How To Submit A Complaint About Extortion Realtor Tanya Gersh

You have probably read about realtor Tanya Gersh and her attempts to extort money from Richard Spencer’s mother. Here is how to file a complaint with the Montana Board of Realty Regulation about Tanya Gersh.

  1. Download the PDF complaint form. You can edit a form pre-filled with the sample answers below.
  2. Fill out the form; specify “See attached file” under LIST OF WITNESSES AND EVIDENCE and include the trove of emails and public posts made available by Sherry Spencer.
  3. Send the form to the board via email.

Here are some sample texts for the fields on the form. These should not be used exactly.

Complaint Against: Tanya N. Gersh
License #: R​R​E​-​R​B​S​-​L​I​C​-​3​8​1​3​8
Profession/Occupation Type: Realtor/Salesperson
Address: 121 Wisconsin Avenue, Whitefish, MT 59937

Nature of Complaint:

On November 22, Tanya N. Gersh contacted Sherry Spencer of Whitefish, MT and relayed to her that if Spencer did not sell her building at 22 Lupfer Ave, Whitefish, MT 59937 then 200 protesters and national media would show up outside — which would drive down the property value — until Spencer complied. Gersh’s other conditions included that Spencer make a political statement written by the Montana Human Rights Network and that Spencer make a donation to this organization from the sale of the property. Gersh then offered Spencer below market value for the property and announced in public that the sale was forthcoming with Gersh as the agent.

List of Witnesses and Evidence:

See attached document.

What Action Are You Requesting Of The Board Or Department?

Montana Code 45-8-213 states “a person commits the offense of violating privacy in communications if the person knowingly or purposely…uses an electronic communication to attempt to extort money or any other thing of value from a person.” Under Montana Code 45-5-203, Intimidation is defined as “with the purpose to cause another to perform or to omit the performance of any act, the person communicates to another, under circumstances that reasonably tend to produce a fear that it will be carried out, a threat to perform without lawful authority… subject any person to physical confinement or restraint.” Gersh has violated both of these statutes and if convicted for Intimidation, would face a prison sentence of ten years. Her actions were illegal and unprofessional and her license to practice as a realtor in Montana should be revoked.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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5 Responses to “How To Submit A Complaint About Extortion Realtor Tanya Gersh”

  1. Dualist says:

    Great, you’ve actually found the relevant codes that Gersh was infringing. I was looking for those on the Board’s website, but the ‘complaints procedure’ tab on their website wouldn’t open on the smartphone I was using (I was away, so didn’t have use of a PC). Nothing would happen when I clicked it (buggy Apple, no doubt).

    It’s opened fine on this laptop fine, here’s the link for anybody who hasn’t seen it:

    It mentions that the complainant (us) will receive a letter once the process has started. So, I’m not sure whether writing from an anonymous email account will be accepted, and whether they accept complaints from foreigners (me) etc. If people are prepared to complain using their real identity and home address, I imagine this would carry more weight.

    One question, Brett: Do you know if Sherry Spencer herself has anything to do with running the NPI (or anything ‘alt-right’ in nature)? I only ask just in case there are other statutes involving ‘not being allowed to be connected to any “racist” organisations’, or the like. I looked on the Board’s regulations’ section but couldn’t find any. So, my second question is whether you seen any such codes yourself, Brett, wherever you found the others?

    What I am concerned with is for some counter-reaction against Mrs Spencer that could lead to HER losing her licence? Do you think there is any chance of this? If Mrs Spencer herself has no connection to Richard’s activities, then this surely could not be the case?

    • Dualist says:

      Did you read the whole comment, Brett? There were 2 important questions at the end, mate.

  2. Aodh Mor MacRaynall says:

    This i approve of; we all get a great deal out of flexing our intellectual muscles. We also need to actually do work in places outside our heads.

  3. Oznoto says:

    I sent my complaint in yesterday from WA. I hope it makes some difference, but I don’t expect it to.

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