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The key to a modern time is the psychology of crowds. Because we have thrown out social order, caste, hierarchy, even culture itself, we are now all equal individuals standing on a level playing field that suspiciously resembles a shopping mall. As a result, we form ad hoc groupings, or crowds, to achieve our needs. […]

Global warming controversy is a problem

Whether it even exists, and if it does, whether the cause is anthrogenic, solargenic, tectonic/volcanic/geological or a combination, global warming has long occupied center stage. This effect is simply another error, perhaps orchestrated or accidental, created by our liberal democracy, with its oppositional polarizing process forcing important topics into a false dichotomy or other unrealistic […]

Open society is a lawless marketplace

Throughout the liberal West, we are taught to adore the Promethean archetype, an uncanny hero who empowers the common people against masters imposing social structure. The ancients offered us the titan who stole fire from the gods and gave it to man, Spartacus, the various prophets and the mythical Robin Hood. Today, we have philanthropists […]

The racial people cop out on caste

OK, thought-provoking post from my favorite (to read) far-right group, the American Renaissance: The situation was otherwise in Eurasia, where large game was a dietary staple. Bringing down a cornered mastodon takes cooperation, with each man in his assigned position, ready to respond to shouted instructions. There must be jointly acceptable rules for dividing the […]

Obama and the end of racial balance

Back in election 2008, many people voted for Barack Obama out of a simple desire to fix the racial inequities and conflict in the United States, a problem that has plagued us for centuries and peaks, periodically, in riots like Watts (1967) and L.A. (1992). The thinking was that if all people are finally made […]

2081 (or Harrison Bergeron): Film Adaptation on the Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Classic Short Story

2081 I look forward to this movie, but undoubtedly Hollywood will change something or make it all about the relationship between the two extraordinary dancers instead of focusing on the actual point of the story. Still, I’m surprised Hollywood would ever allow this to be produced. Should be an interesting film when compared to the […]

The great modern product scam

New from Loreal: Hydra Energetic Turbo Booster moisturizer. It’s moisturizer, but for MEN (as if you couldn’t already tell)! Yeah, you heard right! Hydra Energetic! Not just merely hydrating, we’re talking several mythological heads of moisture-embedding manliness! In TURBO! This is a moisturizer so energetic and masculine, the effect of applying it is like furiously […]

The revolution never dies

Christ popularized the concept that every person is included because they are each very special, yet oddly by denying all material world standards, the same. Through me, he said, whoever you are, you may be saved. Many centuries later, we came to realize we could apply this miracle to ourselves. Enlightenment The seeds are sown […]

I understand Jane Austen

On a recent trip to some decaying, faceless city or other I spotted the following inscription crudely scratched into the wood of a toilet cubicle door: “I understand Jane Austen” It was a very curious thing to write on a toilet door and intrigued, I decided to capture it photographically for further analysis before heading […]

Why conservatives are doomed

American conservative thinking has overwhelmed most of the world’s conservative parties. Their idea is to base intense patriotism on the idea that we’re “free,” and can do whatever we want as individuals, and use that to justify caring about social order. Ultimately what conservatives are trying to argue toward is that the society as a […]

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