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Billy Roper On Stormfront Radio Tomorrow, May 25 At 8 AM CST

Nationalist and Westernist writer Billy Roper will be making an appearance on Stormfront Radio tomorrow, May 25, 2017 at 8 AM CST. While this seems to be a bit early in the day for some of you, the content promises to be stimulating. Listen to the show at this location (or use another delivery method).

Mr. Roper will be discussing The ShieldWall Network which is one of his more ambitious projects to resurrect and renew Western Civilization through the preservation and nurturing of genetically Western European people:

In a ShieldWall, every man is responsible for protecting the man to his left with their shield, held in their left hand, covering their neighbor on that side, and attacking the enemy with their right hand spear. To that end all members of the shield wall are equally reliant and dependent on one another. If one fails to do his duty, his neighbors suffer for it, first. If the ShieldWall is broken, then the enemy can penetrate the defensive lines and wreak havoc among those the ShieldWall defends. Thus, trust and loyalty are important traits for warriors in the ShieldWall.

The kind of grassroots, community level networking we want to promote for each member of The Shieldwall Network requires a similar level of mutual trust and dependence. Contrary to the lone wolf mentality, we are not hermits or individualists, nor do we see that escape from the reality our people face as a solution to the problems threatening us now, and in the future. However, in many of our communities, we may well have to begin grassroots level organizing and networking on our own. Each of us, then, becoming persons of influence in our communities, can strengthen the ShieldWall as a whole, by eventually bringing more people into it.

The call-in number for the show is 844-769-2944. In addition, Mr. Roper has published the 10th annual David Lane Memorial on The Roper Report, his own podcast. The show features:

  1. A tribute to The Order, featuring guest appearances by Bob Mathews and David Lane.
  2. IRL meeting and activism report from The ShieldWall Network and the White Remembrance Day red balloon release.
  3. Anti-Antifa rally coming up this weekend with League of the South and The ShieldWall Network.
  4. Billy and Cantankerous Ordo discuss “The frogs who desired a king”, and the Alt-Right’s hunger to remain followers.

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