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A Conversation

“[Wahrheit] says: What did you think of the blog? Michelle says: I never knew the “trickster” was considered a myth. Though I’m not particularly myth savvy to begin with, I suppose. [Wahrheit] says: Well, consider the definition of myth that was provided in the quotation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Notion Club Papers. And then consider the pervasive nature […]

Why the American dream should die

The American dream, of a white picket fence around a tidy suburban house, should die. This dream was born of the American ideal, which was that we had this new land where everyone could make the best of themselves. That notion ran facefirst into technology and the post-WWII industrial boom that took former floor sweepers […]

If one person is offended, we edit history

The Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans produced a series of informational advertisements representing the Confederate point of view on the War Between the States. These short commercials clarified key facts about the South’s motivation, the progress of the war and the underlying reasons for the war. They aired briefly until they were […]

Geologic dimensionalism and the origin of evolution

Geology is an interesting subject, it studies the macrocosm of Earth and how its dimensions are the very support that allows biology to exist. In this sense planetary geologists observe higher dimensions to that of biology, of which biology is almost entirely dependent. We call the interaction of geology and biology an ecology. Life as […]

Modern culture is dreck

We have made one world culture, and it is based on us all getting along. We do that by giving up on events of actual meaning, and concerning ourselves instead with the surface trends. Since that as a life-path is unfulfilling, we are constant searching for “uplifting” stories and memes to make us forget our […]

The new superstitions

We like to think that at some point, we broke away from the past. The past: nasty, brutish, short lives in which ignorance was a constant companion and our only hope was religion, which had us believe we were immortal. In contrast, we like to think, we’re now enlightened and have risen past that primitive […]

The drug war: it’s not about drugs

On this blog we often talk about how people cannot think from cause to effect, but are only able to compare effects and like mute fetuses, wave their tiny little hands and shout while their obese bodies jiggle in outrage. This is why politicians ignore and manipulate you, average citizen: you don’t understand how government […]

Rethinking individualism

Say you walk into a building at which you’re employed. You feel businesslike – coat, computer bag over shoulder, maybe a cup of coffee or tea in hand. Others look similar and climb into the elevator with you. Buttons are pressed. Your eyes venture, but never into other eyes. Stainless steel walls in this contraption […]

Marriage isn’t a casualty of our economy

Marriage and long-term relationships face a difficult future not because of the economy, but because we’ve trashed the idea of sex as a means to an end — the family. A culture shift in the 1960s and 1970s allowed people to trivialize sex, but the process started long before, and the “sexual revolution” was more […]

Interview with God

It’s a slow news season, so we figured why not tackle one of the stories we’ve been avoiding because it’s difficult, and ask God a few questions. Since most people are atheistic, this should go right under the radar and keep us from having to do another one of those god-awful (no pun intended) Miley […]

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