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If one person is offended, we edit history

The Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans produced a series of informational advertisements representing the Confederate point of view on the War Between the States. These short commercials clarified key facts about the South’s motivation, the progress of the war and the underlying reasons for the war. They aired briefly until they were removed due to one (1) complaint.

I received an email on Saturday morning (10/23/2010) from Mr. Timothy F. Pilgrim – Adjutant, Georgia Division of the SCV – regarding the excellent series of videos that they produced. It appears that the History Channel received a complaint from a liberal blogger and Friday they reacted as liberals so often do – they have pulled the videos from their broadcast schedule.

As common as this sort of thing is, I would think that it would no longer shock me, but it does. The irony of this is a thing of beauty. Here we have a major media outlet, calling itself the History Channel, pulling a series of paid videos that present historical facts that go against what today is accepted as unquestionable fact in America. What are they afraid of? What is so dangerous about this information that they would turn away paid advertising to keep it from being shown? – Confederate Colonel

If you’d like to see these dangerous ideas for yourself, and decide whether you would ban them on your own screen or not, here are the commercials in their entirety, aired and unaired. Owing to the complaint, only a handful were shown, but you can see them all here:

The Sesquicentennial

The Toombs Speech

The Truth of Slavery

The Morril Tarriff

South Caroline Secedes

Religious Differences

Regional Differences

Political Differences

Lincoln’s Election

John Brown’s Raid

Economic Reason for The War

The Corwin Amendment

Hat tip to The Confederate Colonel for this news story.

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