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Confused conservatives

Conservatives make themselves an easy target for attack because most of them are confused about the core of conservative belief. They know the current issues but not their derivation. This situation becomes problematic because (a) it means conservatives can only find a majority on surface issues, which leaves the underlying concerns unaddressed and (b) it […]


Whether or not human beings have immortal souls, we live as biological entities. As such, we recombine our genes with each other in a process known as sexual reproduction. That is where the easy statements end. Some believe sex should be no more than a bodily function: a need to be discharged. Others think we […]

Why conservatism is important

I didn’t start out wanting to be a conservative. In fact, quite the opposite — out of a desire to be nice to everyone, avoid war and have a respectful society, I drank the darn Kool-Aid. I was in favor of all things that good college-educated, scientifically-informed, and thoroughly modern people support. And in retrospect, […]

Your ideal society

People defend their “ideas” passive-aggressively because they first had an impulse, and later invented the “idea” to justify what they did. That is why most people have roughly the same ideas, no matter how many layers of artifice they bury them under. One of their biggest passive aggressive comebacks is to tell you that it’s […]

Moving away from the subsidy model

Politics in a democracy is rough because people do not react to anything but immediate problems. If it can be put off, it will be — because solutions cause inconvenience, cost and most of all, uncertainty. Thanks to our recent world financial crisis, people are re-evaluating their stance on politics. In addition, they’re combining coming […]

The SUV paradox

Political symbolism strikes chaotically, like a form of lightning that lifts objects up from earth, makes them represent an issue that divides us, and then form a part of our vocabulary. In the future we will see a political symbol that will be like the humble SUV. For those of you who live in caves, […]

Gender roles: adaptivity, not control

Two of my personal favorite blogs, The Thinking Housewife and The Spearhead, hit on the same idea this week. What is exceptional is that they approach it from opposite angles: traditional Christianity and the Men’s Rights movement. Thanks to Nietzsche, modern people of a certain intelligence and above cannot look at morality without thinking that […]

Spread too thin

How do you destroy a powerful thing? The death of a thousand cuts: quietly drain away what it needs to be healthy. If you want to do it without dying, you need to subvert it from within. Take its most precious value, twist it, and re-direct the energy from productive activity to unproductive. Take for […]

The Multicultural Mystique, by Harriet E. Baber

The Multicultural Mystique: The Liberal Case Against Diversity by Harriet E. Baber Prometheus Books, 246 pages, $27. This book caught my eye because it contains some of the most insightful and honest critique of multiculturalism I have ever read. On the other hand, its “solution” is to remove culture from the picture entirely, which is […]

Death of capitalism? No, of modern liberal economics

Let me be the first to say that capitalism is imperfect, and is a terrible singular principle for leadership. Like democracy, it encourages a growth in what is popular over what is sensible, which generates a form of mob rule and race to the lowest common denominator. However, in a nation with good leadership, capitalism […]

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