back to health in a new civilization.

But what will this new struggle look like? Mencius Moldbug gives us the basic topography of this question:

There are two basic ways of executing this divorce. We’ll call one a soft reset and the other a hard reset. Basically, a hard reset works and a soft reset doesn’t. However, a soft reset is more attractive in many ways, and we need to work through it just to see why it can’t work.

In a soft reset, we leave the current structure of government the same, except that we apply the 20th-century First Amendment to all forms of instruction, theistic or “secular.” In other words, our policy is separation of education and state. In a free country, the government should not be programming its citizens. It should not care at all what people think. It only needs to care what they do. The issue has nothing to do with theism. It is a basic matter of personal freedom.

…In a hard reset, all organizations dedicated to forming public opinion, making or implementing public policy, or working in the public interest, are nationalized. This includes not only the press and the universities, but also the foundations, NGOs, and other nonprofits. It is a bit rich, after all, for any of these outfits to appeal to the sanctity of property rights. They believe in the sanctity of property rights about as much as they believe in the goddess Kali.

He essentially advocates two forms of libertarianism: one which relies on rule of law (soft reset) and one which converts all law into civil law (hard reset) by destroying current organizational culture — the Establishment and “deep state” — and replacing it with people who admit their self-interest and in return, obligate themselves to deliver a service.

This fits within one of the more pertinent criticisms of Moldbug, namely that he is not really an innovator so much as a marketer:

Anyway, there are two possible explanations for the end of Moldbugism. One is that his arguments were not original, just stated in a new way. His assertion that Progressivism has its roots in Puritanism, for example, is not new. I was making that point 25 years ago in Usenet debates and I know I’m not the first guy to notice it. His criticisms of democracy have been around since the Enlightenment. Old ideas restated in modern terms eventually just fade into the tapestry of the intellectual movement that spawned them.

The other possibility is that the people attracted to Moldbug’s ideas, including Moldbug, came from the Left ideologically. Young people raised on Progressivism were attracted by the subversiveness of these old ideas. They moved right into Left-libertarianism, then Right-libertarianism and then eventually dissident politics of various flavors. Put another way, the Dark Enlightenment guys were merely going through a phase as they first experienced the outlawed ideas from the outlawed past. Now, they are onto other things.

For those of us who remember the Old Internet, Moldbug represents the type of writer like Pietro Scaruffi or Justin Hall who essentially brought a new style of writing and scholarship to the nerdly internet. They had read broadly in the humanities, and so could discuss concepts that were somewhat alien to the mostly-techie audience of the internet of pre-iPhone era.

His core idea, couched in an imitation of nineteenth century writing that befits his Victorian fascination, is that government acts like a corporation, and markets are the only “objective” way to measure success or failure thus “rightness,” so it makes sense to hire a government instead of the other way around. Citizens would subscribe to a government service and in exchange, receive smaller government.

His “soft reset” describes what the Alt Lite desires, which is equality with freedom of association and speech. These are tempting ideas until one realizes that civilizations have structures, and someone must decide what that is, and government action or inaction will damage or promote such structures. There is no escape from the question of what kind of civilization we want to have.

Even more, as the past two decades show us, pluralism or the idea that people can have their own cultures within a larger culture, does not work. Each culture seeks to dominate because otherwise, it is under attack from competing visions of reality, and people are mostly foolish and will wander off to whatever seems cool that week. With pluralism, no one gets culture, values or civilization.

Most people like the Alt Lite/Libertarian vision because if asked, in a utilitarian sense, most people think they want anarchy with grocery stores. Then they realize that this means that the most vicious and brutal will dominate them, and they go running to government and make it totalitarian to banish their fear of loss in a Darwinian conflict. This is the history of democracy and how it leads to tyranny.

As a writer who came before Moldbug, and encountered these issues before, libertarianism was dead to me as a concept from an early age. Socialism was even more dead, which is why people like me support capitalism, but do not believe it to be a substitute for culture or leadership. Then again, people like me are Edwardians, not Victorians, at heart.

But if you take that nascent Anarcho-Capitalism viewpoint, merge it with nationalism, and add some Anarcho-Monarchism, you have a relatively complete idea: a society ruled by culture, with a caste hierarchy of leadership, in which people are able to market their skills and products within a range appropriate to their caste. This is a complete idea. Moldbug and Rothbard offer nothing that can compete.

However, in praise of Moldbug, what he did was something every computer geek since the dawn of time knows well: he made a compendium of code fragments, a type of ur-stylesheet from which people could draw ideas to use in argument. In that, he was not a mere marketer, but a marketer who defined the frame of the market. This was no small achievement, in that it allowed former Leftists to participate in the Right.

That is a nice way of saying that the answer to civilization decline is not found in Moldbug, although he brings up the word that most of us should be using: restorationist. This means one who wants to bring back civilization after it has failed:

If I had to choose one word and stick with it, I’d pick “restorationist.” If I have to concede one pejorative which fair writers can fairly apply, I’ll go with “reactionary.” I’ll even answer to any compound of the latter – “neoreactionary,” “postreactionary,” “ultrareactionary,” etc.

The term formerly referred to those who wanted restoration of the monarchy, which also applies, since without democracy, our only options are military junta or oligarchy, that is, if we refuse to see the wisdom of monarchism.

However, one cannot restore civilization from within modernity, which is the political form of individualism. Nor can one resurrect virtue from an outside-in or materialist method. Not only that, there is no method which works except, as Michel Houellebecq reminds us, the resurrection of our desire to be good and thus, to have a functional civilization. Without that, there is nothing!

For this reason, many think that our future will be of the “patchwork” that Moldbug envisions, but a more organic type, and here they are more likely right, if we follow the hard reset path. This “balkanized” future involves a restoration of tribalism, where each group separates to its own geographical communities, based not just on race but ethnic group, caste, religion and most likely politics.

The foremost writer on balkanization, Billy Roper, expresses an idea found in Old White Nationalism, namely that nothing will change until the system crashes and dissolves. He gives us a vital insight in his description of the transition to this state:

The crisis trigger scenario which will cause massive riots, ethnic conflict, and systemic collapse is inevitable, now. In ninety days’ time, at noon, the power grid will go down and not return. The United States will begin Civil War II and balkanization. Millions of people will die of starvation, disease, and violence. Millions more will become refugees from ethnic cleansing. Whites will have a shot at an ethnostate, but there will be a chaotic period of struggle which could last years, in the meantime.

The thing to remember about modernity is that it is a bully. Hiding behind rules, it hits people where they are weak to provoke them, and then cries victim when attacked. This is why all Communists seem to point to their stays in jail as proof of having been “oppressed” when usually they were engaged in collusion toward crimes and terrorist activity. It is also why modernity defends perpetrators as much as actual victims.

Bullies tend to make their victims furious, and most people who have finally awakened to the fact that the modern West is falling just like Tenochtitlan are now enraged. They are mad that they were deceived, which requires the partial participation of the person misled, and mad that while they were trying to have normal lives, the herd has been working fanatically and pathologically to destroy everything that it can.

Since the bullying has made people enraged, the vision of blood, fire and death that Roper writes of seems quite pleasing. We all want The Purge on some level, and would be glad to see all of those who are guilty die in writhing pain. But looking at the patterns of history, we see that this vision is not quite likely as stated.

For starters, we have abundant data about how civilizations collapse because we are surrounded by their remnants. In each case, caste revolt did them in, with lower castes overthrowing the upper and then proving unfit to rule as the society plunged into chaos. But that chaos was not of the Hollywood apocalypse variety, but more like modern-day Brazil: a slow descent into crime, corruption, stupidity and filth.

Some always survive those. If you want to look at patchwork in action, see southern Brazil. There, the remnants of German communities — many now hybridized with native Brazilians or Spanish imports — stay in isolation and spend most of their time earning money to pay for the taxes that keep the rest of the country afloat.

There is also the problem that the Confederate States of America encountered, which is that if you set up a patchwork, and there is a larger group nearby, they will invade you and take your stuff. In the age of international travel, this could be China, either buying up or outright invading America. Disunited, self-interesting tribes will not unite in time to repel an invasion, recapitulating the experience of the Amerind tribes who could have resisted European conquest but failed to do so.

Another problem occurs with genetic assimilation. Small groups in the country seem fine for awhile until a girl or boy goes into the city and finds a new partner, or comes back with a half-and-half baby. Over the generations, trace admixture infiltrates the group, much as it did with the remnants of Greece and Rome. The original tribe is genocided by outbreeding, which is inevitable because young people select partners from those that are around them, and are oblivious to the threat of someone who is one-eighth something else.

Already we are seeing signs of the slow decay which will lead to division and eventually, genetic absorption of our people by the far more numerous Other:

An extraordinary new Pentagon study has concluded that the US-backed international order established after World War 2 is “fraying” and may even be “collapsing”, leading the United States to lose its position of “primacy” in world affairs.

…Observing that US officials “naturally feel an obligation to preserve the US global position within a favorable international order,” the report concludes that this “rules-based global order that the United States built and sustained for 7 decades is under enormous stress.”

…The document is particularly candid in setting out why the US sees these countries as threats — not so much because of tangible military or security issues, but mainly because their pursuit of their own legitimate national interests is, in itself, seen as undermining American dominance.

In other words, “rule-based” systems have failed, and clash of civilizations style tribalism and self-interest are rising. Although this report was written about lands outside of American borders, there is no reason to think it does not apply within the US as well, which means a de facto ethnic segregation with the most numerous group (Asians, a root race which includes Amerinds and Hispanics) absorbing the others.

That leaves us with an uncomfortable realization: the transition to tiny libertarian states is not going to work, and the balkanization that occurs will happen slowly, resulting in gradual biological assimilation. This leaves us with one option, which the realist will embrace: we either master our out-of-control countries and send away the Other and those who would thwart us, or we die out.

Unfortunately, this requires a greater plan than simply “nationalism.” Hunter Wallace shows us what form such a plan would have to take:

We do need to do a better job though of articulating our greater overarching vision of a new social order to replace the one that is failing. We have to vanquish this beast though before political change will become possible.

This is the challenge before us. Challenges of this nature are more fun than most will admit because they are hard problems which reward bold solutions and clear thinking. But no matter how we slice it, the old order is dead and we are entering uncharted territory, which means that we will be fighting for our lives — and the ability to restore our civilization.

Searching For An Audience, The Alt Right Repeats The Mistakes of White Nationalism

Sunday, July 16th, 2017

In my experience, the Alt Right came about when several threads of non-mainstream thought converged, and it has never really solidified into a single thing because of the tension between these parts.

Its elements include: traditionalism, or the idea that there is an eternal order to human living; human biodiversity, recognizing that behavior is genetic and not specified by education or “culture,” which usually means television; libertarianism, or the realization that government is a self-interested corporation that quickly becomes parasitic; the New Right, which figured out that we need a cultural wave and not the underground political movements which had failed in the postwar period; black metal, a musical movement that emphasized Nietzschean/Machiavellian love for natural selection and xenophobic aggression; the writings of Michel Houellebecq, who pointed out that the West was dying because modern society is existentially enervating; and of course, the remnants of the Old Right and nationalism.

Through the Alt Right, those who favor the idea of restoring Western Civilization — roughly what nationalism, traditionalism and the other anti-modern ideas listed above are getting at — were able to escape the bad old days of “white nationalism”:

I’ve seen the term “White Nationalism 1.0” bandied about for years. I have always associated it with the White Nationalist movement in the 2000s.

…Well, it would be more accurate to say it was a branch of White Nationalism. Although I didn’t know them at the time, there was another group of men who were active in those years. They built institutions which advanced the White Movement movement and have left a positive legacy.

…The Alt-Right has brought a new generation of Millennials into the White Nationalist movement…Years ago, the public face of the movement used to be equal parts stupid, vicious, crazy and ugly.

This is some great insight from Hunter Wallace buried in an article about an unfortunate tiff on the Right. In my view, both Wallace and Roper are fantastic writers and thinkers, and the Unite The Right rally is going to be absolutely killer, but these tiffs often bring about evolution on the Right, so perhaps it is not terrible that these guys are hashing out their differences like gentlemen.

For broader relevance, the article makes a great point: white nationalism did not succeed, and has been replaced in the social media age with the Alt Right. In part, this is because white nationalism no longer had a monopoly on non-mainstream, pro-nationalist thought. When the internet was young, there were only a few places to find people speaking about such things, and this elevated some crazy to power.

Now, people are speaking more openly, and so there is competition within the pro-nationalist marketplace, which has led to some evolution, although we are still a few steps away from the steps we will have to take before victory. Maybe the tiffs and struggles within the movement are serving a Darwinian role that we cannot ignore.

In my mind, white nationalism failed for the following reasons: since the mainstream would not accept a race-based view of history and a civilization-based view of survival, anyone who knew the wisdom that was common a century ago was driven underground. This gave weight to those who were willing to be public figures instead of anonymous supporters, and many of those were mental cases.

White nationalism also struggled because it was a partial answer. We all know that our disease in the West runs deeper than diversity. In fact, diversity is a symptom of our existential despair and moral emptiness, and looks to us like the act of a group that has given up on fixing itself and just wants to die. Any future movement needs a plan to make life healthy and sane again.

But more broadly, white nationalism 1.0 got nowhere because it made the fatal mistake of playing to its audience instead of expanding that audience by addressing the broad spectrum of problems which our society faces. Extreme ideas gain an audience of “true believers” who are very active on the internet, but are not powerful or relevant in real life. When a movement caters to this audience, it excludes those who are not already alienated, and in doing so finds itself unable to get support from groups like the upper half of the middle class who elected Donald Trump:

The median household income of a Trump voter so far in the primaries is about $72,000, based on estimates derived from exit polls and Census Bureau data. That’s lower than the $91,000 median for Kasich voters. But it’s well above the national median household income of about $56,000. It’s also higher than the median income for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters, which is around $61,000 for both.

…The differences are usually larger in states with substantial non-white populations, as black and Hispanic voters are overwhelmingly Democratic and tend to have lower incomes. In South Carolina, for example, the median Trump supporter had a household income of $72,000, while the median for Clinton supporters was $39,000.

…Many of the differences reflect that Republican voters are wealthier overall than Democratic ones, and also that wealthier Americans are more likely to turn out to vote, especially in the primaries. However, while Republican turnout has considerably increased overall from four years ago, there’s no sign of a particularly heavy turnout among “working-class” or lower-income Republicans.

Trump was elected by the same people who supported the Tea Party and were enthusiastic about Ron Paul. They are more successful than average, and therefore probably have a higher level of competence, and they are concerned about the direction our nation and its enclosing civilization, Western Civilization, are taking.

The true believers of white nationalism, while they are faithful, obstruct that middle class audience because the true believers are drawn to the extremism more than an ultimate goal. And what is the goal of a nationalist, traditionalist and realist movement like the Alt Right? Most likely it is to un-do the mental virus of The Enlightenment™ which manifests in individualism:

So I’ve decided to try and include at least one article per day reminding everyone here about the joys of equality, freedom, and lack of personal responsibility – constant prodding has been scientifically proven to be the best type of propaganda for the masses.

Equality, freedom, lack of personal responsibility, collectivism and individualism are one and the same. Individuals want society to accept them despite their lack of contribution, or even bad behavior. The individual wants to be #1. So he forms a gang with others, and they create a mob, which is defined by the fact that each person in it is selfish and does not want to be identified as such, so relies on “safety in numbers” to obscure the selfish motivations of each person in the mob.

The mob defines the modern time. It is the basic unit of our politics and consumer society. It is how people think, believing that if one person in a group has certain attributes, then everyone in that group has them. This is why people go to rock concerts; they see themselves as being just as important as the guy on stage. This is why people adored multiculturalism in the first place; to them, each person is equal and so if you move them to the right place, they all become ideal citizens, despite genetics.

Mobs arise in the presence of solipsism, or the tendency to view the world as existing for the individual or within the individual. It is a cousin of paranoia. Solipsism is the mental condition created by individualism. This individualism occurs at every income level, and has nothing to do with losers-versus-winners, but reflects how we approach life and what values we apply to it.

Another source explains this well in the context of women attempting to escape individualism:

The female mind already leans toward solipsism, which while part of the way things were designed to work, it can be too much if not balanced with an awareness of others.

Consider women in your life who are living the “Put yourself first” motto to the extreme, not good, right? Such women are often a neurotic, self-absorbed, hot mess who thinks only of herself. Such women are also often very unhappy and constantly seeking more of “something.”

…But rather than that path leading to balance, harmony, and happiness, women today seem less “centered” than ever.

Solipsism demands equality because the solipsistic individual wants to remove any chance that he can be found to be wrong in action or lesser in ability. He wants no one and no thing to be able to tell him he cannot do whatever he desires. The only way to achieve this is to force society to accept him despite his lack of contributions, or bad stuff he has done. This is how individualists arrive at the mob mentality.

This is what we fight, and most of the functional parts of America actually agree with us. They see society as selfish on every level from the welfare parasites to the dot-com billionaires. They dislike cosmopolitanism and the city, and favor chastity, hard work, learning, intelligence, culture and faith. They see the individualism and solipsism of our modern world and are retreating from it, but they see no option, no group they can support or political change they can demand which will fix it.

If you ask them why they rely on these “old-fashioned” values, they will tell you simply that having such a value system just works. It keeps life in balance. It makes people stable, loving and kind, but also able to do the hard things in life. These methods are what enable them to be stable, productive and successful.

Our goal on the Alt Right is not to become a new form of the Left by claiming that individualism means an unequal hierarchy. In fact, we want an unequal hierarchy, because that places the most competent in positions of power, and we all benefit from that.

Individualism is a mindset that says “me first” and naturally deprecates heritage, values and any purpose shared between people. The poorest among us have it as well as the richest. It is a mental virus turned into a disease afflicting civilization itself. Individualism is the removal of culture, heritage, faith and values so that only the individual remains.

If the Alt Right follows the White Nationalist playbook of pandering to the true believers instead of the broader upper half of middle class, it will slide into irrelevance like the seven decades of white nationalism before it. Our true believers are race-awake but still drugged on the Leftist idea of equality, and secretly want a classless society where twenty-somethings working entry level jobs are “equal” to those who have achieved more, and in order to support them, we are dumbing down our message.

To avoid this, we need a whole message that is entirely distinct from the Leftism that has ruled the West for the past two centuries. Leftism has one idea, equality, and anything infected with that idea always reverts to being Leftism. Anything which argues for equality is in fact hidden Leftism, and will subvert us from within.

We need to have a vision of a whole society. We are not a mass movement. We are those who dominate the masses, and instead create a civilization with hierarchy, culture, values and purpose. This requires admitting a type of social order known as caste. This separates people into broad bands by ability, and gives more social power to those higher in the hierarchy.

Caste reflects the intelligence, moral character and behavior of people. The different castes use different reproductive strategies, and the lower castes are biologically unable to understand the actions of higher castes. Lower caste revolt is what destroys all great civilizations.

Humanity cycles between sanity and insanity, and those who triumph — contrary to Nietzschean visions of combat and supremacy — are those who find sanity. When we achieve sanity, we are able to do great things. Sanity means accepting the world as it is, including the differences between people, and shooting for a social order that works for everyone, only without equality.

White nationalism got absorbed by Leftism and as a result was never able to formulate a plan except a vague thought for the extreme removal of certain non-white groups. We can do better than this.

It makes sense to be nationalist because nationalism — which allows culture and not government to shape a society — is a prerequisite for a healthy nation. But we need more than just that; we also need a society that brings our people existential joy, so they begin reproducing at replacement rates or higher again. We need purpose and something to live for so that we can have virtue again. And we need an interpretation of nationalism that is not mere bigotry, but a theory of society as a functional organic entity, like a family on a larger scale.

The Alt Right is attempting to offer these things, but they do not appeal to the true believers who want an egalitarian white society. Some even endorse socialism and other Leftist ideas. While these will get us votes and new converts in the short term, they will not reach out to the upper half of middle class audience that makes change happen. We will pigeonhole ourselves and self-isolate like white nationalism did.

In this light, we cannot see the Alt Right “as” white nationalism. It is an entirely new entity, a political movement designed to replace modern society with something much better. It hopes to bring joy to our people again, and to provide us the type of future in which we can thrive and mature into the greatness of the ancients. It will only get there if its audience does not hold it back.

Bastides: A Model For The Balkanized, Post-Collapse West

Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

“Nature abhors a vacuum,” goes the old saying. Nature is competition, which is how it ensures a lack of empty spaces. To avoid any one tendency from going too far, nature uses a system of balances, and it balances the anti-vacuum with a fierce territoriality. That way, it can avoid a tragedy of the commons by ensuring that all territory is owned, defended and to some degree managed by its territorial species.

If you wonder why the ancients spoke of natural order, this is what they had in mind, which avoided the opposite extremes of communism/inclusion and capitalism/consumption. Instead of giving way to once force alone, nature balanced them, and so became more violent but also more efficient and less destructive.

This is why we talk about the “4 Fs” of nature — feeding, fleeing, fighting and reproduction — instead of merely three. Fighting is part of nature and it is how territory is established, and through that, stewardship is established. A lion watches over his patch of the wild and punishes any who will exploit it. The birds, rodents and lizards do the same. Populations stay in balance; resources are not over-exploited; each area reaches an optimal carrying capacity and nothing more. Nature, more than humans, is logical.

That third F however means that war and conflict are not errors, but a necessary part of life. Each group defends itself and its territory so that it can survive as a species, sub-species or cultivar, and so that its territory does not fill up with humans who will then exploit its resources to the point of depletion.

Democracy, which like communism is based on the idea of universal inclusion as an antidote to naturally-occurring hierarchy, cannot defend itself against a tragedy of the commons. This is why democracy follows the pattern of a yeast bloom: the population rises to consume all of the resources and then dies out.

In the case of modern democracy, this exploitation mainly consists of our false elites in media, business and government and their support base of a permanent third world underclass. They divide up everything this society has created and abscond with it, converting it into landfill overflowing with disposable entertainment products and tiered sinecures of graft.

Now that the West has had 228 years of democracy and over a thousand of egalitarianism, or anti-hierarchical thought, it is nearing the collapse of those systems. They ate up everything good and left a rotted infrastructure, mentally and racially mixed-up population, and a total lack of unity on any point.

As Samuel Huntington wrote in The Clash of Civilizations And The Remaking Of World Order, the backlash to this over-extended period of history is occurring through a cultural wave of people wanting innate connections to others, instead of merely ideological or financial ones. Nationalism, tribalism and ethno-centricism are rising because those are innate, where ideology is imposed from outside.

This leads to an intermediate stage called balkanization where each group — tribe, cult, gang, subculture — will set up its own community and by necessity, exclude all others with force. After democracy comes tyranny, and as the tyrants this time turn out to be twerps of great incompetence, the first world will instead fragment into many smaller groups, shortly before being invaded by any strong powers that remain. Practice your Chinese!

But, before the great invasion takes over, it makes sense to look at what balkanization entails. William Gibson and Billy Roper offer competing views of this vision; in Gibson, people will form massive vertical structures or other specialized forms of the city, with enclaves of secessionists living in geographically-defensible regions like bridges and abandoned buildings. In Roper, the focus will be less on structures than areas which are self-sustaining and defended with military force.

Imagine a combination of the two, and you will see history rediscover itself as we rebirth the bastide, a type of fortified village used in the past and likely again in our future:

The Dordogne region is famous for its historic fortified towns, known as bastides. They were mostly built during the reigns of King Henry III of England and his son Edward I. They were founded by the English kings and by local feudal landlords…The bastides were defended towns planned on a straightforward rectangular grid.

The towns were typically defended by perimeter walls and centered around a market square, often with a covered section, known as les halles; a number of towns still retain these most attractive structures. Each bastide was founded on the basis of a charter. Land was generally provided by the founder, king or nobleman. Legal rights and subsidies were granted to those who contributed to the building of the towns. In return the founder could raise taxes to finance military campaigns and also levy troops.

While most in our society have been chasing scapegoats like The Rich™ and The Jew,™ the more far-sighted rulers have realized that human hubris drives democracy, and that me-first people in groups agitate for collectivism as it allows each individualist to be subsidized. This hubris and its recent manifestation democracy are actually what destroyed us.

For that reason, interest is rising in aristocracy, or replicating the natural hierarchy in human form. We take the best among us by leadership ability and place them in charge, then have them select a staff. This arrangement is hereditary as this ensures that the best women match with the best men, creating a self-perpetuating institution, at least until hubris attacks in mass delusion again.

We can get there easily through democracy. The first step is to remove all the laws that impede natural organization of human beings; the next is to patch our laws so that we can appoint an administrator or regent who will select the aristocrats and entrust them with ownership of land areas, which will then become localized bastides or something like them under the feudal system.

In the intermediate stage of balkanization, should we survive it by not getting invaded by hostile Asian powers as has been the pattern of history, bastides will be more organic: warlords will seize local areas, charge everyone rent, and use those rents to fund a strong army which can repel any regional threats. Life goes on as democracy fades away.

CAIR And SPLC Join Forces To Attack Arkansas Blogger

Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

The Council On American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has joined forced with civil rights group the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to attack Arkansas blogger Billy Roper, who writes from a racially-aware conservative and Christian position regarding realistic critiques of democracy and other Leftist policies.

Having been linked in the past to support of radical Islamic terror groups, CAIR joined in support of the SPLC to attack Roper for his criticism of Muslim immigration in the wake of several terror attacks by Muslim immigrants:

Now, this Muslim activist group has joined the SPLC in attacking Billy Roper, in support of the…Southern Poverty Law Center’s covering for Muslim extremists and their support for Sharia law.

…There are 400 Muslims in nearby Jonesboro, 200 of them regularly attend the new mosque there, the ACT For America state director warned me in our most recent phone chat.

This follows the SPLC hit piece on Roper that was penned in response to his most recent episode of The Roper Report, a weekly podcast which has provoked many on the Left in the past.

As the West balkanizes, or divides into different groups by ethnicity and religion, the polarization of American politics becomes clearer: some want to keep together the failing order, and others recognize that it has failed because it is Leftist and want to break free. History repeats itself as it has since the dawn of time, with the herd holding back the realistic because without them, the herd has nothing.

Billy Roper On Stormfront Radio Tomorrow, May 25 At 8 AM CST

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

Nationalist and Westernist writer Billy Roper will be making an appearance on Stormfront Radio tomorrow, May 25, 2017 at 8 AM CST. While this seems to be a bit early in the day for some of you, the content promises to be stimulating. Listen to the show at this location (or use another delivery method).

Mr. Roper will be discussing The ShieldWall Network which is one of his more ambitious projects to resurrect and renew Western Civilization through the preservation and nurturing of genetically Western European people:

In a ShieldWall, every man is responsible for protecting the man to his left with their shield, held in their left hand, covering their neighbor on that side, and attacking the enemy with their right hand spear. To that end all members of the shield wall are equally reliant and dependent on one another. If one fails to do his duty, his neighbors suffer for it, first. If the ShieldWall is broken, then the enemy can penetrate the defensive lines and wreak havoc among those the ShieldWall defends. Thus, trust and loyalty are important traits for warriors in the ShieldWall.

The kind of grassroots, community level networking we want to promote for each member of The Shieldwall Network requires a similar level of mutual trust and dependence. Contrary to the lone wolf mentality, we are not hermits or individualists, nor do we see that escape from the reality our people face as a solution to the problems threatening us now, and in the future. However, in many of our communities, we may well have to begin grassroots level organizing and networking on our own. Each of us, then, becoming persons of influence in our communities, can strengthen the ShieldWall as a whole, by eventually bringing more people into it.

The call-in number for the show is 844-769-2944. In addition, Mr. Roper has published the 10th annual David Lane Memorial on The Roper Report, his own podcast. The show features:

  1. A tribute to The Order, featuring guest appearances by Bob Mathews and David Lane.
  2. IRL meeting and activism report from The ShieldWall Network and the White Remembrance Day red balloon release.
  3. Anti-Antifa rally coming up this weekend with League of the South and The ShieldWall Network.
  4. Billy and Cantankerous Ordo discuss “The frogs who desired a king”, and the Alt-Right’s hunger to remain followers.

The Roper Report Links Balkanization And Nihilism

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

Billy Roper (interview) stands out among nationalists because he has been active in promoting sensible ideas for a long time, and during that time, has developed and refined his philosophy to combine history and politics into a vision of the inevitable future and how we can redirect the failing of Western civilization into its rebirth.

In other words, he accepts all of the dark and bad, and instead of becoming depressive and self-destructive, points to the opportunity that this gives us: when a rotted order falls, we can create in its place a healthier Western Civilization than can exist at all under the current form of society that we have chosen over the years of decay.

On the most recent edition of The Roper Report, Mr. Roper talks about “the black pill,” or nihilism, and how it is useful for us to accept the enormity of our situation and the corresponding intensity of what we are called on to do. This is “do or die” territory, and most people are looking for a reason to choose a “good enough” placebo solution instead of the good solution that is actually required.

From there, Mr. Roper and his guest Cantankerous Ordo — a well-spoken fellow with depth of insight — investigate the Alt Right and how it navigates between virtue signaling and purity spiraling in an attempt to enforce internal integrity and prevent “frenemy entryism,” which is what I call the situation when people who want to take part end up accidentally bringing their Leftist ideas or broken behaviors into the wider cultural wave, corrupting it and eventually inverting it.

The whole thing is worth listening to, complete with a mixture of music and commentary. It includes a discussion of how the fragmentation of the West guarantees that Balkanization, or the break-up of nation states into individual ethnic and cultural groups, will end the travesty that is the fallen West.

For those who enjoy what they hear, the book by Mr. Roper entitled The Big Picture provides more essential thinking material. Thank you to Messrs. Roper and Ordo for discussing the Black Pill and presenting such an interesting podcast!

Arkansas Nationalists Force Antifa-Linked Group To Cancel Protest

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

The ShieldWall Network stood up to a planned protest by Communist, Anarchist and Black Bloc protesters and forced the Leftists to cancel their event. The “Redneck Revolt” John Brown Gun Club of Mountain Home, Arkansas, planned protest on May 27th in Harrison, Arkansas but have gone back to tendies and anime instead.

As admitted by the Leftist group, the tactic employed by the ShieldWall Network of “unmasking” the protesters caused the antifa group to realize that it could face legal and social repercussions for its attacks. Antifa normally gather dressed in black and wearing masks, and then commit violent assaults and vandalism and escape without prosecution.

While doxxing remains controversial, ShieldWall Network collects its information legally, through publicly available online sources, and has prevented likely violence by steering these antifa types back into the basement. The antifa-linked group issued a message informing its supporters of the cancellation:

Regarding the Cancellation of the Arkansas United Against Racism Event:

Yesterday, after long discussion and careful consideration, we, the members of Mountain Home Redneck Revolt, decided that it is in the best interest of our community and ourselves to cancel our event, Arkansas United Against Racism.

The event, which was previously scheduled for May 27 in Harrison, AR, was intended to be a community event focused on unity. From the beginning, our intentions were those of peace and solidarity with those in our communities that feel, as we do, that the Ku Klux Klan, white supremacists, and their sympathizers have held the legacy of our beautiful Ozarks hostage for far too long.

After the initial event, scheduled for April 29, was rained out, we rescheduled.

Shortly after, we were made aware of attempts by several white supremacists—primarily Billy Roper, well known Neo-Nazi and friend of Thomas Robb, national director of the Ku Klux Klan—to doxx folks who were associated with our group or the event, including several Harrison natives who were not yet involved and had merely indicated that they were considering attending. A thinly-veiled call to violence by the Klan and their supporters is not to be taken lightly.

Additionally, there has been a national call for white supremacists to come to Harrison to stand against our event, to instigate violence against those who oppose their genocidal rhetoric. In line with a culture of safety, we have therefore decided to cancel the event. We cannot risk the lives of our attendees, and the safety of all is our primary concern.

Our intentions have never been those of violence or discord, though the same cannot be said for Roper, Robb, and the other white supremacists associated with them. We hope that the community of Harrison and the rest of the Ozarks will see through their lies and manipulation. To all those who supported this event, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Going forward, Mountain Home Redneck Revolt will be focusing on community support and outreach. We were unable to hold this event and ensure the safety of all attendees, so we will be helping our community in other ways. We hope that we will be able to make a lasting positive difference in this way, and we intend to do so.

In love, unity, and solidarity,
Mountain Home Redneck Revolt

For more information on Billy Roper and the ShieldWall Network, visit The Roper Report (TRR) podcast to stay in touch with their activities. It also shows how antifa, much like the random Leftist critics in the news, back down from their attacks when they finally have some skin in the game.

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