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What To Do With Our Children

Friday, December 22nd, 2017

One general altright opinion about life is that “we are doing it for our children” and it is even possible to add the phrase “because our children are who we are.”

Logically the next step would be to have kids and then to prepare them to carry the altright flag forward.

But how to do it remains the eternal problem because it can be shown that what to do with children has always been a problem from raising the next star honor student to putting them to work, to pedophilic abuse.

History demonstrates this quite vividly where some examples are;

  • Spartan boys were taught to fight from an early age
  • Children in French Bastide towns were taught to tend animals and raise intruder alarms
  • English children were used for first industrial labour
  • Settler children roamed nature despite poverty
  • Urban children developed A-group status symbolism
  • Eco-village children don’t know what to do because everything is catered for

Today children are targeted consumer segments in the hope to gain access to stingy boomer savings.  But it’s not just markets is it, history repeats itself because children are now hunted (again) in perpetual open season for money, work, warfare, votes, sex and migrants.

Not only are children killed in the womb, they are psychologically killed by bad parenting, their creativity killed by bad education and their naiveté totally abused by the predator living next door.

So in the current year one activist in South Africa exclaimed in an interview with Stefan Molyneaux that “I can’t tell my children this stuff.” My own experience supports that while adding the following:

  1. Age mixing between children (today) leads to all kinds of problems requiring specialist supervision. It’s not just bullies or school rape gangs, it’s the disjointed conceptualization of cultural tradition due to diverse (opinions) and pidgin television (at school), causing the children to come “home” disorganised and confused where the mother-or-fatherless home itself has also “become” chaos. As my father said: chaos upon chaos.
  2. Tools have become playthings. A hammer is used to destroy the bedroom wall, a ball is used for fire-ball, a bicycle is used for status and expensive computers are used to eat on.

“Children is such an important aspect of life” (which is the wrong thing to say actually), children are (future) life and not just an aspect. So what to do with them? The really important thing to remember is that if the adults don’t take the lead, they will and it’s not because they are naughty kids, it’s because they are human. Adult employees will do the exact same if bosses don’t lead properly which is why we have dark organizations and deep states, but now increasingly dark toxic homes.

It is impossible to reset to some historic point and while we should always leave room for a little chaos such as the unknown Christmas gift, or that unexpected expression of love, or the anger at being disrupted, or the satisfaction of a hard day’s work, we should manage our risks, train our kids to do the same, set priorities and train the kids to do the same.

We will never be perfect parents (or humans), and we should not even try to be, because perfection kills. Ask Obama and Mandela, they were the perfect mascots.

Art Gallery LD50 Gallery Under Attack For Hosting Neoreaction Exhibit

Sunday, February 12th, 2017

The art gallery that (bravely) held a Neoreaction conference has experienced an attack by others in the arts community who, contrary to their image as open-minded thinkers, fear any idea but the dying notions of liberal democracy that are now fading away.

As a Facebook thread illustrates, the rabid Left have made their “long march through the institutions” into a type of monomaniacal dogma that seeks to crush not just opponents, but anyone offering any direction of thought other than Leftism.

The gallery, named LD50, also hosted an altright exhibit which presented its patrons with what they crave, which is a window into the ongoing dialogue of ideas. The Left fears this because while they claim to be on the right side of history, their reality denial cannot last without State enforcement.

Reddit Doubles Down On Censorship, Bans /r/altright For Undisclosed Reasons

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017

In response to a rising “populist” realist movement around the world, old media and new media alike are uniting to squeeze out those counter-narrative opinions. In the mainstream media, they call it fake news; on social media, apparently, they ban it for either no reason or for a false reason.

Hamster hive echo chamber Reddit banned /r/altright tonight. No reason was given, and is the norm on Reddit, since the evidence is hidden and the admins will not speak of it, the real reason is a matter of conjecture. At least one source noted however that posting of links from WeSearchr seeking the Antifa who sucker-punched Richard Spencer may have precipitated the banning.

Reddit generally insists that it does not ban for topic matter, and that subs are being punished for specific behavior that went on in them. Clearly this was true in some cases, such as the infamous “Coontown” which should have known it was on Double Secret Probation with that name. But here, the case is not so clear, and by refusing to tell, the admins are undermining confidence in a service which already lacks it.

Most likely, they are simply seeking what every business does: an illusion of safety. Social media is the shopping mall of the 1990s where the kids and lonely people hang out. Those people get scared off by crime and dangerous people, and for most people, Nazis are dangerous people. In addition, Reddit cultivates its audience among low-testosterone white males, and these tend to cry when confronted with off-narrative information.

In the meantime, the former /r/altright users are gathering on VOAT, prompting a question that will divide our audience here: should the Alt Right attempt to gain mention in the mainstream media, or go around it and set up its own media, knowing that it has then set up a citadel which can in turn be conquered?

Alt Right AMA Postmortem

Friday, December 23rd, 2016

The “Ask Me Anything” AMA session on Reddit last night went quite well, thanks to the /r/altright moderation team and all of those who participated. Many longtime supporters and friends as well as new acquaintances showed up to make it possible.

Of course, the whole thing almost failed when it became apparent that Reddit has banned my original account for posting the following message:

This caused Reddit admins, who generally lean far-left, to suspend the account despite it not having violated their content policy under any reasonable interpretation. The information posted was public information about public regulatory agencies and employers, as one does when a group wants to complain about the behavior of a public figure like Tanya N. Gersh, who orchestrated a witch hunt against Sherry Spencer.

My response to Reddit is as follows:

Specifically, I wrote a counter-argument here:

Hi there,

I feel this is in error:

> Your account has been permanently suspended from Reddit for attempting to organize a witch hunt.

Tanya N. Gersh is a public figure who made public statements against Richard Spencer’s mother, and I posted public sources to the regulatory committees that oversee her licensing as a realtor, a role she abused when she attempted to extort money from Sherry Spencer. This is the opposite of a witch hunt; it is accountability for someone who did organize a witch hunt. Nothing but public sources were posted, and posting these is not in violation of Reddit’s rules.

I request that you reconsider. I will consider failure to lift this ban a proof of ideological bias by admins because there is no other credible explanation for using an anti-witch hunt rule to ban people who are defending an innocent woman against a witch hunt by using the regulatory mechanisms set up by our government for exactly this purpose.

Thank you,


There is really no way to read this except as politically-motivated censorship on the part of Reddit, which could explain the troubles they are having in finding funding. Reddit is an improvement over Facebook and Twitter because its software rewards posting links and discussion more than chatter and ego-drama, but it was quickly taken over by the Leftist herd of SJWs when it became popular because they are drawn to the ability to mass “down-vote” stories that contradict their narrative, and the type of people Reddit is able to hire to keep watch on the site tend to be lower-paid Silicon Valley workers who are single and lonely and therefore lean Left. Based on what I have seen, the “down-vote” button and the need to have paid babysitters are the big flaws of this site, which has had problems with censorship in the past.

In fact, this was a running joke on free speech site Gab, a reference to Reddit’s CEO editing messages that criticized him.

Upon consideration, this seems to be a problem with all social media and all governments: if they organize in defense of the weaker, they end up penalizing anyone who has something to lose in an attempt to protect others from uncomfortable truths. In America, for example, the great equalizer is the lawsuit, where if someone has more money than you and you can find a reason to attack him, you can essentially extort cash from him with the threat of a lawsuit. On social media, small percentages of the user base can organize into angry mobs that then force censorship on those who are stronger and therefore post more realistic material, which the angry mob knows it can get removed by acting as if it is the victim.

If anyone is the victim in this case, it would be Sherry Spencer and myself, as Mrs. Spencer was the target of a real-estate extortion scam closely tied with Leftist political groups, and my account was targeted by Reddit for posting counter-narrative material. It will be interesting to see how Reddit responds to the request for reconsideration.

In the meantime, you can read the AMA offsite if you do not want to give Reddit the clicks, or view it on Reddit. Some interesting questions and answers that came out of it:

What are your thoughts about Donald Trump?

Donald Trump represents (1) a cultural revolution against the idea that white people cannot have self-interest and (2) a reversal of direction in the West from ideology toward practical concerns, or time-proven results in the conservative tradition.

I see DJT as a moderate, ultimately, but also a businessman, which means that he measures his successes in terms of how well his projects turn out, not just the theater of public opinion as Leftists do. People elected him because he pointed out the obvious crises of America — big government, diversity, immigration, red tape — and showed how people were suffering on a day-to-day basis because of these. If he acts to reduce these problems, especially BUILD THAT WALL, he will be a success bigger than Reagan. If he does not, he will quickly exit stage left.
My hope for Donald Trump is a reversal of affirmative action, civil rights and anti-discrimination law through an act of Congress, in addition to what he has promised above. These laws mean that if a non-white person wants a job, apartment, sale or home and a white person wants the same, the non-white person always gets it because the seller/employer can be sued for millions of dollars if they do not give it to the non-white. Diversity is killing America, and its forefront is this triad of laws.

In addition, DJT can do some great things for Europe. He is against American ideological intervention in Europe, which frees up Europe to have non-Leftist opinions again. He will make them pay for their own defense, which means that their socialist-style social welfare programs will no longer be affordable. He has started a cultural wave away from the appearance-based Leftist ideology and toward practical realism.
There is much to like about DJT, but I think it is a mistake to see him as a rightist or alt-righter. He simply wants to make this country functional again, but there will be ripple effects from this worldwide that the alt right can seize upon and use to further our message and objectives.

On Nihilism:

On the topic of Nihilism, and I plan to buy your book on the subject, do you see Nihilism as a starting point for reevaluating ones values where one throws out everything they thought they knew, and starts over? Or, Nihilism as a life philosophy where nothing matters?

Great question. Nihilism as I see it is radical skepticism toward humanity, both as individuals and as mobs, which are ultimately individualist because every person in the mob wants to use the mob as their personal army to achieve social acceptance without having to contribute toward a positive direction for society. For this reason, I see nihilism as a clearing out of all the insanity of the Leftist years and The Enlightenment.™
From that space of zero belief in humanity, it is possible to notice nature and the pattern order of reality, and from that to understand what was common knowledge 2,000 years ago, including the divinity inherent to life and the necessity of sane and normal practices like patriarchy, nationalism, reverence and warlike aggression.

On the future:

What do you think is in store for 2017 for the alt right? Where do you think we should focus our energies?

2017 is the year when Donald Trump begins to change American law, but more importantly, he has changed the playing field by refuting the accusation of “racism.”

This campaign was interesting. The Left was accustomed to using its magic word “racist” to make white people stop advocating for their own interests; when they used it on Trump and his followers, they shrugged and said, “If you say so.” This broke the power of the Left.

In addition, we are seeing a wave across the West, including USA and Europe, where people are realizing that Leftist policies have failed, and that we have to change direction if we do not want to be dragged to certain destruction by these policies.

For this reason, I suggest we start with “baby steps” by removing the laws in our way. I mention the triad of affirmative action, civil rights and anti-discrimination laws as a starting point; if we restore freedom of association, the normal functional people are going to break away and leave the freaky rainbow nation of deracinated people of all races and the “beige horizon” mixed race people to their own fate. We need to be able to break free and pursue our own goals, and that requires getting rid of 70 years of Leftist rules designed to stop us from breaking away from the herd and living sane lives on our own. That would be my first point of focus.

On “physical removal”:

What are your opinions on physical removal?

Physical removal is necessary.

I favor gentle kinds of physical removal: reparations only with repatriation for non Western European people in North America, and removal of laws that protect people from their bad decisions, with the idea that eventually it will be time to exile career Leftists — who are, by the criminal nature of Leftism, also criminals — to Brazil.

So, helicopter rides… with gentle landings, far away, and those Leftists become someone else’s problem.

On the alt right:

What do you think is the alt-right’s weakest link right now? What part of our platform is being neglected that we need to reinvigorate going into the Trump administration?

The weakest link on the alt right is that there is confusion about what the alt right is. For a short definition, the alt right is the original Right that is not restrained by political correctness, and so can tell the truth about homogeneity being the best option for society, that equality is nonsense, that democracy is toxic and that diversity is a path to doom.

As far as the neglected parts of our platform, the biggest one is freedom of association. All of us need to put pressure on Donald Trump to remove toxic civil rights laws so that we can have freedom of association again and begin building our community.

On homosexuality:

What is your opinion on homosexuals and bisexuals being in the alt right movement, such as Greg Johnson, James O’Meara or (previously) Jack Donovan?

Homosexuality is a complex topic. First, they occur among our people; second, they tend to die young, suggesting that they are genetically different than the mainstream. Finally, homosexuals are a group in which a great deal of talent rests.

Some say we should not tolerate them, others advocate for equal tolerance. My eyes grow red and my teeth gnash at the mention of anything “equal,” so you can guess what my response will be, which is to take a middle path.

I say bring back the closet. Let gay people be quietly gay, as the gentlemen you mention above tend to want to. If you target them, they will pretend to be heterosexual and will take on heterosexual families, which will spread those genes for early death and create fractured families; no one can fully love a wife if he wants boyfriend. If you norm them, you expose our people to behavior they do not need to see, especially when young. So take a middle path: let there be gay bars and theaters, let gay people do their thing… so long as they keep it quiet and do not work against our interests.

Beyond that, I do not think about it much. I enjoy the writings of all three of the gentlemen you mentioned and think they are a credit to our movement.

On Anders Breivik:

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of people hating on Breivik and completely mis-characterizing him. Care to give your thoughts?

Anders Breivik is a hero. Instead of shooting minorities, he took the fight to the people responsible, which is white Leftists. He informed them that the choice to be a Leftist was not without consequences, which is why they are terrified of him. He did not fight their proxies — the human shields they create in minorities, women, gays, trans, etc. — but fought them directly. What an intellect, and what a man!

On anarchism:

What is your ideal form of government?

No government!

Conservatives are anarchists. We dislike government, but do not mind “authority,” or strong leaders. What we reject is the idea that there should be some bureaucracy to manage us and save us from ourselves. Let Darwin do his blessed work, and each person face the results of his own actions, including early death if that is the case.

In place of government, I prefer strong culture; nationalism allows this. That way, instead of trying to have an incorruptible police officer for every citizen, we let citizens enforce social standards on one another. This is both less “fascist” and less permissive than modernity. To keep that together, we need military leaders like kings and aristocrats to handle defense, cultural activities and giving us an example to follow.

On capitalism:

Marxist or Capitalist?

Strongly capitalist, with the caveat that capitalism is an economic system, not a political system. It cannot exist in a vacuum; we need other forces to regulate it, like strong national culture, a caste system so that the “consumers” who define the market are our smartest and not our lowest common denominator, and powerful leaders like aristocrats and kings. Marxism and socialism simply fail whenever they are tried, and they leave behind zombified people who seem to depend on others to tell them what to do, which over multiple generations becomes a genetic trait of the aggregate population. These ideologies are best avoided in any and every form.

One important distinction here is that while any set of political beliefs may be seen as an ideology, the basis of Leftism is ideology itself, or thinking about what “should” be instead of what is. Conservatism consists of time-proven actions that lead to successes above the norm; Leftism is entirely conjectural, and consists of our human intent — what we wish were true — applied with force as a kind of groupthink, mob rule, hive mind, cult and gang. Naturally this destroys societies, and Marxism is just one variation of this that includes the idea of the State subsidizing its citizens.

And a reading list:

As a nationalist, what do you consider to be required reading for us of that mindset?

Great to see you here! Basic nationalist reading:

  1. Guillaume Faye, Archeofuturism: European Visions of the Post-Catastrophic Age. An insight into how we get past this era in history.
  2. Julius Evola, Men Among The Ruins. Why modern society does not meet our needs, and how to have a spiritual nationalism that saves us from ourselves.
  3. Theodor Herzl, The Jewish State. One of the first modern arguments for nationalism for its own sake, Herzl saw diversity as the cause of racism and pointed out that the only solution was to end diversity.
  4. Malcolm X, The Autobiography of Malcolm X: As Told to Alex Haley. The common sense and far-reaching argument for nationalism: without it, we have nothing in common, and it makes us hateful.
  5. Marcus Garvey, Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey. A sensible view into how each group walks its own path, and has to bypass competition within the diverse state to find its own destiny.
  6. Tom Sunic, Against Democracy and Equality: The European New Right. A theoretical approach to thinking our way outside of the world in which we live, a Left-leaning internationalist regime.
  7. Billy Roper, The Big Picture. This one is new, and is a practical argument for nationalism and how to introduce normal people to it.

On top of those, a general background in history, literature and philosophy. For those wanting to enter the latter, Will Durant’s The Story of Philosophy is a good toe-dipping-into-the-water entry point.

This was an invigorating question and answer session and other right-wing figures should consider doing the same to establish a quick summary of your viewpoints.

Reminder: Brett Stevens Q&A (“AMA”) On Reddit Tonight

Thursday, December 22nd, 2016

  1. The “ask me anything” (AMA) Q&A session will be held in /r/altright.
  2. Go here to set up an account.
  3. Feel free to upload the promotional image anywhere and everywhere.
  4. The session starts at 8 PM EST on December 22, 2016 and goes for as long as there are questions.

I look forward to chatting it up with you all. (This was originally announced here two weeks ago.)

Update: Reddit has banned the original account; the new account — for verification purposes — is “amerika_blog”. The AMA is live now!

Brett Stevens Q&A On Reddit, December 22, 8 PM EST

Sunday, December 4th, 2016


On December 22, 2016 at 8 PM EST, I will be answering questions and expounding on life in general at Reddit’s /r/altright, a community for those on the Right outside the mainstream. If you do not have an account, sign up for one here and fire away with the questions.

Many thanks to the /r/altright moderation team for making this possible. I look forward to interacting with all of you.

The Anti-Society: The Alt Right Is Tired Of Living In Mordor

Monday, August 29th, 2016


As the Alt Right reflects on its recent rise to prominence, a battle has emerged for defining the group. Its constituent components — white nationalists, libertarians, conservatives, traditionalists — are each asserting their beliefs in an effort to shape the understanding of the Alt Right.

The problem with this approach is that it fights on the surface, and fails to look at the motivation behind the rise of the Alt Right, and more importantly, its acceptance outside the margins of political discussion.

Racial problems will not go away, Leftists will not stop until they go Full Communist, and the media cabal running our nations intends to harm us.

From a thirty thousand foot view, the rise of the Alt Right is not perplexing: Leftism had seventy years in the time between the end of World War II and the present day to make good on its promises. As the economy, hampered by undue regulation and a massive subsidy state, cratered in the 2000s, normal people who previously had accepted the high costs and mounting red tape because they did not impact daily life, started to get nervous.

We could afford to buy off minority grievance groups, deal with the government-created positions like diversity officers, and shoulder the extra expense of buying homes in gated communities, paying for private security and medical care, and the lowered wages that come with distribution-oriented states.

We could grumble and throw vegetables at the television (do not waste pizza pockets expressing discontent; they are more valuable than cigarettes in prisons, rumor has it) when the latest Leftist outrage explodes across the screen. These things seemed like small outrages that were irritating but did not obstruct our quest for happy, fulfilling lives.

At this point, however, we have seen enough of the path ahead to realize that it heads down the mountain and not to another peak. Racial problems will not go away, Leftists will not stop until they go Full Communist, and the media cabal running our nations intends to harm us. “Normal” life is actually toxic.

When that realization hits, people can no longer just float along and go with the flow. Instead, they face a choice between becoming complicit in the destruction, and resisting, which involves being called lots of nasty names by PC SJWs and their analogues in media, government and industry.

Once the individual has made it to that point, suddenly the whole ball of rationalizations and justifications that allows the modern time to exist will unravel. We start realizing how much this society is unlikeable, but we are afraid to criticize it because everything else seems so much worse. And who says so? Oops: that media cabal.

At this point, however, we have seen enough of the path ahead to realize that it heads down the mountain and not to another peak.

The grim truth is that the reason European-descended peoples are not reproducing at replacement rates is that life in the West has become horrible, and it has been that way for some time. T.S. Eliot told us when he wrote “The Hollow Men” and Wild Bill Faulkner revealed the decay in books like Sanctuary. Scott Fitzgerald demonstrated the breakdown in Tender Is The Night, and Ernest Hemingway pulled back the curtain on existential misery with The Sun Also Rises. Even recent books like Don Delillo’s White Noise, or movies like Fight Club and Melancholia, show us what we know in the gut but cannot articulate: living in this world is a soulless hell where most people behave like passive-aggressive demons, cloaking cruelty and a lust for power behind political correctness and politeness.

Every aspect of this society is designed to break out spirits and make us into zombie automatons:

  • Jobs are jails. Jobs have two disturbing characteristics: first, you are judged by appearance, which mostly works against you; second, all but a very small portion of what you do is unnecessary, pointless, CYA, pro-forma, make-work or otherwise nonsense. You are being cucked every second of the day as they force you to do useless stuff and be judged for it, with the people who gladly gulp down the most feces being the ones they promote. On top of that, the workplace is a Petri dish for bad behavior, including snide passive aggression and sadistic peer pressure to conform to a lowest common denominator that is not only stupid but boring. Jobs wreck souls. Jobs instill hopelessness. Jobs make dads come home and pound on their kids.

  • Cities are miserable. Cities are the tragedy of the commons: they reward those who externalize negatives and take as much as possible for themselves, then retreat to gated communities where they ignore their neighbors. Cities are isolating, and anonymous, which encourages bad behavior by removing responsibility. Cities have a culture of the ego because nothing else remains: God, culture, heritage, community and intellect have been removed because they are impedients to equality. This leaves only a giant shopping mall where people have nothing in common but a desire to find the best price before anyone else does.

  • Assumptions rule us. In order to make other people think positively of us, we must adopt and promote certain assumptions that are chosen because they inspire the group to stay together and behave less sociopathically than normal. These assumptions — equality, diversity, sex parity, the importance of each and every one of us as a special snowflake, the basic goodness of people — go against both observable reality and what we can learn from history, as well as the conclusions of most great literature and religious texts. We are living inside of a lie and if we admit that the Emperor has no clothes, we will be destroyed by public opinion in a modern-day version of a witch-hunt. This also destroys people by cucking, forcing them to accept lies as truth and then to wave the banner of submission to these obviously nonsensical ideas.

Cities have a culture of the ego because nothing else remains: God, culture, heritage, community and intellect have been removed because they are impedients to equality.
  • Horrible aesthetics and ergonomics. Modern architecture is ugly. All modern design — known as “utilitarian” — is, because it aims at the lowest common denominator of human experience and tries to reduce costs while remaining impervious to the constant crime, vandalism and abuse that objects and buildings suffer in a modern society. Everything is dumbed down so that its audience potential widens. Our mass culture is complete garbage, not just licentious and idiotic, but also boring once one gets past the gee-whiz factor of car crashes, promiscuous sex and violence. Our politicians and pundits repeat obvious one-dimensional lies, and people feel witty for choosing one lie over the other. People dedicate huge parts of their lives to purposefully meaningless activities like watching sports and playing video games. The void is all around us, but we have invited it in.

  • Crushing guilt. This does not refer to the false guilt over civil rights events from a century ago, nor interpersonal guilt that crops up now and again and might be taken seriously if we thought other people were in any way sincere. We have actual guilt: for being useless and purposeless, for growing our population to the point of threatening our natural world, for extinction of species, for constant pollution that does not break down, for all the lies we tell and all the actual issues we duck by using those lies. Most of all, we do nothing that makes us actually respect ourselves; people do not take risks, in an actual sense, and they achieve nothing of positive change because their hands are tied by precedent and appearances. We are useless fat blobs sitting on sofas and clicking like/dislike buttons on our glorified televisions.

In short, we are living in Mordor: a concealed wasteland that we do not recognize because our hearts are as ruined as it is, ruled by overlords obsessed with power for its own sake, fighting wars to destroy the remaining good in the world because just seeing it makes us feel terrible about ourselves. We live in an age of insanity, where existential stress is the norm as we try to rationalize our pointless and psychologically miserable lives, enduring tedium, ugliness and stupidity for the sake of “succeeding” at a game where no one wins but the pathologically vicious and parasitic.

In short, we are living in Mordor: a concealed wasteland that we do not recognize because our hearts are as ruined as it is.

That is what the Alt Right rebels against: we want a different society; perhaps one with meaning, purpose, reverence and some sense of the sacred. We want to live for something more than material convenience; we want our deeds to matter, and our moral character to be important. None of this can happen under the current society because it has obliterated the concept of inner differences between people through the dogma of equality.

From this perspective, we can see that the political agenda of the Alt Right is just the vestibule. A vast citadel lies beyond, with a penetralia composed of a desire for a life of significance, elegance and strong existential orientation toward the good. We are tired of living in Mordor, and we aim to peel it like an onion, starting with the outer political layers and working inward to culture, philosophy, religion, and the concealed soul of our people.

The rise of the Alt Right is not just a significant event in Western politics, but a turning point for Western society. What looked like Heaven has been revealed to be in fact, Hell, and we want no more of it. The only way to escape Hell is to point ourselves toward Heaven, and stop asking what we can get away with, but embark on a plan to bring out the best in everything all of the time.

Recommended Reading