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The internet is infuriating because it is not reality. The internet is pure symbol. As a result, no one can tell you’re a dog on the internet, or if you’re pushing a dog of an argument.

In particular, it is popular for random people to follow you around and insist that you’re wrong. “It’s logical,” they tell you, but they are not speaking of reality. They have taken a few factors, cherry-picked data, and spun it to show you a dollhouse world of simple “truths” that do not exist in reality.

These people are infected with a mental virus called liberalism that has suspended their logical thought process. Like other cults, it provides them with a clear definition of who’s OK and who’s not, and offers handy explanations for just about any situation.

They frequently accuse others of hypocrisy for not accepting this tiny little world as a substitute for the large and broad world that we must actually survive in. Let’s take a look at some frequent liberal accusations of hypocrisy and how true they are.

  • Inclusion

    Typical liberal dogma is that conservatives exist in a binary world where we exclude anyone who does not agree with us and demonize them. Here’s an example from the comments:

    Conveniently, you have branded anyone who exists outside the parameters of your dichotomous 1-dimensional left/right political spectrum as just another “one of them”. This is the fundamental defense system of all belief systems against hostile information/truth;

    if not Jihadist = ‘infidel/heathen’.
    if not Pro-PC = ‘fascist/bigot’.
    if not conservative = ‘leftist/liberal’.

    What the liberal fails to mention is that there’s a more powerful binary going on in liberalism. “If not liberal, is bad.” The liberal thinks that because he does not explicitly call his foes “conservatives,” it does not appear that he is excluding them.

    The liberal dichotomy is based on inclusion. They don’t need to call their enemies names. By implication, liberalism is open-minded, “intellectual” and correct, which makes anyone who opposes it close-minded, dim-witted and wrong.

  • Poverty

    In the liberal lexicon, if you think poverty has a cause, you are a bigot. It’s actually a tale of two causes. Liberal dogma states that poverty is caused by external factors, usually pre-existing poverty or large corporations, or the rich, or something.

    Conservatives tend to look at trillions spent on public schooling, public assistance, equal opportunity programs, civil rights and other factors and take a more sanguine look: if you’re impoverished, it’s because you’re either clueless or cannot apply yourself.

    We all acknowledge that there are some exceptions to any rule, but the liberals want us to believe the rule that all are exceptions.

    Liberals say poverty has an external cause, and that anyone who disputes this is a nasty mean person. Conservatives suggest poverty has an internal cause, with a few exceptions. Liberals call conservatives bigots for suggesting that our choices in life lead to results.

  • Race

    Nowhere is liberal hypocrisy more evident than on the issue of race. The liberal parties after all thrive on dissent, which encourages a lack of national unity and thus a focus on the individual and what it wants to demand from society. And more tellingly, minorities and immigrants constitute the left’s new voting bloc, since those groups overwhelmingly vote leftist.

    In the liberal view, demanding that every country on earth open its borders so that humanity becomes one single ethnic group worldwide is not bigotry. Even though this amounts to genocide of existing ethnic groups, liberals see it as enlightened.

    If you oppose the great liberal quest to turn us into a homogenized single ethnic group, you’re a racist. Liberals who want to destroy your race are not. Is that clear, Comrade Citizen?

Why is liberalism this insane?

Liberalism is fundamentally a social trope, not a logical one. It is concerned with appearance, not consequences beyond the immediate and tangible. Its point of view is how you appear to other individuals in a social setting. Beyond that, it considers nothing, especially the consequences of its ideology.

The ultimate goal of liberalism is to paint itself as exceptional, and to construe any opposing viewpoint as “like everyone else,” or unexceptional and prone to normal human failings. The liberal cult thrives because it makes its members feel smarter and more enlightened than you.

This is why liberalism is effective at mobilizing large numbers of people from the discontented, failed, alienated, confused, or merely socially promiscuous among us. This is also why it is equally effective at destroying civilization by forcing it to distance itself from reality.

The conservative view is that liberalism is one of many mental pitfalls in life, like alcoholism, cults, self-pity or denial. The liberal view is that only liberalism is true and that everything else is error. Who actually is the hypocrite here?

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