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Facebook Censors Renowned Nationalist Osiris Akkebala

Apparently, the neo-Communist deep state collaborator Facebook is banning nationalists who offer intelligent opinions while leaving the Hollywood Nazis to play their designated role as public enemy.

Tonight, Facebook notified renowned Black Nationalist Osiris Akkebala that his most recent message was blocked for off-narrative content. What follows is a faithful copy of that message:

The Requirement For Afrika And Black Afrikans Liberation

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Listen Up, Black Afrikan Afrika Nationalist Pan Afrikans, you can’t fight a war of Liberation Nonviolently in Afrika in the presence of a violent enemy, move that devilish white racist prejudice Luciferian Human Being God out of your Mind, if you do not you lose, you will never see A United States Of Afrika Government in Afrika trying to adhere to Lucifer Religious Doctrine.

The white racist prejudice enemy of Afrika has his Black Afrikans surrogates situated in Afrika as heads of Afrika phony Governments, they are no friend to you nor to Afrika, did you not see how they abandoned Quaddafi?

Our goal in Afrika is not phony civil rights in a phony Afrika state posing as a separate country to Afrika, the fight must be for FREEDOM! and freedom will not be for Afrika using nonviolent protest, that is suicide in the face of execution squads, which is what is roaming in Afrika posing as Afrika phony countries military, a country military is there as the protector of the freedom of its people, that is why there must be the United States Of a Continental Afrika Government, beloved.

To wage a successful campaign for the Liberation of Afrika Continent, require that you be well organized Continental wise and we need money to be successful to engage in such a task.

Why do you think that I move not from advocating a fight to demand our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation and I am always informing you that what I need to share with you in that regard concerning the war of Afrika Liberation, can’t be discussed on this WWW.Net?

No Beloved, Hell No, we are not to supervise being a suicide squad, we must be in a position to fight the enemy the way they are prepared to fight us and they have no conscious that condemn them in how they do it, so must we not as well.

Remember I asked you if you are aware of the task it will be and is in having a United States Of Afrika Government?

That Task requires for you to be well organized and well situated with the money that is required for us to be beyond a match for the Devil, Satan, the Luciferian Human Being Looking just like you, murdering our Children, Mothers, Fathers and Elders with impunity, they do not give a Damn about us nor About Afrika, that is the quality of enemy we will be and is facing in Afrika calling for a United States Of Afrika and a Reunification of the Black Afrikan Nation and the MotherLand, Afrika the Continent, beloved.

Do you get my drift here, beloved?

Divine Respect

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