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Moral relativism

I have written in the past about how most of politics is metaphor. We don’t actually know what we want, but we have gut feelings, so we attach to a political outlook. What we’re seeing the West now, if we drill down into the metaphor, is not a political conflict — it’s a philosophical conflict […]

The Destiny of Civilizations

When we carefully study the ecological impacts of domestication and culture, we may find something quite bizarre, terrifying and alienated - Here lies the evolution and destiny of civilizations. History can show that our civilizations slowly cocoon themselves around every living organism - this progresses towards ever more complex artificial shelters for the senses; albeit in the most convenient form of technology. Looking back over […]

Why New Right? Part One

Part One in the Why New Right? series attempts to distinguish some New Right understanding from all the others and point to its unapologetic Darwinian basis.

Passive aggression destroys politics

Passive aggression in politics involves accusing your opponents of racism, and using that moral high ground to create an entitlement society. The only problem is that entitlement societies destroy the productive middle class and doom the entire society to poverty. Since 1789, when leftists overthrew the aristocracy and murdered them at the guillotine, the left […]

The future of the Republican party

The future of the Republican party lies not in trying to emulate Democrats, but appealing to the anti-entitlement middle classes. Obamacare passes, and the wires burn up with directionless bloviation about how this is the end for Republicans and the Republican party must change. While it’d be nice to think we’re cheering for one of […]

Belief in Nothing

Nihilism confuses people. “How can you care about anything, or strive for anything, if you believe nothing means anything?” they ask. In return, nihilists point to the assumption of inherent meaning and question that assumption. Do we need existence to mean anything? After all, existence stays out there no matter what we think of it. […]


Yesterday, American politics got interesting again. Obamacare passed, and we’ve seen the country split into rural/suburban middle classes versus the urban artisans and poor. This division of the country finally formalizes all of our post-WWII politics into one handy split. As far as I can tell, most conservatives and liberals have no actual idea why […]

Symbols and Advertising

Advertising surrounds us. Whenever we are in human-created environments, we are subject to messages from every direction, some obvious in their intent, some more subtle. Unless you grew up in an isolated part of the world, it is likely you have been immersed in this babble of competing voices all your life. There are always […]

The struggle for leadership methods

The dominant struggle in the 20th century was to find a way to integrate command economies and decentralized ones, like free markets. After the aristocracy was gradually deposed, leading up to near-complete irrelevance after WWI, society faced a difficult question: its mercantilism and colonialism had brought it vast wealth, but its societies were becoming increasingly […]

Why Obama’s education plan is a disaster

I’m liking much of what Obama has done lately. At least, his willingness to tackle issues like overfishing and some pollution is commendable. But on education, he really screws the pooch. Speaking as someone with no shortage of experience in education, there’s only one rough way to do it correctly. As in writing, where what […]

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