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What To Do With Our Children

One general altright opinion about life is that “we are doing it for our children” and it is even possible to add the phrase “because our children are who we are.”

Logically the next step would be to have kids and then to prepare them to carry the altright flag forward.

But how to do it remains the eternal problem because it can be shown that what to do with children has always been a problem from raising the next star honor student to putting them to work, to pedophilic abuse.

History demonstrates this quite vividly where some examples are;

  • Spartan boys were taught to fight from an early age
  • Children in French Bastide towns were taught to tend animals and raise intruder alarms
  • English children were used for first industrial labour
  • Settler children roamed nature despite poverty
  • Urban children developed A-group status symbolism
  • Eco-village children don’t know what to do because everything is catered for

Today children are targeted consumer segments in the hope to gain access to stingy boomer savings.  But it’s not just markets is it, history repeats itself because children are now hunted (again) in perpetual open season for money, work, warfare, votes, sex and migrants.

Not only are children killed in the womb, they are psychologically killed by bad parenting, their creativity killed by bad education and their naiveté totally abused by the predator living next door.

So in the current year one activist in South Africa exclaimed in an interview with Stefan Molyneaux that “I can’t tell my children this stuff.” My own experience supports that while adding the following:

  1. Age mixing between children (today) leads to all kinds of problems requiring specialist supervision. It’s not just bullies or school rape gangs, it’s the disjointed conceptualization of cultural tradition due to diverse (opinions) and pidgin television (at school), causing the children to come “home” disorganised and confused where the mother-or-fatherless home itself has also “become” chaos. As my father said: chaos upon chaos.
  2. Tools have become playthings. A hammer is used to destroy the bedroom wall, a ball is used for fire-ball, a bicycle is used for status and expensive computers are used to eat on.

“Children is such an important aspect of life” (which is the wrong thing to say actually), children are (future) life and not just an aspect. So what to do with them? The really important thing to remember is that if the adults don’t take the lead, they will and it’s not because they are naughty kids, it’s because they are human. Adult employees will do the exact same if bosses don’t lead properly which is why we have dark organizations and deep states, but now increasingly dark toxic homes.

It is impossible to reset to some historic point and while we should always leave room for a little chaos such as the unknown Christmas gift, or that unexpected expression of love, or the anger at being disrupted, or the satisfaction of a hard day’s work, we should manage our risks, train our kids to do the same, set priorities and train the kids to do the same.

We will never be perfect parents (or humans), and we should not even try to be, because perfection kills. Ask Obama and Mandela, they were the perfect mascots.

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