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If you want to win votes, propose wealth redistribution. There are always few rich, and few truly happy people, so to the lonely and discontented voter your words will be like a balm for the soul. Except of course that much like heroin, “once is not enough.” Soon more is needed, and the one-time-fix of […]

The End of History

The German philosopher Hannah Arendt writes in Tradition and the Modern Age that an unsettling paradox emerges in the modern world’s view of history. If history is a struggle towards a perfect political system, then when that system is achieved history will be complete — and then what will the purpose of mankind be? The […]

The death of public schooling

Unless you live in a small city or elite suburb, the quality of the public schools around you is so low that you will need to find another method of schooling your children. This means that you will pay property taxes for a school your kids will never go to, and then pay in addition […]

Us versus them

The internet is infuriating because it is not reality. The internet is pure symbol. As a result, no one can tell you’re a dog on the internet, or if you’re pushing a dog of an argument. In particular, it is popular for random people to follow you around and insist that you’re wrong. “It’s logical,” […]


In a society where page views and sound bites count more than results, having any political viewpoint is difficult. No matter which political angle, someone in the crowd will dislike you for it. People try to avoid this question by saying something like, “There’s no real difference between the Republicans and Democrats, because they work […]

Interview with John Morgan of Arktos

This is a continuation of our interview with John Morgan, Editor-in-Chief of Arktos. This innovative firm publishes books about alternatives to modernity, including traditionalist, new right and ecofuturist literature. John was kind enough to take the time answer a lengthy interview, of which part II of IV is presented here. Arktos has branched out from […]

The Little Drummer Boy

I took a walk this afternoon through one of the largest Meccas of American consumerism. They talk about how bad the economy is, but the place was filled with people, from the parking lot on in, caught up in the bustle. Filled with people, and filled with an electric crackle of stress. False excitement, false […]

Stop yer cryin’!

OK, don’t stop your cryin’. I don’t care if you cry. Crying can be good, after all. It cleans out the eye sockets and soothes the driest of eyes. You’re left with red and bloodshot eyes, but that’s what attracts the babes, these days: men exploring their sensitive, feminine sides, etc… But it doesn’t, really. […]


The difference between readers will never cease to be fascinating. Like choice of car, cigarette, where you buy your house, what you feed your kids, and how you keep your desk organized, it reveals the conscious decisions of the individual. Although this outlook may seem similar to the consumerist idea that you can buy a […]

Interview with John Morgan of Arktos

Every generation and every town has one: the slightly bedraggled person who camps out on a street corner with a sign proclaiming “The End is Near.” We’ve become accustomed to them so that they fade into background noise much like our grandparents telling us that things were better in the good ol’ days. But over […]

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