After Modernity, A Clash Between Nationalist And “Post-National” Countries

As predicted here some time ago, nationalists worldwide are finding commonality over their mutual desire to be able to exclude ethnically foreign people from their lands:

The article, which the magazine published this week, documents the week spent up close with Holocaust-denying, racist and Islamophobic Germans. They describe themselves as Israel supporters, who came to see how “the only democracy in the Middle East” deals with “the Muslim problem” that has gripped Germany recently.

…One of the participants tells Maurer he doesn’t believe the “six million” number is correct, and that the real number of Jews murdered by Germany is 500,000. “The rest died and were murdered by others,” he says.

…The group included a 40-year-old supporter of Alternative for Germany, who said he came to Israel to learn “what we can do against the invasion of our homeland.” Group members also called Muslim immigrants “barbarians.” It is no coincidence that they chose Israel for their tour. “They see Israel as an example, because it is in a long conflict with its Muslim neighbors,” says Maurer.

The Holocaust issue aside, these two groups have found common ground in the idea of excluding others so that they may preserve their own societies. Future generations will likely regard The Holocaust as a consequence of frustrated nationalism, and while wrong in method, reflective of a strong desire of Europeans to preserve themselves, just as Jews are preserving themselves by warring against Palestinians and assorted Muslims.

On the other side, those who cannot abandon the idea of the ultimate evolution of liberal democracy — a beige race of mixed-heritage people united by belief in Leftist ideology worldwide — are gathering under the banner of post-nationalism, or the idea of a mixed-race society as morally, politically and economically expedient:

Alongside the rise of nativism has emerged a new nationalism that can scarcely be bothered to deny its roots in racial identities and exclusionary narratives.

Compared to such hard stances, Canada’s almost cheerful commitment to inclusion might at first appear almost naive. It isn’t. There are practical reasons for keeping the doors open. Starting in the 1990s, low fertility and an aging population began slowing Canada’s natural growth rate. Ten years ago, two-thirds of population increase was courtesy of immigration. By 2030, it is projected to be 100%.

The economic benefits are also self-evident, especially if full citizenship is the agreed goal. All that “settlers” – ie, Canadians who are not indigenous to the land – need do is look in the mirror to recognize the generally happy ending of an immigrant saga. Our government repeats it, our statistics confirm it, our own eyes and ears register it: diversity fuels, not undermines, prosperity.

…The prime minister, Justin Trudeau, articulated this when he told the New York Times Magazine that Canada could be the “first postnational state”. He added: “There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada.”

As nationalists note, this replaces a nation with a giant shopping mall, which is what business thinks it wants and what government desires in order to keep its grip on power. After WWII, Western governments realized that the threat to liberal democracy from nationalism would undermine them, and so they demonized nationalism, instead of recognizing that it was the only bulwark against Leftism.

Leftism displays the inevitable tendency for democracy to go full Leftist and emerge as something similar to the Soviet Union: a society where government replaces culture, religion, heritage and individual differences for the ease of controlling the resulting population. Starting with The Enlightenment™ idea of “equality,” Leftism advances until it can enforce equality by destroying natural variations among people.

The post-nationalists are throwbacks to that postwar era. Business is slowly realizing that replacing workers and consumers of European heritage leads to a lack of loyalty to products and a permanent underclass who purchase little, as the coming dot-com 3.0 crash will demonstrate. Government is finding that its goal of ultimate power will destroy it through constant upheaval over Soviet-style dysfunction, as seen in Venezuela.

However, the dream remains alive because the idea of “equality” is soothing to individuals who fear their own exclusion from society. This means that any who wield the One True Ring of equality become powerful, and people who are not naturally morally good desire power as a means of filling the void in their souls. And so, the conflict of the next age is born.

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10 Responses to “After Modernity, A Clash Between Nationalist And “Post-National” Countries”

  1. Asian Reactionary says:

    Canada’s permanent recession seems to indicate that there at least some flaws with their model.

    • JPW says:

      How else does Socialism ever work. It’s doing its job. You only ever get equality at the zero.

    • They are sort of a non-entity. Perhaps their hope is, in the classic wide-eyed gamble of all power-hungry little brothers, to import billions of workers and then take over the USA. This would be about historically typical for nations in their situation.

  2. -A says:

    The beige power tripe looked like a combination of Christian rappers televising their thirty second long proselytizing and a sketch comedy parody of this mixed with any hamfisted act of pearl clutchery they could mock in current events. As the adage of the Alt Right goes, we have moved beyond parody at this point. I do indeed hope that Trump watched and paid close attention, like what they think they want.

    • We are fortunate to have enemies willing to give such an obvious statement of their intent. The Right should save and rebroadcast this video at any chance.

  3. Svmmoned says:

    Israel is not a democracy in common sense and that invalidates any possible argument coming from such claim. Besides, it uses every opportunity to disrupt Europe and helped to guide recent flow of migrants. Of course it’s for greater good of their own race and state, but I cannot forgive that simply because they are driven by their nationalism. This, as an external circumstance, clashes with mine. The other falsity is that Israel being the only remotely Western state in region is in itself influencing anything positively. It’s a slogan, something symbolic to repeat ad nauseum without consideration but with warm feelings and satisfaction, just like “diversity is our strength” etc.

    As for the Canada – first of all statistics are shallow and skewed, but beside that, it is clearly that sort of situation when the tail wags the dog. Deracinated people can see only in terms of economy.

    If lower fertility is a choice of given people, then economy shouldn’t prevent their self-determination in that direction. They should have an actual possibility to experience consequences and to adapt economy accordingly, not being preventively subjected to sinister regulations that are marxist in spirit and gradually dissolves them. Besides, it is only because of pressure of other races that we felt necessary to oppose them with greater numbers. Maybe we shouldn’t and maybe we are actually an avant-gare of humanity in that matter, while the others simply remain what they are? Without liberalism and social insurances they wouldn’t pose such a threat (economically), while with them unregulated immigration is a convenient course for our governments and leftist elites.

    • Of course it’s for greater good of their own race and state, but I cannot forgive that simply because they are driven by their nationalism.

      This is a complex situation. Technically, Israel does not have nationalism; it is an occupied state with a hostile population permanently embedded within it. There are also many crazy Leftists in Israel who want to avoid the obvious — relocate Palestinians to Mexico — and threaten the survival of Israel as a state, since it has enemies outside who want to invade it, political enemies who want to cripple its ability to defend itself, and enemies inside who want to reproduce rapidly, seize the vote and democratically confer the Jewish people into permanent subjugated status.

      If the West rediscovers nationalism, Jews will relocate to Israel where they will do what is necessary with the Palestinians. If the Palestinians are smart, and most of them are not, they will choose relocation over erasure by high explosives.

      Deracinated people can see only in terms of economy.

      This is a vital observation. When culture/heritage/religion/values vanish, then all that is left is the global shopping mall and the ideology of Leftism.

    • missy says:

      I always remind myself that Israel/Jews can’t screw us over if we don’t let them. The fault lies in your average Joe who let this happen, and even hope for their extinction.

  4. J.j. Cintia says:

    Comparing Israel and the West is lunacy. The specious claim of homeland is quickly dispelled by the fact they steal land every day. Supporting this continuing theft makes us no friends and makes many enemies. Israel is no ally in any sense. They threaten us for tribute and give back nothing. Supporting them has gotten us thousands of dead, made a mortal enemy of Islam and the “thanks” we get is to see Europe and America flooded with “refugees” to destroy us and provide relief for the small and insignificant colony of nation wreckers.
    The old story of how these parasites will pack up and go to Israel is obviously false. Its never gonna happen. At least never happen willingly. Supporting them simply hurts and weakens us. Bibi and his Likud haven’t said Bupkus about the rape spree in Europe. Their hatred of White people has no end or bottom.

  5. missy says:

    I don’t think leftism exists anywhere except where prosperous white people live, which is very few places on Earth. So it seems the brown and black populated world they envision would never follow leftism. The only thing they will accomplish is the extinction of whites.

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