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Imagine lying asleep in your house, dreaming of something pleasant. Unknown to you, your house is on fire, but this is an invisible fire that leaves no traces others can see. You wake up, certain the house is on fire, but everyone else in your family insists that everything is fine. A paralytic indecision results. […]


I like to make lists. Sometimes I make lists of heresies. All heresies start with this precept: reality is different than dogma. That’s what makes them heretical; they offend dogma. If our leaders and fellow citizens tell us that something is true, and we point to a contrary example, we are heretics. In a “free” […]


Apocalyptic prophecies, as well as religion in general, easily garner an eye-roll from most everyone. What we see on the surface is an extravagant threat made to cow non-believers into fear of eternal damnation, or slaughter at the hands of forces above themselves; a desperate attempt to accrue validity to an ideology. Growing up, it […]

New boss, same as the old boss

People think the media has changed rapidly. It’s the generational gap at work: Having graduated high school in the 1990s, I now think that what kids are getting into in the 2000s is insanity. Same will be true of people who are graduating now looking down at the class of 2020: “It wasn’t the same […]


When you think about how any aspect of reality came to be, you realize there are several parts: Groundwork Causes Media Effects Groundwork means the situation being set for a series of events to happen. For example, gasoline is often stored in cannisters in outside bars. Causes refer to the exact chain of events that […]


Idealism is the idea that order in the universe is not inherent but immanent. That means that when patterns appear in our world, they occur from similar configurations of interaction of interconnected forces, like gravity plus energy transfer creating waves in our oceans. Although that seems simple and obvious, it’s profound. On one hand it […]

How Ron Paul brought Social Darwinism back

Extreme politics: the action taken by those who care about our future but believe conventional politics cannot stop its decline, so we must seek other, often taboo, options like anarchy, greenism, libertarianism, nationalism, communism and fascism. Although the idea of an independent candidate makes most laugh, Ron Paul has redefined the political spectrum with his […]

Toys for Modern Youth

When you shop for your loved ones this year, get them practical gifts that are both fun and prepare them for adult life in these times. We’ve put together a gift buying guide so you don’t have to feel helpless when gifting today’s youth. Practice Birth Control Pills Ages 6-11 These tiny candy pills resemble […]

Interview: Taylor Somers of Occident

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Ever since T.S Eliot penned The Hollow Men, we’ve had this term lingering under our tongues: hollow. It perfectly describes a world that is all appearance, and no substance; a world where convincing others that appearance means reality is more important than achieving that reality. Another way to view “hollow” is that it means we […]

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