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The revolution never dies

Christ popularized the concept that every person is included because they are each very special, yet oddly by denying all material world standards, the same. Through me, he said, whoever you are, you may be saved. Many centuries later, we came to realize we could apply this miracle to ourselves.

The seeds are sown for an era of the mortal individual, an authority supreme over all. Divine authority falls into question. The old holy books are an ill fit for an empiricist world and interfere with what we wish to accomplish. Yet, there were good kings and queens and popes as there were poor ones. The good ones, as ever, ruled with considerate reason and the bad rulers were, as always and still today, completely corrupted. Organic human brains and character remain unchanged despite the revelations of the new age. The Enlightenment was not a biological evolutionary milestone for humanity. Only our loosened standards for rationalizating our beliefs was altered and we gave it the friendly name liberty.

With god out of our way, we realized there were less limitations on what our society found tolerable. A man could find the world was round and not be persecuted for heresy. He could offer us an heliocentric model of the Solar System and no priest would have him condemned. Since belief in divine judgement and the persecution by church authorities was falling out of favor, why not push against all the limits formerly imposed upon our minds and behaviour? We’re now fully autonomous creatures and held accountable only if we appear to be directly destructive toward other autonomous individuals. Humanity becomes the new deity complete with its own myths.

The old authority structure had to go. The past was horrible, dark, and ignorant (a projection upon history meaning: we the peasants-become-rulers never had much to offer). Aristocrats had kept us down for centuries and it was time for Change, for Hope’s sake! The fully autonomous human is (have some blind faith here) capable of so much more, but the church and aristocracy were hoarding everything for themselves. All potential wealth shall now be made accessible to the most driven in its pursuit. Free enterprise is born. The church had vastly downsized back to its niche in Italy, no longer having dominion over a continent. The Americans, French and eventually, the Russians revolted. Now, the people will rule themselves for themselves.

With the new democracy, the greatest numbers will have their way first and the least will wait their turn. A limitless succession of wants took their slice of justice from society using the democratic system: emancipation ending slavery, industrial worker’s rights, equality for racial minorities, women’s liberation and a flood of aid to foreign lands. The tables turned and the old colonizers themselves became the colonized. Base revenge, an eye for an eye, reasons the Enlightened peasant turned self-crowned ruler, equals justice. The old revolutions mutate but never die.

The hordes now ruling themselves in liberation from hierarchal cultural unity began to socially divide by ever narrower individual pursuits. Small communities had grown into bustling hives of activity full of transient strangers. Atomization sets in as fewer familiar faces are seen. A billion hidden motives concealed under democratic liberal social reality replace doing right. Alone against a local society gone foreign, we insist on the maximized ability to pursue our own wants and for society to dismiss the cost to everyone else and to the natural world.

With the dawning of the anticulture era of atomized self interest enabled by liberal democratic distributed cost, the most successful methods rise to the surface. Among these is the oldest idea of the new enlightened age: the marketing of human equality. As common wisdom indicates, just as anyone can have anything if they pursue it hard enough, so anyone can be anything. The process of having replaces the old world’s concept of being and rampant consumerism is then the ultimate expression of triumph in freedom.

We’re all the same, the crowd believes, except some have more things and some have less things and those who have much more, since we’re all the same, must be thieves. Spread the wealth, for greater justice. Tax the wealthier to raise up the poorer. If the poor aren’t all visibly raised, tax harder. No child left behind. An injustice plus an injustice equals a balance of justice, reasons the Enlightened crowd. All must be flattened even as new classes of super equal victimhood identities appear, the ultimate group strategy for using our democracy and victimology formula to acquire things like expensive housing with a low income in order to seem more equal than ever before.

All human inequality is denied, any application eventually prosecuted, any assertion attacked with crowd justice everywhere. The idea of races troubles our sameness dogma, so it is dismissed, then attacked and prosecuted with ever tougher enforcement. With women’s liberating displacement, the biological reality of distinction from men is as politically divisive as races and is then discarded from a public social reality sinking deeper into antireality. Like a rewritten Book of Revelations, history itself is dismissed with promises of its coming end as we enter the eternal progressive age.

Denial of sex differences takes root, encouraged by the growing alternative sexuality movements. Parents begin to hide their child’s gender, claiming it doesn’t matter in order to display blind allegiance to popularly reasoned progress. Women insist they are as men in all ways. Progressive men imagine they may tune in to some feminine aspect within. Natural masculinity is mocked in an unplanned pincer attack. Feebly pretentious women empowered only by the force of the democratic state, not biology, pretend to imagined acts of maleness. A machismo anticulture appears where consumer products like body art and motorcycles display a pseudo manhood that is utterly externalized but inwardly censored for the sake of progress. Juveniles emulate, creating an Emo subculture complete with its own consumer accessories while intently blurring distinct individual sexual identity.

So the old revolution grinds along as ever. God was killed off to be replaced by the new social enemy the aristocrat. The aristocrat destroyed to make way for the new enemy, the production owners. They in turn redirect the revolution to the founding race of poor settlers. The settler race is assaulted by the crowd until diminished, but the revolution always finds a new demon to pursue. A new nation is established far away and the revolution turns former victims into inhumane fiends. The revolution eats itself for energy as Reconquista directs violence on former slaves inhabiting the western states.

All standards are gone as everything is equal and the anarchy of animals called democracy called Man’s Enlightened Reason reigns. Women are men and men, women as reproduction is replaced with careers or activism. Educating is replaced with self-esteem boosting. Commerce equalizes and norms all cultures. Forest, swamp and meadow are flattened into pavement for marketplace. A new grey race of multiple ethnic hybrids become visible everywhere and popularized by media for holding high office. Laws increasingly turn toward regulating spoken opinions, wearing helmets and seat belts, yet increasingly ignore the now unmanageable rampant human smuggling, toxic pollution, or street violence in urban No-Go Zones.

The mild and productive are former oppressor and potential extremist to be assaulted from below and above so the revolution can keep feeding. The rootless wanderer, armed with victimhood, no certain history and ambiguous lineage, the eternal recipient of social aid entitlement, is the hopeful new age manwoman of the future. With history and lineages erased, culture and standards never return to oppress us again. The new age manwoman is as an insect existing only to wander, consuming all as the established civilization crumbles to ruin all around, never to return.

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