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Modern culture is dreck

We have made one world culture, and it is based on us all getting along. We do that by giving up on events of actual meaning, and concerning ourselves instead with the surface trends. Since that as a life-path is unfulfilling, we are constant searching for “uplifting” stories and memes to make us forget our lives are plastic and hollow.

Check out this tweegasm:

The German-Turkish director of Head-On and The Edge of Heaven cooks up a fresh comedy with the award-winning Soul Kitchen. Hamburg restaurateur Zinos (co-screenwriter Adam Bousdoukos) is heartbroken after his girlfriend departs for Shanghai, but his Soul Kitchen is reinvigorated, thanks to a scary but talented new chef, a rock band, his ex-con brother and his gambling buddies, and a childhood friend with questionable motives.

Mouthwatering shots of food preparation, over-the-top personality clashes, and a chaotic unfolding of circumstances (good and bad) combine into a hilariously entertaining story of self-realization, set to an irresistibly soulful soundtrack. – Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Film

What is this, Eat Pray Love? All modern culture has the same plot:

  • Revolution. Misunderstood geeks get bullied by jocks, rise up and take charge. Everyone is now equal.
  • Compensation. Our lives are a neurotic mess; they must get more neurotic to get better. We all compensate with food and wine. Everyone is equal.
  • Police Action. Neurotic heroes are busy screwing around, then realize they’ve got to save the world from people who don’t believe in equality. The good guy gets beat up (twice) then turns it around from sheer willpower, and the world is saved. Everyone is now equal.
  • Descent. Because no one can be neurotic enough to be truly harmless, a character descends into his or her neurotic delirium — preferably a unique and ironic blend of sex, drink, drugs and shopping — only to find true love in an abandoned puppy, or similarly neurotic person of the desired gender. We are left to assume that everyone is now equal.

Whenever people ask you why you oppose modernity, you might point out that not only does our art suck, but it’s also boring. You can listen to Beethoven your whole life. Listening to Lady Gaga or Deerhoof for your whole life is like a jail sentence. And watching movies like these just because someone said they were “arty” is enough to kill you with carefully-disguised boredom.

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